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I’m pretty confident that any gamer with at least a passing interest in the Star Wars universe knows that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is coming to the PLAYSTATION 3, PS2, and PSP this month (September 16th, to be exact).

That’s why SCEA is teaming up with LucasArts and Best Buy to mark the midnight release of the game in San Francisco on the night of September 15th – and everyone’s invited to the launch party. Beginning at 7pm, the 1717 Harrison St. Best Buy location (that’s my hood!) will feature appearances by Sam Witwer (Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice – and main character of the game), as well as a number of other cast members. From the game development side, Executive Producer Haden Blackman and others from LucasArts will be on hand. Attendees will be able to play the full version of the game in advance, and take photos with Star Wars characters.

“But I don’t live in San Francisco!”, you may be typing furiously into the comments section. Well, we thought ahead about how to include the rest of the country. Here’s the plan:

Later today, I’m going to visit with Haden Blackman at LucasArts for an interview. What do you want to know about the game (or anything, for that matter)? I’ll ask him for you.

The interview will show up on the Blog this coming Monday – and at that time, Mr. Blackman will ask a Star Wars-related trivia question. The first respondents with the correct answer will win special Star Wars/The Force Unleashed collectables. We’ll have all the details on how to win (and what you’ll be playing for) this Monday.

In the meantime … tell me what to ask the Executive Producer of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed!

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  • Played the demo the first time: Didn’t like it.

    Played it a second time: Pretty good game.

    I just couldn’t get into it enough though, probably because I’ve never watched a Star Wars movie.

  • Jeff i want to congratulate you for your hard work at the blog.
    Its super nice to have various posts every day.

    And this is my question:

    -Which was the hardest part of developing the game ? Technology ? Character design ? History?

  • I’ve played both demos for the game and both are completely identical. The game doesnt have an online component so it’s still in the air which to get.

    2 simple questions: Trophies? Yes or No?

    Remote Play support: Yes or No?

  • nice is this competition open to us in the uk jeff?

  • Life with Playstation? Home?

  • *story
    i mean story, i still confuse those 2 words.

  • What I would like to know is,

    How was it working with the Force Unleashed on the PS3 compared to the other platforms?

  • Is aiming for things to force grab more intuative than in the demo?

  • I would say I have a passing interest in Star Wars.

    Enough to hang out in front of a Best Buy in Dallas!

    The DEMO is awesome!

    This is a must buy!

    “The Force Is Strong With This One!”


  • I loved the demo but common add TROPHY SUPPORT!!!!!!

    the PSN world cry’s out for it!!!

  • Trophies? NO, nuff said :-( What’s the deal with an earning system if devs refuse to add trophies in their games. Bethesda is another one of a perfect example… The 360 version of Fallout 3 is getting DLC and Achievements and what does the PS3 get besides the main game itself? Right… nothing.

    I might be getting SW TFU, but not right now, the demo didn’t convince me to buy it on day one, neither do the reviews.

  • how hard was it to implement the new apprentice to the story of starwars without contradicting the story and what was the best part of doing this?

  • We need TROPHIES!!
    Tell him that

  • What does LittleBigPlanet + Star Wars make? Well, this:


  • Whats the chance trophies will be added down the line? Do you plan to support this game long after release(ie Warhawk/Burnout)? Can we expect and DLC additions? Would LucasArt ever make a smaller possible psn downloadable cell shaded game like Penny Arcade but with the clone wars art style?

  • 1) I own a Wii and a PS3. The Wii version seems like the best value – cheaper, includes a multiplayer mode, and five more levels! Why should I purchase the PS3 version?

    2) Will any of the Wii content ever be available for PS3 through a patch or DLC?

    3) When will you be adding trophy support?

  • Trophies should never be the deciding factor on a game.

    Stop whining!

    Jeff, please ask Mr. Blackman what (if any) DLC support planed?


  • I was very excited about this game until I played the demo.
    It’s not worth my $60. Not to mention there’s no Trophy support. It’s probably going to be scored between a 6.5 or 7.5.

  • Star Wars movies on Blu-ray? LoL I guess he might not know (but it can’t hurt).

    Add me to the Trophy request list as well…

  • Trophies would be a plus, but who freaking cares – IT’S STAR WARS! 6 more days!!!!!!!

