Bionic Commando: Rearmed and Street Fighter Alpha Available Today on the PSN!

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Bionic Commando: Rearmed

Hey my friends, this is John D from Capcom. I’m pleased and honored to announce that Bionic Commando: Rearmed will become available on the PlayStation Store today for only $9.99! Ben Judd, producer extraordinaire, is so excited for this release that his head’s going to explode. And speaking of exploding heads (if you don’t get this reference, buy the game), here’s his very informative blog he prepared for all you PS fans:

Hello again fine folks of the PlayStation Blog. All good things must come to an end and with Rearmed arriving on the scene we need to finish out our all-too-short time here.

So by now you’ve seen the reviews and know EXACTLY what you are getting into. I would say that Bionic Commando Rearmed isn’t just an homage to a classic 2D game with a very innovative swing mechanic, but it’s a piece of where games started. For those who have never played a 2D game, for those who miss the classic “gamey” type games of old, for those just looking for an experience that is certainly worth your 10 dollars – Bionic Commando is it.

Even if you don’t have much interest in these types of games, I would ask you to try out the demo and decide for yourself. However, even if it’s a day one purchase for you, I would ask you to spend a little time to visit the Bionic Commando Community Site and introduce yourself. There are lots of fans of the game to share your grueling challenge room stories with, people in your area that you may be able to hook up with for a night of wild multiplayer action, and just an all around great community.

Bionic Commando is a game that I want as many people to play as possible, so it was very important to get a PSN version out the door for all of the Sony fans out there. And although I think it’s important to deliver the same experience to everyone, that doesn’t mean you can’t add in a few little things here and there to keep it interesting. So, one of the surprises is that the PSN version of Bionic Commando has an exclusive challenge room that you can only play on the PSN version of the game. It may not be the biggest of surprises, but we have tried to give a little something to the PSN users that they can keep to themselves. And with how hard this challenge stage is, it will certainly make for bragging rights!

PS Update #1: Generalissimo Killt
The charismatic leader of the Imperials, the self-styled “Generalissimo” Killt, is a former member of the FSA armed forces who became corrupted by the teachings of the long-dead dictator known as The Leader. Seeking to spread fascism across first the FSA, and then the world, Killt stumbled upon the blueprints for the ultimate doomsday weapon, known as Project Albatross, which had been created by a 20th century superpower that never survived to see it realized.

With the Albatross plans in his grasp, Killt sprung a surprise attack on the FSA, but the size of his forces compared to the might of the FSA means the conflict will be short-lived – unless the Imperials can activate the Albatross in time…

Bionic Commando

The FSA awards Medals to only the bravest soldiers for outstanding service above and beyond the call of duty. There are 12 medals to collect in total, with something to suit every type of soldier, from brawlers to thinkers.

Medal #4: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
The Bionic Arm is a true utility device – not only does it provide many forms of attack and a nifty method of transportation, but thanks to the wonders of 2 dimensions it can also be used to defend yourself. Time your firing of the Bionic Arm’s grappling hook just right and you can stop the Imperials’ mysteriously slow-traveling bullets in mid-air! All you have to do get this Medal is to repeat that not once, not twice, but 100 times.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed

Super Joe’s Machine Gun
This legendary firearm is a prototype weapon developed by Super Joe himself. With all-round damage capability, a tremendous fire rate and seemingly unlimited ammo, this gun is perfect for clearing your way through the Imperial hordes. Only two things prevent Super Joe’s Machine Gun from being the perfect weapon – it requires a short reload period after each intense burst of fire, and nobody knows where Joe placed the prototype before he was captured by the Imperials. If you want to get your hands on this weaponry, your only option is to locate Joe.

John D again. I usually play and finish the games I work on. Not this one. I want to wait until the game launches, so I can enjoy every minute. I’ve played parts of this game and it really is that good.

So I’ve been hinting for quite some time that we have something in store for you PS Street Fighter fans. Well, I’m happy to announce that Street Fighter Alpha is available today in the PSone Classics section of the store for $5.99! Some of you may be asking, “Come on John D, was that’s it?” Um, if I say more, the PR team will kick my a$$, so I’ll leave it as a definitely, maybe. (Eh, my girlfriend made me watch that. It wasn’t that bad, shhh!)

As always, I’ll try my best to answer your questions and comments. I’ll be back to give you updates on Age of Booty, our strategic pirate party game, and Mega Man 9, the next installation of the classic series in 8-bit glory!

Till next time! Go-GO-Go-Bionic!

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  • Sry, not that much interested in BC Rearmed, but I will buy it, if we get a next-gen Monster Hunter for PS3 in 2009/10.
    Deal? :P

  • Capcom just made todays store update a warm fuzzy one lol.

    Today I get my PS3 back so it’s a nice welcome back present too.

    But John, is there anything we can do about this No Trophy situation for DMC4?

  • I tried the demo yesterday and I loved it! Im buying the game immediately when it comes out in america.

    thanks guys =)

  • @50

    I know. :) But, here’s to hoping it will be retroactive. And if it’s not, then that’s fine too. I’ve bought everything that capcom has released on the PSN lately and haven’t been disappointed at all.

