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This week we welcome Guerrilla Games‘ to the weekly recap. Killzone Community Editor Victor Zuylen will drop updates from the Killzone Command Center every week. Take a look at what they’ve got up there, the backstory is really intriguing.

Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers


Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

  • Killzone storyline update – The latest update to the Killzone storyline section examines the Vektan Era (2129-2155), and reveals what life on the Helghan-owned colony was like.
  • Early Days on Vekta – Snippets from a recently recovered Helghast textbook offer a unique, if not entirely unbiased, glimpse into their historical perspective on the colonization of Vekta.
  • Smoke, Mirrors and Lots of Rubble – We investigate how the Guerrilla developers pulled off the stunning building collapse in the Corinth River level. Includes a downloadable movie of the event.

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3 Author Replies

  • Another week gone by =] thanks for the recap

  • most pumped for the warhawk update

  • More home info!!! :) Thanks!!!

  • first off, thanks for posting these links, it’s always nice to check out what we might have missed!

    second, I welcome the site recap!

    I am one of the consumers you need to win over this time around, as I really thought the original Killzone kinda lacked enough juice to get me hyped up on it, even after playing the whole thing threw…but that was on PS2…the PS3 version HAS to be a billion times better already, I’m sure!

    I have high hopes for Killzone 2! I guess all the talk, hype, and speculation is worthless until we get a hands on demo and can see for ourselves if Killzone 2 is worth the buckets of hype it has generated!

    so…convince me, Killzone 2 guys! The PS3 needs another great exclusive IP, especially after Haze really underperformed…though I am getting pretty tired of FPS’s in general…(bring on the exclusive RPG’s!!!)

    thanks again for the recap, looking forward to checking out Killzone Command Center!

    have a great weekend PSBlog!


  • im enjoying STA
    btw do we get Star wars force unleashed demo next week? And also is leipzig next week????

  • Can we keep this just the Socom and PSB weekly recap, please?

  • @3
    i know, so is it really true that there sending out HOME invites? i want in!!!!

    lol actually im not to worried about HOME right now, you guys at sony wil know when it is done. But it would be nice to hear about the progress of it.

  • Great week on the blog, and so so SO psyched up for the new Warhawk update and the awesome new (secretive) booster

    Will Warhawk be shown at Leipzig Jeff?

    I really want to see the latest booster in action and what we are getting.

    Looking for to see the Leipzig coverage


  • Can’t wait for SOCOM: C and LBP!!!!!!

    You guys rock. Can I marry any of you?

  • loving that Killzone recap! good news all around in my opinion.

    the news should start to pick up once Leipzig drops.


  • Nice but I think Sony should have something to buy every week on the store. Rock Band DLC doesn’t count!

  • Another fantastic week. Love the killzone recap addition.Still would like a little news on Life With PlayStation. Is it at least still due out this month? Checking my Emails is starting to make me dizzy, But will continue to check until I get that Home Beta! As far as a game consumer…I am totally satisfied! Looking forward to another great week thanks guys and girls.

  • Excellent recap. Look forward to seeing more information on!

    I was a huge fan of the storyline in the first two games so I’m looking forward to more story updates.

  • That Killzone 2 article on the animation of that collapsing building was pretty interesting! I enjoy stuff like that. Thanks for a great week, though I spent the majority of it playing my PlayStation.

    Have a good weekend! :D

  • It was a quiet week on the blog.

  • yeah so about HOME….i dont care about anything else.

  • Yay for Killzone.

    I actually walked pass the Guerrilla studios a few ago when I was in Amsterdam!

    A window was open and I saw them playing Little Big Planet instead of working!

    Hahaha grapje. ;)

  • jeff i think you may have missed something that appeared on ps3fanboy…here’s the link :(

    while we are on the subject,when are we gonna have nisa on the blog?since, disgaea 3 is just 10 days away from launching in the u.s stores near by you! ;)

  • nippon ichi ftw! :P

  • Hey Jeff, nice updates, by the way i have some questions about the playstation store.

    I’m worried about 2 things, first:
    If i buy games in the PSStore will the download be lost if:
    -I format the PS3?
    -I log on another PS3?
    -I change my Hard Drive?
    -After a time?
    -After a number of downloads?
    Or i can only download them once? because i dont know if download warhawk or buy the disc.

    Second, how can i erase my download list in the PS Store, its too big so i can’t find important downloads. Thanks

  • @Mudpick

    I can answer one of your questions:

    You will always have access to your downloads regardless if you format/replace HD or log on another PS3. The downloads are tied to your PSN ID. The only restriction is that the purchased games are only active on 5 PS3 that have your PSN ID active.

    Hope that helps.

  • Still no Playstation Life….wtf?

  • This has nothing with this blog to do, but I was wondering if you could release FFXII (PS2)as a downloadeble game before next FF?
    I sold my PS2 before that game came out, but i would really like to play it on my PS3 :D

  • many thanks dymlos2, you are right, just found out that but still.

    How can i erase my download list? or just erase demos that i dont want to download anymore and leave things i have bought?

  • Killzone updates now? Nice.

  • Any official on WipEout HD would make so many AG addicts SO happy… Please… Any info at all. We are dying!

  • so jeff have gotten a chance to try out a 3d tv yet?or what about smell o vision i know it off topic but its cool tech and could add so much to the ps brand in the future!

  • Hey Jeff
    this is off-topic but very sorry. When i called sony today they told me that the home closed beta invites are random…. didn’t u say at the blog that it was on psn activity?

