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Read this on Kotaku recently (pulled from Lifehacker), and seeing as how we tend to end up with nearly as many comments per post over here, thought this might be a nice thing to share: Tips for useful commenting.

We value your comments, tips, and suggestions – and following these basic guidelines will help make sure everyone else does too. Remember, nobody respects people who say “First!”

• Stay on topic.
• Contribute new information to the discussion.
• Don’t comment for the sake of commenting.
• Know when to comment and when to e-mail.
• Remember that nobody likes a know-it-all.
• Make the tone of your message clear.
• Own your comment.
• Be succinct.
• Cite your sources with links or inline quoting.
• Be courteous.
• Don’t post when you’re angry, upset, drunk or emotional.
• Do not feed or tease the trolls.

Also, I think I’d add to that “Don’t comment 12 times in the same post.” The vast majority of you follow these guidelines on a daily basis, but these tips will help keep the BanSword in its sheath.

Anyways, if you’re just tuning in, here’s what you missed on PlayStation.Blog and this week. Comment away!

Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

  • Gun of the Week: Fact-finding – This isn’t a “Gun of the Week” so much as a “What Guns Do You Want To See?”
  • Poll of the Week: Custom Controls? – What’s your preference? Do you like defaults or do you change it up?
  • Play Profiles – Here comes some info on how the profiles are going to work, complete with example.
  • Dev Q&A 12 – David Seymour gives us the straight dope on sniping, chat, and weight lossencumbrance.
  • Sneak Peek – Awards – I break down the rewards, which let you show off just how awesome you really are.

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  • jeff are u really taking request for which third party company we would like to see.i would love to see sega on here.i would also like to see square-enix.the s-e request isnt about ff13 well not the one we see it about their psp game such as star ocean,ff dissia,and kingdom hearts birth by sleep.there also namco i would love to see return and talk about the new naruto game.

    • Sega has been on before and likely will be again.

      S-E is a bit tougher, but perhaps I can set something up around TGS.

  • I have a Great Idea for the!! :D

    – Make it were “ONLY” Playstation Fans that have a PSN account on here have to be Signed in! Please! Would Spam out that bad Worms AKA Trolls ;)

    – Plus Please Throw in a Spell Check! for some of us that can’t spell that well “Hints something like has for a spell check”

    – And not but not Least a Offical BLOG area In Playstation@HOME! at least have a Wall.. Set up were it shows all the latest News on the Blog and have it were we can Post from the Blog Area in Home! (I would love this Idea alot!) If it comes real I like to have my name as some sort of anolishment like (Thought up by Ricky or something of that kind)

    Chears your greatest Thinker ;)

    AKA PSN: Skater_Ricky 8)

  • @#7

    You can already use bold and italic using the standard html tags.

  • @#49
    get FireFox! It has a built-in spellchecker.

    (sorry for the double post guys…)

  • It’s a good thing for this recap always links I never saw and important information that needs reading!

    Jeff if you happen to read this message I am not sure if you are aware of an error that happens when you post on any page before the last one. The post goes through but it says “404 file not found” no blog loads just that message.

    • yeah, a few people have said this is happening, and we\’re trying to figure out why. In the meantime, try clearing out your cache, and that should make it stop.

  • Who do we email to make suggestions?

  • I have a request, a while ago a PS3 graffiti theme was released is there anyway to get a PSP version? I lack the skills to make one my self.

  • jeff i’m glad that your talking to nisa for them to appear in the blog.but, i have an idea why dont you just let us fans sending them our questions through you? lets say the most important 20 questions or so and u will come back with the answers to us (written or video interview) that way, i think would be more easier for you and them! ;)

    either way, i like the idea for you to integrate a webcam in to the blog so we can see how you guys do your stuff :)

    lastly,could you please tell us if life with playstation will come in a fw update or just a download from the store?thanks

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    @51 hey! so does safari. :)

    @52 C-h-a-o-s
    this has been happening constantly to me too. Glad to know it’s not just my computer.

