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I’m pretty confident that any gamer with at least a passing interest in the Star Wars universe knows that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is coming to the PLAYSTATION 3, PS2, and PSP this month (September 16th, to be exact).

That’s why SCEA is teaming up with LucasArts and Best Buy to mark the midnight release of the game in San Francisco on the night of September 15th – and everyone’s invited to the launch party. Beginning at 7pm, the 1717 Harrison St. Best Buy location (that’s my hood!) will feature appearances by Sam Witwer (Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice – and main character of the game), as well as a number of other cast members. From the game development side, Executive Producer Haden Blackman and others from LucasArts will be on hand. Attendees will be able to play the full version of the game in advance, and take photos with Star Wars characters.

“But I don’t live in San Francisco!”, you may be typing furiously into the comments section. Well, we thought ahead about how to include the rest of the country. Here’s the plan:

Later today, I’m going to visit with Haden Blackman at LucasArts for an interview. What do you want to know about the game (or anything, for that matter)? I’ll ask him for you.

The interview will show up on the Blog this coming Monday – and at that time, Mr. Blackman will ask a Star Wars-related trivia question. The first respondents with the correct answer will win special Star Wars/The Force Unleashed collectables. We’ll have all the details on how to win (and what you’ll be playing for) this Monday.

In the meantime … tell me what to ask the Executive Producer of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed!

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  • Is there a secret level where we can kill that Jar jar thing

  • I was going to buy this game, but then I tried the demo. I did not like the controls or camera, but the story seemed interesting.

  • If this were a game I was interested in I would be outraged at the san fran release of who ever it is that’s attending ;) .

  • Here’s a question: was there any intention or any soon plans of enabling Sixaxis manipulation of lightsaber swings for the PlayStation 3 version of the game, or using the SixAxis capabilities as means of a force push or other force powers?

    Also, will LucasArts soon implement a new PS3 version of the Jedi Knight series? That series was completely awesome.

  • can you fix the messy camera and aiming ?

  • People complaining about trophies need to understand most games coming out in the fall season won’t have trophies as Sony has stated because they were already late in the development cycle. Most games or all games in 2009 and on should contain trophies being the fact they would be added just like achievements.

  • Played the demo the first time: Didn’t like it.

    maybe if they fix the camera and the raget system (can’t belive that you can’t change targets) i’ll give it a try.

  • i played the demo and i was wondering, are there any parts of the game where we wil be piloting any ships or land speeders or riding some beasts or anything? or is it all on foot?

    no big deal, just wondering!

    also, yeah, the camera sometimes swings up too high or down too low, totally losing the action..

    but this game should be pretty sweet!

  • I was really excited about this game, until I played the demo. Frankly, Lego Star Wars is more fun. Someone needs to quit focusing on the graphics and get the gameplay up to snuff.

    Go play Jedi Knight and JK2: Jedi Outcast for examples of really good Star Wars gameplay. Then make JK3…I’ll buy that, provided the demo is good.

  • My Question for the game

    1. Any hidden characters we can use in middle or completion of the story?

    2. Is there any flying in the game? or is it all action fighting like the demo?

    3. Yoda better come out… cuz I said so…

    4. Similar to #1 – but any hidden surprises in the game that will surprise Star Wars fans?

  • this is what you ask the producder, tell him that HanSolo (me) wants to know a few things

    1 will the game eventually support trophies?

    2 will the game give home users something star warsy to put in the home? ( statue of vader..millenium falcom full scale ready to be visited by you and your friends..)

    3 will there be dlc?

  • We need arms and legs damaged… BLOOD!
    Is because the rating.. but if the child see the movies… they can play a mature game.. a see a eleven’s old boy buying GTAIV… so.. put blood on this great game.. and.. Multiplayer.. :D


    (Date for PORTUGAL)

  • I’d ask Mr. Blackman if there is ANY possibility of Saber-Realistic Damage IE you cut an arm, arm comes off. Come on, Jedi Outcast had it (If you knew the code)

    Also I would ask, as others, if other characters will be available to play through the Single Player mode with, not saying it has to change the whole story, but just new skins or something. I’d love Kyle Katarn to be Unleashed.


