Life with PlayStation update

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We’d like to provide a quick update on Life with PlayStation for PLAYSTATION 3. We know many of you are eager to try out the new service for yourself, but you’ll have to hold tight. Due to a few procedural matters, the new service will make its way to PlayStation fans in August.

Rest assured, Life with PlayStation will be a service that introduces a new way to interact with your PS3. By bringing information from around the world into your living room, Life with PlayStation will offer a variety of interactive content and channels on a visually stunning worldwide map interface.

We’re focused on continuously expanding the world of PS3 through new services and hope to do just that with the upcoming launch of Life with PlayStation.

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  • Way to let us know in time it was literaly 10 minutes to August in the eastcoast.

  • @31

    right on!

    Its just getting a lil old with all the Home push backs and such.
    They need to take notes from #24

  • wow these complaints are sooo sad. get a life. hahaha. and i don’t mean life with playstation. i mean a real life.

    thanks for the update on the service. i’ll be looking for it next month!


  • As far as Sony goes they are starting to be known for delaying things. They really shouldn’t put release dates out for anything. Their credibility is diminishing with each and every delay.

  • Atleast you posted on the status on this new feature.

  • thanks for the notice its better than leaving us out in the open must thanks from me

  • As far as Sony goes they are starting to be known for delaying things. They really shouldn’t put release dates out for anything. Their credibility is diminishing with each and every delay. Wow!

  • @44

    Your rite, we are all speaking from experience, this is a pretty big issue with only the game industry. I help design software and currently work for Cisco, and have worked for other big software/networking companies. Let me tell you, this does not happen to the legit companys. Not that Sony isnt legit, but i do believe their policy of revealing wares is HORRIBLE. Its a shame because ive been a loyal Sony fan since day one.

  • @45

    Yeah, that’s great that they’re trying to setup new features. I think that’s great.

    But they need some SERIOUS work on deadline control, or more honesty from project managers, I’m not sure which.

    Someone at that company said “We can have this out by the end of July”. If that’s not the case, then don’t say it. Like most other people here have said, it wouldn’t have mattered as much if they had just said August from the beginning.

  • Sorry for the duplicate post.

  • Can you just give us a date? would it be so hard as to say August (insert number)

  • @61. What the point really? I really don’t like to knock companies but Sony is getting out of hand with the number of delays.

  • @61

    Actually, I don’t want them to give an exact date unless they’re sure of it. They should give an early/late estimate, but only if they are 90% sure they will have it by then.

    As for requesting an actual date, that’s part of the problem. They keep trying to give us dates, but they’re always the wrong ones.

  • Dont get me wrong i still and always will LOVE my PS3 and the Sony brand.
    But my dad always told me “Your word is your bond,and if you cant keep your word, then dont give it”.

    Rock On Sony!!

  • @45

    They should just not set time frames anymore, simple as that. They have proven they can NEVER follow threw. And i understand the people that try to defend them, but cmon, they shouldnt be telling their customers this non-sense, if i ever did this to people who buy my software, i wouldnt be making any software anymore. The policy of reveals is horrible.

  • By just saying August shows me that they don’t know if it will be ready or not, they just bought themselves another month of time to get it done.

  • I wonder if after reading the number of people here who are EXTREMELY TIRED OF THIS Sony might actually get the hint.

  • The title of this post made me think that the update for Life with PlayStation was out. Thanks for the let down. You guys if I were in charge, there would be no insecure promises made. yes that is what they are because you blurb without thinking. Hey If I were to say ” I have a new periphial coming out for the PS3 in September( which I don’t) and then didn’t release it. I would be surprised to still have any interested customers.

    just my Four Cents worth.
    can’t wait to use the service. also Any way down the line to link your youtube videos to this and your psn account name??? That would be sick.

  • Noam,

    Thanks for the update…

    To everyone else, I too am looking forward to Life with Playstation as the anticipated coolness factor is high, but seriously, whining about a delay of maybe a month for what amounts to a minor feature addition which has absolutely ZERO bearing on the ability to play games, DVDs, and Blu-Ray movies as well as all the other features listed on the PS3 retail packaging, is just silly.

  • @58

    But Sony has always been like this. Ever since the debut of the PS. IIRC, some of their biggest PS1 titles were announced…and then delayed. Its nothings new, its just that the internet gets news out faster.

    I’m just sick of all this petty little posters here who say “Oh man, Sony has dropped the ball again, I’m thinking of trading in my system now”

    You and I both know that those are meaningless idle threats, because that person has already made up their mind about something, and nothing Sony could do would change it.

  • I’m with what #24 said.

    Now lets hope that when they say August, they don’t mean August 31st @ 23:59:59

  • Great, another feature promised but not delivered on time. Is this becoming standard at SCE?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with the features they’re giving us, but seriously, what’s up with the delays?

  • @65

    I agree with you. I was looking forward to this feature this month as much as anybody else, but oh well, I got some new trophies to earn lol. It’s not gonna ruin my day.

  • @70

    Personally I think you’re right, I’d be amazed if someone really went and traded their system in over something like this.

    What this does do though is pretty much ensure that alot of people will think twice before backing Sony again next generation.

    And by the way, just because you’ve been messing up for years, doesn’t mean you’re not still messing up. In most companies, the person responsible for all these missed deadlines would have been fired by now.

  • It’s hard to fire the BOSS!

  • Thanks for the update ^^

  • @70

    Yup i agree. But Sony would be able to stop all the annoying posts if they just would quit doing this to people who buy (and in my case, LOVE), their products. Like i said, they simply need to stop setting impossible time frames and revealing stuff before its ready. That would stop the massive fanboy rage. LOL besides anyone who would trade their unit in over weather/news has to be slightly retarded ;)

  • Thanks for the update. How about you give it to us on the 21st ;). That’s when I get back home to my PS3.

