Set Course for Booty this August

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We’re incredibly excited to announce that Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty will be available for download on the PlayStation Network Store on August 21st for $14.99. Even better news: Q4B will also be available in Europe on the 21st, and in Japan on August 22nd.

Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty Island Vista

For those of you who don’t know much about Quest for Booty, Ratchet continues the search for his missing mate, Clank, in this pirate-themed sequel to Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Even though Q4B is a downloadable game, it packs all of the AAA-production punch you’ve come to expect from every Insomniac Games title.

As for the gameplay, Q4B focuses heavily on exploration and platforming, along with some of new experimental action for the franchise. For example, Ratchet will use the new kinetic tether on his Wrench to manipulate the environment, and he’ll use elements such as light and shadows to his advantage.

We think Quest for Booty is perfect for existing Ratchet & Clank fans and players new to the franchise. If you’ve been a fan over the years, you’ll be compelled to help solve the mystery of Clank’s kidnapping and if you’re just getting started, Quest for Booty offers a great entry point with and action-packed 3-4 hour experience for almost the same price as a movie ticket. Plus, Q4B has pirates… and booty… and it’s really fun to say “Quest for Booty” out loud with a pirate accent.

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  • Incredible stuff! Can’t wait for more

  • This should be fun!

  • Insomniac + Pirates = must buy from me.

  • Awesome! I can’t wait for this game!

  • I’m buying anyway but just for info does this game support the new XMB features, i.e. Trophies and/or Custom Soundtracks?

  • Great. All we need now is the PSN CARD.

  • Looking forward to play this game. Insomniac is one of my favourite developers.

  • This is a Must Buy, but I have a question…

    How large is the game (file)?

    I’ve been collecting booty on my hard drive for a while and space is becoming a small problem. :)

  • Sounds great – but what will it cost in Australia?

    We’re usually reamed on price for PSN games compared to the US. US$14.99 is currently AUS$16.07, but what’s the bet we get slugged $25 or even $30 for it…

    Price parity *worldwide* is long overdue on PSN.

    By the way, any rough idea of the size of the download?

    • SCEE will announce pricing for its territories separately. The pricing is set by the publisher in each territory :-)

      Can\’t say on download size. It will vary by territory based on the number of languages included in your pkg.

  • Yeah this game will rock! Please get the PSN cards to major retailers! We need them so badly it’s not even funny! For some reason only small privitely owned store chains around the world are getting them right now, and on top of that the major store chains have no idea they are even in the pipe for Sony! Please get the word out and get a darn release date!

  • Can’t wait for this game. Future tools of Destruction was probably my favorite game of 2007 and I am sure this one is gonna be great.

    Will there be trophy support for this game?

    • No trophies, unfortunately. The trophy spec was just coming into clarity along with the new 2.4 firmware when we were wrapping up Q4B.

      But never fear, every future Insomniac title, including Resistance 2, will have trophies!

  • Just a question. Will this game have in-game music?

    • Nope, same sort of thing as trophies. The other aspect to that is you do have to devote some system resources to make this happen, so you need to plan for it in well in advance.

      Still, it\’s a really cool feature.

  • will the game have trophy support

  • I promise I’ll get this game in the first day!

    Great work guys!!

    Will there be trophies for it?

  • Everybody wants trophies bring them :)

  • James? Anybody?
    What will the size of Q4B install be? I can’t believe I am saying this but my 60 gig is quickly running out of space. If you guys are going to be moving to a download service, do you not take into consideration how fast hard drives are filling up and how that impacts the ability to download content. We need 500 gig or 1 terabyte hard drives for this new world order of downloading everything. Does the PS3 even support 1 terabyte hard drives?

    • No idea on what the PS3 will support, but it takes standard laptop hard drives that are, of course, much cheaper than the proprietary drives.

      In addition, you can even use external drives USB with the PS3 which are much cheaper than even the laptop drives. Google around and you\’ll see what I mean.

  • why is it that insomniac hate trophies?
    no trophies for r&ctod, resistance 1 and now this too.
    yea resistance 2 will have them but only because they have to be in the game. why is it that ye patched resistance for rumble and everything yet ye wont make a small trophy patch?
    ill buy this either way because i love the game but still i think it should have trophies ye are a proper developer and ye know how trophies work since resistance 2 will have them.
    i think what ye are doing with resistance and ratchet&clank is unfair the games already have a trophy like unlocking system in place why not just replace that with psn trophies?

    • Hi there,

      Everyone here at Insomniac is working incredibly hard on getting Resistance 2 complete. We don\’t have people to spare to re-open our past projects — Resistance: Fall of Man received a rumble patch because we still had a team working on it at that time.

      It\’s a lot harder than just \”replacing the skill point system\” as well, because we have to re-open a closed project, and then submit the game through format QA again. It actually takes a lot of time on a big game and any time we spent on that would negatively effect Resistance 2.

