Who’s Going to PAX?

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Well, *we* are, but you already knew that. Following up on the success of our first ever PlayStation.Blog Reader Meetup at E3, we’re considering holding another event during the Penny Arcade Expo later this month.

So who out there is going to be in Seattle at the end of the month? Would you be up for some free food (and coffee, presumably), games, and meeting some of your fellow PlayStation fans?

Thanks to all who came out!

And if so, where should we hold it? Which developer-types should I beg to attend? Which PSP game should we network together for competition?

PSP @ King Taco

And should there be a mandatory 90’s Seattle grunge dress code and soundtrack featuring Mudhoney, Alice in Chains and Screaming Trees? I’ll go ahead and pencil in a “No” for that one.

Let me know, we’re doing this for you.

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  • My first comment on the blog, though I’m a reader since the beginning~ I’ll be at PAX, as Seattle is my place of residence :) It’ll be great to meet up with some folks at the get-together!

  • i’ll just have to video conference this one, i’m busy in China with the Olympics!

  • I’m in Vancity, BC and would love to go! We never get any big events up here. How much, what building and who wants to get pwned at Warhawk? JK, but for the PSP lan game I would like to put my vote in for either MGS Portable Ops or Killzone Liberation (Solid Game).

    Oh ya, will we get to see Resistance: Retribution at PAX? I am in R2 mode since that viral Project Abraham ad campaign started. That phone call freaked the poop outta my gf, haha!

    Anyways, great job on the blog guys. Been a long time reader, first time poster.

    Cya @ PAX I hope.


    • We\’ll let you know which games we\’ll have at PAX as we get closer – but there will be some really good stuff, even beyond what we showed at Comic-con.

  • I live on Argentina …*sob *sob

  • I will be there with out question… I’m up for a pre-meet

  • Jeff, are you the big guy in the middle with the purple t-shirt? If yes I think you really are Sly Cooper turned human.

    Man, too bad Im Spanish. The people in the photo looks like a happy family. Well, gimme a call if you came to Spain, you have a free paella and some “jamón serrano” here.

  • too bad Im in NH… will you guys be at digitalife in NY in Sept.?

  • Are you guys going to cover it over the blog

  • Awesome! Sony does it for the fans!

  • definetly in florida, south florida, like near sawgrass mills mall

    • Broward County, represent! (went to HS there)
      OK, I promise I will look for reasons to hold a Florida/TX meetup in the future.

  • you guys need to have more events in Canada. I’ve seen a video of SCEC and i know you are aroundabout. something like a an Gamer’s Day for Canada. most likely Toronto at the suburbs around.

  • Meh =/ I wish i could go….

  • Hey, don’t be dissing on Grunge! Grunge tried to destroy the Metal…

    lol, anyway, I might attend PAX. It depends upon how fast I get a job over in Federal Way when I move over there.

  • I’d love to go. There needs to be some kind of big game convention in Pennsylvania so you guys can come here :D.

  • I gotta say, I wish I could go to PAX as well! The E3 meetup was great (I’m still playing the copy of Hot Shots Golf: OT2 I got!), so if anyone can possibly make it to Seattle I’d highly recommend it.

  • I’ll be the guy wearing a purple wizard custom (and screaming at the staff to turn on the frickin’ air-conditioning).

  • Of course I meant “costume”.

    Too hot to even think straight.

  • And not to worry guys:

    If no girls show up again, I’ll be more than happy to drag some in from the parking lot.

  • I’m going to be there and would LOVE to attend a meet-up!

  • Well ill be checking life with playstation to see if the get together gets any news worthy attention…oh wait, umm I don’t have life with palystation lol

  • My wife and I will be attending to visit friends and fellow industry folks. Look for us probably on Saturday as the Witchhunter vs the Zealot for Warhammer Online. Last year we both did Witchhunters, this year we’re mixing it up a bit…and amping it up a bit we hope too!

  • As I work in Seattle, it’ll give me an excuse to get out of the office and mix it up with you fine folks! Ha! Seriously, I’ll be there with my PSP.

  • Sounds good. I’ll be at PAX. Can you try and choose a time that’s not too full of other events? Like maybe breakfast before the hall opens for the day?

  • Leipzig is far more important. 12 announcements planned. GC > E3.

