Burnout Paradise – coming to PSN

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Massive news this week, here on the Burnout team!

Today we’re proud to announce another PlayStation exclusive for Burnout Paradise. This fall, we’ll be making the entire game available for download via the US PLAYSTATION Store. You’ll finally be able to join us in Paradise City without leaving the comfort of your home, and you won’t have to get up to put the disk in!

A big thanks to the folks at Sony for making the future of video games a reality now. We’ll announce a release date soon, but in the meantime, it’ll look something like this:

Mock-up of US Playstation Store with Burnout Paradise on it

The download will be $29.99, but it’s not the disk version of the game we originally released back in January. This is an all-singing, all-dancing version complete with all the free packs so far. Here are some of the highlights. All new game modes, like Online Marked Man and Online Road Rage. Awesome new vehicles, including the Hunter Olympus and Nakamura Rai-jin Turbo. 70 all-new challenges featuring against-the-clock gameplay and leaderboards plus the in-game calendar and news page. Check the details on our website.

And this is just the start. We’re all about supporting Burnout players through online this year.

We want to change the way you think about DLC. We’re bringing you much more than just a couple of cars or a new track – this is the complete transformation of Burnout. That means you’ll see new game modes, new vehicles including motorcycles, day / night gameplay, weather, a huge new island play area, stacks of new challenges and maybe even aircraft!

The next pack from us will be the free Bikes Pack that we outlined in our last post. We promised a little more detail on what to expect. So here it is.

The two bikes available from Day 1 will be the FV1100 street bike and the Nakamura Firehawk V4 racing bike. With bikes, we’re introducing characters for the first time in a Burnout game. Both bikes feature designs for male and female riders. Just make your choice in the Junkyard.

Motorcycles 1

The Nakamura FV1100 is a no nonsense street bike. The sweet 1100CC engine delivers high performance with easy handling making it the most versatile bike in Paradise. The exposed engine doesn’t leave much room for stylish paintwork, but when the engine looks this good, who needs bodywork?

Nakamura FV1100Nakamura FV1100b

The Nakamura Firehawk V4 is thoroughbred racing bike. It arrives on the streets of Paradise straight from the race track! The Kanji characters on the guys’ version mean “fire”, but we also have a version for our female rider, featuring an all-new Burnout cartoon character.

Nakamura FirehawkaNakamura Firehawkb

We’ve got more on bikes from their Japanese creator – Yuta Nakamura – in our next video podcast, and of course our website – www.criteriongames.com

Burnout Paradise. Always changing.

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5 Author Replies

  • Europe going to get this too?

  • Excellent. FYI, the photos are locked out on Flickr. Not sure if the resolution is any higher, but I’m hoping to take a look at those bikes.

  • hmmmm….this is just too good to pass up!


    (sorry if this has been asked already)

    So with the bikes, is there going to be a physics system set up so when you crash, your player will go flying off the bike?

    just wondering!

    really looking forward to the day/night changes…

    any idea how big the install size will be?

    thanks for any answers!

  • Great job Criterion. Personally, I already own the game but it’s great that you are bringing it to the PSN Store at such a great price! It will definitely bring new users to Paradise City. I have some questions though:

    1)Is this version identical to the disc based version – by identical I mean there is no loss of quality in graphics and such?

    2)I can’t wait for trophies, but are they going to be the Burnout Awards.

  • Is this going to suffer an loss in detail over the Blu-Ray disc version? Like lower resolution textures, highly compressed sound, etc. Or is it simply going to be a proper huge download?

  • been hesitant but now this is a day 1 buy for me, love how y’all utilize the eye

  • I got a question, if i get the disk version today ill be able to have all the free DLC that has been released before????

  • Will those who currently own the BR disc version be able to install to play off the HDD only with some sort of key or license that wouldn’t require the disc? I assume not but this would be great option for those who own the disc version but would have preferred to have this newly announced “feature”.

    Awesome news nonetheless!!!

  • Hi Jeremy.

    When is this going to be available on the EU store?


  • damn…does the good news stop coming today? this is HUGE news. especially from a 3rd party publisher.

    i hadn’t picked up the game yet because i didn’t want to have to worry about add on packs to get all the trophies but $30 bucks for EVERYTHING?! even if i wasn’t a racing fan i’d buy that. lol.

    incredible news. count me in when it drops. and file size means nothing. my seagate 320GB hard drive can handle it baby. bring it on!

  • I like the four-letter F word.

    Free. Free. Free.

  • A couple of questions if I may. Would a game save from the retail? version work with the downloadable version? I rented this a while back, and I’d hate to restart. Also, does this mean Criterion’s working on an optional install for the retail version?

  • Shame anyone who rated this less than 5/5!

    This game is incredible! Thanks for so much support on this game!! You guys are the best!

  • Have to give Criterion credit for their support. I’m sure to pick up the game in the future now :)

  • Okay.. since all this crazy DLC I’ve been meaning to pick up Burnout.. now this just seals the deal. I have plenty of space but I’m curious approx how big will the game be plus all this DLC? Is anything being left out?

  • Excellent, this is definitely a step forward and a productive decision in offering choice.

    A retail game being offered for a fair price as a download WITH all the updates. This is definitely something I will have to check out.

    Great move and I hope more third parties will choose to do this in the future.

  • Criterion is certainly help prove EA’s more hands off approach these days.. they are behaving so contradictory to EA style of totally forgetting about a game the second it hits retail.

