A Grand Update for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

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** UPDATE: More details added

On Friday, August 1st, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue owners will receive a significant update that will take their racing and automotive experience to a new level.


The heart of this update is a new line-up of exciting automotive programming for “Gran Turismo TV”, our in-game automotive media channel. Gearheads will enjoy a host of new free and pay-per-view programming, including “Top Gear“, UK’s premier car entertainment program, and Japan’s “Best Motoring” video magazine, dedicated to the pursuit of the pleasure of driving.

Whether you’re in the mood to tour Ferrari’s factory in Italy with Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi, or to be insulted by Jeremy Clarkson talking trash about your favorite cars, or even sitting down to watch some mad Japanese race drivers play ‘car soccer’, there is a variety of choices for all types of car fans. Gran Turismo TV is housed within Gran Turismo 5 Prologue so access and videos is all in-game!

A few other notes about Gran Turismo TV for you to keep in mind:

  • For the first two weeks only, we are providing all pay-per-view content for at a discounted price of $.99! It’s a good way to get a taste Gran Turismo TV. The HD content we shoot for our exclusive stuff looks pretty amazing. Following the initial two-week period, content will start at $1.99. So start downloading away!
  • Be sure to check the full content list for a full content list, as we will be adding new programs on a regular basis.
  • Gran Turismo TV will also include new features that allow viewers to fast forward, rewind, and move between chapters when viewing video content.
  • Viewers can download up to 8 episodes simultaneously and pause individual downloads.

Personally, I would like to find some American content to beef-up the roster. What do you think? We welcome any suggestions you may have.

In addition, other gameplay enhancements come with this update, like fixes in penalty judgments, more tire choices for Time Trial and improved physics during collisions between cars during online races (YES! We’ve been carefully monitoring players behaviors online and all your comments on the forums.)

Stay tuned for more updates on Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in the future. See you online!


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  • Will the TV content be region free (all programs in all regions), or is it just for the US as usual?

    • Gusax,

      We are doing our best to have all contents available in all regions simultaneously. But then there are the violent contents from UK that has to clear the US rating committee.

  • Taku,

    While having the content updates from GTTV will be great, what the online racing community needs is voice chat in the game and the ability to set up our own races. The ability to be able to have clean races would be a great draw to the game and would bring a lot of people back to online racing if they didn’t have to contend with the crashing and bashing.

    Have you played the online portion of the game? Without the ability to chat with the people you’re racing with, it feels like a bad version of the single player game.

    Also, most of us want to race with our friends. This currently is not possible at all with the random matching, unless you use other programs on the computer to allow you to coordinate start times and chat that way. It is cumbersome to say the least. If we had our own rooms, it would be possible to limit the races to one particular model, and though some of the racing events you guys have come up with, lower horsepower cars have no place to run. Personally, I’d like to go up against a field of Art Morrison Corvettes!! :P

    Thank you very much for the updates, but PLEASE enable voice and give us control of the events we participate in.

    Thank you

  • While being able to view racing and car news may be important to Kazunori and SONY’s coffers, we’re waiting for bigger improvements to the game itself. You need to more quickly add the functions that make on-line work appropriately and realistically for the fans, with VoIP and host controls. Please tell us they are next to be released!

    We look forward to the improvements in gameplay, though, and we will be testing them ASAP.

  • Here are a few things that GT Prologue really needs.

    1. Car damage
    2. Custom In-game music
    3. Trophy support
    4. Porsches (my most favorite cars of all times)

  • “YES! We’ve been carefully monitoring players behaviors online and all your comments on the forums.” Taku Imasaki

    OK, you are WATCHING us, how about RACING us? We know you race in the office, so come out in the sunshine and race with us!

    For all of you other GT fans, we have a GT forum and you are all welcome to come and discuss one of your favourite games or race in our organised competitions.

    • YES Master GT, once I am free from this Gran Turismo TV launch, I\’ll come back and race more with you guys… unfortunately only in the sunshine (no weather variations as of yet).

  • I’m a really huge GT fan, and appreciate all the hard work that has gone into the series. However, I’m really not sure why I bought Prologue.

    I thought I bought it to finally be able to play online with my friends. However, there is no way for me to play with anyone but random strangers.

    Also, after so many years to work on the “online” experience for GT, it is a severe disappointment. I recently played GRID on “that other platform” and was amazed at how much fun it was online. It’s easy to find your friends and play with them. Voice chat is great. You can give praise or complain about poor racers and it actually affects their standing and keeps them away from you in the future. It’s just a lot of fun. GT5P is not fun to play online.

