Comic-Com Interview: SOCOM’s Rob Roy

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Another update from the just-completed Comic-Con International 2008

I managed to catch up with Rob Roy, the man who puts the Navy SEAL is SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs, just at the launch of a SOCOM: Confrontation tournament. Roy has been on the cover of almost every SOCOM game to date, and it’s not just ceremonial. In this interview, he reveals how real SEALs contribute to the only game accurate enough to bear their name.

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  • is life with playstation still on schedule?

  • @33

    it will probably be available thursday

  • if it’s officially stated that home will be released at the end of the month, than at the end of the month we’ll receive the update specifying whether it’s released or delayed

  • Home, what was I thinking, I MEAN LIFE!

  • Yehhh life with playstation!!! Are we still on schedule for the end of this month or has it been pushed back??? Fill us in jeff!!!!

  • No way he did not just say that the navy seals are better than S.A.S i doubt it :)

    cheers for the vid jeff.

    keep’em comin!!

  • Nice interview. Rob Roy is awesome.

  • the Brits are much more insane, then any Navy seal.
    I’ve seen them doing crazy life risking things no Seal would ever dream of doing, Brits are really bonkers when it comes to risks.

  • Great interview Jeff.

  • Socom Confrontation is the reason i bought a ps3. I need it, and i need it soon please.

  • thanks for the interview…this type of game is not my cup of mushroom tea, but i appreciate the video!


  • Cool interview Jeff. Plus I never knew that about Rob Roy being on the cover of all the Socom games. I own a lot and I never payed that close to the cover so that is cool.

  • Maybe you will be able to match up SEAls vs. SAS and find out once and for all who is better.

  • Awesome video, I’ve been waiting for years for a proper interview with that SEAL dude.

    Also, there is a couple moments that made me chuckle a little… great job guys.

  • “Priceless first frame of that video”

    Indeed it is, quite funny.

    As for Socom, GameStop has it listed for 60 with the mic is that going to be the official price. If so that would be fan-freaking-tastic. I would love to get the official mic with the game for a great price, and not feel jipped.

  • Give that guy a Klondike Bar.

  • that’s an orbitz clean mouth!

    (insert light-gleam twinkle on Jeff’s teeth)

  • God, did I play SOCOM2 to death, one of the best shooters of last generation, in my opinion. So fun. I hope to hear more from the new SOCOM.

  • Maybe I should ask again…where is my Qore beta? lol, i bought just for that but it still isnt out…. :(

  • Hey Jeff,
    Did you get a chance to talk with Roy about anything other than the game? Like his real world SEAL experiences, missions, etc..


  • Pfft! No one better than the SEALS?
    I sure hope they have the Canadian JTF2 in this game!

  • Great interview Jeff, any info on when the Socom beta is going to start?

  • Socom going to use a better VoIP codec then what Warhawk uses? Cause voice quality is pretty garbled as it stands now.

  • Whatever xbox live uses as its standard voip codec is fine with me. But what we have for Warhawk/PS3 now is horrible and I would rather not talk/listen.

  • Awesome interview, Rob Roy is awesome too. Please keep these interviews coming Blog team I really enjoy them!!

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