PLAYSTATION Store Video Content Update

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Hi again! The weekend’s here – time for your weekly update of new movie & TV shows on the PLAYSTATION Store.

This week we’ve added new video content from the following television series:

  • Combat Zone
  • Cops
  • Deadliest Catch
  • Intervention
  • Nip/Tuck
  • Xam’d: Lost Memories

We know you enjoy seeing what everyone else is watching, here are our top 20 movie and TV downloads for the week – Drillbit Taylor moves into the top spot:

Have a great weekend!

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  • Meet the Spartans is still up on the top 5!?

  • good update

  • Awesome. Great content update! Keep it coming!

  • Will we ever be getting any of ‘The Shield’ episodes from FX Network?

  • hmmm…still haven’t seen the onion movie..

    the newspaper/website is hilarious, so hopefully the movie is the same-

    I just still can’t see paying for such a limited rental policy..

    thanks for the list, always interesting..

    and i agree, meet the spartans really is a horrendous flic..

  • Will there be season passes created in the future?

  • /cry *sobb Want Movies In Europe *sobb
    You’d Get alot of People Buying those exact same products, although, we maybe don’t have them yet because of the law policy.

    What a shame, what a shame.

  • Season passes are needed for the store, and GT5pro is not tv. Its on demand that you pay for. Television mostly is paying a set fee to watch live or pre-recorded streaming video content. For example Directv or Comcast.

    Another important point. Netflix charges $13.00 for two DVD/Blu-ray disc out at a time including Unlimited instant watching. What really would entice me to use PS3s video store. Also there is and others like it.

    Just give us more game demos.

  • @1 Sadly, people do like it.

    Awesome job guys, can’t wait until there’s a whole crap load.

  • This is what the video store needs:

    1) A monthly subscription service for unlimited downloads
    2) Preview on ALL movies ( if I’m spending my money and precious bandwidth, I’d like to at least see what I’m renting if I haven’t watched it before)
    3) Rentals should be available for ALL movies (ideally HD and SD rentals). I understand some studios might not want some or any of their content to be available for purchase, but renting any movie should be available. This is where Digital Download has a chance of actually surviving, people will rent more movies as internet speed goes up, but to buy (at least for me) I’d prefer to have the physical disc (Blu Ray now) there.
    4) Buying whole TV Shows, not just single episodes
    5) TV Shows to buy or rent in HD
    6) Show specs for content (720p, 5.1DD, etc..)
    7) More studio and TV networks. I see Reign of Fire (Touchstone/Disney), but I can’t find that when I go to the Disney tab and there’s no Touchstone tab.

  • Canada? :'(

  • Yeah. It would be cool to set up a subscription model with the video store where you can rent movies and TV shows endlessly (or a limited amount) during a given time period; say a month or a quarter.

    Like Netflix online.

  • double posting:

    I’m 100% with AranhaHunter! :D

  • yeah the preview option its not used at all


  • a) What’s up with this not being in Canada. It’s North America, like content laws are -that- strict.

    b) Those top 4 movies to nothing to positively reflect PSN users >> All 4 of those movies are god awful.

    … *difficult*

  • HBO content in our future?

  • I want fight club, more futurama etc.. and idea of there will be more support of movie rentals etc.. because so far its mostly just tv stuff thats updated

  • When does Canada get the video store?

  • Haha, my sister’s kids asks me every once in awhile if Hannah Montana will ever be available for download. (Of course, she doesn’t use those exact words, as she is only 4)

    @9: I watched it. It was one of the worst movies of its kind that I’ve seen. This is all just my opinion, of course.

  • Yeah, Meet the Spartans is in one of the top spots?

    Come on, I thought people were smarter than that…

  • Cops!

    “Bad boys bad boy wutcha gunna do when they come for you” :D

  • Just wondering, will we ever get any other TV networks for the Video Service?

    Such as: The CW, NBC, HBO, etc.

    And Movie Studios such as Universal?

    Would this have anything to do with Microsoft announcing their NBC and Universal thing at E3? I hope not, and hope we’ll be able to get it in due time.

