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Read this on Kotaku recently (pulled from Lifehacker), and seeing as how we tend to end up with nearly as many comments per post over here, thought this might be a nice thing to share: Tips for useful commenting.

We value your comments, tips, and suggestions – and following these basic guidelines will help make sure everyone else does too. Remember, nobody respects people who say “First!”

• Stay on topic.
• Contribute new information to the discussion.
• Don’t comment for the sake of commenting.
• Know when to comment and when to e-mail.
• Remember that nobody likes a know-it-all.
• Make the tone of your message clear.
• Own your comment.
• Be succinct.
• Cite your sources with links or inline quoting.
• Be courteous.
• Don’t post when you’re angry, upset, drunk or emotional.
• Do not feed or tease the trolls.

Also, I think I’d add to that “Don’t comment 12 times in the same post.” The vast majority of you follow these guidelines on a daily basis, but these tips will help keep the BanSword in its sheath.

Anyways, if you’re just tuning in, here’s what you missed on PlayStation.Blog and this week. Comment away!

Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

  • Gun of the Week: Fact-finding – This isn’t a “Gun of the Week” so much as a “What Guns Do You Want To See?”
  • Poll of the Week: Custom Controls? – What’s your preference? Do you like defaults or do you change it up?
  • Play Profiles – Here comes some info on how the profiles are going to work, complete with example.
  • Dev Q&A 12 – David Seymour gives us the straight dope on sniping, chat, and weight lossencumbrance.
  • Sneak Peek – Awards – I break down the rewards, which let you show off just how awesome you really are.

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  • Will Canada be seeing the video store by the end of 2008?

  • I broke everyone of these yesterday. Sorry.

  • Please make a BLOG post on PLAYSTATION EDU. I need to know more on the program you’re offering. If possible, in the blog, please include all universities that have approved offering the course, in CANADA and EUROPE.

  • Are there any more details on PSN Cards from this Official Sony Blog other than you saying that you’ve seen them places? In California?

    Could you let us know where you’ve seen them? Retail stores? Links Online? Or at least update us on why there are no solid details about them?

    Can you at least comment on why you cant SPECIFICALLY give any information for the PSN Cards?

  • Fifth!!! lol just kidding…

  • I lol’d at not being drunk and posting.

    Question. Is there a specific reason why Life with Playstation delayed? I’m sick of people calling it the Delaystation 3, but lately it seems to be true.

    Just curious. Also, any word on when in game music will be implemented into a game via patch? Any game?

  • Glad to see the that a specific radius for the BanSword has been clearly defined now. Step inside that area and prepare to be smote! :D Though the “no one likes a know-it-all” rule seems a little out of place… And the “don’t drink and post” rule is hilarious! XD

    It was a very full week, and Socom seems to be coming along nicely. Hopefully we’ll get some word in the next week as to what is going on with Life With PlayStation, but I’m just glad it didn’t pass with absolutely no word. As far as I’m concerned, that’s far worse than missing a deadline.

    Thanks for another great week, Jeff! :D

    (Any word on the website formatting update- I’d really like to be able to use ‘bold’ and ‘italics’ and be able to pick my smilies. I have no idea how to make the massive majority of smilies that may be possible here.)

    • We\’re working on some new layouts for the blog and will be looking at some new formatting stuff. But when it comes down to it – what you see is much more important than the font you say it in.

  • @2.
    Agreed. I broke these to. :/

  • I agree with everyone of making the post better but in the end you will need better moderators to deal with trolls or have a few (free) moderators.

    I know this is a weird request but can you have more third party developers post on this site. With surprising events at various expos. It is clear we need to communicate or hear from them, most of the gamers know they have their own forums but having them give this blog some new post and some feedback would be a good thing.

    Capcom and various developers have people talk with use about their games. You should really get more third parties to discuss what they plan to do with their games.

    • Well if you look above, we had Capcom on this week, and we\’ll hear more from them, 2K, and Criterion next week.

      I\’ve been in talks with NIS (just yesterday, actually), about PS3 exclusive Disgaea, and that should hopefully bear fruit soon.

      We\’ve also seen Konami, Namco Bandai, Sega, Midway, and more here on the blog. Is there a particular upcoming PS game studio that we should be inviting in?

  • Hey Jeff, I think you should get a “behind the scenes” thing going on here. I’m sure a lot of us who are regulars here would like to see what goes on with the PS.Blog team in the office or out of the office.

    Just throwing an idea out there.