  • I have the same question as #3 trophies?

  • Here’s my question:

    I am not a Star Wars fan, why should I buy this game? (sell it to me)

  • I played this Demo last Saturday and about 10 minutes in I paused it, drove to GameStop, and pre-ordered it. I’m really excited about this one.

    Questions you say?

    – Will there be DLC for TFU? New levels, more Vader levels, new abilities?

    – Trophies, Trophies, Trophies? (Please?)

  • Oh, one more question:

    What is his favorite game to play besides SWFU?

    -The Glavin

  • And, what color shirt is he wearing?

    -The Glavin

  • Could you please ask the following Question?

    Will Darth Vader be an unlockable character to play through the whole game outwith playing him on the first level?

    Thanks !

  • my questions :

    1)will there be future dlc ?
    2)will there be a next part or continuation of this great work :)

    3)finally what about vs mode for ps3 version ?

  • I wonder if all these devs posting on the blog get it yet.

    We want trophies!


  • Oh, cool; hmm, I may have to schlep down to Beast Buy for this. Thanks for the heads up. That’s your hood? I’m usually only there if I wanna buy something at BB or am drinking in the area with friends :)

  • Sorry but is there something wrong with the PlayStation Underground forums? I can’t reply to any posts on any threads. I’m using a mac maybe that might have something to do with it.


    Wish I could go… Stupid continental united states being in my way.

  • My only question — buy food or buy STFU? Luckily I can afford both!

    Hey — I love the acronym, was that a conscious decision? ;-)

    And one more question — trophies?

    Ok, so it was more than one question, I’m a flip-flopper. Sue me!

  • I ask for PlayStation events in San Francisco, and you guys deliver quite fantastically. Consider me in attendance (although I KINDA wish this was held at the Best Buy on Masonic, MUCH closer to my house). As a Star Wars fan and a PS3 fan, this makes me tingle with happiness.

    I love you Jeff.

  • the euphoria engine is soooo in this game! i just want everyone at lucasarts to know that trophies and an online duel mode will be surely missed. its no deal breaker for me though. ive been waiting for this game for a few years now after seeing that ‘force power pre-vis’ tech demo. its awesome to see that what was displayed 3 years ago has been translated into the full game. buy this game, i will! LOL


  • Please ask:
    “Why does the the apprentice look so different in the cutscene in the demo than he does in Soul Calibur IV?”

  • ask if there are plans for an update to bring trophies?

  • Wow 78+ comments and no reply from the poster. There were questions asked and now they are hanging like a Tie fighter in the hanger in the Force Unleashed.

    The Sony Bloggers do a great job on putting up articles but answering in depth questions must be a little harder to deal with.

    Here is one that I am interested in Since Tuesday, Home Invites went out to North America on Tuesday but not one mention here in the Blog – WHY. For those that did not get in the forums have turned into a flamefest. Is Sony going to fiddle while ROME(Home Forum) burns with hatred and rancor????

  • @80 SpeedRacer1955
    Jeff cant answer a lot of stuff because that is marketing stuff of LucasArts.

    I think that Jeff,Noel,Grace and guys and gals from SCEA are doing a hell of a job.
    It can be better tough, like doing some game expo on my house backyard. <-Make it happen SCEA :D

  • Played the demo. The concept to me feels more or less similiar to Lego Star Wars. Of which I played to death and loved those, so Force Unleashed doesn’t do anything new for me. But seems the young’uns are quite excited about it. :)

    Anyways, here goes my question (for Lucas Arts in general):
    Any plans to re-make classics like X-Wing or Tie Fighter?
    Not necessarily a re-make, but at least something similiar, now with all these fancy smancy 3D engines.
    I loved it back in the days where I can zip around in a B-Wing or Tie Defender and pick off the turrets on a Star Destroyer. Those were good times.

  • Thanks for the post Jeff and asking us as users what questions we’d like to be answered.

    My question has already been asked by another person, so I’ll just wait for a reply.

    Keep up the good work.

