Novastrike Update Brings Trophies…Right Now

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Hey folks –

I’ll keep this one short – the NOVASTRIKE update is finally out. Again, highlights of the update include trophies, tamed difficulty modes, customizable controls, XMB playlist support, and more.


You can also read about the NOVASTRIKE trophy requirements on PS3 Fanboy’s trophy page.


I’d definitely like to thank QA, developer support, and my account manager – they were very responsive in helping us get the update out this week. As always I’ll be reading and responding to comments here.


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  • Trophies are always nice :)

  • i found this game very boring and cheaply made. dont think this is gonna make me wanna play it again.. :\

    • Hi DemonOfRazgriz89. Sorry you feel that way, but if you already have it then you can certainly give it another shot. But understandably it\’s up to you.

  • Trophies are always good. But heard this game wasn’t very good. May wait for a price drop *hint hint

  • Thanks for supporting the game on PS3 after launch.

    To be honest with you the farthest I ever played this game was the tutorial level :P

    I’ll be sure to rack up as many as I can ;)

  • Trophies are always good :)

  • When is this game going to be on the EU PSN Store?

    • Hi JordanBlack68. We\’re working with going through the submission process with SCEE presently. I\’m sorry I can\’t be more specific (as I don\’t have a date), but it our main goal right now.

  • Just bought it. Now don’t you go spending my 10 dollars on some fancy record player.

  • Soo glad this update came out, before I barely played it because it was pretty demanding as a shooter. Fun, but tough. The new difficulty settings plus trophy support seems to be more than enough incentive to start it up again!

    • Hi X1rtam. Definitely let me know what your thoughts toward the difficulty – we really did tone down RECRUIT and SOLDIER. Hope you enjoy it now.

  • Wow, that was a pretty fast rollout of the update. Good job guys, keep it up.

  • I’ll definitely get this game. I was waiting for this update and thank you for releasing it.

  • Ill wait tell a price drop then pick it up im after so many trophies in other games keeps my hands full for now but will think about geting it when it hits my price point likings

    Thanks for the support.. I’m Just not going to play more then I can handle for now.. with all these great games coming out this year end :D

    Thanks Ricky,

  • is there coustom In-game Music support bro??

    • Hi skaterricky. NOVASTRIKE now does support XMB Music Playlists – so you can launch the game, access XMB, go to Music, and select whatever music you want to play.

  • Kevin, thanks for the reply, im going to give this game a shot when it does come to EU.

    Might as well support you’re game.


  • i’m ready to get some trophies! great job on the update guys.

  • Cool, thanks for the free update (and not on a thursday either)! I’ll definately give this game another try (I purchased this game the day it was released, but it fell just short of being… well… enjoyable). I’ll definately come back here and state my impressions for other people. Thanks again!!!! And I’m still anxiously awaiting any info on WipEout HD!!

  • Great update guys great to see smaller games having trophies now….and they aint too hard to get is a good thing :) anything new in developement by u dudes?

    • Hi Azmo85. I leaned toward making the majority of trophies not too ridiculous to get. It\’s a $10 game – I didn\’t want folks grinding to earn trophies.

      Right now our focus is getting NOVASTRIKE out in Europe. And we\’re seeing what the reaction to the update is too, of course.

  • Thanks!

    I really liked Novastrike except the control scheme didn’t work for me.

    Thanks again. Good job guys!

  • If I didn’t have the slowest connection of all time I’d be playing the game already. :( In game music ftw though. I’m preparing the star wars soundtrack as we speak.

    • Hi 001. Yeah, we\’ve been using the XMB Music Playlist support constantly now. Hope you enjoy the update after it\’s downloaded.

  • Thank you very much Mr Kevin McCann. I bought the game a few weeks ago, after i saw ps3 fanboy post that it was going to have trophies. Being a true trophy hunter, i thought i would just play the game for the trophies and never touch the game again. Was i ever wrong, not only do you have trophies but i have spent hours really enjoying myself. Well worth the 10us i spent on it and have all ready got 2 friends to buy it. Could you please give us any hints on, any coming soon games you might be making. After this one, your next game will be a first day buy for me and my friends. Thanks again for making this enjoyable game and for adding the trophies!!!!

    • Hi bryanh7. Glad you\’re enjoying the game. As to what we\’re doing next – we\’re focusing on getting it out in Europe. Right now we don\’t really have anything to announce with regard to new products under development – we want to get NOVASTRIKE situated first. :) But when there is news I\’ll definitely be posting it here. Thanks for the support.

