Bionic Commando: Rearmed and Street Fighter Alpha Available Today on the PSN!

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Bionic Commando: Rearmed

Hey my friends, this is John D from Capcom. I’m pleased and honored to announce that Bionic Commando: Rearmed will become available on the PlayStation Store today for only $9.99! Ben Judd, producer extraordinaire, is so excited for this release that his head’s going to explode. And speaking of exploding heads (if you don’t get this reference, buy the game), here’s his very informative blog he prepared for all you PS fans:

Hello again fine folks of the PlayStation Blog. All good things must come to an end and with Rearmed arriving on the scene we need to finish out our all-too-short time here.

So by now you’ve seen the reviews and know EXACTLY what you are getting into. I would say that Bionic Commando Rearmed isn’t just an homage to a classic 2D game with a very innovative swing mechanic, but it’s a piece of where games started. For those who have never played a 2D game, for those who miss the classic “gamey” type games of old, for those just looking for an experience that is certainly worth your 10 dollars – Bionic Commando is it.

Even if you don’t have much interest in these types of games, I would ask you to try out the demo and decide for yourself. However, even if it’s a day one purchase for you, I would ask you to spend a little time to visit the Bionic Commando Community Site and introduce yourself. There are lots of fans of the game to share your grueling challenge room stories with, people in your area that you may be able to hook up with for a night of wild multiplayer action, and just an all around great community.

Bionic Commando is a game that I want as many people to play as possible, so it was very important to get a PSN version out the door for all of the Sony fans out there. And although I think it’s important to deliver the same experience to everyone, that doesn’t mean you can’t add in a few little things here and there to keep it interesting. So, one of the surprises is that the PSN version of Bionic Commando has an exclusive challenge room that you can only play on the PSN version of the game. It may not be the biggest of surprises, but we have tried to give a little something to the PSN users that they can keep to themselves. And with how hard this challenge stage is, it will certainly make for bragging rights!

PS Update #1: Generalissimo Killt
The charismatic leader of the Imperials, the self-styled “Generalissimo” Killt, is a former member of the FSA armed forces who became corrupted by the teachings of the long-dead dictator known as The Leader. Seeking to spread fascism across first the FSA, and then the world, Killt stumbled upon the blueprints for the ultimate doomsday weapon, known as Project Albatross, which had been created by a 20th century superpower that never survived to see it realized.

With the Albatross plans in his grasp, Killt sprung a surprise attack on the FSA, but the size of his forces compared to the might of the FSA means the conflict will be short-lived – unless the Imperials can activate the Albatross in time…

Bionic Commando

The FSA awards Medals to only the bravest soldiers for outstanding service above and beyond the call of duty. There are 12 medals to collect in total, with something to suit every type of soldier, from brawlers to thinkers.

Medal #4: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
The Bionic Arm is a true utility device – not only does it provide many forms of attack and a nifty method of transportation, but thanks to the wonders of 2 dimensions it can also be used to defend yourself. Time your firing of the Bionic Arm’s grappling hook just right and you can stop the Imperials’ mysteriously slow-traveling bullets in mid-air! All you have to do get this Medal is to repeat that not once, not twice, but 100 times.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed

Super Joe’s Machine Gun
This legendary firearm is a prototype weapon developed by Super Joe himself. With all-round damage capability, a tremendous fire rate and seemingly unlimited ammo, this gun is perfect for clearing your way through the Imperial hordes. Only two things prevent Super Joe’s Machine Gun from being the perfect weapon – it requires a short reload period after each intense burst of fire, and nobody knows where Joe placed the prototype before he was captured by the Imperials. If you want to get your hands on this weaponry, your only option is to locate Joe.

John D again. I usually play and finish the games I work on. Not this one. I want to wait until the game launches, so I can enjoy every minute. I’ve played parts of this game and it really is that good.

So I’ve been hinting for quite some time that we have something in store for you PS Street Fighter fans. Well, I’m happy to announce that Street Fighter Alpha is available today in the PSone Classics section of the store for $5.99! Some of you may be asking, “Come on John D, was that’s it?” Um, if I say more, the PR team will kick my a$$, so I’ll leave it as a definitely, maybe. (Eh, my girlfriend made me watch that. It wasn’t that bad, shhh!)

