Set Course for Booty this August

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We’re incredibly excited to announce that Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty will be available for download on the PlayStation Network Store on August 21st for $14.99. Even better news: Q4B will also be available in Europe on the 21st, and in Japan on August 22nd.

Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty Island Vista

For those of you who don’t know much about Quest for Booty, Ratchet continues the search for his missing mate, Clank, in this pirate-themed sequel to Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Even though Q4B is a downloadable game, it packs all of the AAA-production punch you’ve come to expect from every Insomniac Games title.

As for the gameplay, Q4B focuses heavily on exploration and platforming, along with some of new experimental action for the franchise. For example, Ratchet will use the new kinetic tether on his Wrench to manipulate the environment, and he’ll use elements such as light and shadows to his advantage.

We think Quest for Booty is perfect for existing Ratchet & Clank fans and players new to the franchise. If you’ve been a fan over the years, you’ll be compelled to help solve the mystery of Clank’s kidnapping and if you’re just getting started, Quest for Booty offers a great entry point with and action-packed 3-4 hour experience for almost the same price as a movie ticket. Plus, Q4B has pirates… and booty… and it’s really fun to say “Quest for Booty” out loud with a pirate accent.

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  • I <3 James. Good stuff! August 21st also happens to be my girlfriend’s birthday. Can’t wait! ^_^

  • i was wondering if there is trophy support will there be a platinum trophy or no?

  • cool i cant wait

  • Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty looks great.

    Two questions; How come Resistance 2 has a “brownish” atmosphere like Resistance 1(looks very ugly IMO)? And what’s up with weapon reloading so fast?

  • No Trophies = No Buy
    No In-Game Music = No Buy

    • Kind of limiting your taste in games there, don\’t ya think?

      Going to be a bit before all developers have had time to plan in all of those features.

  • If you think about it life is one big quest for booty, so with that in mind I MUST get this game. Insomniac = Best PS3 titles thus far any game is a must buy.

  • Awesome!!

    Too bad I won’t get to buy/play it because Sony still hasn’t released those PSN cards out to all major retailers.

  • Ugh, as much as I didn’t (and still don’t) like the pirate dialog, I loved the game and this looks to be more of the great sameness. Trophies or not (boo!), I’ve still gotta buy it.

  • sweet, i love ratchet & clank.

  • Oops *same greatness* hahaha…Let me be clear though I did enjoy the pirate theme but the dialog from them was…meh.

  • Yes! This was easily my favorite announcement from E3. I’ll be getting Resistance 2 as well, but come on…you can’t beat Ratchet!

  • Stoked for this. Episodic content is definitely the way forward for the Video Games Industry.

  • @56: You don’t have many games, do you?

  • Can’t wait!!

    Hope we can import our Tools of Destruction weapons into Q4B.

  • QUESTION: i didn’t buy the Future of Destruction game. do i need to play that to enjoy/fully appreciate this game?

    if so…did it sell a million units yet so i can pick it up as a greatest hits title?

  • Thanks Insomniac Pirates for bringing more R&C love even before R2 is out. Q4B is my game of E3 and I can’t believe I am just about 20 days away from getting to play it myself.

  • I’m definitely very excited for this. I’m a big time Ratchet fan and I’ll be downloading asap. :D

  • This game is SUCH an insta-buy for me. Thanks Insomniac for not making me wait 1-2 years for more R&CF!

  • I can’t wait for this game it’s gonna be great! Insomiac, keep up the good work! Great price too!

  • Same day release in Europe, that’s awesome! I’ll buy this one for sure. Thank you Sony!

  • It’s a shame that Sony didn’t implement in-game music as a OS/System feature rather than requiring developers to add it on a game by game basis.

    It’s just going to make for an endless number of “does it support in-game music?” questions for the next 5 years.

  • I just want to say whats up James Stevenson. I love seeing you on Neogaf and this blog. Plus you guys at Insomniac make great games.

    Also other then R2 coming out next year and I am guessing you will make a new Rachet & Clank game next. Seeing as you guys and gals never sleep I wonder if you have any plans on making any other new IPs.

