Burnout Paradise – coming to PSN

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Massive news this week, here on the Burnout team!

Today we’re proud to announce another PlayStation exclusive for Burnout Paradise. This fall, we’ll be making the entire game available for download via the US PLAYSTATION Store. You’ll finally be able to join us in Paradise City without leaving the comfort of your home, and you won’t have to get up to put the disk in!

A big thanks to the folks at Sony for making the future of video games a reality now. We’ll announce a release date soon, but in the meantime, it’ll look something like this:

Mock-up of US Playstation Store with Burnout Paradise on it

The download will be $29.99, but it’s not the disk version of the game we originally released back in January. This is an all-singing, all-dancing version complete with all the free packs so far. Here are some of the highlights. All new game modes, like Online Marked Man and Online Road Rage. Awesome new vehicles, including the Hunter Olympus and Nakamura Rai-jin Turbo. 70 all-new challenges featuring against-the-clock gameplay and leaderboards plus the in-game calendar and news page. Check the details on our website.

And this is just the start. We’re all about supporting Burnout players through online this year.

We want to change the way you think about DLC. We’re bringing you much more than just a couple of cars or a new track – this is the complete transformation of Burnout. That means you’ll see new game modes, new vehicles including motorcycles, day / night gameplay, weather, a huge new island play area, stacks of new challenges and maybe even aircraft!

The next pack from us will be the free Bikes Pack that we outlined in our last post. We promised a little more detail on what to expect. So here it is.

The two bikes available from Day 1 will be the FV1100 street bike and the Nakamura Firehawk V4 racing bike. With bikes, we’re introducing characters for the first time in a Burnout game. Both bikes feature designs for male and female riders. Just make your choice in the Junkyard.

Motorcycles 1

The Nakamura FV1100 is a no nonsense street bike. The sweet 1100CC engine delivers high performance with easy handling making it the most versatile bike in Paradise. The exposed engine doesn’t leave much room for stylish paintwork, but when the engine looks this good, who needs bodywork?

Nakamura FV1100Nakamura FV1100b

The Nakamura Firehawk V4 is thoroughbred racing bike. It arrives on the streets of Paradise straight from the race track! The Kanji characters on the guys’ version mean “fire”, but we also have a version for our female rider, featuring an all-new Burnout cartoon character.

Nakamura FirehawkaNakamura Firehawkb

We’ve got more on bikes from their Japanese creator – Yuta Nakamura – in our next video podcast, and of course our website – www.criteriongames.com

Burnout Paradise. Always changing.

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5 Author Replies

  • WIN.

    That is all.

  • Sweeeeet, I’ve been hesitant on purchasing but at that price you have a new customer!

  • This is win on so many levels! thank you for bringing such a great game to the ever growing PSN Store!

  • awesome announcment guys. not really a burnout fan,but with you guys starting this it will be interesting wat the future will hold.

  • will this also have trophies?

    If not who cares im getting this

    • We\’ve already confirmed that trophies are on the way for Burnout Paradise.

      We\’re going to concentrate on news about the bikes for a few weeks, because they\’re next, but expect an update on the following pack (which will be our Trophy Pack) soon.

  • Good job Criterion and Sony, this is the kinda stuff we want to see :).

    BTW…we can see the full size of the pictures unless we have a flicker account

  • Edit: can’t see the full size

  • Okay now I’m sold! I’ve been hesitant on picking this game up, now is the perfect opportunity to buy it.Thanks for the continued support.

  • This is AWESOME YOU GUYS!!

    I was gonna buy the disc version but this is sooooo much better! Go Sony for having the PSN an open platform! Woot.

    Anywho, any information on how big the DL will be?

  • Epic. Win.

    Now I’m glad I haven’t quite gotten around to buying the disk yet. 1st day buy. Thanks for everything you’ve done to continuously support Burnout Paradise, guys…….others should follow the brilliant example your team has set.

  • Great stuff guys. If you put it on the EU store I’ll buy it day one. I’ve been planning to buy this on Blu-ray but the thought of having it on the HDD ready to go at any time is too good to pass up.

  • Totally completely sold, Epic Win, man you really are great, you earned by far my purchase with this, congrats

  • can’t wait to download this great game. awesome news!

  • i hope this download isnt that big, i dont have much space left on my HDD, but great job criterion you guys are awesome

  • 200GB PS3, I have plenty of space to spare, keep bringing great hits like this to the Store.

  • This is such a great step forward for developers. Great job on bringing Burnout Paradise to the digital distribution side and I hope more developers and publishers follow similarly.

  • Already own the game but I have a simple question.

    Any chance of adding split screen gameplay in a future update?

  • great news, I will need a big HD also…

  • this is great news but just 1 thing…a release date is it coming soon or in september as the news sites are reporting. woooooo trophies…and bikes….and retroactive trophies….and trophies
    i love burnout even more now

  • Sweet! I might buy it from store though- just to trade/sell it when i’m finished. heck i’ve heard so many good things about this game might not sell it so I’ll get it from PSN.

  • @5

    They already said they were going to patch in trophies. I wouldn’t be surprised if that patch was included in the download…depending on when it is available.