    I also was under the impression there would be regular updates to GT5P with more cars and tracks over time. We haven’t really had any of these sort of updates at all. I actually don’t even mind paying a bit for this kind of stuff. GTTV is interesting and all, but it’s not really part of the game, and I’m very unlikely to play for video content.

    I’m sorry if I seem like I’m whining. I have never felt the need to complain like this before; but I’m frustrated. I feel like the series has just lost its way in the transition to PS3.

    Please fix my favorite series!

  • SuperGT yes!!!

    Also, I would like to see some Indycar Series action on Gran Tursimo TV.

  • “Personally, I would like to find some American content to beef-up the roster. What do you think? We welcome any suggestions you may have.”

    The Rolex Grand-Am GT series needs support, not only through GT:TV but /in the game/, too! GT cars on a variety of N.A. tracks, plus the 24 hour Daytona race? What’s not to like?

  • You are all licking your lips with the anticipation of being able to pay some more micro payments! that is the order of the day nowadays! bring a good game out every few years , but in the meantime lets get software out there to get micro payments! they are lapping it up. the quality of games is not even that inportant anymore.. just how to get payments all the time.

  • I like the current online racing that is in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. The update sounds great.

    What I would like to see in the future is team racing, with voice chat support.

    Some of the suggestions mentioned may eventually come out with the full version of the game. i certainly don’t want you tp put all of your efforts into Prologue and neglect the actual Gran Turismo 5. But, whatever you do, I am looking forward to playing.

  • to all the people moaning about damage THIS IS NOT DAYTONA RACING!! its about proper racing with proper drivers who know how to drive, not a bunch of untalented ‘racers’ who drive in a circle for a while before being so bored they have to collide with eachother….

    good update Polyphony, cant wait for it to hit tommorow (the download speeds were kinda bad, and the collisions would get annoying at times, like ramming into someone didnt get me a penalty, but tapping them without meaning to did…). TOP GEAR FTW!!!

  • The Rolex Grand-Am GT would be a great addition to the GT series.

  • Hi from Spain,
    First Sorry for my bad little english

    @106 & @Taku Imasaki

    I like Gran Turismo 5 Prologue,
    modeling cars and the camera inside the car is excellent but i’ve got another racing game: “Race Driver GRID” (of codemaster developers) and i like too.

    The two games are completely different but agree that there is motor racing.

    For example in GT5P I’m trying to drive with the camera inside the car and the manual transmission for learn tu drive good.

    In GRID I like the automatic transmission and enjoy the intense experience of a competition

    What I wold like in GT5P?:

    I would like to see a more aggressive AI like as a GRID

    I would like to see damage when a car collides against another or when the car collides against objects in the environment

    I don’t understand why the car brands like BMW, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda brands that are important cars (such as markets or Ferrari or Mercedes) if they allow their cars have nice damage in the game “Race Driver Grid” .
    In GT5P why not?

    It’s necessary to include damage to cars for you can display the message: “real driving simulator”

    Wish I could choose between playing events (as now) or with friends in my PSN Buddy List like as Race Driver GRID and also use the voice chat like as the other games.

    Now, totally seriously believe that after all the criticism is a priority Gran Turismo TV instead fix and improve the game?

    Please make yor priotity Fix and improve the game before the GT TV “Pay for Watch” Add-ons

    Thanks & Regards for you
    I’m stay tuned

    *Again, excuse me for my bad little english

  • yes finally
    y r there trophies in the game but they r not shown under ur list of trophies on the XMB?

  • Thanks for the update. I love Top Gear and any improvements are always welcome.

  • I’m with LordVonPastor (#82). I was really disappointed when I downloade GT5P and found out I couldn’t play with my friends. And I *still* am disappointed! Give us the feature already!

  • I’m with LordVonPastor (#82). I was really disappointed when I downloaded GT5P and found out I couldn’t play with my friends. And I *still* am disappointed! Give us the feature already!

  • For the pay per view content… is it the pay per view that im think about (rental for a day) or pay per view where I pay and I keep the download forever and I’m able to watch it whenever I like.

  • I was hoping to hold off on upgrading my hard drive. Now you’ve forced my hand…

  • I like the innovation. Please keep it coming.


  • US content to add?
    How about Formula Drift events
    Maybe some HotRod action
    plenty of stuff that us poor europeans normaly have a hard time time
    to watch that you can put on there

  • @#15
    From an interview with one of the makers.

