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I’ve been busy with shooting interviews at PAX today, but now that I’ve got the chance to catch up, I just wanted to share an update on the SOCOM Confrontation public beta that was posted earlier today on Here’s the word straight from SCEA’s Seth Luisi:

Hi folks,

Well, I’ve got some good and not so good news. The good news is that we are still on track to delivering a kick-ass experience come October. The bad news is that because we are working so hard to ensure the final product is fantastic, we’ve decided to push back the Public Beta date just a few days in order to bump up the experience even more. So, the new launch date for the Public Beta is now Friday, September 5th (QORE members will start the following Friday, September 12).

The other good news is that we are not cutting down the length of the Public Beta one bit. It will still run for a full month – from 9/5 to 10/5 – so you and your clanmates can still practice as long as you want and then be ready to go for the full game later in October.

Myself, my team and Slant Six are burning the midnight oil to ensure this game is the best it can possibly be for you guys. We completely understand it’s hard to wait when you haven’t had a chance to play it yet but, rest assured, the wait will be worth it. If you haven’t done it already, you can pre-order the game from GameStop® in the US to get into the Public Beta (EB Games™ for our brethren to the North). Make sure to bring along 2 extra friends once you register and get the email promo code from us; that code will let them in too. You’re not going to get another Public Beta out there that will give you and your squad-mates so much access.


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  • I read about this on the SOCOM site earlier today. I was looking forward to it on the 1st, but oh well, at least it’s still coming!

  • Yay, least it’s coming and none of it has been cut short! Looking forward to getting some hands on action!

  • Uhh ohh you posted this here, prepare for the onslaught. The Socom blog is out of control. Go check Jeff. At least it now starts on the weekend. Thanks Slant 6 for thinking of us Canadian. I Know that’s why.

  • Looking forward to it. This will be my first Socom game.

  • YES!!! I can’t wait for this beta! Im going pwn these noobs, its not going to be funny.

  • theres nothing wrong with tweaking to make it more enjoyable! can’t wait to get my paws on this


  • Fail.

    Seems like almost everything associated with Sony and the PS3 gets delayed.

  • @7
    This blog is just full of complainers.Sell your Playstation and move on.
    Doesn’t matter really,I’m still ready to play the beta.

  • Not really suprising, but could we have the reason for this? And could you tell us the time frame we will get the emails, since we diserve a little after all this waiting. Keep up the good work, atleast its gonna be one Bad to the bone game.

  • Well at least we don’t have to suffer for their delays not unlike another recent beta. Konami, I’m looking you kid.

  • I bought the game from my local store, was promised to be in the beta, they have no codes….

    I was jipped…

  • HOME info, end of the month ? Its the end of the month, where’s the beta ?

  • I remember the days when companies focused on one region at a time to ensure maximum quality in there title/product. I rather know I getting the game some odd months latter than have to put up with delay after delay. It’s not a beta anymore it’s a payed demo.

  • Who cares if it delay for 5 days. People should just be happy that they are still get a beta for this game, and that is running for a full month.

  • Can’t wait….well I guess I can wait….but I’m looking forward to playing this game.

  • Zipper/Slant 6, could you at least post some more info about the game? Like a full weapons list or something we don’t already know about the game?

  • Thank you so very much for all your hard work on this puppy. GOOD JOB!

  • The cry babies over are coming out of the wood work over at I’m starting to wonder if people find greater enjoyment out of complaining and whining than they do from actually play the game.

    I can dig that you’re a little bummed about not playing this on Labor Day, but complaining about waiting for another 5 days is just ignorant. So far the only person I saw complaining over at the SOCOM Blog who had a legit gripe was a guy who planned a beta party with friends.

    To all the cry babies: The game hasn’t been delayed… Contrary to popular belief betas is to help PUBLISHERS not you.

  • I am dissapointed. Oh well, doesn’t really matter anyway.

  • barely getting into shooters, wanted to play beta to decide if I buy, this looks like a great game, I think i’ll be able to wait til the 12th

  • “(QORE members will start the following Friday, September 12). ”

    so people who have paid for a annual Qore subscription have to wait a extra week? WTF is that about, i though being a member meant you get some perks, so am i misunderstanding something? because if that is the case, that the public gets the beta before Qore members then i won’t be paying for a second year.