  • @74

    I know its not excuse. I’m jsut saying that all these people in an outrage this generation, but they seemed to be fine with it previous generations.

    Also just need to ask…what else besides Home and Life has been delayed so far that aren’t released? I’m interested because I keep on hearing “Another thing delayed!” When these are only these two things that I can think of. Well there was LittleBigPlanet that got pushed from Sept to to Oct. But that wasn’t really a big deal…

  • Thanks for informing us of the changed release date. Hopefully it will arrive in early August. I want to use this new service. I have family throughout the US and getting the local news for their respective locations on my PS3 would very convenient.

  • To everyone who is threatening to trade in their PS3, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO IT ALREADY. Go make your threats somewhere else.

  • Thanks for the info but I’m with the masses here,why even mention the release date at E3?
    You knew all along it wasn’t coming in July,instead you decided tyo pique some intrest and at the very least get people talking about “Life” instead of how HOMEless they all are…weak.But at least it got us talking..

  • Sony should give us dates that are far beyond what they expect and then release things early if it’s done early. I dont think I can even remember anything Sony has released on time. Stop telling us dates that you know you cant meet.

  • thanks for the update.

  • @42

    These new features are all part of the XMB. Whenever you format a harddrive in the PS3 it takes maybe a gig or two and that is all. You will not loose any harddrive space when this firmware update comes out.

  • @42

    These updates are not put on your hdd. They are on the systems flash memory.

  • @83

    You must have a picky memory then.

  • @42

    These new features come through firmware updates. They do not go on your HDD. They go on the system memory. Only feature that installs on your HDD is folding@home, but that is optional.

  • This is ridiculous Sony! Every time you announce a new feature to the Playstation 3, it becomes delayed or screwed up! Everytime! You even announce features and then neglect them for months at a time (I believe months ago you announced the Playstation 3 would be able to copy blu-ray’s to the PSP for free for portable use… Since that time i have heard of no news on this. You promised this feature in the near future. The near future means weeks, not months)

    This is out of control at this point. If you say you will release something at some time people expect it and are extremely disappointed if its not there. It puts a blemish on your record. Once or twice is not a big deal, but every time is just plain business suicide (Think back to PS release dates, Home, blu-ray copy feature, update 2.4, and now THIS!). Just think, had you not put out release dates so soon, you could have kept the PS3 a secret for a bit longer and more than likely delayed the head start that Xbox 360 received, and you wouldn’t be in 3rd place (out of 3) in the next gen war.

    You savvy Sony analysts wonder why your PS3 hasn’t caught up to the xbox and the Wii yet, when the original projections said it would be by far the best system? It’s because of stupid crap like this, that only dedicated fanboys like myself put up with. But when people who are on the fence with the playstation see this, it pushes them the other way.

    End of Rant.

  • Come on people. With all the stuff that has come out this week (Soul IV, eden, and 3 demos) you can’t find anything to do but [DELETED]. It’s better that things come out right and late than screwed up and on time. The frustration that ensues is from the latter is much worse.

  • @79

    It’s not things that haven’t been released, it’s the fact that they keep giving us dates and not coming through on them.

    These were originally given a release date that was later pushed back.

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Fatal Inertia
    Heavenly Sword
    The Orange Box
    Condemned 2
    Metal Gear Solid 4
    GTA 4

    Not to mention multiple patches, firmware, and psn releases.

    Oh, and let’s not forget that Sony Delayed the launch of the PS3 itself in Europe.

    Not a complete list by far, just what i’ve dug up in about a 5 minute search.

    Source for most of it:

    Just look under the “delay” tag

  • @90

    add rainbow 6 vegas to that list. It was supposed to be a launch title but came out like 4 or 5 months later. not a big deal to many but i was really looking forward to that game at launch

  • TheInfectedBy590

    I don’t really care about Life that much(wouldn’t mind having it though :P)
    I’ll be enjoying Eden till then :) Also waiting on the Uncharted Trophies!

  • I knew people would rant about this even after the update, which i can understand to some extent.

    But we’ll just have to put up with it. Its still being released some time in August, so at least you know its coming soon.

  • Take your time, guys. This service should not be rushed.

  • @89

    ….2.4 and the Blu-Ray copy(Which they never said would actually come, just that they were thinking about implementing it) never had release dates to begin with…so how can the be delayed?

    And the PS3 is not catching up to the 360? They’ve been outpacing 360 since launch. Its outsold the 360 everywhere excluding the US and the UK. In fact, I believe that the PS3 is only about 5 million units behind. At the rate its going the PS3 will be out selling the 360 soon.

  • Big surprise – the “DelayStation 3” strikes again. The only services i have seen in the past year that werent delayed were the PS Store upgrade and the Video Store.

    And spare me the “get a life” responses please; the bottom line is that Sony consistently promises things, and consistently delays them the second they are supposed to be released.

    It’s not like Sony owes me anything, but this is not the way to keep me interested in their system. I get pissed off and disappointed enough in my “real life”.

  • Is this gonna be a free service or we have to pay for this?

  • To bad we couldn’t at least get a video to hold us over. :-p And any idea on when in August?

  • @95

    I know what you are saying about the 2.4, but my arguement to that is that it didnt work so it was a blemish on sony.
    and about the bluray copy feature, they announced it and forgot about it. The originally announced it in January and we havent heard ANYTHING about it in 8 months.

    and i know the ps3 is catching up to the competition, but sony was gloating that in no time the ps3 would be the number 1 console. and 1.5 years in its in 3rd

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