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This week we welcome Guerrilla Games‘ to the weekly recap. Killzone Community Editor Victor Zuylen will drop updates from the Killzone Command Center every week. Take a look at what they’ve got up there, the backstory is really intriguing.

Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers


Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

  • Killzone storyline update – The latest update to the Killzone storyline section examines the Vektan Era (2129-2155), and reveals what life on the Helghan-owned colony was like.
  • Early Days on Vekta – Snippets from a recently recovered Helghast textbook offer a unique, if not entirely unbiased, glimpse into their historical perspective on the colonization of Vekta.
  • Smoke, Mirrors and Lots of Rubble – We investigate how the Guerrilla developers pulled off the stunning building collapse in the Corinth River level. Includes a downloadable movie of the event.

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  • Jeff….

    since you are answering now I have a question…

    I have 3 PS3 but 2 of the stop working for different reasons and I sent it to sony and they gave me 2 new ones. The thing is my brother buy a new one because he was tired that the other console needed to sent to repair like 8 times but now he can’t download pain because is only for 5 ps3.

    Ok now, the question is, there’s a way the deactivate those 2 ps3 that was damage? because obviously I can’t do it in the same ps3. There isn’t a list the activate or deactivate from a list? or a way to deactivate all to activate all again? because the same happens with the psp in my account.

  • and sorry for the off topic.
    Anyway the best of this week was the update of warhawk in august 27. Trophies and in game music FTW.

  • Smoke, Mirrors and Lots of Rubble post was a pretty good read.

  • Welcome Guerrilla Games $
    Great work!
    -Sony Rocks-

  • hi,i live in the uk and have a us warhawk disk and purchased the booster packs from the playstation store and have found they dont work becouse they are region locked,my question is will the 1.5 patch resolve this?,and secondly the playstation store should say in terms and conditions that you should have a region 2 game,not just warhawk as it says before you pay for content and download it


    Jeff’s right. Why make this just a SOCOM recap? Haven’t you noticed that the SOCOM folks only use this site to dump sales propaganda? They don’t respond to questions. They don’t use this site as a blog; they use it as a marketing urinal. I know it’s not going to happen Jeff, but how about revoking posting privileges for companies that don’t blog. If they can’t be bothered to respond to a modicum of questions, then they don’t get to post. Hear that SOCOM people? I’m calling you out. Either start responding to questions asked on this site or go home; you cheese eating surrender monkeys!

    I know… I know… Not going to happen. …but, I have a dream… Maybe that’s why the call me Psycho.

  • “Many of us would like to see custom PSN profile avatars, or new updated PSN profile avatars weekly like we do themes and wallpapers.”

  • WarHawk update kool Thanks PSN aka PSB aka Sony and is have Home Invites been sent out already I will Love to be apart of the beta team

    PSN Call sign: natei2

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