  • 1: any hidden characters that we might see from the books or the movies?
    2: will there be add-ons to the game later after the release? Ex. add-on levels, characters, stuff like that.
    3: Is there or will be a chance to play online against other gamers?
    4: When making this game, did George Lucas have a hand in this?
    5: Any other SW titles that are in the works that you can tell us about???

  • Download the demo, play it and then delete it. Remember it as well as the last Star Wars Game you forgot…

  • They’ve already said there will be no trophies.

  • the demo removed any desire to purchase.

  • How many hours of game play are there?
    Thanks in advance -Kodaime

  • Sounds good i hope the event is better than the star wars psp event (they wouldnt let me purchase the game by itself.)

    Q 1: Trophy support?
    Q 2: What was the most challenging aspect of creating SW:FU? What kind of issues did you run into during the development and how did you overcome them?

  • I swear it seems like all everybody wants is DLC and Trophies. I don’t really care bout the DLC unless it’s cool but i would enjoy trophies but it’s not like NOT having trophies is gonna make it a bad game…just would be cool to have. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan and wasn’t really looking forward to the game but once i played the demo i got really excited about it.

    1. So my first question would be, “How deep is the storyline for the game? Does it pull in story from the movies or is it kind of stand alone?”
    2. Depending on how well this game does will there be a sequel or do you guys already have plans for another?

  • @ 59
    “Go play Jedi Knight and JK2: Jedi Outcast for examples of really good Star Wars gameplay. Then make JK3…I’ll buy that, provided the demo is good.”

    HA! JK3 has been out since 2003!! And by the way…are you freaking kidding me?? Lego Star Wars better than this game??? NO. This game is amazing. Day 1 purchase for me.

  • I should have amended my post up at 85. Lego Star Wars was the best Star Wars game ever made and unless something changes dramatically with The Force Unleashed, it will probably stay at the top of the pile.

  • I personally thought the game was alright, could have been better based on my Demo experience. But is the full game gonna have tweeks as far as the graphics go? I’m not saying that the were bad, but I’ve seen better from the PS3. All the physics engines are awesome but to me the graphics seemed kinda short of what I’d like to see on PS3.

  • AWSOME! STAR WARS Force Unleashed News! Thanks PLAYSTATION Blog Yo um…I was just wondering these 2 Questions

    I: Will Playing the Game +Plus Customizing the Caracter will Change the Future Fate of the Apretince in the End of the Game? You Know Alternate Ending.Aprentice Who is Sith Turns JEDI,Vader Kills Apretice in the End,Vader Let’s Aprentice Alive in the End, or Apretice escapes with his Girlfriend Juno Eclipes lol etc.

    II: Who Plays Darth Vaders Voice?

    III: Please Let us Know if this Game is Multiplayer Online & will include Trophies I mean this will be awsome if it had it!

    IV & Final:I Know Besides the Game and The Novel Do You Know if George Lucas Has any Ideas of Making this Game into a Movie in the Future You Know like STAR WARS EPISODE 3.5 or 3 1/2 The Force Unleashed lol!

    anyway… thanks for taking your time and all! can’t wait to Get the Game I mean this is A Must Have! for STAR WARS Fans

  • yooooo!! this demo was garbage and it was a complete disappointment. STARWARS LEGO was better then that demo.
    1. you cant block and walk at the same time
    2. you can’t deflect the laser with your lightsaber.
    3. not enough combos with the lightsaber even if its a demo.
    4. his force push reminded me of GOKU KAMAKAMAIA.
    5. you didn’t get the feel to why DART VADER choose him for APPRENTICE.
    this game not worth 60 BUCKS this game is a RENTEL, USED or a RED CASE PICK UP.(BEST SELLER)

  • Support Trophies and I’ll support your game.

  • Get him to commit to trophy support. It seems to be the deciding factor for a lot of potential players.

  • the novel hard cover of the force unleshead just came out, i could not resist so i read the last few pages… i know how it ends
    if you all want to know, just go to the book store and read the last few pages

  • ill buy the game if it has trophies does it have trophies???? will fall out 3 have trophies??????

  • I didn’t like the demo. The controls were not my kind, not fluid enough for me. Sorry.

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