  • I have played the game but did not enjoy the mechanics. The game is not inherently bad is just old-school with regards to how the game plays. After playing games like Stardust and Geometry Wars which uses the two analog stick (one for movement the other for aiming) then moving to a game where you aim and shoot with one analog stick, it feels very disorienting. I will try to give the game another shot but, I really don’t think my feeling towards the game would change. :(

    • Hi geniusprime. Based on your comments I\’m not sure that the update will make NOVASTRIKE your cup of tea (as you already stated, but I hope you can still enjoy it. If not – sorry about that.

  • Kevin thanks so much for working so hard to make NOVASTRIKE the best it can be!

    I bought this game the day it came out, and while I enjoyed it, in the end the crushing difficulty made it hard to keep coming back. I’m downloading the update, and I intend to get the most out of this game now! Trophies, here I come.

    Again, thanks for listening to the concerns of your customers, and doing everything possible to make things right. Tiki Games has my respect as developers, and I will definately give future Tiki titles a look because I know you stand behind and support your games.

    • Hi SantanaClaus89. Sorry about the original release\’s difficulty – that was a mistake on my part that I never want to repeat. :) Hope you enjoy it after trying the update.

  • Thanks a lot for your persistence towards quality gameplay. I’m interested to really check it out now that the difficulty has been toned down, I’d gotten a bit frustrated with it when I first downloaded it, and sort of put it aside as I learned you guys were working on this patch. I think that you went right to work on this says quite a bit about what kind of developers you are, and that’s pretty commendable.

    • Hi BlackRabbit. I hope you find it a lot more accessible now. And per your comment, after seeing the initial response (particularly toward the difficulty) it didn\’t seem like a good idea to work on anything but NOVASTRIKE (addressing the difficulty while adding some other features). Thanks for the support.

  • Nice! Looking forward to playing it tonight!

  • Thank you Kevin, will buy to support :)

  • pixel junk monster trophies???!!!

    • Hi outkast32. I\’m pretty sure we don\’t have any pixeljunk monster trophies in our game. I\’d be pretty surprised if we did (as would Sony). :)

  • I get an error:
    This content is not available before the start date (B002951E) Any idea?

    • Hi Morphine16. Hmm, I\’ll check into this with Sony right away. From your earlier post you just bought this, right (which is appreciated)? I\’ll reply as soon as I find out.

  • Hey Kevin. Quick question about the 4 difficulty level trophies.

    If we complete the game on HARDCORE will that unlock the easier difficulty level trophies as well?

    Or do we have to complete the game 4 separate times on each difficulty level?


    • Hi idealsupra. If you beat the game on HARDCORE you\’ll get the other silver trophies. Likewise if someone beats it on SOLDIER they\’ll get both RECKONING FORCE (Soldier difficulty) and CHALLENGER (Recruit difficulty). I didn\’t want folks to have to play each difficulty to get all four difficulty trophies. Hope this helps.

  • Does this game support XMB music?

  • Restarted and now works :)

  • It’s nice to see another game that supports trophies. I have updated the Playstation Network Thread to announce it.

    Any idea when the Pain patch will release?

    Thanks for the info

    • Hi ftwrthx – thanks. Appreciate you updating the trophy thread.

      As for PAIN – don\’t know anything about when its trophies will hit. Sorry.

  • got to buy it now, i need more trophies!!

  • Congratulations Kevin and all the Tiki games team .
    Im downloading the update meanwhile i type this :)

    Cheers man.

  • It’s always nice to see developers respond to their customers’ comments.

    • Hi dk00111. We always want to support whatever product we put out, and honestly – after the initial response (especially with regard to difficulty) – I don\’t think we had any choice but to support the game. And throw in some additional desired features (and trophies).

  • Sweet, I never saw this game in the store, I heard of it, I guess I will give it a try ;)

  • You probably just tripled your sales because of trophy support. Good on ya!

    • Hi Neil. We\’re certainly hoping for a sales spike (I\’d be dishonest if I implied otherwise), but at the same time I genuinely hope existing owners that were frustrated by the difficulty have a chance to enjoy the game now.

  • Hey the trophies for it are finally here! It was a surprise it goes live right away!


    What is your thoughts on people game sharing this game online with friends? Surely it is not a financially good thing for you.

    Also you said you’d look into a demo.

    • Hi PSPsGTghOost. Dang, that\’s a tough one to type. :) Regarding the demo – no, we haven\’t forgotten. We\’re trying to get it out in Europe, then a demo. Sorry for the wait on it.

  • This game looks good, reminds me of Super Strike Eagle, but I need $10 for gas to get to school :(

    Maybe once I get a job later on this year I’ll buy it.