  • @40 StalkingSilence
    Yup yup, I do have 100% Trophy on Uncharted and Super Star Dust HD. I didn’t buy Pixel Junk Eden because it wasn’t my kind of game.

  • @38 Fersis

    I know this is a SCEA blog, the problem is theres no any SCEE blog. Anyway, I love this blog. Jeff and all the developers and PR guys posting here are great. I would be posting here with a SCEE blog or without it.

    @41 DryvBy

    Thanks! The Gamespot rumor remains a rumor but Im happy to see theres some hope for a PS3 Dead Rising.

  • @46 wolverine81, how about you keep up with the blogs. The medal system has nothing to do with it. Just look at Uncharted.

  • Like I said before. I’ll try out the demo and wait for the Trophy patch. If Capcom says that the Trophies will be retroactive. I’ll buy it today and cross my fingers for the patch to be released early.

  • Well, I’ve been playing the game (BCR) for about 12 hours now (Japanese version) and the game is fantastic. Anyone who has doubts about this game should put them aside. The demo is a bit short, so don’t judge the game solely on the demo, because the full game is much better. The boss fights are amazing and everything about the game is just top notch.

    I highly recommend the game for fans of the original like myself, and anyone who like 2D platform-action games.

  • Off the subject.

    Uhmmmm, is there any reason why I cant download the R2 beta from my Qore yearly subscription? I tried it numerous times last night. Please don’t tell me I wasted my money on Qore.

  • today spending money on games is a little harder than it was a few years ago, the economy is not that good and unless you live with your parents and have almost no bills to pay, its hard especially if you are an hardcore gamer with a familiy to support

    that is why, i only give my money to the games/devs publisher that give me the most for it, im looking for a full experience that takes full advantage of what the ps3 has to offer

    since i have to watch my money, i look at many things in a game before buying it, if these people making games want my money, they have to earn it
    no crappy ports anymore, trophies support, continued support after game is released, some free dlc ala criterion, that all makes me spend my money on it……

    when i see missing features… or promises of a later patch…or too many bugs..or just a lazy port… i pass

  • @56 Preacher
    Oh sorry man, i didnt know that there isnt a SCEE blog.
    So youre welcome to post here, the fine folks of SCEA are really nice.

  • @joolz

    I have kept up with it and the medal system does have something to do with it, just like uncharted. Uncharted’s medal system was designed with trophies in mind.

  • @60

    The beta isn’t out yet.

  • Will there bea trophy for completing the exclusive challenge room when trophies are patched in?

  • It’s funny how all of a sudden, everyone is yelling, “No trophies, no buy” Trophies weren’t a problem for COD4, MGS4, or GTA4 or any of the other games that released before trophies came out. It has already been said that full trophy support will not happen until the end of the year. So try doing what the gamers do, and buy the games that are good.

  • Nice, I’m going to buy Bionic Commando today.

    Any date for SSFIIT HD Remix or still TBA?

  • Just installing the demo from my Japanese account. Can’t wait to buy it later today.
    thanks for the Demo.

  • @60

    Correction, the OPEN beta isn’t out yet.

  • @28 Shortfuse

    I never said anything about it being an timed exclusive, I (meant) that it was HELD UP by the ‘other system’, it took much much longer to come out b/c of the MS testing, it was a rumor (I believe, I have no reference now), but it was what I heard on the BC site. That’s what I had a problem with, why they just didn’t release it earlier on the PSN while it went through the testing, or whatever it was on the other system.
    Ontop of that the 360’s dpad is a pain in the ***.
    I want to support Capcom, I just can’t whole-heartedly support them not supporting my preferred system. I have a very deep place in my heart for BC so I have no choice but to pick this up, but Capcom needs to start supporting the tools that the PS3 has, trophies, youtube, etc.

    Anyway, I’m happy to see it finally released (sometime today @ least)

  • Im Gonna buy Bionic Commando Rearmed for sure the game looks awsome. And the trophy support I dont really care about. Besides I saw a video on it and it has Multiplayer and co op gameplay. SO IM gonna Buy For Sure.

  • This game is going to be great.

    More publishers need to take a look at some of the older games in their catalogue and think about re-imagining some of them. Capcom is really leading the way in this respect.

  • Yo is this game Remote Playable??

  • Street fighter alpha, the “special” child of the series.
    How about one of the good iterations of street fighter?? SSF2, SSF2T, or at least SSF2C?

  • Looking forward to it. Now how come the classic Bionic wasn’t released? Nintendo own it maybe?

  • @wolverine81, then why isn’t trophies retroactive in Uncharted.

  • Hmm…so a lot of you won’t be buying a remake of one of the best old school classics because it doesn’t have Trophy support at launch? What ever happened to playing a game for the pure enjoyment of it?

    BCR is a must buy (TODAY!) for me!

    Thanks again, Ben, John and Capcom!

  • finally its avaiable for the psn, i’m so going to buy it, i’m not going to bother with the demo… i’ve been waiting for this a very long time… thanks peeps for remaking this old classic..

