PS3 Greatest Hits Launch Today

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As announced at our E3 press conference, some of our top PLAYSTATION 3 titles will be re-launched as Greatest Hits. Starting today, you can now get these blockbuster titles for only $29.99. Yep, you read it right, $29.99. So for all you PS3 owners out there who have been holding off on any of these games, now is your chance to expand your videogame collection. Not a PS3 owner? No more excuses.

Check out the list of Greatest Hits:

And, just to add a little more spice, we’re making the cases red so you really have to try hard to miss these at your local store.

PS3 Greatest Hits Resistance PS3 Greatest Hits Warhawk PS3 Greatest Hits MotorStorm

Finally, we wanna leave you with a short video to show what these Greatest Hits titles bring to your PS3.

Happy gaming!

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  • @SkaterRicky-

    “We should be getting an update soon”


    man i hope it goes smoothly..i think i’m actually going to wait a few days and see what happens to everyone’s PS3’s before i install it..

    I’m getting wiser in the finicky ways of the PS3..

    psn id: FritoZ

  • The color red stimulates impulsive actions, such as “Buy me now”. I think they should use Red for the recently released PS3 game cases instead now that I think about it.

  • @ Frito

    Yup, its probably the best audio/video devices for PS3, problem is (big problem) that its wired. My fiances dog likes to trip over it and my fiance also likes to trip over it

    “Keep those cores at the- OH #$^% Babe, you alright?”

  • Resistance is a must-own.. as are some of the other titles.. Oblivion.. Gaiden.. i have several of those titles already.. and gladly..

  • isnt the whole red case a little too much like HD DVD?

  • isnt the whole red case a little too much like HD DVD?

  • I’m getting Resistance !!! and Oblivion mayby

  • I really wish Sony wouldn’t choose the hideous red cases, which conveniently look like the (down & out) HD DVD Cases. A simply GH Logo in silver, top right corner….that would be sexier :) Leave it to stores to put a noticeable price tag instead of making the case stick out like a (REALLY) sore thumb.

  • Cool I have some of those but I will be buying the rest used so they will be cheaper than that wohooo go sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think they should have a blue edge, but red it cool.

    Just be sure to add more titles as time goes on. Especially Heavenly Sword. I want that game.

  • @Bbblackflag-

    thanks for the info, going to have to try it out with the Eye. We have the same problem with the Eye when playing the Eye of Judgement game, but usually it sits nicely atop my tv ready to go..but if you keep you PS3 anywhere other than right next to the tv it is a pain..

    and we don’t have any pets~

    though my girlfriend gets kinda crazy when she takes shots..then WATCH OUT!


  • Awesome. Now I’m definitely buying Resistance and Fight Night.

  • @Kedaro

    I avoided all the Greatest Hits titles knowing they would come out eventually. I meant if this came out Saturday I could have had all those awesome games instead of the 5 games I got. I had no idea about the whole price adjustment thing though so I’ll keep that in mind in the future.

  • saintfighteraqua

    Oh…I already have all those I want!! They are awesome games though.
    I’m still waiting on Ratchet and clank to drop.

  • too bad that they didnt included ratchet and clank in the greatest hits,that would have been nice!

    btw,i would like more info about life with playstation :)

  • I already have all those games.

  • I already have those games.

  • im really interested in resistance and oblivion

  • does the warhawk headset disconnect after 5-10 mins like the plantronics, motorola bluetooth headsets, does the pseye’s mic have any problems since the update, I needa find another option for in-game comm.

  • Great, make the cases red so that everyone knows we bought the cheap version… And we’ll all feel bad whenever we see our red PS3 case and wish we had bought an original clear white case.


  • im from BRAZIL! im waiting for playstation to come here! ^^

    Dont make us wait to much please! :D R$200 for a game, its killing me :'(

  • Do you know when the greatest hits will be coming to Finland?

  • Awesome! Thanks I will be picking up one or two of them. Will Uncharted or Heavenly Sword become greatest hits soon?

  • @102 (FritoZ)

    Well Most likely if it break will we be able to call up SONY and get our PS3’s fixed if its been over a year after warrenty??

