Warhawk Tips for Beginners/Salute to Experts

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Warhawk Greatest Hits

Its been quite a busy couple of weeks in Warhawk. We just released Warhawk on the PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits line. It’s really a lot of fun for us to be included and we hope that a lot more players give the game a try. Check out this Training Video from Brady Games to help out these new players.

Also, we recently released Patch 1.4 and the Global Gaming League had its finals!

If you have been watching GGL’s Warhawk tournament, you would know that the semifinal matches between Gods Illest, [WAR!], (ONI) and ARMED^ASSASSINS went down this weekend. However, instead of waiting a few days to schedule the finals, the victors, first-seeded [WAR!] and tenth ARMED^ASSASSINS, decided to play their finals match this weekend.

The end result? An upset by ARMED^ASSASSINS which knocked off [WAR!] and took the championship!

Congrats to ARMED ASSASSINS! We at Sony and Incognito recommend you steer clear of them in the game unless you like being shanked!


  • Team Leader: SuperCharged
  • -Xear-
  • af6zero
  • BennyTRD
  • bigboss20
  • BIGROB415
  • Bowzhur
  • B_Blitz388
  • c-los707
  • Chaos_21
  • computer
  • Cutlass_King
  • dan2000dan
  • Dmac1991
  • doqeboy1
  • Doublerider
  • FinalVictory4
  • FuZuSa
  • jellydonut9
  • JMB626
  • johnhenry182
  • LIL_ROB415
  • LOCO42O
  • logan8006
  • L_i_o_n
  • manlymisfit
  • Mavrick1
  • moelon
  • No_Data
  • Radim_cz_eu
  • RiversideSPK300
  • Robz5a
  • Scabiez
  • scarry_larry1
  • Shawneld
  • supa_ghost
  • TW2N

Remember, the winners get a very cool Warhawk statue from Gentle Giant and also the coveted in-game Champion’s Blade.

Grand Prize: (one team)
One 6″ Warhawk Limited Edition Statue created by Gentle Giant per player, up to 16 players.

Champion’s Blade: an in-game prize available only to the players on the winning team from this tournament. The Champion’s Blade is a special in-game Warhawk weapon that will replace the regular knife weapon, and will look visibly different than the regular knife that other players carry in-game, so that other players you encounter in the game will know that you won the tournament. How proud players will be to get shanked by this sweet knife.

Participation Prize: (all participating teams)
GGL-Ceremonial Knife (“Shanks for coming out!”). Players that register and participate in the tournament will get a special piece of in-game troop equipment: The “GGL Ceremonial Knife.” This replaces your troop’s current combat blade and only players that participate in the tournament will get this new equipment. Teams must complete at least one match to be eligible for the Participation Prize.

All participants got the Cermonial Blade for participating in a match. We’ll have more information very soon when these blades will show up in the game. Also, the ARMED ASSASSINS can expect their Warhawk statue in the coming weeks. They are still at the factory so sit tight!

Along with all this action you can expect more cool news about future Warhawk updates really soon. Thanks for all the continued support.

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