  • I’ll be buying this today, I love these classic remakes… and with Remote Play support, it makes it even better.

    John, are there any other games planning to get remade in the near future? I would love to see Darkstalkers or Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom/Shadow over Mystara in HD.

    • We\’re evaluatng our entire catelog to see what games we\’ll remake next. Capcom\’s library is vast, think of the possibilities.

  • @77, joolz

    As it was stated many times, (kinda), it’s not retroactive, because when it came out game saves were ‘copyable’ to external media, and therefore uploaded to the internet… They are trying to keep the players honest. Not sure when the ‘copy’ function was taken away, but it has been, and can only be copied from profile to profile.
    That’s why it’s not retroactive.

  • @81

    Exactly! Basically the game save’s from uncharted are not locked to your PSN name.

  • Probably wont buy this one, but I certianly wouldn’t be upset if it was part of next years subscription to Qore *hint*.

    Simply CAN’T WAINT for Age of Booty and MM9 though! Feed me as much info on those games as you can in the coming months.

  • Hey! My first comment where my Gravatar actually worked. Sweet.

    (sorry about the double, had to mention that)

  • SWEET! I’ll be enjoying the demo first tho XD…just incase its not what i remember it being

  • Dude capcom give us a NEXT GEN MONSTER HUNTER!!!! that would be sweet. i understand why 3 went on the Wii but is there a chance to have a ps2 version then?
    but eriouse it would be killer if we PS3 owners got a PS3 Monster hunter in next get graphics. I have been buying everygame ut sadly i will not buy 3 since i do not own a wii

  • how much for SFA? need price

  • @87 VANDAM

    its at toward the bottom of the article. $5.99

  • I’m gonna lug my ps3 around with me today and play this on remote play at a local coffee shop. They’ll be like, what the hey, thankfully I have a big friend with me today. Lugging around that baby is hard work.
    The demo rocks and indeed the challenge rooms are aptly named. Phew hard work they are. I can’t wait at all to play this so see ya later. Off to go get.

  • We get SF:A, how about Resident Evil?

  • sweet can’t waint to download when i get home…. now for Street Fighter Alpha could it be online play (i hope) tenco did w/Tekken 5 im just assuming, and hoping that would be great :)

  • In a previous blog, the answer to why XBLive has it first was because XBLive release their stuff on Wednesdays.
    While PSN release their stuff on Thursdays.

    And apparently, Europe release their stuff only when all 8(9) planets are aligned. :P

    I took advantage of XBLive’s Wednesday release, and tried out the demo of BCR (but I’m still just buying the PSN version). It was pretty awesome. Sucks I was not allowed to fight the boss in the Demo version. Talk about yanking your chain… or in this case your bionic arm.

    As fot the Challenge Rooms… I predict a lot of broken controllers… Pure Evil!

  • First of all, John, yes, that movie WAS that bad (g/f made me watch it as well).

    Secondly, because I am very impatient, I got the BC:R demo of the JPN PSN Store a couple of days ago, and I’ve never been hit with nostalgia that hard in my life (Fun fact: Bionic Commando is the 4th game I ever owned). Instant win; just waiting for the update to hit.

  • A question to the guys at Capcom: I would like to know more about adapting PS1 games into PSN Classics, how difficult is that and if they know why other game developers are not adapting their PS1 games into PSN. Also, can we have all Resident Evil PS1 titles with a little bonus added on the american PSN?

    Also I’d like to know if Capcom is going to “rearm” more NES and SNES games, there’s a lot of potential there!! I miss that kind of games where the heroe can be named “Super Joe”. Great job with Bionic Commando rearmed!

  • great news john d.this is a must have for me!!!so i see will have more ps3 only surprises coming up i hope they are something huge!!it can range from ps1 classics -a new game all together!!!

  • What’s the big deal with “trophies”, people?

    Is there an incentive to getting tons of trophies? Why do all the games have to have them for you to think about buying them?

    I don’t see the big deal, just as I don’t see a big deal of getting achievements on another system…

  • @ps360 (#92)
    “As fot the Challenge Rooms… I predict a lot of broken controllers… Pure Evil!” It really is amazing how many attempts it takes to get through the second one, I think I had something like 5% success rate out of 74 attempts… I think it’ll add alot of time to the game, but you are right for quite a few players banking on controllers meeting walls at unprecedented speeds… @ least how they have the quick retry option (best I’ve seen from recent memory), nearly zero lag/downtime between attempts.
    The humor is in place too, especially w/ the Hack room n’ boss fight as far as the demo.. no ‘get out of here nerd’ though, made me kinda sad…

  • o a diff note thanks john d for being such a advent supporter of the ps blog.

  • thanks and keep up the good work. Will be buying the game once I get home from school…can’t wait to play it!

  • I’ve been really happy with the level of engagement you guys have had with the PSN and BC:Rearmed looks to be the best expression of that so far. I do really, really, REALLY hope more Capcom PS1 games show up on there going forward :) Thanks

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