Warhawk Tips for Beginners/Salute to Experts

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Warhawk Greatest Hits

Its been quite a busy couple of weeks in Warhawk. We just released Warhawk on the PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits line. It’s really a lot of fun for us to be included and we hope that a lot more players give the game a try. Check out this Training Video from Brady Games to help out these new players.

Also, we recently released Patch 1.4 and the Global Gaming League had its finals!

If you have been watching GGL’s Warhawk tournament, you would know that the semifinal matches between Gods Illest, [WAR!], (ONI) and ARMED^ASSASSINS went down this weekend. However, instead of waiting a few days to schedule the finals, the victors, first-seeded [WAR!] and tenth ARMED^ASSASSINS, decided to play their finals match this weekend.

The end result? An upset by ARMED^ASSASSINS which knocked off [WAR!] and took the championship!

Congrats to ARMED ASSASSINS! We at Sony and Incognito recommend you steer clear of them in the game unless you like being shanked!


  • Team Leader: SuperCharged
  • -Xear-
  • af6zero
  • BennyTRD
  • bigboss20
  • BIGROB415
  • Bowzhur
  • B_Blitz388
  • c-los707
  • Chaos_21
  • computer
  • Cutlass_King
  • dan2000dan
  • Dmac1991
  • doqeboy1
  • Doublerider
  • FinalVictory4
  • FuZuSa
  • jellydonut9
  • JMB626
  • johnhenry182
  • LIL_ROB415
  • LOCO42O
  • logan8006
  • L_i_o_n
  • manlymisfit
  • Mavrick1
  • moelon
  • No_Data
  • Radim_cz_eu
  • RiversideSPK300
  • Robz5a
  • Scabiez
  • scarry_larry1
  • Shawneld
  • supa_ghost
  • TW2N

Remember, the winners get a very cool Warhawk statue from Gentle Giant and also the coveted in-game Champion’s Blade.

Grand Prize: (one team)
One 6″ Warhawk Limited Edition Statue created by Gentle Giant per player, up to 16 players.

Champion’s Blade: an in-game prize available only to the players on the winning team from this tournament. The Champion’s Blade is a special in-game Warhawk weapon that will replace the regular knife weapon, and will look visibly different than the regular knife that other players carry in-game, so that other players you encounter in the game will know that you won the tournament. How proud players will be to get shanked by this sweet knife.

Participation Prize: (all participating teams)
GGL-Ceremonial Knife (“Shanks for coming out!”). Players that register and participate in the tournament will get a special piece of in-game troop equipment: The “GGL Ceremonial Knife.” This replaces your troop’s current combat blade and only players that participate in the tournament will get this new equipment. Teams must complete at least one match to be eligible for the Participation Prize.

All participants got the Cermonial Blade for participating in a match. We’ll have more information very soon when these blades will show up in the game. Also, the ARMED ASSASSINS can expect their Warhawk statue in the coming weeks. They are still at the factory so sit tight!

Along with all this action you can expect more cool news about future Warhawk updates really soon. Thanks for all the continued support.

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  • Great post….I need a lot more practice on this game, but it’s definately keeping me entertained.

  • awesome vid for all the newbies out there to Warhawk, but i gotta ask… ‘why so serious?’ lol i had to. he sounded so serious in the tutorial. great job though guys.

    hopefully at the new price point there will be plenty of new players to fry in warhawk!

    oh and congrats to all the winners above. and look out for the shank.


  • What’s in the update?

  • v2.42 that is.

  • 2.42 is up.

  • That was a very good video

  • Haha that’s a nice little noob friendly video. I hope everyone will be kind to all the new players, it’s great to see the community expanding!