    • Hi gardea. Well, can\’t argue with that – gas is so ridiculous in price nowadays. Good luck with school, though.

  • what is the current price of this game? price drop soon?

    • Hi outkast32. It\’s presently $9.99. As far as a price cut – no, not soon. That said, we will be looking into participating in Sony\’s promotions they do now and then (where they reduce prices for a week).

  • I had to log in to leave a comment when I saw this!

    Thanks for bringing the 2.42 update goodies to this game! IN-GAME MUSIC AND THROPHIES ROCK!

    I will be buying this on payday!

    One question though. Are you guys working on a multiplayer offline? co-op? PLEASE?

    I want to play with my friends and bros!

    Thank you again!

  • Well guys, I’m buying tonight. Trophes > Spore for me, and I JUST got it!

    NOVASTRIKE is like the first or second game that use the custom soundtrack from the XMB i think.

  • Good job and thanks for the update, I’ll check it out some time when I’m less busy this week =)

  • great update heading to purchase now
    glad yall support the ps3
    p.s is it hard to add trophy’s
    and custom soundtracks

    • Hi chasegamez. As for custom soundtracks (via XMB Playlist support) – no, that part is pretty straightforward to do.

      Trophies depend on what you\’re tracking. If you were tracking a bunch of different stats for a single trophy requirement, then that would take longer to implement. That said, a trophy like \”Champion of Praxor\” – where all you need to do is get past Stage 2 – that\’s naturally pretty fast to implement. The longer part is just making sure that we meet Sony\’s technical checklist for trophies (and no – this isn\’t knocking Sony – it\’s just that they understandably have technical requirements that need to be adhered to).

      I believe we\’re the first non-Sony published game to support Trophies (I may be wrong), but regardless – we\’re pretty early. So we definitely incurred some minor delays in adding trophy support. But the actual implementation (on the development side) isn\’t terribly difficult as long as the actual requirements are straightforward.

  • Kevin,

    Glad to see this is finally out! You guys at Tiki have done a fantastic job!

    • Hi wolverin81. Yeah, it was a welcome surprise it came out today. I thought it would be Thursday. Hope you enjoy it.

  • All I can say is ‘Thank You!’
    I picked up the game last week and surprising enough, actually agreed with people on the difficulty. I managed to make my way to Level 4 but then it started to become a bit of a pain. Glad to see the updates out, now to get on to playing! :D

  • Thank you very much for the update:) It’s great to hunt trophies while listening to Muse.

    • Sure thing, Pesico. As I stated in an earlier reply – we at Tiki Games only listen to custom soundtracks when playing the game now. I\’ve had to put a ridiculous amount of time into the game, so listening to the original soundtrack got – well – annoying. :)

  • Nice to see trophy suport popping up in new and old games :D

    I’ll try to get this when I can ;)

  • Nice! I’ll be sure to get this game soon! :)

  • I just get back from work and trophies are already live. I always miss the good stuff going live. I bet when I finally get around to playing Novastrike I will be really far behind in the trophies compared to every one else.

    I just picked up Viva Pinata: trouble in paradise and Disgaea 3. So it might take me time to get around to playing Novastrike soon but I really want more tropies so I might just have to play Novastrike instead.

    That being said I can’t wait to get those few more trophies.

    I want to say Kevin I hope you get many new people that will buy Novastrike you and your team need it. Plus I want to see what you and your team can make next. Because Novastrike was a good game and what you and your team showed you can do with Novastrike you want to see what you can do next.

  • I just played through the first level with the new patch, and I have to tell you, the update is a resounding success.

    The difficulty has most definately been scaled back, and the larger ship makes it much easier to see where you are in the middle of explosions. I particularly like how when you unlock a weapon for the first time, you are given an explanation of what the weapon does, how it is effectively used, and what features of the weapon grow stronger as it is upgraded. Very nice touch.

    Plus, I just got my first trophy! This update makes me very happy because now I can fully enjoy what drew me to the game initially. It reminds me of an old-school PC shooter (with much better graphics and sound, of course.)

    Great job on the update, guys.

    • Hi again, SantanaClaus89. Glad you\’re finding the update to your liking in terms of the scaled-back difficulty. As far as the Weapon Info panes (that pop up whenever you acquire a new weapon) – happy that you\’re finding those useful.

      I decided to put those in because of (1) we have a lot of weapoms; and, (2) when we did more focus-testing we noticed not many would use the new weapons – they wouldn\’t necesarily see that they got them, or wouldn\’t know how to access them.

      Anyhow, hope your enjoyment continues. And congrats on getting your first NOVASTRIKE trophy.

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