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I’ve been busy with shooting interviews at PAX today, but now that I’ve got the chance to catch up, I just wanted to share an update on the SOCOM Confrontation public beta that was posted earlier today on Here’s the word straight from SCEA’s Seth Luisi:

Hi folks,

Well, I’ve got some good and not so good news. The good news is that we are still on track to delivering a kick-ass experience come October. The bad news is that because we are working so hard to ensure the final product is fantastic, we’ve decided to push back the Public Beta date just a few days in order to bump up the experience even more. So, the new launch date for the Public Beta is now Friday, September 5th (QORE members will start the following Friday, September 12).

The other good news is that we are not cutting down the length of the Public Beta one bit. It will still run for a full month – from 9/5 to 10/5 – so you and your clanmates can still practice as long as you want and then be ready to go for the full game later in October.

Myself, my team and Slant Six are burning the midnight oil to ensure this game is the best it can possibly be for you guys. We completely understand it’s hard to wait when you haven’t had a chance to play it yet but, rest assured, the wait will be worth it. If you haven’t done it already, you can pre-order the game from GameStop® in the US to get into the Public Beta (EB Games™ for our brethren to the North). Make sure to bring along 2 extra friends once you register and get the email promo code from us; that code will let them in too. You’re not going to get another Public Beta out there that will give you and your squad-mates so much access.


For the latest updates on the public beta, and everything SOCOM, keep an eye on

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  • LOL! With the “beta” being so close to release date, is it even still a beta? Possibly it should be called a “demo” or a “beta demo”.

    Glad to see the developer communicating so closely and honestly with the fanbase… and I look forward to trying out the game through my Qore subscription access… but it really does seem that there is almost no time to incorporate any substantive changes.

  • What’s the reason for making subscribers to QORE wait until the 12th? I don’t think this is fair. We pay you hard earn cash and tell us we have to wait while people who didn’t pay get into the Beta for free? Please find a way to make it the same day.

  • To whom it may concern:

    A little off topic but…

    Okay, yesterday I was planning to use up what was left on a pre-paid card I have so I can get episode 3 of Qore, and cancel the card. But the PlayStation Store it wasn’t letting me get it because there wasn’t a minimum of $5 on the card. Then today, I checked the balance of the card and it was down $2.99 (the price of the episode) and even says “PlayStation Network” next to wear it says $2.99 spent…

    It’s kind of irritating me since I really wanted that episode so I could get a chance to get into the Resistance 2 beta.

    My PSN is BZKlint incase it’s needed…

  • How do some of you people talk such trash about a 4 day delay?

    Its 4 days, not 4 months.

    If any game is worth the wait, its this one.

  • This is getting pathetic.

    You people complain about a FOUR day delay because the developers want to deliver something BETTER? Did it occur to anyone that perhaps the reason there is a delay is because they caught something that they figured they would fix before the release? It happens all the time. I do testing for a living. Software/applications/everything has last minute kinks in it. It’s just something you gotta live with.

    But to complain about a four day delay, you whiners are just getting pathetic really.

  • This is stupid that Qore folks get’s the beta 1 week later then other folks. officially Qore is useless.

  • @53…

    Sony Computer Entertainment America
    PO Box 5888
    San Mateo, CA 94402-0888
    Customer support contact:
    Customer Support number: 877-971-7669

  • ^^ they wanted people to pre order the game. That is why.

  • i wan in on the beta

  • That’s OK, I’m glad to know you guys are making sure to deliver the best experience. Man! I really miss playing SOCOM, I haven’t played much since SOCOM 3 came out.

    At least I got time now to play Mercenaries 2 until SOCOM comes out! ;)

  • ” DaExecutor | August 31st, 2008 at 10:48 am

    ^^ they wanted people to pre order the game. That is why.”