    • Maybe we\’ll set up a webcam, so you can see me hunched over a computer all day. Sound good? :-)

  • For the price of one game I picked up two games thanks to the greatest hits sale! Warhawk and oblivion, two excellent games! glad I got them both.

    Im loving Eden as well! only got 1 trohpy so far but I have made it the 7th garden so im pretty happy about that!

  • jeff lol!is all i can say.

  • I think post more then once in the threads because they want to make that list for the 3rd birthday of the blog in order to get something from you guys. ;-]

    Seemed like a quiet week last week for gaming. But still some good stuff coming out. Sadly we didn’t get Life with PlayStation.

    • Well for those posting just to get on the Top 50 – I\’ve got bad news: there will be no Top 50 next year. It only worked because nobody knew we were going to do it!

  • Hi Jeff,
    Can you clarify what happen with Life With Playstation? Why did Jack tell us at the end of July? I think Sony owes it to the fans a little explanation.

    P.S. – this was a big reason the blog got out of hand the other day.

  • Hey Jeff.

    are you going to Games Convention in Europe? We need some video update there as well ;P

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    next time you have rewards for the top commenters, like you did for the blog’s anniversary, take these guidelines into account, since I believe a fair number of these people had so many posts simply because they strayed off topic, trolled, or commented just for the sake of commenting.

    Maybe a word count too, since a paragraph of thought should definitely count more that just saying “First!”

  • PhenzCrete read this weeks blog posts they go into detail about why life with playstation was not released….they say it will come out late auguest…be patient man and to be fair they gave you explanation you just missed it….

  • dear god Jeff is laying down the law O.O


    give us back Backward Compatibility


    lot of interesting stuff here jeff. Surprised you left the links from IGN out for this weekends Square Enix fan showing.

    Getting FF Agito XIII on PSP and Parasite Eve 3 (Actual title 3rd Birthday) on PSP as well is big news for PSP owners….. considering my PS3 crapped out on me last night its the only good news i’ve had all week.

  • I’ve yet to get a trophy in Eden :(

    Speaking of trophies, could it be possible for Sony to replace that gray notification box with something more attractive (at least for the trophies)? Jeff, could you request that?

  • • Do not feed or tease the trolls.

    Ahhhh…BUT I’M HUNGRY!!!

    can haz cheezburger?

    also, i don’t understand the one that is

    “Don’t comment 12 times in the same post.”

    11 is ok, then?

    j/k Jeff.


    but seriously, do you mean like in the “The PSB & Weekly Recap” post itself or within our own posts, like when we respond to people like:

    @159 scoobydoo

    just wondering. i know i’m already treading on thin ice…

    I think it would be nice if we could altogether agree no more saying “shut up” as a rebuttal, and how about no more name-calling?

    I have very sensitive bladder, and any emotional stress can have me in puddles quicker than you can say “engelbert pumperdinck”

    after all..


    Made up stuff in a virtual world that can never be real, a fantasy world full of power up mushrooms, talking walking animals that wear clothes, spiky haired heroes with guns twice as large as their body, and giant robots from the future sent back through time..

    soo….Why so serious?

    peace PS3blog

    PSNid: FritoZ

  • Will you guys be releasing here on the blog the sales figures for the best selling PS3 games so far. The best selling PSN games and so on?

  • a great article on NYTimes about trolls:

    Read this story here at NY Times

    very interesting read, and kind of scary,too.

  • I hope you read this in its entirety and know that I’m a huge PlayStation fan trying to make a good thing(PSN/Trophies) better.

    I have a few problems/suggestions for the trophy system/PSN overall. I’ve complied a list. Please respond! A lot of my friends and other useres share the same problems/suggestions.

    – When you get a new trophy is there anyway you guys can change the art of it? I mean the grey background it just does go well with the slickness that is the PS3. This also goes when friends log in and out its a big ugly grey box.

    – The trophy that pops up when you do get a new one is just a generic trophy icon, are you guys looking into a way so the actual dev trophy icon will pop up instead? for example Super Stardust has the asteroid icons (i think thats what they are) I’d rather see that than a generic trophy icon.

    – It would be cool to change the sound when you get a new trophy, everyone loves options.(personally dont care I like the sound it currently has, suggestion my friend made)

    – On our profile card there should be another tab or just an icon displaying what games(think ps store format) we’ve unlocked the platinum trophy for rather than have to compare trophies and scroll all the way down.

    – The PSN avatars…we need more or a way so we can get a custom avatar, I constantly see the same ones over and over again.

