Penny Arcade Expo 08: See our booth

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I hope you’re reading this from a Seattle-area hotel room, or on your iPhone on the way to the Washington State Convention & Trade Center. I really do. Penny Arcade Expo 2008 is now underway, and tens of thousands of you will finally be able to get their hands on games that have been for Press Hands Only at E3 and Games Convention Leipzig.

The PlayStation PAX booth improves upon our awesome Comic-Con setup by adding twelve Resistance 2 stations, playable WipEout HD, Savage Moon, Crash Commando and a number of Resistance Retribution-equipped PSPs. Take a look as I give you the quick tour:

Now I know that many (well, most) of you can’t make it to Seattle by Sunday – so here’s how you can get involved in the PAX action. Tomorrow I’ll be talking with the development teams on Resistance 2 and inFamous. What should I ask them? Comment below.

I conducted an interview with Joel DeYoung of Hothead Games (Penny Arcade Adventures) earlier today using only your questions, and you’ll see the results of that next week.

Oh, and here’s the link to enter to win a free PS3 that I mentioned in the video. Good luck!

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  • Nice! Didn’t expect yall to update us on the weekend! Keep up the good work. And i would ask a question, but im scared, :(

  • I want a Resistance swag bag… :(

    For the Resistance 2 and inFamous teams, what’s your favourite game so far this year? I’m generally interested in what devs are playing.

  • I want to be in PAX!

  • 4th yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seems like a nice setup you’ve got. Got one big question though, and I bet this will decide whether people actually buy the game or not, will Resistance 2 have bots for offline or splitscreen multiplayer? The multiplyer video that was released a while ago suggested that there may be because the enemies were named like bots and acted like bots, but I’ve seen some pretty average human players, so you never know. Also, how many big games coming out will be local splitscreen multiplayer? I’m all for online but it’s so much better to get 3 mates over and trash talk for hours on end as you blow each other apart. And to be perfectly honest, there’s alot of games out there that I haven’t bought because of the lack of a splitscreen multiplayer feature. I mean, we keep getting told about how powerful these next gen consoles are and how great the Cell is but we seem to have taken a step back from the 4 player splitscreen and offline bot multiplayer that we used to enjoy so much from PS2 games like Timesplitters. Would love to see more of this, and would totally buy any games that can fill my unreasonable demand for beating my mates at everything

  • u guys just got an invite from HOME BETA!!

  • lol! just kidding cant w8 2 say it for real


  • sony will be getting a lot of money from me this holiday,im anna buy these games:
    white knight chronicles

  • It’s cool that there are new PSN games coming this way, but have games like Rat Race and Soldner-X been tossed to the wayside?

  • Great video and info at pax. Keep it up!!

  • Just a quick question about the ps3 sweepstake contest. Will this contest be available for Canadians to apply?

  • we dont care, we want home info :)

  • Hm…

    For the Resistance 2 team:

    Mm.. Actually I listen to the Full Moon Show all the time- I’ve got nothing here. :P Actually, if you could ask Bryan Intihar (I believe he’s the one at PAX) when the next Full Moon Show will be I’d appreciate that. :D

    For the inFamous team:

    Have you guys worked any sort of stealth missions into inFamous a la Sly Cooper?

    How far along is inFamous now? Has it hit the Alpha stage yet? Maybe Pre-Beta?

    How many abilities (ball-park) can we expect from our new hero/anti-hero?

    Are there any trailers on the way?

    Thanks! :D

  • A question for the Resistance 2 team: what are some specific improvements that you could share from Resistance 1 and Ratchet and Clank: FTOD were implemented into Resistance 2? I have read about texture streaming that was used in Ratchet from R1, but what are some other neat things/tricks that the general public may not know about that R2 has?

  • Ask someone from Insomniac to come and tell us about

    1. The public beta
    2. The collectors edition

  • I was just there! I watched the 5:30 LBP presentation. It was awesome!

  • will there be LBP remote play?

  • will LBP be both blu ray disc and downloadable?

  • Why is the main guy in inFamous bald? Why are most of todays video games stars bald? Is it because hair is too much work to render?

  • I want all those games already… :(

  • Will InFamous have any sort of multiplayer, whether it be Online or Offline? It would be really cool if this game had an online mode of some sort

  • Thats awesome wished i could be there

  • Could you ask the inFamous dev team what they learned from making the Sly Cooper series, and how/if they apply that to inFamous.

    As for the Resistance 2 team: How does Insomniac plan on taking advantage of SIXAXIS, and will they support Dualshock 3?

  • Jeff come challege me in some warhawk! when you get back

  • Hey Jeff! Thanks for the awesome coverage you’re going to give us from PAX.

    Can you PLEASE ask a question to the resistance 2 team for me?

    – What are going to be the available split screen options for Resistance 2? I.E. We basically know the 8 player co-op is going to have some sort of this, but will guest players be able to play on the competitive mode via split screen (ala halo)?

    Thanks again and enjoy PAX!

