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I’ve been busy with shooting interviews at PAX today, but now that I’ve got the chance to catch up, I just wanted to share an update on the SOCOM Confrontation public beta that was posted earlier today on Here’s the word straight from SCEA’s Seth Luisi:

Hi folks,

Well, I’ve got some good and not so good news. The good news is that we are still on track to delivering a kick-ass experience come October. The bad news is that because we are working so hard to ensure the final product is fantastic, we’ve decided to push back the Public Beta date just a few days in order to bump up the experience even more. So, the new launch date for the Public Beta is now Friday, September 5th (QORE members will start the following Friday, September 12).

The other good news is that we are not cutting down the length of the Public Beta one bit. It will still run for a full month – from 9/5 to 10/5 – so you and your clanmates can still practice as long as you want and then be ready to go for the full game later in October.

Myself, my team and Slant Six are burning the midnight oil to ensure this game is the best it can possibly be for you guys. We completely understand it’s hard to wait when you haven’t had a chance to play it yet but, rest assured, the wait will be worth it. If you haven’t done it already, you can pre-order the game from GameStop® in the US to get into the Public Beta (EB Games™ for our brethren to the North). Make sure to bring along 2 extra friends once you register and get the email promo code from us; that code will let them in too. You’re not going to get another Public Beta out there that will give you and your squad-mates so much access.


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