PLAYSTATION Store Video Content Update

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Hi again! The weekend’s here – time for your weekly update of new movie & TV shows on the PLAYSTATION Store.

This week we’ve added new video content from the following television series:

  • Combat Zone
  • Cops
  • Deadliest Catch
  • Intervention
  • Nip/Tuck
  • Xam’d: Lost Memories

We know you enjoy seeing what everyone else is watching, here are our top 20 movie and TV downloads for the week – Drillbit Taylor moves into the top spot:

Have a great weekend!

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  • Just was wondering since you are bring anime and you have cartoon network and adult swim, will we be seeing any DBZ, DeathNote, Inuyasha, or any other great shows that made that channel one of my favorite stations to watch. Also the Boondocks would be nice also, mind you I not ranting just pointing out some items that would make it even better. Now if we could just get those PSN cards rolling into our local Gamestops, Gamecrazy, etc we would really be downloading all type of content.

  • @49

    I hate to say it, but I’m gonna be honest.

    You’re the minority. I’m sorry Sony does not have Subtitle support, (yet, it is definitely a possibility as there is a subtitle option in the in-video menu) But it’s probably gonna be a while before they even bother to use it. Until then, there are other means of getting your subtitled stuff, just look around the web

  • @51 Reese8732

    I don’t believe that is [AS] or CN’s call. Sony will have to talk to Funimation and Viz Media to get stuff like DBZ and death note. Hopefully we get those shows, I want em too (oh and shin chan and bobobo) :P

  • Where can i find Movies in PSN?

  • Wow, Drillbit Taylor really took that list quick.

  • i want xam’d but waiting until I can buy it. dont really wanna pay that much to rent it

  • Would love a subscription service. :)

  • Dear Sony,

    Could you at least make a post letting us know why we don’t have videos in Canada? Like, at least content from Sony’s own studios?

    A Canadian With Money To Spend On Videos

  • with MS announcing the Netflix thing, I’m sure Sony is contemplating having a subscription based unlimited d/l type service. If they aren’t I’m sure they will take it under consideration from you guys/gals. They’ve listened to us b4 why stop now.

  • come one why are u forgetting canada we make up as much sales as usa when it comes to North America. Can u a least respond to my concern.

  • I would love to spend my money on movies but I am Canadian and their is no store. Please Sony at least give us an update of the Canada Store Situation.

    Thank You

  • There are way too many SD movies. Any new movies need to be in HD. I have rented 3 movies so far, but would have rented a lot more had they been in HD. I understand having an SD version as well, but there should be both options for all content. I would also like to 1920×1080 movies. Enough of this 1024×720. I will take the larger and better looking movies please. Especially for 6 $

  • Yeah, if they offer a Netflix type service just for downloads, I will cancel Netflix and get Sonys for sure.

  • This is my list of Sony disappointment.
    No psn card anywhere and it the middle of freaking August 2008!!!
    No Canadian video store and no news about it!!! No Trophy/custom soundtrack patch for the games that I own and I own some big game like MGS4 and GTA4 game that should have been patched by now! Otherwise the games are great and my ps3/media server is an amazing part of my entertainment!

  • any new networks or film companies coming soon 2 the psn?

  • who ever keeps renting Meet the Spartans please go drink 5 week old milk. i know you can’t force the other studios to have rentals (well then you could but would probably piss them off being force into another deal against their plans) other then that start stuffing Columbia TriStar movies on there at least not more Sony Pictures films pull old movies from the archive if you have to someone will try em and they are just space on a hardrive that is cheap

  • hey doesn’t Sony own plenty anime go ahead and release them junks. I mean the good stuff , the stuff not at the stores. The good undergrond stuff

  • I hope you guys read this:

    Please put up THE SIMPSONS! Something like Seasons 2 – 10 would be amazing :D

    – Matthew

  • This in Canada yet? If not bring it already!

  • yeah need some simpsons. and the futurama DVD movies. and some HBO and Showtime series. like Dexter,Californication, Big Love, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and some shows not still airing like Sopranos and Dead like me

  • I love me some Xam’d. U should get more anime on the PSN. I recommend Samurai Shamploo or Birdy Decode…

  • Give video to Europe!!!

  • I really want to have the video store in Europe now :(

  • @ Sony,
    what about the in game voice chat? and what about the battery status that blocks the time when you press the PS button for 3 seconds? and what about the in game custom music that should be mandatory? and what about the trophies that should be mandatory from here on in? and what about when quitting Folding@Home and the PS3 would suddenly freeze?

    PS: Don’t forget you wont beat the 360 if you don’t add these features and I am not very pleased with the console at all. I am going to continue with my xbox 360 until the PS3 has better functionality and the PlayStation Network is more reasonable and sturdy, particularly with online games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Someone’s gotta spice that bleak list up, i mean graphicly :) Brings down the whole post :)

  • If I didn’t have netflix I would be all over that video store provided it had something similar to netflix’s subscription service.