    I understand that but I was going to buy the game anyways, I guess I can just pre-order it and get it out the way. I just hate pre-ordering :(

  • granted its only a few days and i can wait why not just say that there was a problem with the canadians and them not getting their beta codes. also if the codes could be sent out early so we can download it a day or two before it launches would be nice. like the mgo beta was. but hey to each his own. thanks for a kick ass game and i think you know what i mean guys!!!!!!!

  • Sorry but making the Qore people wait an extra week to get in the beta is flat out BS. I am gonna be buying this on the PSN and cant pre order. Us Qore people basically bought this beta and we have less time with it?

    You guys are stupid.


    Not to worry SONY & Seth…cuz nothing has changed since 11/11/06…so delays are just second nature in the world of SONY

    I’d be f’en shocked if something WASN’T delayed

  • tdh | August 30th, 2008 at 8:26 pm

    The cry babies over are coming out of the wood work over at I’m starting to wonder if people find greater enjoyment out of complaining and whining than they do from actually play the game.

    I can dig that you’re a little bummed about not playing this on Labor Day, but complaining about waiting for another 5 days is just ignorant. So far the only person I saw complaining over at the SOCOM Blog who had a legit gripe was a guy who planned a beta party with friends.

    To all the cry babies: The game hasn’t been delayed… Contrary to popular belief betas is to help PUBLISHERS not you.

    You know it’s not about being crybabies, here’s the problem, with this game you have a lot die-hard gamers that took off work, planned vacation time around this beta, and it’s not that it was delayed, it was that the delayed was announced all of a day and three quarters from the time it was supposed to happen. It was announced AFTER people could cancel their vacation for next week. That’s the problem. You can’t tell me that they (Slant 6) didn’t know they weren’t going to be able to get the beta out on Monday like they stated. Sure they’re still giving a full month of playing this beta/demo. Of course that means that any bugs found will either delay the release of the game, or not get fixed. This was a total joke.

  • When can we Get our Emails back from Sony/Socom Team.. I’ve Put my Code in and I thought I would get a Confirm that it went throw who knows do I need to put it in on the 5th to get it Explain Please!

    Thanks PSN: Skater_Ricky 8)

  • bah should have been released last friday to take advantage of the holiday weekend…why do they delay a freaking beta? we understand it can be buggy and I would be more forgiving of a server going down than ANOTHER SONY DELAY.

    P.S. I forgive you SOCOM…but if you delay past the 5th…we are going to have words…I mean it!

  • @64…I feel the same way…I would be shocked if ANYTHING comes out on time at this point.

    HOME in 2012 four more years of delays…VOTE TODAY!!!

  • @ .Seiven.

    Dont Complain about something you havent and dont know anything about making something work right.

    you have no right to judge bro!

    Peace :P

  • WHAT THE HELL Why us Qore members keep getting screwed over first it was the resistance beta and now this come on for

    being a exclusive member to the playstation qore you think we would get the same

    treatment or better .. but no now we have to wait a week before non member get to play it
    that’s a bunch of crap

  • @65: scooterge558

    And those are the only people who’s gripes are valid in all of this. I won’t comment on people taking time off work for a 1 map beta instead of the actual game, but you’re right those people have legit complaints. But a majority of everybody else complaining? Cry babies.

    For the Qore users, the reason why you have to wait a week to gain access to the beta is because you haven’t bought the game. It’s simple as that. They most want feed back from the people who are going to buy this game the most. The Qore member beta is for people who may not buy this game in the end but they want their feedback so they can make it more appealing to people other than the hardcore players.

  • lol. man, if I was these devs, I would deliberately delay stuff for a few days so I could have some laughs reading the reams of [DELETED] that the [DELETED] crybabies post all over the place…

    OT: Thanks for being up-front with us. Looking forward to the game.

