Who’s Going to PAX?

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Well, *we* are, but you already knew that. Following up on the success of our first ever PlayStation.Blog Reader Meetup at E3, we’re considering holding another event during the Penny Arcade Expo later this month.

So who out there is going to be in Seattle at the end of the month? Would you be up for some free food (and coffee, presumably), games, and meeting some of your fellow PlayStation fans?

Thanks to all who came out!

And if so, where should we hold it? Which developer-types should I beg to attend? Which PSP game should we network together for competition?

PSP @ King Taco

And should there be a mandatory 90’s Seattle grunge dress code and soundtrack featuring Mudhoney, Alice in Chains and Screaming Trees? I’ll go ahead and pencil in a “No” for that one.

Let me know, we’re doing this for you.

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  • This is a great event, but Seattle is too far from here once again XD lol

  • Awesome. Too bad I don’t live in the west coast. :(

  • I’m going to try to make it. I have family in Seattle so I could go visit!

  • Too bad I don’t live on that side of the big lake :P

    Great that you guys are having these events :D

  • You should have a showing of “Hype” – the grunge documentary.

  • I am local and am going to my best to make it. I would absolutely love it if you guys did a meetup!

  • They need to have one of these events in Miami, FL. If not, somewhere in FL, like Orlando or Tallahassee or something.

  • I can’t make it, its too far away. But if I was going to would tell you to beg insomniac to have a Retribution psp competition.

  • yea not going to make that unfortunately

  • AWESOME! I’m in Bellingham, 1 hr North of Seattle and dying to know what kind of gaming community is out here! It’s too close to miss! Hook us up w/some details and I’ll be there, PSP in hand. Sorry if I sound like a total Fanboy, but I hate missing out on events like Comic-con and E3 and DICE, et al, because I don’t have press credentials or it’s just too far.

    • We\’ll publish the details once we worked them out. Out of curiousity – any venue you\’d recommend?

  • Monster Hunter Freedom 2! Well… I don’t know how you could make a competition out of that… but in any case, I’m in Portland and I’m looking into making it to PAX.

    Realistically, Hot Shots 2 would probably be the best bet.

  • “Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus” seems like a fun game for competition :O

  • I and several of the staff members from Platform Nation will be there.

    I’m really looking forward to it as PAX has always been a whole lot of fun :)

  • why can’t you guys do one of these on the east coast??!! :P anyway, hope all you guys that go to this have fun….

  • @7 – Sevenfactors
    lol man don’t you know anything, no one thinks of florida unless they want a vacation or hear about hurricanes. More or less we’re the first to get the shaft on special events. Ok maybe second.

  • Seattle? Texas people, Texas!


  • I can’t go due to living in Europe, but I’m putting forward Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops for network play!

  • Metal Gear would be a great choice! I’ll be sure to bring my PSP, and wear my Nirvana shirt :P

  • @ 16

    Yes… I second Texas at some point. Austin, to be point specific.

    Still have fun up there in the north, we’re currently taking a small break from our 30+ days of over 100 degree heat. [grumble]

  • And should there be a mandatory 90’s Seattle grunge dress code and soundtrack featuring Mudhoney, Alice in Chains and Screaming Trees? I’ll go ahead and pencil in a “No” for that one.

    ummm Why, Are you not proud of the “Grunge days” of yesteryear? `Did you not have fun being the wayward youth that we all were during those trying years? I think I want to pencil in the dress code as a YES. C’mon it would be a blast. All the Yuppies of Seattle would be like oh Snap its grunge again. Well maybe not but hey it would be fun and Different, Just Like Sony.

    Also the PSP game you fine folk should play is Ridge Racer for PSP or some Need For Speed Underground 2.

    • Actually I worked at an alt-college radio station when I was 14 during that era, I know it well!

      That said, flannel is dead. D-E-A-D.

  • Need I say it? Always the West Coast. To those that go have fun and pick me up some cool swag please!

  • Im not going to be there but hot shot seem like a good game to play

  • Samit Sarkar from Destructoid here. See you at PAX, Jeff!

