Kratos to Swing the Clubs of Chaos in Hot Shots Golf

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Weather reports signal dark ominous clouds forming over Okinawa Golf Resort. Other strangeness reported: disemboweled elephants in the Great Safari, pillaged villages around the Euro Classics course and loitering Spartans around the great Oceania lobster.

Judgment day has come, all bow before the one known as Kratos!

HSG Kratos 03

Yes, all the rumors are true: Kratos, the one and only, has made his way to Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds… and he’s looking to claim his rightful seat as the God of Golf!

In all honesty, integrating Kratos into Hot Shots Golf was by far one of the best experiences, as we got to work closely with the God of War team and the casts of characters (voice over, animators, etc) that created Kratos in his original form.

HSG Kratos

If I had to pick one of the most fun parts, it would have to be our VO sessions and watching (listening?) T.C. Carson jump into the Kratos role in a completely new environment… trust me, there were plenty of eye-watering-side-splitting laughs that day…

HSG Kratos

But aside from VO, the Clap Hanz team paid a great deal of attention to all of Kratos’ characteristics when animating him and hi chain-drivers.

HSG Kratos 06

So starting this Thursday, Kratos will make his way down to your local PS3 via download. You can take him out to a nice single player round offline and once you’ve mastered his technique, give it a go online against all the puny mortals that dare defy you.

– ChrisHM

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  • WHATT!? lol,that was my thought when reading this lol but him or nariko need to be in soul calibur 4

  • haha, awesome. Never got into GOW, but still might dl this guy.

    Any way we can find his stats? Online is so competitive.

  • Please, answer this one question:

    When can Americans expect the new costumes?????
    I will pay whatever you ask, just new stuff, PLEASE!!!!!

  • bwahhahaha!


    the only thing that could have made this better, was if he had a gigantic bobble head like the anime characters in hot shots…but this is hilarious as is!

    hehe good stuff..

  • Heh! Cory Barlog wasn’t kidding when he said that they were gonna “bleed this franchise dry like the Rocky film series” and that they were going “beyond the obvious Sports, racing, and puzzle game spinoffs” Thou shall rot in Hades for this! You evil money hungry people trying to make profit for your games that suck off of The God of War, Kratos. Burn in Hades!!

  • Looks stupid.

    Sony. Please don’t milk Kratos like Nintendo milk Mario.

  • I will be picking this up :)

  • LOL, nice! Always looking forward to more Hot Shots Golf updates, Chris. Thanks!

  • Kratos is being (for lack of a better term) “used” too much in other games, more so than any other character. What about Jak N Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, etc etc.

  • Needs Custom Soundtrack and Trophy patch before I buy this game….but would love to play as Kratos though.

  • God of War! hmm… how about Killzone!

  • this was a nice surprise, HSG is a great game imo. I hope they make more courses available as well as the obvious need for trophy support.

  • there was no such rumor as to this was coming!

  • Amazing !

    I’ll be on the lookout for this on my Hot
    shots golf.

  • how dare you guys bump the wipeout hd news the same day it was posted… for shame.

  • This is just crazy :D

    Does Sony have plans to include other First-Party characters? Kratos playing against Nathan Drake?

  • also u guys are destroying kratos.please stop it!

  • Oh no! Now I was planning on getting this game, now I have to!!!
    Let’s hope we see many more characters like this!!
    Anyone hear any more news about a Kratos or Nariko dl for SoulCalibur as well?

  • What do people mean Kratos is being used up too much? What other games feature him?

    By the way, I hope this game has trophy support and Custom soundtracks soon!

  • I’m not seeing how Kratos being here is a bad thing at all. The closest thing to Kratos being in a non-GoW game is LBP and that is just a skin of sac, lol. Unless I am forgetting something…

    This also isn’t the first time that HSG has had Sony characters appear.

    According to IGN Kratos is 1.99. Not bad I guess, I shall get him :)

  • Interesting add-on. Anyway Chris, I was wondering if you guys had plans for Trophies or at least Single Player in-game music support via the XMB. I’ve been looking forward to those features since I’d rather listen to something else besides the background music. I hope your team has them in development, thanks.

  • Oh no!! I cant believe Sony would ruin their characters like Nintendo does with Mario all the time.

  • This shouldn’t cost money.

    Remember when we could play as Ratchet and Jak in the past HSG game (4 or 3). Those were ON THE DISC. Now we are expected to pay $1.99 for a single character.

