Life with PlayStation update

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We’d like to provide a quick update on Life with PlayStation for PLAYSTATION 3. We know many of you are eager to try out the new service for yourself, but you’ll have to hold tight. Due to a few procedural matters, the new service will make its way to PlayStation fans in August.

Rest assured, Life with PlayStation will be a service that introduces a new way to interact with your PS3. By bringing information from around the world into your living room, Life with PlayStation will offer a variety of interactive content and channels on a visually stunning worldwide map interface.

We’re focused on continuously expanding the world of PS3 through new services and hope to do just that with the upcoming launch of Life with PlayStation.

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  • at least you are updating us

  • anyways, when in august do you think it will come? early or late?

  • when is it coming out..? what day or week not the month.

  • Thanks for the update,
    I will call off the ninja’s

  • Hi Noam,

    Thanks for letting us know.

    I hope it’s not end of August because I will off for 4 months in that time.


  • thanks for giving us a update

  • I know I am sad to hear this. I am curios of exactly what this service is. Can anyone outline what Life with PlayStation’s features are? The article above is vague and I would like to know more. Thanks.

  • Just a question, why would you announce at one of your biggest press conferences of the year that this would be available by the END OF THIS MONTH without knowing of these procedural matters.

    Seriously guys, get your act together and figure this stuff out before you go off telling us when things will be released.

  • thanks for letting us know you’re working on it!

    now maybe some of these complainers will be satiated…

    who am i kidding? get ready for some whiny kids!


  • August 7th? August 5th? Or later?

  • Thanks for the heads up.

    Did you know there’s already a refwerence to it in the online PS3 manual?

  • Thanks for the update! I’ll be looking forward to it when it comes out!

  • These things happen,
    Off to sleep, I expect at least 200 posts by morning, don’t let me down kids

  • Thanks for updating at least…It’s still kind of sad that Sony keep misleading us with the release dates….

  • Its nice that you are letting us know.

    (But then again you wouldn’t even have to be explaining yourself if it was out….)

    But oh well. As long as your not lying to us again and it comes out in December, it will be ok.

  • ty for the update. thats what i was looking for some honesty from you guys (sony). now, with that beign said i hope it comes in august! LOL

  • i will be using this service, thanks sony

  • great

  • Thanx for the update but man…August!?!?!
    Not even a date just August?!!!??

    I got to say sony ive always defended you but this time even i am vary disappointed in your inability to keep your word with release dates.


  • Sony lied to us again! PS3 is teh suck!


  • Thanks for the update :D

    Will this come in a firmware or PS Store download?

  • Last minute update. You guys at Sony knew you wouldn’t make the end of the month deadline. Why wait the last min to inform us? It’s alright though, I’ve grown to expect that kind of stuff from my camp.

  • This is why you don’t give freaking release dates during a major conference, unless it is “and its available now”, like they did with the video store. You have to give yourself some wiggle room, like in the case with Life with Playstation they should have said “and it will be available this summer” or “it will be available soon” that way it can still go into august and people won’t be complaining!!

  • @20

    Deal with it. Every company does it, not just Sony. Be happy they gave you a month instead of letting you wait around in the dark.

  • Yet another excellent feature to look forward to. Thanks Sony!

  • So even though Jack Tretton Said that Life With Playstation will be released by the end of the month now its delayed?

    First sony delays Home again, again and again.
    Now for Life With Playstation!!!!

  • How about a video demo before launch?

  • Wow, you at Sony really need to get your acts together. Stop revealing things for certain time frames if you cant follow threw with it. Your policy’s on reveals is straight up [DELETED].

  • Well thanks for letting us know

  • @25

    Thats funny, not EVERY company does that. Infact, most legit companys hold true to certain time frames, guess you dont know to much about business’s and customer relations. Their policy on revealing stuff is B.S.

  • Keep the good work Sony

  • Ugh, sucky. I was seriously looking forward to this today. :( Like others have said, hope this comes out sooner than later.

    And also, the idea of a demo video of the features is a good idea and would tide us over. =)

  • @9

    I couldnt have said it any better, they should just stop babbling about reveals that get delayed everytime, what horrible policy it is. Very unprofessional

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    Updates are always welcome.

  • THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATE! Finally was that so hard to say, or did all you guys have a meeting to decide what to say.

    “procedural matters”- It’s Delayed

  • @28 Good idea!

    Since LWP is delayed, how about a video tour of how it will work?

  • What a surprise….The Delaystation 3 strikes again.

  • I am so sad. I really thought you hid LwPS in FW 2.42 and it would reveal/unlock itself at midnight…. boo hoo…

    Can you tell us either beginning of August or end of August? lol

  • poor sony they get yelled at and insulted by people on thier blogs every day… must be tiring knowing your fanbase is just constantly pissed off at you….it seems like they can never do anything to please their customers….

  • I know you guys are going to get a lot of hate comments about this, but I would just like to say thank you for actually informing us and not just being quiet about it.

    Delays happen, it’s part of the software business. Nothing is more irritating than having a scheduled release and having that day pass with no word of what’s going on. So I have to say thank you for at least letting everyone know. I’ll look forward to seeing Life with PlayStation soon.

  • So… this new service, is it for North America (which DOES include Canada), or like the movie service is this for the U.S.A. only??

    Also, it seems that we are getting a lot of services added to our HDD which we may or may not want. I hate that little information bar, and in all honesty, I doubt I’ll use this service because I’ll be busy watching Blu-rays or playing games. Is there any chance that we can make some of these “new services” optional installs?

    (given that many games now require mandatory game installs, I’m actually running out of room on my 60GB unit!)

  • @38

    Man, its sad that you are rite, why even say anything to us about projects and time frames anymore, just makes Sony look like shat. I work for Cisco, and if we ever pulled this crap with not following threw on time frames, the press would eat our ass alive.

  • @31

    I’m only speaking from experience. Companies like MS, Nintendo, Square, Capcom, Epic jsut to name a few all announce things are a specific time frame, and while quite a few make there are still some games just being pushed back. You’re right, not all companies do. But there is still a handful of ‘legit’ companies that delay things to no end. Need I remind you of FFXII, new colored Wiis(In fact, Nintendo jsut said they aren’t even think about those anymore, oh well for that) RE5.

    Its nothing new to have a game or some sort of software delayed.

  • Sony is making these features for us, the gamers, to get a whole new experience in gaming. Wouldn’t you guys like it to be a bug-free, ready to go program when launched instead of it bricking your systems? Give Sony a break.

  • I’m looking forward to LWP as much as anyone else but damn if Sony isn’t one of the most unprofessional companies I have ever seen. Delays happen but why must you incessantly make these promises that you repeatedly fail to deliver? What is even worse is that you choose to fess up to the delay at midnight (EST) on the day of its supposed release.

    I sincerely apologize for this message but we are talking about some of the most elementary aspects of business. Your customers are your livelihood and your constant lack of regard cannot last forever. Get the basics down and the rest will be flexible.

    I find the whole thing rather insulting.

  • Sony you guys need to get your act together and stop missing deadlines EVERY SINGLE TIME you try to release something.

    Seriously. It’s getting to the point where it’s a sad joke and a black eye on the PlayStation brand as a whole.

    People wouldn’t be freaking out about this if it wasn’t the 20th time this has happened in the past YEAR.

  • Wow. Just, wow. I am so tempted to go trade my PS3 in tomorrow just because of this. I mean seriously Sony. Are you EVER going to get a release date right? I wouldn’t have cared AT ALL if y’all had said that it would come out in August. But no. “Let’s just say it comes out this month to hype them up, then we’ll just delay it if we need more time!” I mean SERIOUSLY, come, on Sony. I’m very disappointed.

  • So let’s see…

    They say august. Based on the Home timeframe, I guess we can expect this sometime in 2010 then?

    Seriously guys, why even bother announcing deadlines anymore. Your company has gotten to the point where you hurt yourself everytime you announce something because no one expects it to ever arrive.

  • Sony, get your act together. When you say something will be realeased at this date, stick with it. I’m getting sick and tired of delays from you guys everytime a new feature is announced. I’ve only been with Sony since the PS1, and you’re really starting to get on my nerves. Pull your act together already.

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