    Now, what about damage? Well, good news, there are a variety of damage models being tested internally at Polyphony Digital. The challenge is choosing one that isn’t hyper-realistic to the point where a single, tiny error destroys your car and throws you out of a race when you’ve completed 90% of it. Additionally, because Gran Turismo 5 is dealing with hundreds of cars, covering virtually every manufacturer, some car brands still don’t want to see their cars getting damaged, while others don’t mind. And so the issue is out of Polyphony’s hands, forcing them to prevent certain cars from being damaged. So while most should be damageable, there will be some that won’t be.

  • Oh its only going to be in full GT5 not prologue from the sound of it.

  • For some US content, how about a show that focuses on simulated racing.. Like http://www.insidesimracing.tv

    I’d like to see it on GT TV for free.. ;)

    Yes I work on the show..

  • My one request is to bring the online racing of the game into the 21st Century.

    The current online features are the bare minimum one would expect from last generation titles and the truth is, GT is Sony’s flagship title and right now there’s a large hole just above the water line.

    GT-TV isnt that innovative and it doesn’t improve GAMEPLAY one iota and as GAMERS(thats why we’re all here, isnt it?) it would be really nice to be able to race old friends and make new friends.

    If you’re having difficulties, please ask CodeMasters how they’ve managed to implement competant online features. I’m sure they wont mind.

    Please stop talking, Just Do It!

  • nice to see that GT5 prologue updates was not abandoned by PD. And really we need the voice chat and the host races features. This is must be number 1 priority in my opinion. The online interface its very poor and need some work to became decent.

  • Great to see the content, wonder what % will be free vs. pay.

    Although I would prefer PD stick to working on game updates and GT5 than using up valuable resources on this.

  • ok…

    gt tv..

    but we want car damage! please!

  • How about something from the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit, or the next North American International Auto Show? IRL racing, ALMS, Formula One content…..these are all things that you could do to spice up the GTTV content. I would certainly be interested!

  • As for more ideas for content….how about the IRL, ALMS or Formula One racing events? North American International Auto Show? Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit? I would be interested in this stuff on GTTV!

  • Sorry about the double post, I got an error on the first submission and just retyped it without checking to see if it actually posted. Anyway…

  • Grabbing at pennies a bit? For a $40 demo… and you can’t even tune your car…. right. Thank god I’m not a gear head, $2 an episode

  • i just wanted to share my ever loving joy of my Gran turismo games and also say that i’m very excited for the update.

    slso, Taku: thank you for the many replies to us gamers. we really enjoy being able to get direct feedback when sometimes there is none. for such a great series of games i think you are doing a great job keeping us current and informed about all of our questions and comments.

    so on behalf of all the GT series lovers out there: THANK YOU!!! have a great day and keep the good news comming

    p.s. how do i know if i am racing you???
    psn: danklown

  • MK500: “I thought I bought it to finally be able to play online with my friends. However, there is no way for me to play with anyone but random strangers.”

    This is not true. Use some form of communication between your friends and coordinate entry into on-line events.

    Before the introduction of international events, we were nearly guaranteed to all be in the same room. Now, with smaller starting grids and more people trying to get into the same event, it is a bit more difficult, but a HIGH percentage of us all make it into the same event, time after time.

    Anyone who wants to learn how to do this better or for those of you who wish to race with clean GT fans, come to the GT forum and we will help you get started. You have nothing to fear and everything to gain by doing so.

    Keep racing!

  • y’know its funny sony doesnt reply to anything but “hey great innovation” and “thanks for updating”

    Why dont you answer questions like

    “where is the ingame music and trophies?”

  • Progress is always good news, though custom playlists would rock. i don’t let others dictate the music in my car, so why so in the ultimate simulator?
    I hope the Top Gear episodes on GT-TV are more current than the ‘new’ episodes on BBC America.
    whoelse – good call on the TG test track btw. that would be awesome!!

  • It’s nice that you have someone reading the forums. How about having a community rep present in a few designated threads?

  • It’s nice that you’ve got someone reading the forums. It would be better to have an official community rep in a few designated threads to rap with the users who take the time to post bug reports and enhancement requests.

  • Good news.

  • Good update. But, I hope we get to invite other people from our friends list that are cunrently paying GT5p.

  • How about less WATCHING and more PLAYING? $40 for a glorified Beta when Forza 2 is available for less with far superior online, more car/track/game modes content and superior A/I, physics and damage modeling?