    • Ya never know what the future holds. We\’re completely focused on Resistance 2 right now, but the game is coming together really well.

  • James.

    Will the DLC for Resistance FOM ever be made free?

  • Or atleast a super reduced price especially since RFOM has gone greatest hits.
    Pass it on to Ted ==>Sony

  • It’s sad to see people decide not to buy this game because of minor unimportant features like trophies and custom soundtracks.

    Great job on the game JS and Imsomniac and I look forward to it.

  • Man, I’m not able to get in here in time for even the first page anymore. Must be a lot of bored kids at home for the summer.

    I’m seriously looking forward to this- it’s definitely an “event game.” Can’t wait for the next podcast either. :D

  • So now that you have two Insomniac studios, does that mean that you will have two years to develope each new game?

    Also, since Q4B completes the Tools of Destruction story, will we see a whole new IP from Insomniac?

    Also, Since i have the annual Qore subscription and will be able to get into the R2 Beta, i was just wondering if that means i get into the beta right away when it starts, or a while after it starts like the socom beta?

    • North Carolina hasn\’t opened yet (after Resistance 2), and we aren\’t discussing what they\’ll be up to just yet. :-)

      Who says Q4B completes the Tools of Destruction story? I think you\’ll find quite the surprise at the ending.

      And yes, Qore SUBSCRIBERS should get into the beta very early, if not day one. Stay tuned as we\’ll announce details on the blog in the not-too-distant-future.

  • Anyone from Sony? Could you give this a read?

    It would be nice for someone from Sony to respond to why we cant just have music playing in the background of the XMB? Is it a legal issue?

    No one ever says that, all you do is Ignore that time and time again. The thing that should be up to developers, is allowing the CUSTOM soundtrack via the game so that it can mute the audio when dialog happens. But overall, there is no reason that in 2008, with my “state of the art” 4d ps3 console, that I cant play a simple song while playing Gran Turismo, while you can do all of that on the xbox360.

    It would be great to get some sort of answer.
    If games like High Velocity Bowling and a few others had custom soundtracks BEFORE 2.4 how is this now different post 2.4? Its not even mandatory for developers Post 2.4 as well.

    The excuse that “Oh 2.4 came out too late in development” Is complete nonsense. I’ll accept the fact that this little online community of ours, is small, and we are in fact the minority of PS3 owners. So everything we want, might not even be in that high of demand. Clearly Sony does research to see what features are needed, or aren’t needed. But don’t pretend its 2.4’s arrival time is the thing thats stopping custom soundtracks in games.

  • JAMES STEVENSON. Its an excellent decision to release Q4B on Blu-ray. Call me old fashioned by I like to ‘see’ my games and put them on the shelf, especially as my PS3 hdd has so much content on it.

    GT 5 Prologue was a hit in Europe because the price was so good value. I hope Q4B price is good, and maybe you can see if the WipeoutHD team can release it on Blu-ray.

    Oh, and I really loved the piratey music in the Quest 4 Booty trailer. Reminded me of my favourite PC series Monkey Island. I bought R&C for PS3 at a retail sale. I was surprised that it was such good fun. Q4B is a definate buy for me.

  • James Stevenson ;) Thanks for your reply before(Comment 19)about the Blu-ray disc.
    +In-game music for R&C games i’m not keen on, because the music is excellent anyway for the games ;)
    In-game music wouldn’t really go with these sort of games i think.

  • James,

    I can hardly wait! I played through ToD twice, and had a blast (if you excuse the pun). I am a huge fan of everything you guys do, and I can hardly wait for R2.

    I am so looking forward to your next project. What could it be? Another R&C game (hopefully!)? Something entirely new (maybe)? Episodic content for R2 in the same form as Q4B (possibly?

    All I ask is that whatever it is, you stick with Sony. We love you guys, we support you and we buy everything you do. Please stay exclusive! Please?