As always, I’ll try my best to answer your questions and comments. I’ll be back to give you updates on Age of Booty, our strategic pirate party game, and Mega Man 9, the next installation of the classic series in 8-bit glory!

Till next time! Go-GO-Go-Bionic!

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  • Awsome, im going to buy both possibly, just a question. Will you guys add trophies to bionic commando?

    • We\’ve address the tropy thing in a few of my past blogs. Ben Judd will log on from time to time and answer a few questions. I\’ll let him have first crack at your BCR questions. I\’ll go ahead and respond to any of your other questions.

    • And I don\’t know what a \”tropy\” is either.

    • Anyone download the 3 themes yet? Cool huh?

  • In game music?

  • Yeah, but you’re not releasing BC for the EU are ya?

  • Finally, and I’m buying both today. Just called into work for these. So, is Street Fighter Alpha going to have possible Trophy support? I sure hope so, but either way, I’m buying.

  • @Joel, yes they are. They posted in another blog that they were.

  • I would still like to know why the other console that held up your release by so much got it first? I was going to buy it yesterday, but I couldn’t justify supporting your decision to release it to ‘it’ first… Played the demo, I really hope Capcom starts taking the PS3 a bit more seriously and stops giving preference to the big white whale (aka holding release date for them, PS not getting trophy support, even though it’s all there… etc).
    I’ll pick it up, but only for the PS3. And try and keep information more accessible to the players (ie your release date)… good job otherwise.

    • The only reason the \”other\” console had it first is because they release content on Wednesdays. PSN releases their content on Thursdays.

  • Woo-hoo!

    this looks to be a great update,

    any word on Life with Playstation?

    hopefully it will still come out in August…

    I hope everyone is having fun playing the R2 beta!!!!

    PSN id: FritoZ

  • Why are you ignore us europeans?


    from a sad Kraut :)

  • I’m buying BCR immediately. I played the demo several times last night, and this is an awesome re-creation of an awesome old-school game, and I loved the humor thrown in. Capcom, you rock. Please give me more hope for Monster Hunter on PS3 though, and then I’ll have your babies.

  • hey guys you forgot EU (again)

    when will it be up there???

    geez i was really counting on it this time :'(

  • One more post before I go wait for the games: I was reading an older blog post about you guys passing info up to the head guys. I have two request, and I hope others in this blog 2nd me on this so it might get done.

    1) Can you please, PLEASE create a new Marvel Vs. Capcom using the new cel-shaded SF4 graphics? MVC2 is my favorite fighting game of all time.

    2) The next remake you guys do, can it be Breath of Fire in a more hip PS1 3D theme? Or if not that, redo some more classics like Ducktales (one of my favorite NES games) or Final Fight?

  • I’m buying Rearmed as soon as I get my PS3 back from getting fixed.

  • I’ll be giving this game a shot and most likely purchasing it. Thanks for the update and I hope that Capcom continues to show support for SONY. What you guys did with Katamari was just wrong. There’s more examples but I’ll hold my tounge. SONY PLEASE GIVE US A RELEASE DATE FOR WIPEOUT HD!

  • I won’t be purchasing this game unless it provides trophy support. There’s no reason it couldn’t have included it from launch.

  • oh wow Im stupid that was namco huh

  • Yeah I can honestly say I’m not putting any money into Capcom games until they get on the ball. Thanks for the information but I’ll pass.

  • Are you guys going to try to put Custom Soundtracks into Bionic Commando Rearmed through a patch?

  • @5

    I know ^-^


    I just want them to reconfirm it to make sure they didnt forget, and now Im asking about in game custum tracks from the Xmb.

  • is street fighter 4 coming that the end of this year or Q1 09

  • No trophies, no buy.

  • @14

    If you paid any attention to the previous BCR blogs you would know that it is gonna have trophy support, just not at launch. Also, if you are basing your decision on trophy support, that’s a shame, because you are gonna miss out on a great game.

    Thanks for the update! Can’t wait to play!

  • Why isn’t it in Europe Store, is it SCEE at it yet again?

  • Thank you………..I can’t wait to download this tonight.

  • @20 Fusen

    I think they said a trophy patch will come later. John how about a ballpark estimate when we can expect this patch?