    @ Jeff
    How about bringing Square Enix onto the Blog? Then again, they might be flamed for the 360 move, unless everybody has calmed down by now.

    Or even Naughty Dog, I’m really hopping to hear about another Uncharted as well as a new Jak and Daxter.

  • hey jeff,

    will dlyan jobe be coming to the blog next week for a warhawk update?

  • Jeff is there any information around regarding the european beta of home we would love some details on this please!



  • Quick question. When will those of us who subscribed to Qore get to use the SOCOM Beta? You gave me that thing like three months ago. You should give people things they can use. Maybe hold back and put it in issue three or whatever issue your on when it is FINALLY available. I have already downloaded and erased issue two, and three should be out any day now.

    Unless it is delayed, and I could not imagine you guys delaying anything.

  • @Jeff
    Don’t flame me everyone, but in regards to the first rule on that list could I suggest implementing some sort of regional IP address filtering for posts. Maybe it’s just me, but it gets kinda annoying reading 50 different “when does ____ come to europe??” posts that have no relevance to the topic. It’s not that I don’t appreciate what people across the pond have to say when it contributes to the discussion, but this IS as USA blog after all…

    (this was in no way provoked by the post above either, it’s just something that’s been bugging me for some time)

  • update!

    I now have 4 trophies in eden. all seeds in garden 1 2 & 3, 10x combo. I got all the spectra in the first 4 levels and working on all seeds in 4 right now.

    my basic strategy in this game is to start off only collecting pollen. I just spin go for the pollen, I dont even plant any seeds then most of them will be full. Then I just bounce along opening them all up. Work my way up the different paths you can go, and collect each spectra once I get the spectra I just jump down and go up the next one. If its done this way you end up running into every seed and it makes it easier to get all of them. Go for the big crystals to give yourself extra time and work your way up slowely. I usually skip over one of those big crystals at the bottom incase I fall I can grab it and make my way back up.

    For the combo 10 trophy, I killed one of those big spining monster things, then attached to the end of one of the swaying flowers I collected all 6 of of them and a load of pollen prowlers (6 I think) got a 12 combo, I tried to jump off and get another three for 15 combo trophy but I was too excited and messed up and ended up with a combo of 13 that game… Was cool because in the same game I also got all seeds (gotta love 2 in one game!)

    thats like when I got tokenizer and token hoarder both in the same game in stardust..

    I definetly think I can get All spectra found and all gardens clear as well as all the seed ones. 500 dead pollen prowlers sounds like an endurance test I am sure I can get this one as well.

    Im worried about 0 wasted pollen and the hundred thousander…both sound pretty tough I havnt tried for 0 wasted pollen, ten minute grimp is hard enough right now… I wish this game had a timer clock on the screen!! Its makes trophies harder than they need to be when you gotta time yourself using your own seperate clock or the xmb. Also I dont see a way to tell how much pollen you have?

    And am I correct in thinking that how much pollen you have is when you spin through the pollen and they move towards you instead of a seed? if so this sounds REALLY hard, ill have to try it later.

  • @crystalx3d

    I’m from Europe and this is a “A blog by SCEA for PlayStation fans”, it doesn’t say it’s for “American PlayStation fans”. Sadly in Europe, we have absolutely no contact or information from SCEE like this and I like the idea of being able to post on here to ask questions and give my views, I may not be American, but I paid the equivalent of $800 for my PS3, so I think I’m entitled to some sort of communication with Sony via this blog.

    Just my view though, I never ask if something is coming to Europe, I’m more concerned about new content overall.

  • @piratethom

    i agree im also from europe and i dont post about when things come to europe, blocking european IP’s becuase of a minority would be a bad thing to do since a lot of readers on here are european

  • Just for future reference, to people from Europe:

    Asking SCEA about the release date of European content is pointless, as nice as it would be, SCEA deal with America, SCEE deals with Europe. Really, SCEE are the only people who can answer the questions and it’s probably why most “when is it coming to Europe?” questions do go unanswered, because there’s really not a lot SCEA can do about it.