    – About the PSN Gamercard that you guys created…its to ..empty and it looks unattractive , it displays little to no information. I currently dont use the one you guys made on forums I visit , but rather PLayfire’s version(it displays number of trophies, which ones you have game currently playing, great background art , PSN Level, and just alot more information.

    – Please add more options to use when we use the XMB…I mean its so limited!

    – Video Store is way to expensive is there anyway to have an optional subscription?

    – Flash does not work in most websites( to be specific)

    – When using ingame-XMB while playing its very sluggish

    I will continue to add things as I see them being asked about
    Thank you

  • LOL, nice finally an ownage from Jeff. Anyways wanted to know when is the Life?

  • don’t drink and post??????????
    this is the first time i haven’t been drunk while posting. :(


    Please open up moderation, do not fear using your banhammers on the people here. I know you have responsibilities to make your public image brighter, but there are far too many people here that are arrogant, spouting their comments 15X over like you pointed out. I am a proud Kotakuite, and they wouldn’t deal with BS trolling and whatnot. And while I know you guys can’t be as harsh as they can, feel free to tell some of your consumers the truth, as painful as it can be.

    I am now more interested in commenting here if there is some form of moderation. Thanks again for the recap, see you next week!

  • I am so confused.Music anyone?

  • Love the part about not feeding or teasing the trolls! I’ll try not to do that anymore.


  • Jeff…. will we ever get an interview that has any Team ICO news?

    I saw the resurgence today, and I ahet hypign the game, ebcuase it will amke it less special, but can we get a Fumito Ueda interview ever!?

    That would be awesome.

    • Hmm, if I end up going to Tokyo Game Show, maybe I\’ll drop by places like Q Games and other Japanese studios. That *would* be cool!

  • Can we please have the slightest tidbit of news about WipEout HD please?

  • Did I ever mention you rock? That’s gotta confirm that Team Ico will be there too, heh.

    Seriously though, thanks for reply. And I shan’t post again, i did read what you just wrote. (wooo 30th post :Z)

  • Is there any chance to get some interviews from european developers as well? I mean I’m from Europe and this is the best site for any official info concerning ps3/psp for me.

    I would also love to see more interviews from game developers like the ones you did with ted price, and the pixel junk eden and flower devs. That was awesome.

    Finally, any news when final fantasy XIII is rebecoming ps3 exclusive? :) just kidding!

    Btw if anyone is in UK and wants to go play some motorstorm before launch, it’s going on tour, here’s the link

  • It’s about time you guys took a stand against the people who really shouldn’t be commenting in ways such as these. It’s annoying and counter-productive.

    Also, I gotta give props to the PlayStation Experience Truck, I went to the X Games yesterday and was not disappointed! LittleBigPlanet is the best thing to happen to gaming ever, I loved my hour of total play time with the thing! Too bad I missed the preliminaries for the GT5P tournament, I play that game a lot and probably could have made it to the final five (assuming penalties were on, I’m no wallrider…).

  • “Do not feed or tease the trolls.”
    “Don’t comment 12 times in the same post.”

    Yet, you did dressed some up by giving them T-shirts : )

    (Yes most of those T-shirts winners were not trolls, but quite a few of those were those “way more than 12 posts, trolls…)

    Still, happy to see that you have swords. As far as I’m concerned, there should be a PS3 owner section only, or at least a different font color maybe, but it’s just me : )

  • Will the new socom have trophies?

  • • Don’t post when you’re angry, upset, drunk or emotional.

    Do you really mean this? Because when people are upset, I think Sony should know. Then they try to fix what’s wrong. Or ignore it. I’ve seen Sony do plenty of both.

    As long it doesn’t turn into outright flaming, I think it’s ok.

    Most of the time I only post when I’m very angry/happy, because any other time there’s not enough motivation to bother writing.

  • @Cinos123

    Yup, it sure does. You can expect any first party titles from Sony being developed with the 2.4 dev kits to include them. I’m sure you can Google it for sources too.


    I think he’s trying to point out more or less that a lot of us say some things that are in angst, and while they aren’t always unwarranted, they usually consist of non-sensible outcries and LARGE CAPS as if to make their point more poignant. I agree with some things, and am guilty of a few of them (See; ‘Don’t be a know-it-all’ heh) but in my defense even when I’m outraged against certain things, there’s always a rational explanation for all the things that happen here, and it just takes a second of clear-mindedness to get there. Hence, I usually play the strawman argument, and defend Sony while having no real explanation as to why. Call me a fanboy if you will, I prefer to think I just have seen these things happen before (even outside of Sony) and it doesn’t help the industry to be overly-critical of it all the time. I saw a lot of it when I saw the update post for Life With PlayStation, and how (almost) every poster was just completely outraged, but never took to mind the fact that a *clear* date for the application was never laid out, there was a timeframe that was estimated, but Jack, nor anyone else said “We promise this is gonna be in your hands by July 31st.”