  • HEY did the text always have that black shadow behind it in the XMB

  • thanks to Dylan and all the people at incognito and Sony for Warhawk, I’ve had this game since it first came out back in August. I’ve made a lot of new friends and my clan from playing, i’ve bought the booster packs that came out and will continue to do so as long as you guys support this game:)

    I’ve become a great player from strategy and experience, so to all the beginners:stick it out and the rewards and joy of the game will be endless, cause us experts need more people to play with:)

    Also when 1.5 and the next booster pack comin out?*hint hint

  • warhawk is the one of best online experience this generation.. it’s a little underrated but you can’t deny how fun it is..too bad i did not join the tournament, would have pwned them all.. haha

  • More Warhawk members to shoot down.

  • do you guys plan on selling resistance: fall of man on PS Store as well ? since its a sony title (like warhawk) and it has both online and offline features(unlike siren thats all offline) i dont see why not… i would like to have it on my HD.

  • Come on guys, bring on the 1.5 update FTW!

  • Haha, good tips, I’ve been using every one of these and even a few more advanced ones for months now, and I still get my butt kicked online!

  • we lost to Gods Illest before the 2nd to last bracket…. we almost got to the last bracket *tear*, my clan is ARMY, my name Link01… and this sucks *I wanted that blade

  • Well….. we didn’t get into the final battle, but at least we got into the second bracket, I get the cool knife ^_^

  • well guys, hate to bust your bubble, but just because ggl didnt lock out the rosters after the ladder tourney, they recruited and played players that already lost, that makes the whole thing a little tainted in my opinion :( so they may be the ones who won, i wouldnt worry about trying to stay clear of armed assians :)

  • When you release de 1.5 patch? What is it content..?
    The skins and insignias of european contest?
    What more?

    In October.. there will be a new booster pack? Named.. Desert Mirage?


    And more… much more!! Ships or boats wourld be nice too…

    And a other little thing.. i have played this game for a near weeks and the servers are with lag and cause me web desconection.. error..

    And remember.. in Warhawk you are the target for anyone else..

  • Patch 1.5 have what?

    New layers and insignias form european contest?

    In October… next booster pack? Named maybe.. Desert Mirage?


    Keep the suberb work.. and publish the Warhawk complete collection on blu ray !!!


    By Netweb!

  • Great tips. Thanks. Time to try Warhawk again and get above noob status.

  • Glad to see an update from someone other than Dylan Jobe. Man that guy is overworked. Even cooler that it came from a guy with such a sweet name. Harvard Bonin.

    Please tell me you put the stones to so many Harvard co-eds that you had to change your name to reflect that.

  • Great stuff guys! Wish i was in a good clan so i could have joined the fun. But still cool to see it go down.

    I dont want to kick a dead horse but…..1.5??

    P.S. @11 That cant be right because
    Assassin’s Creed™ was released 11/07 and that was only 8-9 mnths ago.
    I think it may be up to the game devs when to go G.H.

  • I agree with ptuck. These clowns recruited an all star team in the bracket phase, after playing their way in from the ladder stages. Usually that would be a locked roster to prevent that, and any sneaking in of ringers would be an automatic DQ. Let alone the scoring promoted those to schedule forfeit-likely matches to get the free 100 points and move up.

    Good idea, but a poor execution on GGL’s part, which had more to do with the technical capabilities of their site (locking rosters for the tourney) than the staff.

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    thanks for the post i never gave WarHawk a second glance but now fo sho im going to buy it and thanks for the tips can’t wait to get thanks guys ;)

  • oh trust me i know, and just wanting a 5v5? shoot, that isnt a match at all anyway, needed the final match to be at least a 8v8, or let one of the officals do a dedicated host server to make it as large as possible, they worked the rules, so oh well :(

  • Thanks for the tips, even though I suck at Warhawk no mater how much I practice lol.

  • Thanks for the tips. Even though I suck at Warahwk no mater how much I pratice.

  • Is Sony hiring people directly off the short bus?? Do you people not learn??

    Please quit saying that ALL PARTICIPATING PLAYERS will get the Ceremonial knife when what you mean is all AMERICAN participating players will get the knife and apparently Canadians, Brits, Mexicans and non-Americans who played will not get the knife (according to GGL). Please be specific in your language.

