PS3 Greatest Hits Launch Today

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As announced at our E3 press conference, some of our top PLAYSTATION 3 titles will be re-launched as Greatest Hits. Starting today, you can now get these blockbuster titles for only $29.99. Yep, you read it right, $29.99. So for all you PS3 owners out there who have been holding off on any of these games, now is your chance to expand your videogame collection. Not a PS3 owner? No more excuses.

Check out the list of Greatest Hits:

And, just to add a little more spice, we’re making the cases red so you really have to try hard to miss these at your local store.

PS3 Greatest Hits Resistance PS3 Greatest Hits Warhawk PS3 Greatest Hits MotorStorm

Finally, we wanna leave you with a short video to show what these Greatest Hits titles bring to your PS3.

Happy gaming!

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  • Based off your previous pricing structure:

    IF Warhawk BD + Bluetooth headset + packaging = $29.99

    Then Warhawk PSN download = $9.99

    Yeah I know…something about flying pigs.

  • oops meant to add more , awesome FightNight round3, Ninja and Need for Speed i’ll have to grab now… Thanks Sony

  • Resistance and Fight Night Round 3.. ah.. reminds me of the months of November and December 2006 when we didn’t have nearly as many games as we do now! :P

  • To Bad I have all thos Greatest Hits that are worth playing hints the TOP 3 Pictured are the best of the best as of right now…

    and Im wondering why Uncharted didnt make it :(

    Id like to know how shy it was from making it???

    Thanks, :D

  • now lets see some uncharted!

  • I already own all of those game :(
    Can’t you guys release Ratchet and Clank, and Uncharted as greatest hit also

  • You know, it really should be added that Call of Duty 3 is STILL extremely buggy. I bought it in Feb. of this year. I put it in my 60 gig PS3 and loaded the game. I was asked to install an update which I did. About 33% of the way through updating, my PS3 switched off. My PS3 never restarted. I ran online to check out any info. I could online. On the official PS3 forums, I came to find out that there was faulty code in CoD3 that would fry the power supply on many PS3s. I’m not sure if this is only on the original 60 gigs, but I wouldn’t chance it. Sadly the only information I could find out about this problem was on the official PS3 forums, no where else.

    Moral of the story:
    Be extremely careful of CoD 3. I had to wait a month and a half to gig my 60 gig replaced (for free : Thanks Sony). This is a warning. If I were any of you I would stay extremely far away from this shoddy, faulty product.

    PSN : xinoart

  • Awesome.

    I like that Greatest Hits games are cheaper, but I just don’t like that they don’t have the original casing :|

  • Excellent news. I am glad to finally see the GH line make its debut. I already own all of them, but it is still great news for those who haven’t picked these up yet. All 3 SCEA titles are killer.

  • great news, i have a question a bit off topic though, you announced life with playstation and said it would be here before the end of the month, can we get an update on whats happening with it?

  • Great news !

    Even though I have many of the titles, it’s a great way to get new people into these games.

    Thanks Sony.

  • Life with Playstation!!!!! I want it!!! So far sonys been doing good with not delaying things (well minus HOME…) Let’s see this one roll on out within the next 3 days!!! Its the end of the month Sony!!! Oh…and the greatest hits thing is….umm…GREAT! Hahah. PLAY B3YOND

  • i HAVE always wanted to try out motorstorm…..

  • awsome will the new greatest hits warhawk still come will a headset

    my pick up list
    1st warhawk
    2nd resistance
    3rd assaians creed total 90= taxes what a score

  • Ninja Gaiden & Warhawk for me ^__^

  • @4 and 16

    Uncharted has not been out for 9 months I think is the requirement, so it can’t become a Greatest Hits title just yet.

    The same goes for Heavenly Sword, although it should become one sooner than Uncharted will. The same with Lair since it did do OK in sales.

  • Awesome, now drop the price of the PS3 EYE.

  • The ‘only’ games up there I don’t already have is Ninja Gaiden, and NFS-Carbon, but to be honest, there are so many NFS put out every year lately, that I don’t even like to bother with them, so for me the only game up there worth buying is Ninja Gaiden.

    TIP: Those of you who don’t like the red plastic in your collection, hurry to gamestop, eb games, or whatever retailer you want really, and grab the last copy of the clear case you can find, They drop in price at the same time the GH’s hit, usually you have 1-3 days before retailers run out of clear cases, and sell only the red plastic, This is coming from my personal experience as an ex-EBGames sales associate, often because I worked there I got dibs on buying the ‘original’ at the GH price, on ps2 titles.

    So you guys do still have time to get an original copy, at GH price, but you gotta’ hurry in the next day or two, maybe three… after those ‘originals’ run out, your next option is pre-owned, but pre-owned is wrong IMO.

  • Darn it! I just bought a few PS3 games 2 days ago because I didn’t want to wait for the greatest hit to come out. For the amount of money I blew last week I could have gotten all of the greatest hits games. :( I’m happy this is out though, I guess there’s always my next pay check lol.

  • oh also, can we get an idea of how long until games like RnCF:ToD, Heavenly Sword, LAIR, Uncharted, go ‘Greatest Hits’?