    In essence, I hope this is what Jeff was getting at by posting those regulations, which have worked for the other sites. They want your feedback, but they want you to understand, ranting and raving IN ALL CAPS doesn’t make them want to read your concerns, it makes you seem ill-informed and childish, and while they have to read hundreds of posts every week, they would just like a little more maturity in going about it. They aren’t going to bite if you can’t display your concerns in a orderly manner.

    As I said in my earlier response, I’m glad the folks up at the PSBlog are mentioning this to the readers, because in order for Sony to succeed at doing their jobs well, they need a civil fanbase that can convey their ideas and concerns without igniting said flame wars, and without offending anyone, including their own employees.

    But hey, what do I know? I’m mister know-it-all, haha.

  • @Real Gambler

    Haha, hey now! I’m wearing my shirt today! Not fair! *Checks belly button for gems…*

    Agreed, I do wonder how possible it is to link our PSN ID’s to this account, just like our PSU accounts, as to weed out those who actually own a system, and those who are interested in one. Would probably speed up moderation too.

    • This is something we\’re exploring right now, actually. No timetable on this, but it\’s being actively pursued.

  • Nice thing is, that the greatest hits finally came out.

    Lame thing is, gamestop is stupid and doesn’t know what they are. Apparently greatest hits are an easier/cheaper version of a game.

    Oh well..=/

    At least I got myself Resistance for 30 dollars =D

  • Hey Jeff

    I didn’t know where to ask this, but I guess this is a best place as any.

    My question is about the new PSN gamer cards. Is there away we can ad a section to the card that shows our game collection? That way people can look to see who on their friends list shares the same games.

  • There’s so much going on in the US, Europe and Japan with PS3, tours, E3, etc.

    Can you have a tour of Canada one of these days ?

    I’m sure you’d get much appreciation up here and we are a very close neighbor to the US.

    thanks for the post.

  • @ citizenInsain27 you are close to 12 posts buddy lol @ Jeff can you tell me if there is a platinum trophy for sshd? I like to know since i haven’t bought the team pack but if there is no platinum trophy i wont buy it, hopefully you answer mi question for the first time ever!

  • @32

    Not all of us spammed the threads. I for one didn’t. Most of mine were one reply only.


    That would be very cool to see SCEC. I remember seeing the office on Electric Playground one time, but would love to see Jeff up there interviewing them and seeing what they do for the PS3 in Canada.

    But what I would love to know even more is, will Sony open up any game studios in Canada? EA, Ubisoft and even RockStar have studios up here.

  • Mr. Jeff, were you able to get the Singstar top download list?

    • Not yet, coming up with a \’best practice\’ on where/when we\’d be posting stuff like that, sort of like Friday\’s video download list.

  • Thanks for laying the smack down and THANKS ESPECIALLY for acknowledging the PSN card “crisis.”
    I really want them…
    Hopefully it’s really really soon! :D

    Great work and keep it up! :D

  • I’m mega guilty of the multiple posts per blog topic, but it’s partially Sony’s fault for giving me so much to talk about…

  • sony, wheres my jrpg?

  • Sweet. No second “First!” T-Shirt Jeff?! Gosh!! :D (I hope that doesn’t count as saying first!)

    Well overall a great week. Been KILLING in Battlefield with my awesome Sniper-Motion Sensor combo :P
    Really liking Eden here, and also looking forward to the New R&C. Unfortunately those games of the Greatest Hits that I CAN get, I have already purchased. Let’s see when I can play M games :|

    Oh, and I REALLY am loving the Blog progression. Since the beginning we would have weeks with gaps in days. Now look we have 14 POSTS in 7 days! There you go. Have a great weekend everyone.

  • I logged into my account from my cousin’s ps3, the account I have on my ps3 at home, I knew my save files would not be there, but a great idea came to me, Sony should dedicate a webspace to user specific save files so people can upload, and download their own save files to their own account, accross multiple ps3s, for people who reformat, or buy multiple ps3’s per household. Sure most saves can be moved via’ usb devices such as psp, or memory stick. I just feel a remote storage option would help a gamer to keep their save files up to date, and accessible should something go wrong. Also often I have multiple save files going at the same time per game, having a remote storage for save files would help me keep a single best save of each game I play.

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