  • Man I sure hope my local Eb games has some info on the PSN Cards to give me today. I’m heading out to the store to pay for my Socom Beta/preorder. Then if no cards, I’m going to take my fellow Canadian poster’s advice and get the prepaid card. It’s kinda too bad that this isn’t online but it will still be Kick Something Great. Can’t wait for 6pm Newfoundland Daylight Savings Time. That’s when the store usually updates……..

  • Oh and I forgot to mention I’ll buy Bionic Commando Rearmed and love every second of it! Was a great game on the NES and will be even better this time.

  • Hello John, Ben,

    Are the “medals” you refer to actually the trophies? Will those be retroactive when the trophy patch gets released?


    • Hey Robert, this is what Ben said in a previous blog: \”Medals are the equivalent to achievements. Basically doing the same things in either version will open up these medals. We are currently reviewing how much work it would take to retro tag save/clear data for trophy support.\”

  • @MSplatter
    Um…there was no exclusivity for the “other console”. Both versions were released the same week. This happens with Rock Band DLC. It’s just PSN gets their updates on Thursday, that’s all.

    But as for the no Trophy support, that is just foolish. I know for a fact many people, especially since it’s new, would more inclined to buy a game just because it has trophies. To some people it adds a large amount of value to the purchase. If adding Trophies would have delayed the launch, I understand, but please add it soon.

    I appreciate the extra level
    I’m going to buy/download the game right now and I know I’ll love it. 2D gaming needs to be brought back. I’ve read the reviews and guys did 2D right.

    Now while on the same subject. Viewtiful Joe on PSN? I mean, I would think you guys could find use for the Sixaxis tilting somewhere are you used the touchscreen for the DS version.

    Thanks Capcom!

    Protip: A well marketed Megaman Zero or ZX type game would sell extremely well on PSN. I know you have Mega Man 9 coming out, but long distance is for wimps. Bring Zero’s close range sword fighting to the PSN.


    • 2D gaming FTW. Is anyone releasing more games with 2D gameplay than Capcom? MM9, BCR, SFHD, Commando 3, 1942, etc…

  • EU release date please? Or at least a release month? Guess I can just buy the XBL version.

  • about giving us trophies instead of challenge room?
    the minute this game has trophies support ill buy it, until then, it can stay on the psn

  • HanSolo: Medals = Trophies

    Wip3ou7: Capcom did not develop Katamari Damacy, that was Namco Bandai.

    I played the demo of this (at the Japanese PSN) and it’s quite awesome. Especially like the jabs for only playing the demo and not the full game.

  • “Um, if I say more, the PR team will kick my a$$, so I’ll leave it as a definitely, maybe”

    I assume you are talking about the Dead Rising thing. Im going tomorrow to the church and I’ll pray for a port + sequel for the PS3. Please, Capcom, let it happen.

    When is going to be released Bionic Commando in the European Store? My credit card is ready and waiting.

  • @21

    I have read already that they plan to support trophy features in the “near future”. That’s unacceptable from Capcom. The game is not THAT AWESOME. It’s alright. And I’ll pick it up maybe once it has trophy support, but I as an individual, along with many others, are trying to take a stand and show developers that having a new feature like Trophy Support, and not including it in a game, when it damn well should have been included, is grounds for loosing a customer. 10 games come out for one of my 3 video game systems each week. I have to pick and choose which ones I will purchase. It’s the people that want the trophy support, but go ahead an purchase the game anyway, that are telling developers “It’s ok to leave out the features we want, we’ll still buy the game anyway, and just complain on the boards about it while we wait.” If more people waited to purchase the game until even a day or two after it’s release, then their initial sales figures of the game at launch would be lower than their expectations and may make a different decision when it comes to adding the desired features of a game. Buy the game today if you want, I will pass at this time for the afore mentioned reasons.

    • We hear you Rendermonk. I\’ve addressed the trophy support issue in my previous blogs, so I won\’t bore everyone here with my long-winded explanation.

  • I’ll buy this if/when it supports trophies.

  • Sounds great too bad we have to wait until sloooooooow SCEA gets around to actually updating the store. SCEE blows in doing anything worthwhile for their customers so I’m not surprised and I feel for those who have to wait to enjoy this game. Hopefully this won’t be another super puzzle fighter hd 9 month delay nonsense.