    Can you also please learn some geography? “North America” includes Canada. Announcements made for North America should be assumed to include Canada. When announcing a movie service, or a competition, please state that it is “for Americans only” if Canadians are not eligible. Yes, Canadians DO exist. We are not a myth.

    … and next time Sony has a competition, how’s about not telling teams when they get to the bracket phase that non-Americans are now illegal players and will be dropped from the competition?
    Oh, and how about a rule that teams can’t recruit new players from eliminated teams… right up until the final game?

    But even more importantly… does the recent 2.42 update fix the bluetooth mic problems that you broke with the 2.4 and 2.41 updates??? Warhawk is just not nearly as much fun when you can’t talk to your team.

  • I was wondering if the price in PS store would drop to? last time I checked it was 39.99.

  • @80 I couldnt agree with you more.. I thought that it was only the teams that made the 2nd bracket who where getting the ceremonial knives.. Not all who where in it.. This GGl thing was a complete POS.. From the map selection to their ignorant admins running the thing..This game is great but lately the cry babies have been getting their ways b/c you know Incog wants to make $$$.. Also at anyone who is scared b/c they think that people are now too skilled.. You always start from the bottom at some point.. So be dedicated and you will get over that learning curve..

    And fix the damn mics already.. My wife is getting sick and tired of almost tripping over my USB headset.. You know the one I just purchased.. (which cost as much as the damn game) Being that its been almost a months with this damn problem.. Thanx

  • Warhawk is a great game anyone new to it just be aware it can get addictive.

  • Just a side note for people just buying this game… but there are “beginner” ranked servers available that tend to keep out most of the higher ranked players (excepting possibly those caught cheating, rank stripped and starting over). You can also create your own game (ranked or unranked) and restrict it to lower ranks. As long as you have 8 people, the game will be ranked.

    In regards to “new” people… the game has an excellent set up that allows them to acquire the skills and move up, or play more casual games. (Unlike many other games where you are immediately thrown in with high ranked players).

    The Warhawk community is still very active and you won’t generally have problems finding a game!

    Hope to see some new Warhawk players coming up through the ranks! It really is an excellent game!

  • I love this game im keep coming back and more and more of my freinds by ps3 because of this title managed to convert 5 freinds so far. Any chance of adding a fixed mortar launcer maybe with limited rounds or something id love to launch a mortar attack from over the hills!!! oh and parachutes!!!!?

  • I love warhawnk but I haven’t played in months, got to check it out now!

  • great job elsa43, hopefully scee will make a turney for eu people :)

  • i heard in europe they had a warhawk tournament and the grand prize was a spot in Home’s closed beta. feal like u were ripped off now, huh.

  • Just got Warhawk today, Great vid really helped alot, thanks!

  • Warhawk is a brilliant game. If you haven’t picked it up, do yourself a favor and go buy this game today! I cannot give it a high enough recommendation.

  • hhhhhh

  • So if I kill one of the guys that has the tournament knife, can I take it from them? What I mean is, Do I get to use it until I get killed in that round? It would be nice to know.

  • Wheres the Trophies Dylan? Come on hurry and release the next update. Thanks

  • @ptuck874:

    didnt know that adding 1 player made us an Alstar Team haha come see me in game and il show you why we won :) (lol im no where near the best player in our team but i like to brag ha!…….makes me feel like a big man!)

  • when is the big question.
    When will 1.5 hit????
    Cant wait

  • @fuzusa:
    dude, i never said adding 1 person would make ya’ll an all star team, trust me, you guys need a lot more to be considered “all stars” in my book

  • @ptuck874 whats your psn? let me show you a picture of the leader of one of the “elite” clans sent to some one asking them to come help him in a server because we were there lol……

  • @fuzusa:
    go ahead and figure it out, i aint hiding nothin :)

  • might it be ptuck875?

  • ill easily own that list of people!

  • ^^ this kid………

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