    • We are very happy with our relationship with Sony. It\’s a great partnership and we\’re happy to be working with them

  • Sweet. I’m really starting to get into the R&C series. I liked ToD so much, I’ve gone to gamestop and purchased used copies of the first 3 R&C ps2 games just to play on my 60 gig ps3. ;-P

  • I really want this game but I don’t have a PSN card… :(
    I’ll give you my money, you just aren’t letting me.

    And “popping up” is just in Meijer which no one has heard of. How about Target? Something everyone knows.

    This sounds negative, but I can’t wait! :D

  • James

    I really want to say that both Resistance 2 and Ratchet are graphically amazing and anyone that says that it sucks must be blind. The water effects you got going on in the San Fran level are beautiful. I great to have a development team that no what they are doing with Ps3 tech. It just hurts to see games like Red alert 3 from EA get cancelled because Ps3 was too complicated. Cant wait to see what you guy are up to after resistance and Ratchet. Every time you make a new game it look better and better.



  • Hey James,

    I know all about this game not having trophies, but I have one question. Insomniac will NEVER be adding trophies to RFOM and the Ratchets? Is there a possibility you guys will add it after R2 comes, or will you be starting your next project?

    Also, what happened to the team that was working on QFB? Are they working on R2 now?

    Thank you for answering people’s questions.

    • Hey there,

      There are currently no plans to add trophies to RCF and RFOM. Again, it\’d take a lot of work to re-open those projects, go through format again, etc.

      As far as the Q4B team, most of them are on vacation and some of the others are helping with R2. :-)

  • “North Carolina hasn’t opened yet (after Resistance 2), and we aren’t discussing what they’ll be up to just yet.

    Who says Q4B completes the Tools of Destruction story? I think you’ll find quite the surprise at the ending.

    And yes, Qore SUBSCRIBERS should get into the beta very early, if not day one. Stay tuned as we’ll announce details on the blog in the not-too-distant-future.”

    The new studio should create a RPG or MMO! That would be awesome! what do you think jeff?

    I dont know? I was just hoping for a new IP i guess. I cant wait to play Q4B, Tools of Destruction was my first Ratchet&Clank game and its been one of the games i’ve ever played.

    I hope so, i want to beable to enjoy the online as long as possible before the full games comes out. Ever since i played Resistance, ive been waiting for the sequal to it. I might have to take a few days off from work just to play the beta!

  • I have a small suggestion that may help not only to benefit the PS3 gaming community but also the developers of the great games that are currently available and in development. I see no better place for this currently than in a post from INSOMNIA who time and time again have shown their drive and company wide standard to create games that constantly push the edge of everything out there and usually jump right off of it!

    OK so here goes…
    I am suggesting that SONY create a Standards based system similar to that used on the internet and in digital technology. However, this standards system would detail the format and features expected in a PS3 game in order for it to bare PS3 logo on its packaging.
    Example: XML, HTTP, RSS, HDMI, WiFi 802.11 b,g,n(“n” being a draft and not finalized)
    Using this example you can compare it to the Home beta. Another example, say that the Home beta is a standard that will be on PS3’s(at some point) right now since it’s not finished it would be labeled to customers/consumers, and the community as a DRAFT. I know that it is already a beta, but i am only using home as an example what I am suggesting is that when features and services that SONY or other developers release on PS3 are not finished yet but still released we are told this with a simple standard approach that we can all recognize. I am sure that I don’t have to remind you that only a very small % of the customer base will ever read a blog post in this blog or even an RSS feed of a post regarding system and software features.
    The best way that this could be implemented is in the use of in-game XMB and FW 2.42+ features in any new titles that are released on the platform.