  • i can wait till PS Home comes out man!! i love it!! its like my number one most wanted to play games!!

    looks cool!!:) cant wait!!:)

  • ok jeff my questions is for sucka punch!
    what is it like to go from making a game like Sly Coopers to making a game that is aim for an older audience “INFAMOUS”?

  • Very cool vid, wish i could get my hands on that Resistance and LBP swag bags.

  • A question for Mm Devs.

    In LittleBigPlanet how much complexity can you add to Objects and Items that can be placed in our levels for users to pick up.

    For instance can we add a Door that can not be opened without picking up a Key? Or create a Wall that can not be knocked down without picking up a Hammer?

    I know there is already some pretty nice levels that can be designed already, I’m just wondering how far we can go.

  • wish i went to this looks great

  • The obvious… trophy support?

  • I would love to find out more about the Resistance special edition, I haven’t pre-ordered yet so I am anxiously waiting on any info.

  • Will the original game saves from Resistance effect Resistance 2 in any way? :_)

  • Jeff I have a question for the inFamous team.

    Will there be any type of co-op or multilayer features in inFamous?

  • gah! I can’t make it up there because, well, I’m here in the bay area!

    anywho, Looks awesome! And amazing to see you guys give away Buzz! before it’s out!

    I have no questions for the Penny Arcade Adventures folk, but I do want to say something, Jeff:
    NICE SHIRT! ;)

  • Man i want to go soooo bad but i got no gas :(

    Hay Jeff you should borrow me $20 for gas!…LOL

  • To the Resistance 2 team: How long did it take for you to end up with naming it Resistance 2? I’m sure many people at the office had ideas on a subtitle for the followup to Resistance: Fall of Man. There had to have been.

    Bryan: What would you say are the best ones that people had come up with?

  • Hey Jeff what model PS3 is being given away in the contest *crosses fingers for BC model*?

  • To the guys from RFOM2

    What would you say is the defining aspect of your multiplayer that you feel will separate RFOM2 from the rest of the pack. With the current market place being flooded with FPS’s.

  • Looks like a lot of fun and you’ll have a nice setup there for everything. Too bad it’s not near my area :(

  • What? Savage Moon is playable there? >_<

    Stuff like that really should be mentioned before hand so I can hide in a strategic suitcase *sighs*

  • question 4 Resistance 2 dev team-

    any crazy character “skins” that are unlockable?

    kinda like how in Metal Gear Solid 4 you can get codes to change Snakes appearance or in Uncharted you can play as enemies or friends once you unlock them..

    just wondering, it would be cool to play as a chimera through the main storyline..


    oh, and have fun, Jeff!

  • @5 olivehehe_03 – I agree with you Offline SplitScreen plus with Bots is really important to put in a game.

    Not everyone Will have Internet but there will be also thos People that like to gave a group of friends over and Bash each other in some Multi friendzy!

    I myself have Internet and Play lot of Online Gaming with my Fellow PSN Friends :D
    you all know who you are ;)

    @8 PS fanboy – KILLZONE wont be out tell February not this holiday sorry to bust a bubble :|

    @ Resistance Question: I myself would like to know all the new tech that went into creating this game from what was the thing learned most in creating this game to Will there be a Collectors Edition.

    @ Little Big Planet Question: Will it have Remote Play feature?

    @ Sony When cant we hear up on a Post on the Blog on what New Features we Like to See added to our PS3?

    Example: Can We Get Cross Game Chat added to our XMB?

    I been working up on a cool layout id like to see added to make a Cooler Chat Function to our PS3 XMB :D
    (Show all When I get Close to Finished)

    PSN: Skater_Ricky, 8)

  • I have a question for the Resistance guys.

    1) When will we get more news on the open beta?

    2) How do you guys feel always being compared to another series like Gears of Wars?

  • The 3 seconds of the video where they were showing WipEout HD got my blood pumping… I wish they had more. I cant wait for a date on this game.

  • So Wipeout is playable. How about releasing it on the PSN? Start off September with a bang.

  • Here are some questions you can ask for Resistance 2…

    1) Why have you downgraded the carbine’s accuracy? I’ve played the beta and the cross hair for it really sucks.

    2) How many trophies will there be?

    3) Will there still be that box which you can to write message in in the bottom left hand corner like in the first game? because that was really helpful for people without mics (me).

    4) How can Europeans like me get there hands on the public beta?

  • Excellent Video ;)

    One Question for the ‘Resistance 2’ guys –

    Will ‘Resistance 2’ have a Off-line 4 player split-screen mode with Bots??? ;)


    We were teased about some “NEW TECHNOLOGY” that resistance was going to use? Was this just the technology of the Super scaled Beast? Or is there something else in store.

    The gentleman from NEOGAF told us all about some shocking technology in resistance we couldn’t be exposed to until e3… E3 passed and I don’t think anyone said anything?

    Lighting and other post processing, is the R2 engine going to take advantage of noise/depth of field/object motion blur as MGS4/Killzone2 are?

  • Ask Insomniac if they will one day support all their PS3 games with trophies!

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