    I can hear the lightsabers now… :P

  • It is a nice game and all but why is there a billion “skills” that require a library of button combinations?

  • was there every any consideration to making the appretice male or female? (as in being able to choose your character)

  • also, which probably wont get asked why fire the team that made this forward thinking game? :P


  • sorry, but i really enjoy trophies.

  • I didnt like the demo… combat system is bad… the game its about the use of powers of force, use it,repeat again, done. The lightsaber barely is remembered when you playing, you dont need to use it.

  • I enjoyed the demo quite a bit. My only concern is that we didn’t get to see any of the lightsaber combat. How is that implemented in The Force Unleashed? Is it somewhat similar to the Jedi Knight/Jedi Academy form of saber dueling? Or will it be a “who can pull off the best force power combo” battle with the saber being secondary at best?

  • Who would win in a fight Luke from episode 3 or the Apprentice?

    Why is the light saber so underpowered in the Demo, does it level up later on?

  • Yeah Iam with #18
    Star Wars Blu-rays?
    I would like to know about the team layoffs as well.
    Couldn’t care less about the game really, seems Lucas couldn’t either, getting rid of those people.

  • ” Scodo_Thope | September 5th, 2008 at 7:21 am

    Trophies should never be the deciding factor on a game.

    Stop whining!”


    Why don’t you stop whining about the people whining. We have a system not for show you know.

  • Here is my question:

    How does this game incorporate into the Star Wars cinematic movies? Such as, will there be any other recognizeable characters besides Darth Vader?

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity to ask our questions!

    -The Glavin

  • I’m not a huge fan of Star Wars, but I do like the story. The game is fully paid and I’m awaiting the release!

  • Didnt rate the game to highly. My little boy does want it though.

    ** Please get Europe (UK) Sony to sort a blog out simliar to this. **

  • Will SWFU support trophies?

  • Question.

    Will the PSP version of the game have infrastructure multiplayer for its multiplayer modes.

  • Seemed cool, but no 1080 support = no buy. My TV doesn’t do 720p, and I don’t play new games in 480p. Hopefully just the demo has this limitation, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Decent PS3 game, but far from being worth $60, especially without Trophies or any type of multiplayer component. The game’s mechanics are fun, but not enough to keep me–or most people–entertained for an entire game.

    I’ll grab this game when it gets a price drop to $30.

  • Here’s my question:

    For the ps3 version can you move while blocking?

  • Here’s another question:

    Can you play as different characters for the entire game once you finish the game as the apprentice?

  • This question might seem ridiculous but I’m strongly considering getting the PS3 and the PSP version. Does the PSP version have enough special features to justify both purchases? I’m probably buying both anyway but just wanted to know your thoughts.

    Also will there be trophy support?

  • Here’s one more question:

    How many light saber combos are there?

  • Here is my question:

    Are there any planned bonuses for individuals that purchase both the PS3 and PSP version?

  • Here’s an additional question:

    Can you use weapons other than the force, lightning, and the light saber? For example, could you use the staff-like weapon that General Grievous used?

  • ask him if the game will have trophies and if not ask him why the hell not trophies are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Here’s another question:

    Will the game be patched for trophy support?

  • Here’s another question:

    Will the game have allow you to play music stored on your ps3 while playing the game? If not, will it be patched in?

  • how does it feel to be part of the star wars cannon!

  • Don’t waste money on this game. There are a lot better games then this.

  • Questions:

    Are there starfighter levels in The Force Unleashed? My favorite games are the Starfighter series and the first Rogue Squadron.

    Are there plans to release a new “Starfighter” or “Jedi Knight” game in the future? Or is TFU a new franchise to replace Jedi Knight?

    I remember an excellent game called Star Wars: Gallactic Battlegrounds, it will be great if LucasArts released it on the PSN. (Jeff, maybe you can use your jedi mind tricks to convince them into this).

    Also you could ask about downloadable content!! Any info will be great!

  • Heres my humbal questions.

    – Will there be trophy support, and if so how long in development will we have to wait?

    – Was there a Diffent Demo version made?

    – Why didnt they add more support toward the lightsabors?


    The Demo changed my mind about buying the game right away… sorry it just busted my bubble that the lightsabors wasnt to much of a effect throw the demo.


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