    Create a standard system that will require software titles and devs in general to better inform the user. Example in-Game Soundtrack Support.(iGSS)

    Another feature is MUTE in Multiplayer Games through in-game GUI (MiMMG) games or Trophy Supported Rewards (TSR)
    Importing and Exporting of photos and other elements using the PS3 EYE camera

    I am just writing this off of the top of my head so if the acronyms don’t look great then think of better ones but a standard based system eg: the ESRB rating system that is more widely used for PS3 and Blu-Ray format titles would be enormously beneficial to the end user, and would help SONY express to other game devs what would be expected from a PS3 consumer when they are purchasing their game and also what’s expected as a PS3 1st or 3rd party dev. This way when they are in development they can include it without a problem whether it’s in a ‘Draft’ format or not.
    At least they would be able to implement it completely at some point and allow for the gamer to know that it’s being worked on simply by reading about the game from it very own packaging.
    This would be groundbreaking achievement for this company(Sony) and I feel that if any 1st party dev can give this idea legs it’s INSOMNIAC Games.

    thanks for reading have a great day Insomniac.
    awesome as always!

  • James. You’re the man!

    Can’t wait for this. Also, I can’t believe some people want custom soundtracks in this type of adventure game, it would totally ruin the mood :)

  • @89 GL0cKoP0P
    Do you mean like the current technical requirements ?
    Every game have a check list of mandatory stuff that have to support or have.

    Since SCE had a rough start with the PS3 ,its not a good idea to have a lot of madatory stuff.
    Theyre doing really well now.

  • HUGE ratchet and clank fan. Played every game since day 1. Please answer this question… ive checked all major game sites and stuff and i cant find any record or pre orders of quest for booty coming out on blu ray (yes im in UK). Is this becuase the news has only been released? seeing as i own the entire RAC series on disc im gona get this one too. I love ratchet and clank and i think (and pretty much every1 else) that number 1 and number 3 have been the best ones so far. Try and use that as a guide line to making more great games :)

    • Amazon I believe had it up for pre-order, I believe. Obviously any pricing there isn\’t final until announced by SCEE though.

  • not that you dont naturally* didnt mean to sound cheeky or anything :)

  • Why is it called Quest for Booty? Makes it seem like another type of game…

    Anyway, I’m getting this game on release. $15 for a Ratchet and Clank game!? I can’t even find the PS2 one for less than $20.

  • How many GIGS is this game going to take?

    Any ideas?

  • cool game but the fact that there are no trohpies saddens me!!! you have garunteed my money and your sale to me if you had taken the extra time out of resistance 2 (of which I dont really care btw) to put trohies in. for the most part I only buy psn games if they are REALLY REALLY good without trophies! I love R&C but not that much I think I would rather fill my gas tank and go for a weekend drive than buy it to tell you the truth.

  • @Fersis
    Do you mean like the current technical requirements ?
    Every game have a check list of mandatory stuff that have to support or have.

    Since SCE had a rough start with the PS3 ,its not a good idea to have a lot of madatory stuff.
    Theyre doing really well now.

    No i don’t mean the technical requirements as far as hardware specs I was referring to features that are included in the game.
    My post was not directed at SONY and was in no way meant to be negative. I don’t think it had any negative tone at all for that matter either. It’s just a suggestion to provide a little help to reach more of their install base with important software related features that may get overlooked or not completely understood.
    SONY is doing a great job you right and I have been a supporter since launch and beyond.
    <-2 60 GiGs, and 40 GiG.
    But since Blu-Ray is a new format(standard based format) it is lacking many of the standards systems that some of the other media formats have acquired over time. My post was an effort to help SONY add a few more standards with the help of the PS3’s gaming division to further use of the BD standard across multimedia environments.

    I used the PS3 and gaming as an example not as a complaint.
    I love the black box and insomniac simply rules!

    Part of supporting something that you like is providing suggestions that you feel could help to benefit a service or product for others and yourself.
    That’s what I was doing.

  • @79 willacuz
    High Velocity Bowling have his own implementation of custom soundtracks (As SSDHD)
    Its NOT using the SDK 2.40 custom soundtrack API.

    @87 I_am_rushin
    Right now ,theyre putting all resources on R2, time will tell if after R2 they patch it.

    @96 MidnightBlues
    Cool post

  • Are you guys considering adding trophies to Tools of Destruction after Resistance 2 is out the door?

  • @97 GL0cKoP0P
    The ‘technical requirements’ that SCE ask to developer have almost nothing to do with hardware :D .

    a requirement can be : Using the right API’s or the limit in installation sizes

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