    One more question when will the invites be

    Thanks for your time on answering my questions Jeff! ^_^

  • I barely got back into shooter’s last year,only shooters I liked were ones at the arcade with the fake guns. resistance fall of man got me into shooters, been playin call of duty 4, ans I cant wait for soccom…good thing i’ll be in the beta. oh and I see people mentioning home,well they “sony” said at the end of the month they would send invites…so just relax, we’ll be home soon enough

  • what was the guitar hero update?
    i feel left out :(

  • Kind of a slow week for PSB, I like the fact that Socom remains a conastant update but other games are added when needed!
    Any word on Home invites? A bunch of fake emails have popped up, I’m not sure who to believe saying they were invited lol. Speaking of betas kind of bummed out I wasn’t selected for the R2 private beta, but oh well I am sure my turn will come down the line with some beta out there.


  • Hey Jeff is it true in September the US will start receiving invites for Home? That’s what Sony customer support line is saying =P

  • Good week! Nice more new about Killzone 2.. cant wait for this game even if im not a shooter fan

    @22 you didnt miss anything, in my opinion FF12 was the worst final fantasy games that they have made, i think even worst than FFX-2. They better make 13 awesome, and announce star ocean 4 for ps3

  • Thanks for answering my question jeff, well half of it ^^. how can i erase my download list? or just some demos and leave my downloaded games?

  • I wish Sony would give Killzone one a make over the same way as Streetfighter, Ninja Gaiden and Bionic Commando. It would cool to be able to can download the first one with some HD touches and technical tweaks. The PS2 version was rough. Really hard get through.

    For Socom Sony really needs to do more to bring over the PS2 players. I have friends who still are playing Socom on their PS2s and they say that thousands of players are still online. Sony needs to either shut down that server which would be cruel or have a Socom bundle which probably would be cheaper also make backwards compatibility for the 80GB so as to bring these PS2 gamers over and have them trade in their PS2 for $100 off of the PS3. Do something drastic or else we won’t have much great Socom online play and COD4 will just keep being the go to game till COD6. If i cannot play my friends or previous Socom players on in the PS3 version its no fun with just new guys. I would just have to say crew Socom conforntation for now and just buy the PS2s SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs. Socom is more of a stronger club type member game something that COD just reaching so if the members have not been moving towards the new system then what’s the point leaving the old in this case my PS3 is a 60gig which is no longer selling. Anyway maybe the new Socom will move more members over to the PS3 maybe and we will have a great fun.

  • Jeff,

    The reason I said that is well, Socom is coming out alot sooner than Killzone and there is plenty of time between releases for both to have the same type of coverage. I kinda figured the Socom aspect would have been kinda done by the time the game rolls around (updates and stuff when dlc comes round). Maybe it’s change or progression but maybe I’m stuck in the ‘old’ ways. In my experience I find the caliber of Socom developers (Zipper Interactive, Slant Six) and support to be of a great deal higher than those of Guerrilla Games.
    I dunno it’s just how I feel..

  • jeff, do GAP members count anymore?? ive only been in 1 beta (warhawk).I just wanna know if GAP members r getting overlooked? thanks

  • Is there going to be a fix for Bionic Commando Rearmed not having 5.1 surround sound on the PS3 version? I was really bummed when I bought it and found out this was missing (and it works on the 360 version…)

  • really Off topic- sony needs to build a Sony style retail store in utah.

  • PS Life Jeff?

  • so let me get this strait….
    i buy a subscription to qore on the day of it’s release (episode 1.) wait forever for socom beta to start, only to find out i only get 3 weeks of the beta while preorders get the full month? sure, it could be understandable, had this info been mentioned at the time of the qore release when the questions were being asked.
    or is there gonna be a difference in qore betas as well? subscribers versus issue purchase? considering the overall cost vs content, it should be as such.
    in simple, plain and direct words, whats the fricking deal? no need for date details i know what they are. kthxbye :o

  • Quest for Bootaaayyy! You’re awesome Jeff! Are we ever going to have blog rss on the ps3? Cause I would rather see your daily posts than the ign feed we get now.

  • Jeff, it seems you and everyone else at Sony wants to avoid the subject but will PSN cards become freely available in the near future?

    Also can you confirm that Home will be region locked, meaning I won’t be able to explore it with my friends from other countries? I don’t think Sony fully understand what a global community we live in now and it would be another failure if this were true.

  • yeah when are the PSn cards coming? went to get a pre paid visa only to be told that I have to spend 35$ before I can even put money on it. That’s 35 that could be spent on games plus whatever I put on it as well. HELP US OUT JEFF!

    ps. the real reason I want this just a socom and psb weekly, well the answer lies with Seb Downey, ask him about SOOPERGOOMAN and the killzone psp beta………

  • why doesn’t anyone here know that there is no such thing as “playstation Life”, it’s really annoying, it’s “Life With Playstation”

    back on topic, this has been a relatively uneventful week =/

  • @44 thatpspguy..

    do you have a walmart near you? or a target, kmart, radio shack, best buy, circuit city, staples, or gamestop by you?

    i have seen prepaid visas that only cost $2.00 to activate! so you can choose your demonination before hand, and it only costs $2 to activate!

    i’d say wherever you are shopping, they are ripping you off!

    good luck

  • I love the Killzone stuff. Great reads

  • More Killzone 2 news is good news. I’m really digging into all of the backstory and articles. Being a fan of the series since day one it’s good to see the story filling out quite well!

  • Jeff said “Didn’t you buy Bionic Commando? It’s awesome. Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty next week.”

    ABSOLUTELY! Thanks for both.

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