  • I’d love to go, but bring it to the UK!

    What are your feelins on CFW PSP’s might I add :P?

  • I am finally going to PAX ;) Any where is cool with me just not on Sunday and I’m in.

  • Why can’t they bring it to the UK :'(

  • South Wales would be nice ;):D?

  • Our gamer family has five tickets already purchased and are planning on being there all three days.

    I’d like to get a peek at what’s happening on the HOME front.

  • I hope you guys can come to NYC one day. I would go :).

  • I wish i could go. but i can’t, i am in Florida……………… keep us Updated.

  • Hey Jeff, how bout using that nifty “poll” feature of the blog after you get a few ideas ;)

  • How about doing something that’s not on the west coast?
    How about Texas? Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio?? The Austin GDC is here next months.. There’s a lot gaming in Texas…

    Anyways, I hope to see this covered.

  • I’ll be at PAX, as long as its not at the same time as the 1up meetup I’ll check it out!

  • Jeff, you’re not a fan of Mudhoney, Screaming Trees and Alice in Chains are you? Because I say “yes” to that soundtrack, I forgot to mention. :P

  • nice just great yet another confrence or meeting i cant make it to

  • Hey Jeff,

    I noticed you were answering a few questions. So I thought I’d give it a shot. Can you guys please take a close look at the PSN Friend List? Ever since FW 2.41, me and a couple of others list have been acting erratic/crazy. Friend messages are going to multiple inboxes. It’s doing some super weird stuff. Its totally wacky and it’s driving me up the wall.

    “Please fix this bug as soon as possible”

    Thank you in advance for you time.

  • Wish I could go….
    But living in the Caribbean kinda cuts me out of all the fun…

    Blog posts ftw…

  • WOOT!! Ive been dieing to meet some real PS3 fans here in the M$ capitol of the world.
    I Live in Lake Stevens and work in Bellvue.
    So you KNOW ill be there!

    This may be a cool place if its close enough.

    For a Dev type id LOVE to meet someone from DC online or LBP!

    But as far as the psp game goes i cant really say since my 1 year old son broke my psp :(

  • i live in seattle but due to a surgery scheduled a few days before PAX , i will not be attending but know a bunch that will. i remember when it was a very small thing back in the day.

    as for venue, depends on what you are lookin to do, there are tons of places, give me an idea of what you are looking for, everyone could cram into one of the 1500 starbucks and use up all their bandwidth, haha, but seriously there are places all over, like dick’s drive in on queen anne (a few blocks from the space needle). seattle center, convention center… etc…

    as for the naysayers. is you city a tech kinda place? are your towns full of tech geeks? maybe that is why they are doing it here, think about it, microsoft is based here and let me tell you, not all employees of MS like x-bot 360 at all (me being one) i hate it, and am VERY happy sony will be here. i get sick of all the MS fanboys here. ANNOYING ! ! ! always askin why i don’t have an x-bot360… um… IT SUCKS !!! it crashes all the time like windows, and the worst of all , the controllers are pure garbage!!!! enough of that rant. but when your city gets big tech companies, maybe, just maybe you might get an expo, if you want one bad enough, start your own company and draw people there. haha good luck.

    and to the cali dude that said something about directions to seattle “drive north til you are miserable” more like drive north til you can actually breathe clean air!!! people who knock it haven’t been here and thats fine , stay where you are :o) we like it that way, don’t need more people moving here.

    and lastly, it cracks me up you use sly as your pic. especially since sucker punch is located IN seattle!!!

  • I’d LOVE to go there, but I’m from Puerto Rico.

    When are you guys coming to PR? They make some good events here, sometimes. I remember one promoted by GameStop.. Forgot the name. You should give us a visit.

    I could pay the food, as a reward for the long trip. :D

  • no love for minnesota…

  • To far for me to go. Especially being 17.
    Maybe if the PlayStation Blog met up in Boston :)
    Eagles Deli has a contest where if you eat the biggest burger they got, they name it after you. The PlayStation Burger! :D

  • nyc is where you guys need to be coming!!!!

  • no other state is bigger then ny jeff why is ny left out of gaming events?we even have our own comic con,car show,a tv show(a place where we can hand on time with the latest TV such as 3d TV and smell o vision are cool tech cannot wait for these).

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