    Dear lord.

    Take a note from Criterion. Look at the kinds of DLC they are adding to Burnout Paradise, and they are all adding it for free.

  • LMAO

    What’s up with Kratos getting into everything all of a sudden? It’s good but is there something behind it??

  • @many posters.
    How could kratos be in soul caliber 4?. Its not a sony title. What do you want him to be in the xbox version too?. jokers

  • @19 how about anyone added to High Velocity Bowling???.. or anything???… for that matter..

    Anyhow this is is very cool… Interested in seeing what we’ll get next…


  • I haven’t played this in months, but tomorrow after hours of Ratchet & Clank I’m going to download this and go crazy!

  • The only things this game needs now is CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK and Trophy support.
    Please add this two features, PLEASE !!!!

  • rofl birdie! *bites someones headd off*

  • kratos the man of god of war on Hot Shots Golf
    funny but cool i like it

  • Awesome!

  • Ah, you found my weakness. Now I just need to find a buck or two… Maybe some indication of how long I should scrounging…? Closer to the buck or to the two?

  • Sony needs to develop memorable mascots to rival Link, Mario, and Samus…….and this is a great way to build that legacy without bombarding us with Kratos Soccer 8, and Daxter Mansion 4.

    Keep up the great tie ins, this is awesome!!

  • jajaja this is awesome ^_^ (:p)
    this suck’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ ISEMAN (83)

    I agree. Having a unified mascot that the system can band under would be nice, but I don’t think Kratos is the man/god for that job. it just seems to me that his story should end with the third game. After all, eventually he’s going to run out of gods to kill, and by extension his whole purpose. But having a viral character/franchise similar to the title-wh*re that is Mario would be a pretty good idea.

  • Thanks guys, this just made my day. I love hot shots golf and now with Kratos, that makes it even better. Now all we need is a sackboy and a Nathan Drake (half tuck in full effect)in a few months with maybe some trophies and or in-game music and I will not have to get another golf game ever, well maybe when HSG6 comes out.

  • KRATOS IN “Cooking Mama: Blood Pudding”
    Oh boy…First Vader in Soul Caliber, then Superman in Mortal Kombat, Now Kratos in Golf. Lets whore Kratos out for everything, heck lets make him available across all platforms: “Kratos in Cooking Mama: Blood Pudding” Watch Kratos use his legendary blades to slice and dice egg plants into submission, Do battles with Ares to see who can cook the best quiche…and finally don your favorite cooking apron of war and battle it out with Zeus to see who can bake the best blood pudding all while having horrible flash-backs of you wife and child being made into kidney pie!

  • @84…
    “This is awesome ^_^ (:p)
    This suck’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Make up your mind. :/

    As for the mascot. NO NO NO and NO. This is what I like about the PS3. It has no unified mascot. It doesnt need one game series to keep it going. Besides, all of those other unified mascots on the other systems… I’ve played them already. I’ve played Super mario 64 on my N64, and the new marios are the same thing. I’ve played Zelda the oracle of time on my Gamecube. But Twilight princess? ITS THE SAME THING WITH NEW DUNGEONS AND ****…

    Halo. Basically, all you do is shoot aliens. Poor AI kills it.

  • OMFG KRATOS!!r$%!%!@$%

    I’m so getting this game, JUST FOR KRATOS!

  • Dear God this makes me want to buy the game…and rumours? There was rumours he would be in Soul Caliber IV, never heard a peep about him in this game…

    PSN ID: Jer1ch0

  • Is it really just me. Its cool and everything but I think kratos is being way over used right about now. It seems like your just pimping him out. Just please heed my words with this if your going to go this route then keep him in fighting games. Post 41 said SC4 that would be cool but any other genre just seems corny to me. Kratos is the one of the Sony’s ultimate bad-asses and I think it should be kept that way

  • By the gods! O.O

  • lol. that is hilarious

  • i still gotta get this game! would be nice if it was offered on the PSN ;) ;) nudge nudge. kratos will make you all suffer.


  • hehehe so funny and weird in same time…

  • This is really cool! Can’t wait to take Kratos for a swing. I agree with some of the other commenters that trophy support would be wicked awsome! Make it happen Clap Hanz!

  • Video clips of the VO session on PSN would be great advertising for all involved… Hint hint :)

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