Penny Arcade Expo 08: See our booth

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I hope you’re reading this from a Seattle-area hotel room, or on your iPhone on the way to the Washington State Convention & Trade Center. I really do. Penny Arcade Expo 2008 is now underway, and tens of thousands of you will finally be able to get their hands on games that have been for Press Hands Only at E3 and Games Convention Leipzig.

The PlayStation PAX booth improves upon our awesome Comic-Con setup by adding twelve Resistance 2 stations, playable WipEout HD, Savage Moon, Crash Commando and a number of Resistance Retribution-equipped PSPs. Take a look as I give you the quick tour:

Now I know that many (well, most) of you can’t make it to Seattle by Sunday – so here’s how you can get involved in the PAX action. Tomorrow I’ll be talking with the development teams on Resistance 2 and inFamous. What should I ask them? Comment below.

I conducted an interview with Joel DeYoung of Hothead Games (Penny Arcade Adventures) earlier today using only your questions, and you’ll see the results of that next week.

Oh, and here’s the link to enter to win a free PS3 that I mentioned in the video. Good luck!

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  • Come on why is this PS3 prize again only for the US!!?

  • Please ask if there is any online or offline splitscreen in Resistance 2!

  • Judging from the video before you press play, it looks to me that Mirrors Edge is played using PlayStation Eye. Is this correct? See the hand in the upper left of the screen? Please tell me more games are going to incorporate the Eye and the Dual Shock. This would be a huge turn of events in games of late, manipulate objects and environments with your hands and then play in it at the same time. (yeah I know LBP) Also P.A.X. could also stand for [P.laystation A.lways eX.cels]

  • Awesome insight to the happenings at PAX, wish I could be there and get my hands on all those games and some of that swag!

  • Hi there I have some questions for the developers:

    Resistance: Retrobution:

    Will the game support Downloadable Content, and VOIP with the new PSP system haveing a built in mic?

    How long is the game going to be, and about how much is there to each level?

    Any Chances we could get patches, and updates for the game as time gose on?


    What is the FPS rate for the game? Some of the demos have gotten lagy at some points.

    Whats with the Call of Duty style Cross hairs for the Assault Rifle?

    Will any of the weapons from the last game be in this one? Also what kinds of new weapons, can we look forward to?

    Last but not least will there be any vehicle driveing sequences in the full game? IE it was the parts of the first game I loved so much driveing tanks and smashing the enemy up into peases!

    WipEout: HD

    Will the game have VOIP support?

    How many Trophies will there be for the full games release?

    Will there be a disc version as well as PSN store version?

    Are what new weapons will make a showing in the game?

    Will there be Downloadable Content? If so how much of it is free?

    Last but not least is there any date for releaseing the WipEout: Pulse content for US PSP owners!?

  • Great setup. R2 looking good as well as LBP. Thanks for the video diary Jeff hope you do more.

  • When will the Resistance 2 beta start? Oh and also will there be a mid-night launch for Resistance 2?

  • To SuckerPunch:

    What made you decide to go with a non-cel shaded direction?

    Whats your favourite thign to do in Infamous?

    Thanks Jeff

    (if you want to say my name, just say lb or somethign not this whole load of numbers)

  • sony we love u

  • No Canadian entry for the sweepstakes? :( I never win a thing in my whole life.

  • For all of the teams: About how long will each game last? (R2, R:R, inFamous)

    For Sucker Punch: Are you looking to continue the inFamous story into a sequel, or is this an independent project?

    For Insomniac: With Quest for Booty releasing on PSN, does the Resistance team look to do the same while the Ratchet and Clank team is busy working for next fall.

  • When are the Europeans going to have their mails for Home Beta? Strange thing is, I always receive a mail every week from SCEA about the store update but don’t get any from SCEE since weeks :-(

  • I wish I was there. LBP looks incredible.


    I agree. I bought the PSEye about a year ago, and beyond the first month or so we really haven’t been provided with any uses for it. And you can only make so many pictures and videos with EyeCreate before it gets old. And the thing has so much potential. It really could be used for so much more, but there’s only one thing on the horizon that’ll use it: EyePet. Granted, it’s cute and looks like it could be amusing for a day, but we really need more. The PS3ye has sort of become its own, isolated little add-on platform. And that sucks.

  • question for the resistance team:
    will the 8 player co-op have an element of randomization or will each play through remain roughly the same?

    second question would just be asking for any details on planned or even potential home integration.

  • When does the public beta for resistance 2 start and when does the beta codes come out when you pre-order resistance 2

  • PLease ask Insomniac whether or not there will be vehicles in the game at all.

    They’ve been saying both yes and no for months and I’m just confused…

    And how about some more info on some new weapons?

  • ask insomniac why resistance 2 doesn’t have a second title. It is kinda weird going from Resistance: Fall of man to simply Resistance 2.

  • Will people who bought episode 3 of qore be in the resistance beta, or is it only annual subscribers? If so, when will the episode buyers get invited into the beta?

  • For Insomniac & Sucker Punch team:
    1-will(Resistance2&inFamous)support in game custom sound track?

    2-will(Resistance2&inFamous)HAVE SOME support for Sixaxis motion controller?

    3-will(Resistance2&inFamous)HAVE SOME support for Remote Play?

    4-will(Resistance2&inFamous)HAVE SOME support for Home service?

    5-will(Resistance2&inFamous)support youtube uploading?

    6-will(Resistance2&inFamous)come whit an option to install the game to the hard drive?

  • is it me or does Resistance 2 and Motorstorm 2 look better and better every time i see them?

    Can’t wait for them :p

    All the games shown will be awesome

  • hey Jeff could you ask the guys from insomniac if they have a prize set up for the people that participate in the beta
    (like the guys from the warhawk did.)?

  • Jeff looks nice as always :-)

    From a girl’s perspective :-P

  • Jeff I have a question for the Infamous team.

    Is lighting the only element you can use in the game?

  • Ask Insomniac why they chose to only allow two weapons at a time in Resistance 2. Because personally, I prefer having access to any weapon like in R1 and the Ratchet & Clank series. Maybe there will be a cheat for it though… But probably not since there will be trophies and cheating could make getting them easier :(

  • Nevermind, I guess…

    “SonyPlaystation: just interviewed folks from Sucker Punch and Insomniac games. look for video answers to you inFamous and R2 questions next week.”


  • Well, again the contest seems only US based and wish it could include other countries.

    I can’t make it as I’m out East, but did input a form for the contest and it did take it even though I specified State as a Canadian province (I have a funny feeling my entry is gonna be tossed aside).

    Thanks for the post anyways.

  • @73 Maybe Cause Jeff is Nice :)

    Question for Sucker Punch: Are my choices only Hero and anti-hero? OR can I be a straight up villain? So far I have seen taking out gangs in a manner that will make people respect you and taking out gangs in a manner that will make people fear you. My question is can I start my own gang and have a turf war with my own play for power? So do I have a choice of 2 paths or 3?

  • @BZKlinkt, if you’re familiar with Uncharted you’ll know the drift about handling 2 weapons only and.. grenades.

    @78, ah yeah that must be it, expressions on people faces, always comes from the inside ey :-D

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