    I held off on LAIR, and Heavenly Sword…

    Yea I know, I know, believe me I KNOW I missed out. I guess I believed the bad press surrounding LAIR, and felt Heavenly Sword was just going to be short, and was shown the light via’ some national acquintances of mine. Made me wish I had boughten those two as well.

  • why was Assassin’s Creed (november 2007 title) greatest hits when Call of Duty 4 (also a november 2007 title and has sold more than AC) isn’t?

  • Nobody puts those montages together quite like Sony.

    Very Nice. Will there be TV spots?

  • will warhawk still come with a headset

    • Hi Babybludedb,

      The Greatest Hits Warhawk will not come with a headset. The $29.99 price only includes the game. However, we are lowering the price of the game bundled with the headset to $49.99 and you should see that price change shortly if not already at your local retailer.

  • @BigANt18

    Depending on which region of the world you’re from, you should have 14 days of price protection, meaning if the product lowers in price during 14 days, you can return it for a refund, or what we used to call a price-adjustment.

  • like I mean, they give you your excess money back, and only charge you the lowered price… dunno’ if I was clear there.

  • will warhawk still come with a freak-n-headset

  • Would buy if I didn’t own

    But as with some other commenters…
    Whats the status on Life with Playstation..

    Its supposed to be at the end of this month right?

  • ok what exactly is Life with PlayStation, all I’ve seen is little representation of what ‘it’ might actually be, nothing concrete, can someone shed some light for me… Anyone?

  • Nice cases. Love ém. Im waiting to see the europe´s games.

  • answer my question will warhawk still come with a headset

  • Have you guys noticed that Kim Nguyen never answers any questions. Can you guys hire someone else that will communicate and answers our question.

  • Awesome, now I’m definitely going to get Resistance and Rainbow Six Vegas!!!! =)

  • Deeznutz have been a greatest hits for a long time , naw seriously though , how about dropping the new release prices.

  • yeesh, i’ve already got Warhawk, Motorstorm, Resistance, Ninja Gaiden, Assassin’s Creed, Need for Speed and of course Oblivion…

    the rest of the games..meh!

    I’m ready for some NEW games!!

    i love the summer, but this fall is looking good for gaming!

    I would have thought Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted , and Heavenly Sword would have been on the list…

    I have Ratchet and Clank, and I’ve already rented and beat Uncharted and Heavenly Sword, but i think they are some of the best games the PS3 has to offer, and should be available to the largest market possible!


  • Patriotsbball5460

    My Bestbuy still had resistance, motorstorm at 60 and didnt even have oblivion or fight night the rest were 30 but not even in the greatest hits packaging

  • Warhawk has its new price at the Playstation Store. The download is $29.99

    That means the Greatest Hits disc most likely does NOT come with a headset. I find that rather terrible that they couldn’t reduce it to half price for the base game rather than a measly $10 off… or even $25 as its price would have been fine.

  • @83

    Dude nobody ever said that

  • nobody specified if even 2.42 or 2.50 was next

  • hey any news on Life with Playstation. you guys said we would have it by the end of the month. its almost here. any info on it?

    I like the red case, it makes it stand out.
    I like the blue case, of Blu-ray movies, it makes them stand out. But why is the plastic case of standard PS3 games clear?

    Xbox has green. Wii has white. PS3 just looks blah. It makes PS3 games look like the label is too small. Why not make a light blue case, then everyone knows that the PS3 difference is Blu-ray?

    Also, look at the advertisements of multiformat games and the PS3 logo is almost invisible. The 360 and Wii have their logos clear and bold. The PS3 just has silver text. Why not include the PlayStation shapes as part of the logo? Why not use a blue or red font for the PlayStation logo?

    I know that my sound like a crazy rant, but its just my suggestion to help the PlayStation 3 stand out! I look forward to hearing your view!

  • Nice stuff, im getting Ninja Gaiden and Resistence ( again ). If Oblivion was the Game of Year edition… :(

  • which warhawk are we talking about the one with the headset or the one with just the game?

    • Hi erico316,

      Here\’s how it breaks down:
      Warhawk without headset = $29.99
      Warhawk with headset = $49.99

  • Greatest Hits=’s $19.99!!!

    This is another “whatever”…

  • GOOD GOD what a fail

    @ Rainbow Six clip

  • Most Likely we will be geting a Update on the 30th because how else are we going to get Playstation Living!

    Kinda makes since guys right!

    Let me know what yout think?

    And Most Likely there not going to be a Headset for the Greatest Hit Warhawk dudes!

    Come on… the headset which I have isnt that great picks up to much nose from the ear peice in games like Call of Duty 4 and others that I play!

  • i believe i know why these games and no other games were put on GH because look at the games. They all have sequels or new IP’s coming out not to far from now, so those companies can afford to drop the price of there old games. Whereas games like uncharted and heavenly sword are the only games those companies have so they cant afford to drop the price of their games cause theres no other game to sell

  • Can you use the PSEye for sound in COD4 instead of headsets?

    just wondering, i think it should work..

    PSN ID : FritoZ

  • I was hoping for a different color other than red but still nice to know the program started. Maybe now I’ll pick up Assassins Creed.

  • Finally! Warhawk $30.00! :D

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