  • @15 kaze eternal i live in florida and its not like we have hurricanes every time this year.btw, if fear of a natural disaster is a reason why to avoid florida then sony themselves should avoid to be in california because of the earthquakes over there.. or go to texas because of the tornadoes/severe storms? ;)

    yeah i would like sony to hold an event like that in miami!..just think of the possibilities here. great weather,good games and yes girls in bikini :) HEHEHE

  • I wish I could go.

    Will there be anybody from the blog to cover the even in Germany next week?

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    @ 16,19

    I third that Texas people Dallas, Austin, San Antonio dont care at long it’s in Texas.

  • Games Convention in Leipzig is closer , sry :D

  • I vote for Northeast Ohio lets have it here! lol

  • as matter of fact, we have hurricanes on average every 3-5 years.in fact, our last one was wilma way back in 2005 :P

  • Hey 90’s Grunge ROCKS!

  • I’m going to PAX! As a Seattle native for 22 years I don’t know how you can be ashamed of grunge.

    You should show King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. Especially considering it’s about a man from Redmond. You should get that guy to attend.

    I have a group of 5 going, so wherever you hold it, as long as we know, we’ll meet you guys! How will you let us know? Further blog posts I assume?

  • btw, jeff i’m having problems logging in to this site.because when i try to log then it tells me 404 not found or something like that..:(

  • I’m going. Should have gotten my pass by now.

    I’m always game for free food and games.

    What I’d really like to see, though, is a chance to get my hands on a physical SDK. Like, you know, so I can take it home and do something productive with that big monolith I’ve got on my desk.

    Maybe fix that damned 2.42 update for you.

  • haha good to see a little bit of your personality come through. I will not be there. But I am excited to see everyone try to get at the LittleBigPlanet prize pack and Home Beta voucher you will be hanging from the tip of the Space Needle. You are doing this, aren’t you?

    What are the directions to Seattle from CA anyway? Drive north until you feel just absolutely miserable and stop. Get out.

  • ha ha haaaaaa you can’t see me in that photo

  • How about New England… anywhere in New England would be great!!! …just saying.

  • I am going to be up at PAX. I would be happy to stop by a meet up if it is within walking distance or a short cab ride of the convention center.

  • You really need to bring these meets to Florida, Not seattle.sheesh

    • Strong demand from Florida, it seems. It\’s on the radar – just need an event or something to stage it around…

  • Bad timing. I’m up to my eyeballs in work and can’t make it up there. I SWEAR next year I’ll be able to start attending these gatherings.

  • oh yeah BTW jeff I’ve gotten way better at hotshots, wanna rematch?

  • PAX is awesome. I’m so gonna be there. This is a great idea but alas I have no helpful hints

  • @ 16, 19, 26

    I fourth texas as I’m in houston and would happily travel to another tx city if I had to

  • @perrandy

    Telling that to a Floridian, born raised, and acquired University Education. What can I say it’s been a long hard road out of hell, before moving out west.

  • no fruit on table

  • The Games On Smash team will be there bring you a coverage from PAX.

  • I live about 2 hours away. Maybe I’ll come. It sounds like fun.

  • Can’t make PAX, I’ll be across the city at Bumbershoot music festival, but I may shootover for a meetup. I echo Resistance Retribution request. I would love (yes love) a demo of The Agency and Endwar. Also don’t do the grunge thing -being from California you’re already at a disadvantage upon arrival. If you truly want to rock out for the meetup I recommend the EMP (EMPSFM.ORG) although it will be most chaotic given aforementioned music festival at the Seattle Center. If you really need ideas for location, I’ll rack my brain.

  • i was at the la event and it was great, i encourage you to go if your in the area.

  • @thatpspguy -where in Seattle do you live?! We have no yuppies -that’s Redmond a completely different City devoid of any culture whatsoever…sort of like Florida and Texas. (I lived in FL so that one is a gimme ;)

  • I’ll likely drive down from Canada. So, trusting that there aren’t any issues at the border, you’ll all get to meet Touchy Ed!

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