    I personally already have the disk, and even if I didn’t I’d prefer to have a physical copy. But it seems like digital distribution is really hitting the PSN. I believe this is the 4th major game that also gets a PSN download (counting FI and Tekken DR)

  • The future of gaming indeed!

    Awesome news Criterion!

  • well i have the disc version already, but because you at creterion have showed me, a gamer, the best support ever, i will buy the dlc version as well, just to support you

    you guys deserve it, thank you!

  • OMG…that is amazing news! :) I hope the people who buy it don’t have to delete their whole hard drive to make room. ;)

  • If I had rented Burnout Paradise and was planning to buy it, but with this announcement am going to buy it via PSN, will I still be able to use my game save or will I have to start all over?

  • when is this going to be a greatest hit

    psn: whitwhit

  • Must have now, I want my trophies

  • @26 theownerz
    Probably the same time when the d/l hits. Though you can find the game at $29.99 at most stores now (ironically, the 360 version is still priced at $39.99)

  • Sweet! :)

    What update is the trophy patch coming in?

    • The FREE Trophy Pack is the one we\’re working on now.

      Bikes are pretty much complete and going through the test process. They\’re next…trophies will follow.

      Dates are very tricky to call, while we\’re lining up so many major software submissions, but we\’ll work on getting something concrete to you once The Bike Pack is out.

  • That is huge; man, you guys are really going all in with this game, most especially on the PS3. I’m awed, and very pleased. Kudos to you and yours!

  • Criterion has been supporting Burnout Paradise since day one. It’s too bad, though. I was planning on buying this game in the vvery near future, but now I’m thinking about waiting and downloading it!

  • I think I’m going to faint from hearing this news, any month we should expect this to come? Your team is the best!!!!! My PS3 loves you

  • Even though I paid full retail for this game at launch week, and 100%’ed the single-player game…this still has some appeal to me.

    Please, please, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaase tell me there’ll be some kind of install from disc option (I mean, if our saves are tied to our PSN account anyway, isn’t that somewhat possible? Maybe only for those of us who have full 100% completion?)

    Great for slackers who haven’t picked up this GOTY yet, terrible news for those of us who love the game, would happily let it take up room on our hard drive, but are too damn lazy to keep walking over to our bookcases to grab the game disc.

  • i wonder how many gigs it will be

    psn whitwhit

  • That’s insane. The whole game on the PSN? How big is this thing going to be? I’m sure retail will also love you guys for this.

  • You guys are awesome. I was hesitant to pick up the disc version but this seals the deal. Day one for me :)

  • Nice, any idea on how big the download is going to be?

    Also just thought I’d let you guys know for future burnout games XD Please put a driver in the cars =P It feels weird driving a car knowing it has no driver in it XD cause it feels like in my head it’s a giant remote control car and stuff lol

    So please make it happen in your next burnout game, or possibly patch it in this one? XD

  • When is splitscreen multiplayer coming?

  • This is an excellent idea. I was thinking of picking up Burnout Paradise soon but I’ll definitely download it instead.

    I assume this will be coming to the European stores as well?

  • Downloadable copies of games need to be cheaper than their retail box counterparts. I will always buy retail over a download, especially if they are equally priced.

  • Is there ANY way to allow people who already purchsed the game on disc to get the PSN version without buying it again? Or maybe do a full install without needing the disc?

    I’d LOVE the option to start the game whenever I want without the disc, but it’s not worth another $30 to me.
    If you can figure out any way that makes this possible and is not easily exploitable, please do it!

    How about having to insert the disc once every week? I’d be fine with that!

  • Will there be anyway to load your disc based version onto the hard drive and play it i am a huge supporter and bought this day 1 but i would love the extra luxury of not switching disks but also don’t want to pay for the game a second time.

  • I seriously cannot believe that Burnout Paradise is becoming DLC. Quite amazing. I bought this day one (Jan. 28, 2008)- it is perhaps the best game out of the entire series.

  • This is impressive. I am almost in disbelief. Way to go Sony and Criterion. This is a huge step forward for console gaming.

    And for those saying you are running out of room on your PS3. You do realize that Sony built the PS3 so that the hard drive can be easily upgraded with a standard laptop hard drive, right.

  • Is it coming out in PAL regions as well?

    If yes, I guess I’ll have to get the PSN version as well even though I already have the disc version. So much easier to start a game without having to swap discs.. First a clan match on Socom then to some Burnout fun, all straight from the HDD. :p

  • +1. I will buy this. Would be nicer if I can buy it from the European Store, but either way, you’ve got my money. The first class support that the Burnout team are giving this release is what dreams are made of.

  • Damn you guys really want me to buy this….

    OKAY. I just bought Eden today, you guys are bleeding me dry. But atleast it will be this, and not soemthign with priced DLC.

    Support for Criterion, becuase they deserve it.

  • Awesome! But I ordered the PS3 version yesterday, haha. XD

    Can’t wait to try out the bikes when they come out and thanks for so much support, Criterion!


  • will your save file fro the current disk version work with the PSN version? I would like to buy it again and keep my old save file if possible.

  • Wow and everyone said that downloaded games was the tru future not BlueRay and I guess SONY is actually starting that trend now as to cut the next XBOX out now before it even begins…Wow….Sony is doing big things, I love DLC and Full Game Downloads. I’m so there with PSN.

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