    Between Criterion and Incognito my faith in developers these days is slowly being restored. Both of these studios absolutely “get it” and will continue to prosper and bring us more great games because of it.

  • what size will the game be? under 4 gb?

  • You guys are amazing! The ONLY thing that I was disappointed with was that there is no 2 offline gameplay for this game. I want to be able to share this awesome game with my guests when they come!

    Is this something you guys can add? Or will it hit with the next Burnout game? Please let me know.

    Love you guys!

  • How many Gb will this game be though? I imagine it will be fairly large…

  • This is just amazing. I would like to see it arrive on the EU store also. Any plans for this?

  • How awesome is that! I would love to see it on the EU store

  • i bought the blu ray version of this game but this news is really good to hear…

    keep the good news coming

  • So is this the complete game PLUS the add-ons? Or did I just skip something because I got too excited?

  • all games must be like this… too bad that I already have the game but if every developer launch the game in the psn is really a win situation for people like me and for the developers because they will not trade it and the next customer will not buy the used copy

  • OK I just checked the price of the game on ebgames…since when was it even 30 dollars?

  • Here’s my wallet. Are you happy now??? Just take all the money out of it. I feel like a junkie leaving a crackhouse whenever I visit this site. You know I wasn’t planning on buying this…I really wasn’t…and then you gave us updates with new tracks, and new cars, and new maps. Now the game will be downloadable. Plus you mention the possiblility of an aircraft? An aircraft you can play with and possibly crash??? Ok you got me, I’ll buy this. But one day i’ll kick this habit…you’ll see :/

  • WOW!! You guys are the best!!!

    I really appreciate all the support, and I will be buying the PSN on release (even though I have the Blu-ray). I think I will buy some BR versions to giveaway too. This is a game everyone should purchase.

  • Great Job EA and Sony, I have wanted this game forever and now you have me sold. When I get the cash I will buy this.

  • I’m not a fan of Burnout (not a huge racer fan in general), but I’m extremely pleased with the way Criterion is treating the PS3 and their fanbase. You guys are awesome and I hope you continue to develop games for the PS3, I would love to support you guys someday.

  • I already have the game but when I read this post I thought to myself wow that’s awesome!! I played Burnout:Paradise this morning! Agh! People go out and buy it when it is released it’s ultra addicting and I love the Road Rage challenges!!

    Only thing I’m kinda dissappointed with is the lack of replay saving.

  • The disc version is already $30 at every store in my area. :S

  • Make 30 trophy n +. Or make DLC Trophy.
    Ex: The people with an idea original to create Unique trophy.
    Ex here:
    Bronze Trophy.
    Crash over 150 car without Boost.

    or no ?

  • Criterion Games dudes, you guys deserve some cookies.

  • personally if i was to buy this game i’d pick up an ex trade in or the like, at least it’ll have some future value. dlc is worthless once you’ve paid for it. sorry but i don’t like throwing my money down a drain.

  • you guys over at criterion have been doing an amazing job so far and your still supporting us, keep up the good work!

    1 question though, will bikes or trophies be here fairly soon? if you have a release date that would be great if not thats fine.

  • i just bought the game a couple of days ago and i’ve been loving every minute of it and now it going to include motorcycles thats awesome!! cant wait!! keep up the great work!!

  • I see my last comment was deleted. Fair enough.

    I’ll ask again but a little big more tastefully.

    Jeremy, will this be coming to Europe as well?

  • Wow, with both Blu-Ray and big DL Titles Sony is really looking great! I hope EA will put a lot of other games on the store too, and maybe other companies will look into this as well.
    I guess a hdd upgrade may be in my future!

  • Whoa! you guys are awesome, you are supporting this title a lot with many new contents free and not, i think i never saw that with any developpers so far, i love the enthusiasm you guys to give us updates and new things about your game. This is great that you are putting Burnout on PSN too, ill probably buy it! good job!

  • DLG are only of use to people whos blu-ray drive has been borked by firmware updates ;)

  • You spelled “disc” wrong. :)

  • Just want to make sure… Are trophies (details) the same as 360’s achievements?

  • I own the Asian version of Burnout Paradise at the moment. I’m assuming my game save can’t be “carried across” if I bought Burnout Paradise off the US PSN?

    Or should I want until it’s available on the HK PSN? I’m assuming it’ll appear on the Europe/Asian PSN sometime …

  • will our game saves from the disc version work on the PSN version?

    how many gigabytes will the game take up in our hdd?

    release date?

    will you release a greatest hits line for the disk version?

  • Jeremy:

    I want to congratulate you and Criterion for this great game that thanks to your commitment to PS3 is still growing months after it was released and gains freshness for all the extra content that you have been giving us. I hope more companies follow your example because as a costumer I do feel kinda spoiled for getting all these. You guys have my deepest appreciation. Keep up the great work!

  • Burnout Paradise is one of PS3 Greatest Hits!

    Greatest Hits red case > Normal case.

    I’m guessing it’ll take about seven to eight gigabytes (under the dual-layered DVD limit).

  • hope this turns up in the UK store, and that I can get this 60gb HDD out of my PS3 (damned soft headed blue screw >_<) and get this 250gb one installed in time!

  • If I buy the disc version, do the extra packs cost extra?

    The disc version is currently $29.99 at Target

  • I’m definitely buying this. I just wish I could pay 30 dollars now instead of later.

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