  • @64 cmon do you really beleieve that SCEA has no idea what SCEE is doing? i doubt it. I love this blog and always read it. Its way better than the forums from which seems to just be over run with whining kids and crazy posts…….hold on a mo…thats just like yours. Love this blog and keep it up Sony love checking in everyday to see whats new.


  • Yay. Ever since I picked up a 5000 pound banhammer the night of no store update my post have been short and sweet

  • I found a PSN card $20 in a gas station at SPEEDWAY in INDY. So they are geting around. And I alway come here First before I get any info form those other sites. Becouse they get there info right here on the blog!!!

  • @ 49 not bad an idea.

    With the new PSN ID linking feature..

    Lets link our blog accounts to out PS3 ID’s.

    Get those techy programmers to work Jeff!

  • @skaterricky:
    “Plus Please Throw in a Spell Check! for some of us that can’t spell that well “Hints something like has for a spell check””

    Skaterricky, you can use Firefox version 2.0. It has built in spell check so that when you type in a form and you misspell a word, it underlines it for you. All you need to do is right click the word, and it gives you a list of suggestions. I am not sure if this feature is also available in Internet explorer 7.

  • Will there be HD Video to purchase on the video store?

    It would literally take me 14 days to download the rental. lol

  • When will Sony give some sort of update about PSN cards instead of the wall of silence? It is bad enough that stores don’t accept many international credit cards so that if you import “region free” games you are screwed when it comes to getting DLC, but the way Sony ignores the many customers who have asked about this is downright insulting.

  • @ DTS MAN

    From what I understand of SCE, the various regions are pretty much given free reign with releases and other things within their own regions.

    While SCEA could pass on our suggestions and complaints, they really have no say with what SCEE are doing, nor can they force them to do otherwise.

  • @Jeff

    “Is there a particular upcoming PS game studio that we should be inviting in?”

    ~I’d really like hear from the guys and gals at Thatgamecompany to talk some more about FLOWER, that game clip really interested me more than any of the KillZone 2 clips…

    ~Also, it would be great if you get Rusty Buchert, senior producer at SCEA’s Santa Monica Studio (that should be easy for an in-house guy like yourself!) to talk about the wierd and wonderful LINGER IN THE SHADOWS “interactive digital art”.

    I think since Eden had been so popular, these type of casual games are really poised to make a great impression on normally FPS oriented gamers..

    and that is a great thing!!

    ~Finally, any tasty tidbits of info about new PSEYE games would be much appreciated…maybe the team @ SCE London Studio & Playlogic are working on making some updates or add-ons to Tori-Emaki or some other new PSEYE “games”!

    (Tori-Emaki is still on my top twenty PS3 games, and it’s not even a game!)

    thanks Jeff for all your hard work..

    and sorry again about making your work harder..

    i’m old enough to know better…peace man..

    Frito has turned a new leaf!
    *level up*

  • Sorry for the delay on the link Jeff

    FF Agito XIII and Parasite Eve 3 PSP releases link as requested

    Been busy coding and forgot to keep up with the blog. Would be nice if we could get emails for when you reply Jeff.

  • Is Life With Playstation going to be something I can check whilst away via Remote Play? If not, that’s cool too. It’s just sometimes I feel like this feature is so underutilized. :(

  • Hello Jeff ad people on the blog, I wanted to know as a clarification was the 2.42 update made to fix 2.41 and 2.40 or was it an update that had new features as I have not downloaded it yet.(Away from my PS3 for 6 days so far)

  • hey Jeff i was wondering if there was a time frame for when Canadians would get the video store

  • Hello Jeff,

    Thanks for the updates on the blog here. Keep up the GREAT work!

    Is it possible to get David Jaffe from Eat Sleep Play to post here on the blog to reveal what game he is working on?

  • What new games will feature trophies.