  • Well, I can’t really say that I’m happy about this, but at least it’s only a few days.

    I mean it’s not like it’s getting delayed 20,000 times in a row like Life with Playstation and Home…

  • i kinda knew that because everything in “DELAYSTATION” gets delay everytime!
    i really cant handle it i almost write some baad words and swears but right now im a mad troll!!!!!!!!


  • @18

    You’re right that betas are to help publishers and not consumers, but when you have to PAY to get into the beta, it becomes a little more convoluted…

  • @21
    agreed, i asked this question before. no response from anyone on that subject either. seems kinda screwed that we bought annual subscriptions to qore on the guise that we’d be getting the 1st public crack at socom only to be royaly jipped in the end. you forgot one thing though, qore members only get a 3 week beta. double screwed. lackluster episodes, loss of beta time, only one special demo. it’s a screw attack i once thought only samus could pull off.

  • E3 2007 = sony promises home and little big planet… both delayed.

    E3 2008 = sony promises life with playstation…delayed.

    Still no home, no little big planet, and no life with playstation.
    Socom beta delayed…No suprise just what should have been expected.

  • E3 = An event at which Sony likes to make promises they can’t keep, in order make more money.

  • Ok, so now I won’t have the perfect 4 day weekend like I was going to have. Atleast its the same week :)

  • ah, this was a Socom labor day weekend…

    too bad, at least it is still coming..

    i tdoes seem like every release date of everything keeps slipping..


  • Oh great something else gets delayed WAY TO GO!!!!!

  • well.. the delay sucks.

  • I dont get it. Granted im not a game programer, but isnt the reason to have a beta is to FIX the things that are wrong?? what are you gona fix in a few weeks and still get the game out on time? If it gets delayed cause of some fixes i guess im cool with that. I just hope this dosnt go like S3 where the beta testers reported alot of problems and most were still in the game when it launched. I hope im wrong…

  • Already read it on

  • THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! Ok I lie it is, I can wait a few more days. I’ll be looking forward to a whole month of beta’ing.

  • how funny, even this gets delayed. and i know its only for like 5 days but…lol… there is always a delay.

  • did HOME get delayed as well? like Life with Playstion, and now the Socom Beta? can we please get some info on theses products as well?

  • Sony, just make sure they make this game awesome, I don’t ever wanna hear about gay Halo or GoW2 again. That includes graphics and animations, some of the graphical shots of this game look like crap, and some awesome.


  • It’s lame that us Qore members are going to have to wait week afterword but hey, time flys when… yeah… lol.

  • Yawn…nothing new from the king of delays

  • I think what pisses people off the most when this stuff happens is that they aren’t told a concrete reason for a delay… “Paper-pushing,” or “[Making] sure the game is ready” doesn’t suffice for the majority, and they whine because it’s soo easy to on the internet. Maybe say “A bug was found that could crash systems” or “Localization is taking a bit longer than anticipated” would be much better, I guarantee you’d have less complainers.

  • Thats not all.. Where is my email from GameStop with my codes for pre-order to get in the Beta since my Qore is going to be late… Like 3months late if you ask me(June Sub)That was June its now September…Ahhhrg!


  • Sony, what is the timetable for home now that the expanded closed beta might be slipped into September?

  • Delay’s not worried gives me more time with MGO the badest online game ever!!! see ya SPT 12th ONLINE!!!!!

  • Sweet thanks for the update.

  • Not a bad delay like the others, but where is home? :(

  • Thank you for the update on the delay. Can’t tell you how much better it makes it when someone actually updates you on the status of a beta and when it will come out. Why can’t Sony follow suit and do this with Home? I mean is it really that hard to give us an update to what is going on?

  • Delayed… Surprise Surprise

  • Low rating this is wrong. The developer is coming out and telling you things EARLY instead of being closed mouthed. Other developers (LWP) could learn from this. 5+ rating.

    I won’t be in the BETA but look forward to day one SOCOM fun.

  • Ughhhhhhhhh.

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