Comic-Com Interview: SOCOM’s Rob Roy

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Another update from the just-completed Comic-Con International 2008

I managed to catch up with Rob Roy, the man who puts the Navy SEAL is SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs, just at the launch of a SOCOM: Confrontation tournament. Roy has been on the cover of almost every SOCOM game to date, and it’s not just ceremonial. In this interview, he reveals how real SEALs contribute to the only game accurate enough to bear their name.

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  • Can’t wait for Socom :D

    I want the official playstation mic too.

    Where’s my Qore beta?

  • Indeed, that PlayStation headset really does look good. Thanks for this. I never really got into the whole Socom thing, but it wan’t definitely an interesting video.

    Happy Wednesday! :D

  • hey do you guys need an editor? I’m available!

  • Priceless first frame of that video :)

  • Question for Rob:
    When you walk, do your feet touch the ground, or do they just shuffle on air (ala Confrontation)?

  • I cant wait for socom can someone please tell me when i will be able to play the socom beta that i got from core i mean the people at comic con got to play it so whats with the what for the qore people.

  • Woooohooooo, more PS2 news… -.- You guys really need to put PS2 on the back burner. I understand that you guys are making real money with the PS2 but it’s all about the PS3 for me. I have a 60GB PS3 with full BC and I don’t even think about putting a PS2 disc in there.

    Can you guys please speak to Capcom about Monster Hunter 3? I don’t mind the game being multi platform. Why not have a PS3 version?

  • This game is BIG!

  • The mic for Socom looks awesome. I have two Mics, a USB one and a BT one. I will still be getting the Socom one.

  • They showed the ps2 games for you to see that his face is on like every one, I imagine.

  • Man, I can’t wait for Socom. I love the fact that this game is only online. I don’t really play the Socom Story mode

  • Wicked interview man! Rob Roy kicks some major ass.

  • i think i might pick up this game or download

  • What’s Rob Roy’s PSN ID :)

  • music problem caused by 2.41+2.40…when u browsing or watching photos,you cant ff/rwd/pause the track…not only from the mini control panel,but not even from the main control panel that isnt accessible anymore during browsing and photos!u must do something…r u aware of that?

  • @16

    minas, man.. RELEVANCE

  • what does this means? RELEVANCE? Sorry about my english

  • you gotta find yourself a thread that has something to do with your inquiry or nobody will respond, then the people complain (“why does SCE ignore us, etc etc”), and wonder why nobody acknowledges them

  • its not relevent to the thread means that it has nothing to do with this topic

  • I caught this on YouTube yesterday. Good interview.

  • Where is my Qore beta??

  • What is Rob Roys PSN ID?

  • Get beta up!!! Got my link to get beta but no beta yet? havent play Socom since the second one.

  • Hey Jeff!
    Greetings from Colombia!

    Quick Question…

    When will we receive Life With Playstation? If I’m not mistaken its launch was supposed to be at the end of this month… I know it hasn’t ended, stil…

    BTW, Congrats on PSB’s coverage on July’s Events… Loved it!

  • @25

    Submish | July 28th, 2008 at 12:26 pm


    Will there be any information on Life with PlayStation today or tomorrow?

    Kim Nguyen replied on July 28, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    Hi Submish,

    Since E3 there hasn’t been any [news] updates.”

  • Awesome! When will the Qore beta be available?

  • Still waiting for the Qore beta ;)

    By the way, now that we can link our PSN’s to our PSU ID’s, does that mean that in the future we’ll be able to recieve, read, create and send PSN messages from our computers?

  • um jeff…….. can we get some1 from dc interviewed?

  • Jeff, has Thetruefiziks become the “official” moderator/adviser. Seems to address all questions himself?

  • Hey Jeff, any chance of Sony picking up Ghostbusters since Activision is no longer publishing it? Brutal Legend also? :) Be some nice additions to the PS3 library.

  • is –> in
    Navy SEAL in SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs

  • the interview was interesting but shooters arent my type of game.cant hardly wait for the nippon ichi blog lol…anyways, where’s life with playsttion that jack promised us by the end of the month at e3?

  • will this new service come with a fw upgrade or from the ps store?anyone willing to answer?? thanks

  • I really hate saying this, but can we get another interviewer? I like the interviews but the guy doing them nearly makes me turn them off. Trouble delivery questions, can’t make sure the person he’s interviewing can even be heard/recorded. Seems awkward in his own skin while on camera. Can we try for somebody with a little more presence or charisma when interviewing people on camera that we as gamers care about?

  • @35

  • @30

    well, I was echoing Kim regarding the “Life” inquiry which has no business here, and um the rest of the questions I answered in this thread weren’t questions at all. find a thread that has something to do with what you’re asking would you?

  • @32 stalkingsilence

    LOL, that’s why I asked them if they needed an editor!

  • @35 u guys do know that jeff himself right doing the interviews?well at least i think it is.

  • Agh! Why can’t I watch any videos on this site? It never loads! :(

  • IS there a way to get one of those cool SOCOM posters of Rob Roy? Maybe, when you preorder it? Or maybe thru the Blog? That’s an awesome poster.

  • Thanks for the post.

    Still waiting for that Qore beta download from the 1st Qore publication.

  • @37 i do that myself when i can give reliability info.sometime it better not to answer people back.there are times i do post on some1 else keep up the good work and don’t let any1 stop u.

  • @#8 this is not PS2 news this is PS3 news. The reason you have all the PS2 covers on the top is to show you that he’s been on all the covers for the franchise. This game will be great can’t wait to pay it in Septemember ! !

  • @43

    well, of course SCE could stop me from posting. HOWEVER “I” neither gave advice nor did “I” address a question, all of the information I speculated on was official (which was one question total). IF you post a question, bookmark it. You’ll notice that they answer some of this stuff already, and quit flooding irrelevant topics.

    as for the ps2 post, the guy obviously saw the ps2 games and thought this thread was about ’em. Well it isn’t if you’ll notice, everything I’ve contributed in the thread is safe information, and, in no way was I pretending to convey info that was never validated.
    I agree you should raffle some signed or unsigned copies of the SOCOM posters.

  • Waiting for an actual sequel of SOCOM in the PS3.

  • hope you guys are doing ok after the earthquake!

  • you should have asked Rob Roy if the SEALs watch the civilians play the game to discover new possibilities in terms of usable tactics for future SEALs operations.

  • @45 i just wanted to give u a handshake of support is all.and to say that if any1 tell u u shouldn’t do it then dont pay any attention to them keep on doing it.

  • @49

    I know I was just saying that I don’t feel like I know more than what I read. thanks bro

  • @48:
    I hope not. Your approach is a little bit different when you know that if you get killed, you will come back in 5 minutes.

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