    Its a good question I’d Like answered!

    I have the 60Gb model :P

  • I think the red case is a hilarious smack in the HD’s face…lol

  • Only 3 of the Greatest Hits games are worth buying if you don’t already own them. The third party ones are all garbage!

    I noticed that a lot of you guys are asking about Uncharted and R&C Tools of Destruction. It doesn’t make any sense for Sony to sell two of there best exclusives as bargain bin titles. LOL

  • Oh, I’ve heard Oblivion is good but I don’t play NA RPGs.

  • I wish I could trade in the ones I got and get the $30 difference… :(

    But pretty cool :)

  • OMG, you guys on the blog are so funny. I’ve been reading your comments about which games that should or should’ve been Greatest Hits. You guys are asking Sony to put their very few AAA titles as greatest hits. You guys are nuts!!! LMAO!!!

  • I was thinking about buying R:fom but not much of a point since the 2nd one is coming out soon.

  • You know it’s a very vague response,so it could actually mean both either there has been no firmware update that would contain Life with PlayStation or there is nothing new to report about Life with PlayStation. Too bad there wasn’t a follow up question and answer. Oh Waite here is the Question and waiting on answer.

  • @6 Kim when you say “since E3 there has been no updates” do you mean FW updates or news updates. Cause we want to know if Life with Playstation will be coming in the store or in an update.

    Thank you

  • scoobyonline2000

    It’s actually $32.38… not 29.99… just post the actual price. and how is this price better? yea it’s not the crazy 60+ we pay for a regular game… 30 bucks or so is still a lot. How about down to the price of the old Greatest Hits.. thats WAY more reasonable…. just saying. Not everyone is rich.

  • Needs more ratchet ;)

  • Im waiting for HS to hit greatest hits to bite

  • lol so basically warhawk dropped $10… how nice /sarcasm

  • So can we get these titles.. lets say tom at best buy or gamestop?…

  • Since Warhawk is only $29.99 on disk will you be lowering the price of the downloadable version on the Playstation Store?

    • Hi joeymp,

      Yes, you should be able to get the downloadable version of Warhawk at the Greatest Hits price of $29.99.

  • I still can’t believe I don’t have Motorstorm after having my PS3 since launch. I’m gonna miss out on that one but rest assured the second is on my list of games to buy this year… is it coming out this year?

    also great lineup. great titles for first time buyers and for those that have been missing out.


  • Awesome. Looking forward to picking up Warhawk and Oblivion.

  • hey GH is a great stuff

    but I wanna know if do u guys have any plans to make such a thing in brazil

    here a 40Gb ps3 is USD$1,100.oo and any game around USD$160.oo

    I bought my ps3 in us and now want to go get some titles of GH in my next travel.

  • The covers looks terrible.

  • excellent, GH is a great stuff

    but i want to know if u sony is planning to do this in Brazil

    Around here a 40Gb ps3 is $1,100.oo USD and any game is at least $150.oo for a country with not a great economy this is ridiculous
    My ps3 and the only games I have are a few of my last trip to us.

  • i wonder if PlayStation life will suffer the same faith like home, it was announce years ago but yet nothing

  • Cool, maybe i´ll be getting Oblivion and warhawk

  • elprimodebklyn96

    too bad i have motorstorm and AC but ill save up for resistence though cuz i dont have a job dang i would have a job just to buy games and (hint) GET PSN CARDS( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put them on gamestops at least man im 12 and i need MONEY LOL

  • @135

    Tax is not the same everywhere you know. The retail price is $29.99. And depending on where you are, the actual final price will be different. For example, that $29.99 game would actaully cost me $33.63, not your 32.38.

    I never understood the hate behind GH covers. They look fine. Be happy your not getting the yellow boarder with a white background with boxart sized down like Japan does.

  • elprimodebklyn96

    to bad i got motorstorm and AC but if your gonna have greatest hits for motorstorm please include the downloads for others that buy it. ill definitely go for resistence though and please dont take to long to respond about the problem with psn cards yo im waitin for them badly

  • ill be picking up Warhawk, lovin the red

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