  • I personally think it was garbage to advertise the Qore subscription as being able to jump in the Beta as soon as it was available…but now we find out we have to wait a week longer. Sounds like somebody wanted to rip some people off. For those of you who don’t know what Qore is, it is an online magazine subscription…well, it isn’t really. It is actually a way for advertisers to charge for you to look at their ads. You start it up…an advertisement. You click on a link in the program…an advertisement. How stupid and useless could something you pay for actually be? I am glad I only bought the one month plan for $2.99. The entire yearly subscription fee isn’t even worth sitting through ad after ad. The ONLY interesting thing in it was the Metal Gear gameplay. Stop ripping people off, and give us our Socom like we were told we would get!



  • Everyone who says that the less than one month beta period isn’t long enough to make any changes to the game obviously doesn’t know the system. SCEA will just delay the release of the actual product as well, giving them plenty of time to fix an issue. While at the same time pissing off lots and lots of fans. Sony rocks out with their *ocks out. ;)

  • Ok. What happened to Life with Playstation that was scheduled and for last month and a more officially stated home beta release this month by allowing us to download the theme?? I really hope you all didnt lie about this because you are gonna piss a lotta people off.

  • whats up with getting the e-mail??????? so we can get the beta? i put my code in and they said ill get an e-mail its been a week has anyone got the e-mail?

  • this game smells like cheese!

  • 2 all qore subscribers I TOTALY AGREE WITH U!

    the reason that our beta will be on d 12th is that they want people 2 pre-order the game

    simple as that


  • im still gonna buy this game 2 reasons i love the old socom and watched all the stuff about it on qore and that it comes with a ps3 blu tooth head set and too the poster who said

    its for ppl who are gonna buy the game .. hah who are you to say ppl who subscribe to qore arn’t true members of the playstation

    database. i bought the yearly subscription to qore i own over 40 ps3 games
    30 psn games and plan on getting a lot more .

  • Seth,

    “”” All I read was a sorry excuse for it is not ready”””…… I am not happy.

  • Yar!

  • Anyone have any idea when we should be getting those e-mails?

  • off topic…

    How do I link my gravatar/

  • I can’t wait for this beta!!!

  • I had to call sony 4 times, Activision because some door knob said activision was the manufacturer, so i did and then he said to call sony again, so it was like 7 calls and 2 hours later, finally someone had the brains to say it is going on from aug 28th, – sept 7th. Still not a complete answer, so i guess its the 5th right? And what is this QORE stuff? i pre-ordered it and got the clearnce code waitin for an email i guess friday, i just hope its not the 12th

  • how do u go about getting one of these beta codes? PSN= nanaki87

  • to all you socom players out there…. two things to remember…

    1 watch out for noc da sniper!
    2 I always get you with head shots….

    that is all… youve been warned!!

  • It’s just a beta holy mutha fatha batman!

  • Two more day’s till Friday. Will we get the email Thur at midnight or just sometime Friday ??



  • that suxs. its not so bad for the pre-order people but i bought the qore issue.

  • can i get a code pls :d

  • Help me out please.

    I’m buggin’ out over something small because I’ll be super ticked if I can’t get going on this tomorrow. When I went to page to put in my beta clearance code, PLAYSTATION Nerwork ID, and email address, I accidentally put my email address as my playstation network ID, and again as my email address. Heres the thing though. Say my PS ID was XXX, my email would be Because I used the same as word, we’ll call it XXX, as my PS ID and as my username for my email address, I don’t know what it is going to do. I tried to go back and do it again, but it won’t let me use the code again yet.

    Think it will send me the Golden E-Mail? Any idea what I should do or who I could contact about it?

    So it launches tomorrow; midnight tonight? Mid-day? I’d just like to play before I go to class tomorrow night, and I won’t know if it has launched if I screwed up and I don’t get the email.

    Thanks for your help. I’d really like to know who I can get ahold of at sony, or where ever to fix this.

  • I hope someone at Slant is playing a joke. This game is garbage.

  • I pre-ordered my copy of Confrontation from Gamestop, and they did not give me a code….how do I go about getting the code now??

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