    I know others, including myself have wanted these networks since this launched. I was rather upset to see that none of these networks were there, seeing as how all my favorite TV shows are on the CW and NBC. =(

    Thanks for taking your time to read this, nice update!

  • this is awsome but now i cant buy anything for three days ive completly ran out of room on my 60gig so im waiting for my new hardirve to arrive in he mail.
    btw kinda off topic but im really intrested in the heavenly sword soundtrack, is there any chance that it will arrive on itunes like LAIR, Uncharted, and Warhawk?

  • No video store for Europe yet :(

  • didnt think i would see cops in that list. It should be a huge seller! lol

  • I see that the Bible Fruit episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force has been added to the store. I will likely have to pick that up. I love that episode. lol

  • Can’t wait for Canada to get this service, my girlfriend and I love watching movies, she’d probably marry me if I told her we can download good quality movies and TV shows from the comfort of our sofa :-)

  • I’d like to see stuff like the 5th wheel, or blind date, cheaters would be nice. How about anime movies such as dragon ball, and dbz,or dbgt, sailor moon and others. Also is it possible in the future to add the boondocks to the adult swim section

  • Europe never have video store cool

  • what about canada????

  • only in dreams :)

  • Great Update Guys and Gals. I have o say that Deadliest Catch is one of my favorite tv shows. Too bad the season is over, Oh well reruns are always kool too.

  • O and foregot about cops. o that show can be funny some times lol

  • I would like to see some Grounded for Life episodes on the store.

  • Pretty decent update.

    I must say I am a fan of Xam’d! I wait for it every tuesday. The start has been slow but I know it has great episodes to come. Keep it Coming!!!

  • thats an intersting and surprising list for downloads, it kind of tells us what type of age group makes up the majority of downloaders…

  • How about newer stuff from Disney?

  • oh and why is prison break season 1 missin episode 1. Oh and y’all should really try to get the first saw on the stor

  • I’d actually get Xam’d if it weren’t a rental, is that changing any time soon?

  • Any news for Canada? Please update us.

  • “1) A monthly subscription service for unlimited downloads”

    Agreed. I don’t watch anything that isn’t streamed online – or through media sharing on the PS3. This suggestion would be the only thing I would ever pay for video wise on the PSN. In this day and age, its very common for consumers to connect their PC’s or macs to their HDTV’s. What can be done with a lot of networks- free streaming online goodness, can easily be done with a few cables.

    Unlimited monthly service would entice me as a paying customer. And thats it.

  • i want more movies!

  • I haven’t used the video store section but if there was a subscription service for rentals and a good selection I’d be all over this. Probably up to $20 a month!

  • I would like to at least beable to redownload my content when I run out of room on my HDD to make more room for something else…

    Come on at least make it were it can only be redownloaded to the same MAC address only and has to be on the Main account..

    Will save alot of People headaces and make the wineing stop for good!!

    Because its already Copy Protected im not one of thos people that like to rip burned movies because I love the Origainal Quality at hand.. thats why I go buy Hard Copies.. I love the Digital ways but this is stoping me from buying more on the Store… I know you guys are making money by not doing it…

    but at the leaset make it to our Mac adresses and the the main account or the account it was purchaced from!

  • Sony

    monthly fees ala netflix please

  • What about Canada? :'(

  • This is great so far. What do you guys think about adding Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog to the PSN store? I would love to have that on my PSP. :)

  • O Canada!
    Our home and native land!
    True patriot love in all thy sons command.

    With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
    The True North strong and free!

    From far and wide,
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    God keep our land glorious and free!
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

  • I don’t enjoy all those movie or tv show! Do you want to know why? Because I am deaf and I do not see any subtitle included then how can I enjoy it as normal people like you. Thank a lot to Sony and I felt they not listen to us, we did requested many time and do nothing about it. I do not appreciate it. It’s waste my time and my money on PS3.

  • Please make it so that downloaded videos appear in the “Download List” in the PSN Store, so we can re-download deleted material.

    Otherwise, the PSN Store is less attractive than buying disc-based video content, because when you buy a DVD, you at least get a hard copy.

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