  • OK I’m a big music fan we know Sony have ties to the music business. Plus we know Sony want the PS3 a multimedia console. so i was wondering “Jeff do you know if we will be able to download music on to our PS3”. i think it would be cool if we had a music store mainly when games have in game support plus be able to download music to our mp3 and mp4 players and get itunes would be hot……. Jeff can i call you “J”

  • I’m really looking foward to the PSN’s ratchet and clank game. I was wondering 2 things about it.

    How big will the download be? If it’s under 2 gigs then no problem, if it’s 3 gigs or more I’d prefer a blu ray version. If that’s the case would there be a blu ray version outside of europe in the future?

  • I no longer can see the sight of pollen prowlers for at least 24 hours and my hands are hurting too much thanks to Eden :-P 11 trophies with great effort I can tell ya, that game is seriously “tough”.

    From now on things are going to be such a blast on the PS3 :-D

    PSN: Onna76_NL

  • Hi, thanks for your time. I just found out that in the PSN store on the ps3 you can’t download videos outside the US. I live in Costa Rica, i made my PSN account as if i was living in the USA in florida. One of the main reasons I bought a PS3 was to rent movies from the playstation store, then i found out that i had to be in the US to use that service, i wrote to customer service and they answered that if i wanted to use that service I needed a credit card, mailing/billing adress in the US. So i got some questions.
    1-If my adress is in the US and my credit card is international will i be able to access the video rent or is it IP based?
    2-Will there be any worldwide movie/tv content for everyone to buy and download sometime? Because we both know you will never bother to get permissions of the shows in Costa Rica…
    4-If things like movies are sold and seen worldwide, why can’t you get the permission to all that content worldwide, at least Sony Content.

  • Oh a suggestion Jeff, to prevent spam even more, add an edit button to this blog, so people can edit their posts. At least you can add another comment if you forgot one to mention.

  • oh, 1, 2, 4… damn keyboard lol :D

  • When will hear more from PLAYSTATION Home? I heard Japan has a Home theme now, will we be getting it soon?

  • Thanks Jeff, hopefully Noel and the others who make the themes are up for it. My current PSP theme is the default I can’t find any good ones.

    As for the Blog problem I cleared my cache a few days ago I don’t think that did anything.

  • you know Jeff I’m beginning to think that you don’t like me

  • Hey jeff, will we ever see an european ps blog?

  • Is there anyway that I could create my own theme using a Mac? I don’t own a PC so I’m stuck.


  • thanks so much jeff, mainly for the maturity check on most these folks. I’m sad to say i broke some of the about *rules* you stated… no excuse there. lol.

    i’m still new to this whole blogging deal so for sake of all us “noobs” to new things for helping clear the air and making me feel as though for a bit i’ll get some feedback, in fact, i haven’t had to ask one question due to them all being answered.

    thank you very much

    (did i get all my internet lingo correct???)


    I almost forget they are not real myself… from time to time, games that is. that was a very good point to throw out there. make ya think for a second

  • Thanks Jeff for replying to our questions!

  • we need an EU blog ffs

  • Just thought I’d say, since this is my first post ever on the PS Blogs, that there is some great work going on here.

  • this was an great week on the blog for me well a great week peroid since i picked up warhawk, gran turismo 5 prologue, assasains creed, and resistance fall of man hopefully next week will be just as exciting

  • Jeff thanks for the response but the studio a lot of the us are looking for is Square Enix. Future projects include tekken 6 and ff13 and versus.

    As annoying at it sounds I think the bloggers would be happy to see a monthly post or weekly (extremely unlikely) on current development within each 3rd parties(capcom, namco, square, etc find out their top downloads on our system). No top secret stuff could careless about the secret games but just updates and feedback from them and what they have instore for customer that can be said to us.

  • jeff I have a hacker comin after me to hack my psp that i just bought like he did to his I’ve seen the applications for it and I can honestly say there is no need I have the best two systems out (ps3 Psp) and love the updates life I know is going to be off the chain and the fack that I can brag about what I have makes it all the better. hey why dont yall come to Tucson? we need a homebase out here peace

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