  • Download failed (x14 now)

  • I think everyone can appreciate that when they bought GT5P, they were effectively buying into a beta; what isn’t appreciated is the length of time between updates, and the lack of new content or features in those updates. Most people will have completed GT5P’s events in the first few weeks, leaving only the online mode as the main draw – which, for a lot of people, isn’t enjoyable for a variety of reasons, minor ones being the poor collision detection & penalty system. It seems that this update is entirely about launching the GTTV service, which, while being an innovative feature (insomuch as it’s not been done before, as opposed to adding to the enjoyment of the game itself), seems to be just another way to get you to part with your cash; the updates to the tyre physics and collision detection almost seem like they’ve been thrown in at the last minute, like someone at PD has realised that just releasing GTTV would be too much of an insult for most fans to take.

    There are other issues, like the terrible choice of races in the current online mode (on which PD or Sony needs to take urgent action) and the download issues that have plagued the service since the start (to date my friend, who bought the game and a wheel at launch so that we could race online STILL hasn’t been able to update from the original BD release, not for lack of trying), which could be addressed without the need for a client update.

    I’m still holding out hope, because we all know just how good this game could be; perhaps if PD focused on bringing the features that have been requested from the initial release (private lobbys and custom races being the primary ones – which really shouldn’t be difficult considering that races are currently hosted by clients and not a server controlled by PD / Sony), and not finding yet another way to get you to part with your cash, we might not feel like we’re being largely ignored. Perhaps a PD / GT-specific blog similar to the current one Valve has for TF2 development might be an idea in this regard?

    With this focus on profitability becoming more and more popular, I just hope we’re not forced into paying for custom races & private lobbys. Also, assuming we will at some point have to pay for new tracks and cars, will a discount be given when GT5 is released for those who’ve already paid for most of the content for GT5P?



  • Thank you Taku for being so open to us, and for provided us with such a kick ass game. Keep the updates coming :)

  • Hi There PD, and thank you for blogging, Now I feel a little closer to you, and maybe even able to be heard!!..

    Please doit more often!!

    To be honest, I think all suggestions ( that you’ll need to address ) has been mentioned on Gtplanet.net forum and other forums, over the last 6 month’s, in very very very long threads.. ( so if you got about 10 hours please read them )

    I’m actually very surprised that you have worked so hard on GTTV ?, Are you really that blind and with out any respect for the one’s that allready have paid for your Beta versions ?

    Corrections are spot on, Thanks a million for those.

    To be Honest I’m very surprised as well, that None American has filed a lawsuit against you, heck we should all sign on one worldwide against you and Sony, You Must be laughing around the oval table with Sony in the GOD seat..

    you have made so many promises togerther with Sony, since 2005-06 on how great this game will be, and well! it did sounded like a fairytale, and apparently it is 3 years after..

    This Game hasn’t forfilled your many stories just yet, and neither have Sony ( you need them as well as they need you, because some of the biggest issues with the account problems was on Sony’s system, and Fixed with 2,41)

    Well i can only say, that thank God for other nice SiM-Racers Games Like Ferrari challenge and F1 Edition, and probably Baja, I hope to be occipied with them for a long time, so you can have peace to make GT5p into a respectful Race Sim ( which it deserves) ” I think we all feel some owner ship of this serie ” So please Don’t step on us, respect us by Monthly Blogs like this..

    Sorry for the novell, But you’ll need to be scared a little, So you don’t feel So High and migthy, Your success is Only there because of our commitment to your product, So Don’t step on our intelligens, It wont Last!!!

    Last thing and a suggestion for better understanding..
    Tells us straight out, when we will see New tracks and new cars and new Stuf like Damage models, private rooms ETC..

    I couldn’t care less about a ferrari califonia Video if i’m not gonna Now when to get the car.. Alright!!!

    Dream Extreme

  • I am disappointed that you expect us to pay money for something we can see on tv for free then and this is the part I am unhappy with, you only let us watch them for two weeks! Let us buy episodes not rent them!

    • Sabbath, we have to pay to acquire these contents before we bring it to you guys you know!
      And we\’re not like real TV (yet) where we get sponsors to pay us :(

  • No one will be forced to buy any video content.

    Also, GTP5 is like a big demo. The biggest and more addicting demo I have ever had the chance to play. I think it would be a bit too much to expect a customized music track or voice chat. Or, even trophies. Remember, this is only a demo.

    Now, when the full version of Gran Turismo 5 comes out, I am pretty sure we will see some, if not all, of these things in the actual game.

    I just raced a few tracks. Great update

  • Looking forward to the TV content, update appreciated!

    PS. Is it me, or is it impossible to change the controls for player 2?

  • I want to play with my friends only plssss, enough with the random disconnects..

  • i get an error when downloading the update every time

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