  • Sick. Its only $14.99. It looks like it will have good graphics to. How long will the game be?

  • Will it come out on Blu-ray to soon???
    Can’t wait! ;-P

    • It will release on Blu-Ray disc in Europe only, at this time. SCEE hasn\’t announced a date yet, but we hope it should be soon.

  • @18

    it says in the article the game wil be 3-5 hours long.

    I think I’ll wait till it goes on sale…

    I love RandC, but this seems kinda quick..

    now maybe if there were trophy’s…

  • I bet this will be delayed too…..

  • I absolutely loved the pirate levels in Ratchet and Clank Future, thought they were the best part of the game! :D

    So R&C: Q4B is instant win for me.

  • Plus I can get my brother to try it, he’s more of a Jak Fan… Well i’m an R&C fanboy :P

  • LOVE this game, and how i need another PSN card or something in order to get it!

  • Looks like a cool game, wonder if this will be delayed just like every other piece of software on PSN. Hopefully not, and if it does you will probably have the decency to let us know wayyyy before, unlike Jeff and Jack Tretton waiting till midnight to let us know that software has been delayed again. It almost sounds like Home all over again. Sorry for the rant, this will be a must buy for me.

  • Why would you want ingame music?! Pirate theme of R&C was awesome!

  • sweet. Ratchet is the bees knees.

  • @21 blkant
    we are talking about Insomniac here

    News about Insomniac are always good news.
    Theyre the favourite PS3 developers amongst fans.

  • Awesome! Thanks for the update!

  • Definitely a buy, I’m a big Ratchet and Clank fan.

  • Now more then ever we need those PSN Cards, really this is a can’t miss title for hardcore fans of the Franchise too.

    Hopefully they come soon, because this looks great, love that lombax.


  • consider it bought!

  • Quest for Booty should have a “quest for trophies” included in the game. Let’s get some trophy love for this game please.

  • can i haz a job at insomniacz ?
    I can mop floorz real good :D

  • I liked a lot the Tools of Destruction, but I read that it will be published it on the PSN for NA as an experiment, I personally will buy it from Europe (hopefully it is not region locked to force us to buy the downloadable version). I do not like the idea of big games (more than 10$ and more than 1GB of data) to be only available as download version.

    Maybe if the PS3 OS had an option to backup game by game, instead of doing full backups everytime, I will buy more big PNS games, so i can delete them anytime i want, and reinstall from my backup fast without redownloading (and yes i have a big hard drive (160Gb) full of music and videos, and backing everything everytime is anoying)

  • Chances are, there will not be any sort of trophy support on this game. Like most of the developers have been saying, trophy support, in-game music, and google/youtube support are not just things you can tack on in a day or two. We probably won’t start seeing games with this stuff built in until late fall or winter.

    Games that are coming out before then probably won’t have any of that stuff. The only games that will have trophy support anytime soon are smaller PSN games (SSHD, PJE) and games that are frequently updated (Burnout Paradise, Warhawk) So far, Uncharted has been the only exception to the rule.

    Anyways, this looks like a good game regardless of 2.41 support. Since it is a PSN title, you never know, they might patch it later.

  • This game is so much fun to play

  • yup im dying to play this game its going to be amazing!

  • Will be getting.

  • In game music and Throphies??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

  • Will this game feature Trophies? I will not purchase it unless it does.

  • bring on the pirates… and the booty!!! hahaha. you were right about one thing for sure Steven, it is fun to say ‘Quest for Booty’ with a pirate accent. too bad no trophy love for us :(


  • any trophies?

  • Really happy to see a company like Insomniac putting their best foot forward for PSN games. I’m really excited about this game. Even if it is a 3 to 4 hour experience. Just wish it was 10 dollars instead of 15. I paid 10 for SSHD and I’ve gotten well over 30 hours of fun time out of that game. Then again compared to my other titles they aren’t as epic in size or scope.

    Anyway great work Insomniac I hope to see more. Can’t wait for the Next R&CF game.

  • Ninjas > Pirates, lol. Still, can’t wait to get this game. Day one purchase for me

  • nice…

    now get working on Ratchet racing game! If theres a series that deserves a racing game is Ratchet…with all the crazy weapons!


  • No trophies = no sale from me.

    Anything thats coming out now should come with trophies.

  • Awesome. I’ve been wanting to know what happens to Clank so hopefully Q4B will give up some answers. Will your R&C save file transfer any data such as upgraded weapons and armor?

  • I loved tools of destruction and I can’t wait to continue the story later this month. I’ve bought more games on the PSN in the past few weeks than I have the whole previous year that I have owned my PS3. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Can’t wait to continue the story of ToD! Love that you are moving to DLC to keep us happy till the next game. :)

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