  • Hey guys,
    Great update. It’s really great to see you honestly adding content constantly :-) I do have a question though. I really want to see “21” bad, but I want to rent it from your store instead of buying it for $14.99. I was happy when I got the recent Playstation UNDERGOUND email saying you guys were offering for rental for $3.99. It still only lists it both on the PC store and the PS3 store as buy only. Does it take longer to update or am I missing something?

    Thank you for a great service – very happy with PSN.


  • I have an american (US) PlayStation Network account buy my PlayStation Store doesn’t have the video tab :(

    btw, I live in brazil

  • If they could secure CBS/Showtime as a partner and give us our fix of weeds/dexter/californication they would dominate

    It took over a year for the other to provide Canada with movie downloads DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE SONY.

  • Said it before will say it again:
    The video store needs a subscription!

    I know PSN is free, but if you put it as optional for a monthly price for the video store it’d be great and also wouldn’t make you guys seem like hypocrites.

    I wouldn’t mind paying $15-20 monthly and that’s in the range that netflix charges.

  • To canadians:

    Why not just rent them off of iTunes? It would be nice to have one on PS3, but Apple has wayyy more movies than even on the US PSN Store directly on the Canadian iTunes Store

  • Europe wants Video Store =)

  • Dwar sony,

    I’m an adult who likes to wach cartoons, I know there is adult swim, and shows like family guy, futurama, and american dad. I like watching cartoons I grew up with, so why not put the boomerang network and though it is not necessary I would enjoy shows like digimon season 1, tiny toons, bobby’s world, the old ninja turtles, put on some guck tales. The 1990 ninja turtles movie would be great

  • Content is looking better, but how do we know download times are improved? (Used in first week with a 23 hr dnld on 1 movie!). Another friend gave up and canceled download – Cust Svc response of “no refunds – us A.Y.O.R” was pretty lame.
    Any feedback anywhere on actual performance / download times of service? Also, HD movie I ordered was 1280 x 768 (maybe you could call it near-HD?) and audio was 2 ch.
    Service doesn’t seem that ready for “prime time” to me…
    One other point: if you “buy” a movie, would you actually have to re-purchase (as EULA states) if you had a storage failure? Seriously?

  • Look this is ridiculous with a capital “R” how come canadians don’t have the videostore yet Canada IS in north america and the worst thing about it is that sony probably wont even respond to all these complaints the least they owe us is an update to this whole canada store situation

    – angry canadian who just wants videos

  • Looking forward to availability in Canada. My comment is another vote for an announcement, lol.

    You’ve made it clear that you pay attention to the comments on this blog, so I decided it would be a good time to say something.

  • Hi Grace, who do I contact if I have a business proposal for the PSN/Home?

  • @ aaquib2

    Apple sucks.

    To all fellow Canadians. When will it be apparent to all of you that Sony’s main concern is Japan, then the US and then Europe, in that order. They couldn’t give two hoots about Canadians. This service was announced for North America, and as far as Sony is concerned, North America equates to the US of A. (not that I have any issue with our brother and sisters to the south).

  • Hey Guys,

    Also wanted to request an update on the Canada situation. Maybe my comment will be the one that triggers a response from Sony. :) I want downloadable movies and TV. I hate the video store, their selection of blueray is garbage.

  • Any plans for monthly subscription?? And how about a formal title request section in the store

  • What’s up with Nip/Tuck missing episode 5?

  • @Money1

    I think linking up with Adult Swim would be an excellent idea. The shows on Adult Swim have a cult following. I know I’d be bound to purchase an episode or two if it was available. I know they’ve already got ATHF, Family Guy, and Robot Chicken …

  • Will overseas customers be getting access to the video store?
    Its no secret that Sony is IP filtering customers abroad who have US accounts (because their country is not listed >>>Trinidad and Tobago being one of them.)

    I was really excited for the video store and would have spent at least a $100 in the store by now.
    But we get shafted.

    Please work out the distribution rights for the world and allow countries not listed in the weak current list be able to purchase, let alone use their country’s credit card on the Playstation Store.

  • quicc ? does n e body kno wen da playstation network cards r coming out????

  • Sony you guys need to bring NBC to the store or at least Law and Order: SVU & CI. Also how about bringing some of your tv shows like Seinfeld. Otherwise good stuff I love that I can actually buy movies already have 4 of them. Keep up the great work!

  • When does Sony think that they will get around the legal hurdles and give Canadians the much desired video store?

    What can Canadians do to speed it along?

  • Why the hell is thier not the fifth episode of Afro Samauri on their yet goddamnit. They give you the first 4 but if you want to see the ending your screwed.

  • Hi,

    I’m from Canada…any word on when we’re going to be getting the movie/tv downloads?


  • In Canada it is law that all media content contain atleast 30% CanCon or Canadian Content. I am assuming that this combined with the bilingual laws is what the problem is. Let’s help Sony out here with what would be acceptable CANCON:
    CTV News (Lloyd Robertson kicks butt ;))
    Corner Gas
    Scrubs… oh wait, it’s only filmed in Canada…

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