    PSN cards? I still can’t believe 1 year plus into the ps3 and they are still “rolling them out”. It’s almost pathetic at this point.


    Now that you guys are going to release a PSone classic, i have to ask you-

    What’s the hold up with PSone games????

    I know, i know, we’ve been told “localization” and “getting the rights to the game” by the PS3 folks, but since you ARE a third party publisher, i can ask you direct-

    What took so long?

    Were you guys waiting to see if the PSN was going to be profitable, or is it noone knew the demand was so great?

    Is it really that hard to take the American/English version of the game and make it so it will play on the PS3?

    Just wondering (like everyone else here), hopefully now you guys have got the ball rolling, we can expect more Capcom PSOne games in the future!

    thanks for listening, any response would be great!

    • When developers first created games on the PSone, not many companies accounted for their games being ported in the digital space, 10 to 13 years later. The reason why you don\’t see too many games on the PSone classics right now is because there are so many legal and licensing challenges for the developer. It\’s possible that the developer no longer owns the IP, or the rights to the music, voice overs, images, etc.

  • @wolverine81, exactly what I wanted to say. Please read his post (#21) again.

    It’s really cool that you all have 2 games that work on PSP this week (1 via remote play, the other via remote play or downloadable onto the system). I will be buying Bionic Commando: Rearmed immediately. And possibly SF if I have room on my PSP memory card to take it with me this weekend.

  • 10 Henjoness
    32 Preacher
    This is a SCEA blog ,you should go to the SCEE one.

  • Day 1 purchase, thanks for the info John D from Capcom, and everyone involved.

  • Am I to assume all of you who are complaining have 100% of the trophies in PixelJunk Eden, Super Stardust HD, and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune? Also, I will assume all of you will obtain all of the 56 trophies in Warhawk when the patch hits on August 27.

    If that’s not the case, work on your other trophies while this game’s patch is developed. It’s pretty ridiculous to worry about trophies as much as everyone seems to be.

  • @preacher

    Dead Rising is pretty much confirmed. Check GameSpot’s rumor report. They’re usually right about their rumors. I’d rebuy that game if it had trophies or a TON of new stuff, otherwise I’d just wait until 2nd one

  • @33

    I could care less if they support trophies. If they do then great, that is just icing on the cake. But, this game is already a great one, and if you knew anything about Bionic Commando you would appreciate that. Since when do trophies make a great game? They don’t and they never will. Yes, eventually all games will have trophy support, but until then just enjoy the games for what they are. Anyway, it’s your loss if you don’t buy such a great game.

  • sweet thank you
    i will spend my my 16 bucks on you guys.
    Will both have trophies support?
    Megaman 9, man hurry up with it i want to play like the old times.
    Marvel versus Capcom on PSN?
    or possibly make 3rd one?
    i went to game stop to try to purchase a used one but its like 70 bucks. i have the arcade version and its so un. would really like to download one from PSN though.

  • @StalkingSilence, Not everyone is interested in doing things all over again when trophy supports i released.

  • @StalkingSilence

    I’m right there with ya! :)

  • @44

    Once again, if you guys kept up with the blogs you would know that the trophies will be retroactive. The game already has a medal system within it that will translate to trophies when the patch is released.

  • man, you guys on here sure do complain a lot. they’ll release trophies, just calm down a bit. sheesh

  • If there were trophies implemented this would be a must buy for me. I think I’ll pass.

  • The game looks great, and now that you confirmed you are working on Trophy support, Yes… I’m totally getting it. (I would get it without, but Trophies are awesome, and I can’t imagine why any developer would not want them in the game, you spend X to include the support, but you get at least 2X from people who will be more satisfied with the game and will tell the friends to get it too).

  • @wolverine81,
    Be careful with your language. They are trying to make them retroactive. It’s not 100% confirmed, but they are really trying hard to get it working.

    Personally, I’m glad they’ve put their resources elsewhere (Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3, 1942: Joint Strike, Bionic Commando: Rearmed, Street Fighter Alpha, plus DEMOs for all of them).

    Here’s the thing – if you want trophy support at launch, that simply means you want the game delayed. They can delay it and not release it until everything’s implemented. I’d rather they release it now, let us enjoy it and add that later, as promised. We are in the age of microtransactions and patches, Capcom’s just doing what they should be to keep up.

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