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Since it seems a number of you do stop by on the weekends, we’d like to give you a bit more to read. Would you be interested in what other people are doing on the PSN; specifically, top 10 lists? For instance, here are the top 10 downloads this week from the PSN video download service:


Let me know – we can pull more stats like these if you’re interested in, say, the top SingStar downloads of the week.

The reading list is a bit short this time out, as we spent most of the week traveling/attending E3/Comic-Con, so we’ll definitely want your link suggestions in the comments area.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 7/21)

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  • @Chaos-

    it’s been happening for me, too..

    after i post, i just hit “back” and my post is there..wierd, huh?

  • @fritoz

    yeah they started doin it since last update. i think they change the ads every once in a while. i seen step brothers and hancock so far. havent turned on pain in a few days though

  • So when is the store coming to Canada?

  • Europe always the last.

  • I’d definitely be interested in the top SingStar downloads. I check by here most days, so weekend updates are always welcome.

  • yea you should definitely continue those top 10 lists, its pretty cool knowing what people enjoy most and helps when trying to figure out what to buy or play

  • Thanks for ignoring another one of my posts.


  • HI JEFF!!! I think there must be a way for our posts not to be ignored…i red so many comments about what the 2.40&2.41 update not delivered to us…and in those lists i couldnt see the biggest negleting-mistake(in my opinion,and i think for a lot of users)caused by these updates,which is the music playback problem while on the internet browser or watching photos!You cant fast forward/rewind,u cant even pause ,the track u are listening anymore!!The mini control panel doesnt has these functions…and u cant no longer enter the main control panel(the one with the earth animation)to do it from there… You fixed and really update even tiny features&functions in this last update,so please fix it too in the next….its too bad one thing that worked well,to have problems now,caused by the updates!i hope you are aware of this problem!!i even hope to read this comment!

  • the problem appears only when u are in the browser or watching photos…just try it and u well see…cause i think most users havent realised it yet

  • @100 im sorry about that… my comment was moderaded and it was a great sites around wanting all PS3 users to give me feedback on what they thought about upgrading our PS3 HDD’s..

    @ everyone on the Blog…I think we need to throw in a Post for our Blog again but this time any user can put in a input of what game we want to see be put on the PS Store from old Classic games from PS1 for PSP and PS3 to play on… or just ideas of new things..

    Like a Input of what Next Features we would love to see put in our Next or upcoming Firmware Update :D

    That way SONY can get a Idea on what games and features they need to work on first in geting out to the public quicker.. Because like each Gamer we love games and the ones we love we would buy first more then the games that were not to intrested in.

    —– I have a Idea! ——
    What if each month we have a drawing for to win our comments posted in a specail color for the winner of the month in a random drawing of somekind or have a clicking link thats has a random number that is randomly selected and on that certain time of that special random # click that person could be the winner!:D just a great random tought :P

    Thanks for Reading Ricky,

    PSN: Skater_Ricky

  • @to all in the blog you dont care about the problem that i mentioned?

  • I am definitely interested in the Top Singstar downloads. Maybe that will get us better songs in the game. Please make sure the Top Download list is for US only because the download list of UK songs will not be a reflection at all of what is available in the US.

  • Hi Jeff.

    (1) Is the Xam’d download figure for the entire season or just for single episodes? Can you split them by episodes?

    (2) Can you make the PS Blog compatible with Firefox and Opera? More than a quarter of the internet folk use non-IE browsers (40% use Firefox, in the latest surveys) so multi-browser compatibility would help alot.

  • I’m also interested in seeing the top 10 most played online games aswell as the top 10 downloads.

    Also have you gotten any details on those Elefunk trophies? I know you’ve been busy but I’m dying to know.

    Also is it possible to get official Metal Gear Solid 4 character profile themes? I love Solid Snake but I also love the rest of the cast.

  • MEET THE SPARTANS?!?! Ewww…thats sad lol

  • Jeff can u upload a list of the most played online games of the PSN?

    Would be awesome to check if I could jump in on any of them =)

  • Hey Jeff!!

    This is great, it’s always good to have this list of news and the video top ten is a great addition, even if you don’t have access to the video store. Like my self :(

    Keep up the great work man!

  • Rrrrr…. that Valkyria Chronicles hands on made me want the game even more. By the way Jeff, any luck on contacting the people about Disgaea 3? That game needs to be hyped as well :-)

  • When is the video store coming to CANADA?

    Also stats on which games are played most would be cool.


  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    i have a suggestion i downloaded a movie witch was assome seeing how that works and happy on the download time but my suggestion is the way we do movies we should do with games as of renting them as well…. instead of all people trying to get there hands on those blockbuster hits rentals and worried that there going to be out by the time they get there they can just rent them online as well as movies are done of course an expiration date is in need but you all can figure out those kind of things again a suggestion i think that would be cool and boost up sales maybe?…. you can count me in i like to rent before i buy… keep up the good work :)

  • I just want to congratulate you guys (PS3 team) BECAUSE THE PS3 HAS SOLD OUT IN SAUDI ARABIA

    KEEP IT UP!!

  • hms84, where in Saudi Arabia do you live?


    If you decide to make the TOP 10 games played on PSN, you should have an overall list and then split up disc-based and downloaded, so that you end up with 3 lists total.

  • Yep … The PS3 Is The Most have Next-Gen Console In Saudi Arabia … Thanx PS3 Team For Hard Work and we wish More

    for the video store as far as rentals are concerned, i would like to see actual “now playing in theaters” movies for download. i hate going to theaters, to many idiots and morons to enjoy the films these days. with there cell phones and talking back to the screen and just general stupidity. talk about boosting the power of the ps3.

    ON TOPIC~~
    how about a top ten list of most requested features to be added to the XMB. top ten online BRD Games played per week. top ten blog whiners. top ten monthly blog posts (judged by comments)

    @minas, doesn’t bother me in the slightest. i only have music i actually want to hear on my hdd anyway. and why would you want to rewind/fast forward a song while photo or browser viewing anyway?

  • lists are great…. good job. would love to see top psn game downloads and top online games played (hard disk and download). keep up the great job.

  • will Playstation Life be coming out this month as mentioned or has it been cancelled?

  • @100

    It’s been that way for a long time

  • NOTICE: I clicked the E3 2008 LBP wins best of show, psxextreme and it returned.

    Reported Attack Site!

    This web site at has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

  • @109&@110

    you can rewind/FF during browsing with the mini player

  • @TheVesra Im complaining about 2 reasons about this problem…1) i believe that the updates must fix and update the current features of my console,and shouldnt <> something that worked well before them… 2) are u believe that all those tiny little new features(except the big new features in-game xmb ect..)are more important than that problem?ok, i talk about user’s menu ‘turn off the system’,the settings menu ‘reassign the controllers’,the mini control panel(that its minus functions cause the problem)?ect?tell me what do u think of that?i m glad about these small touches,but i think its more important to protect this which worked just fine…

  • @36
    about the ps3 hard disk
    Any 2.5 inch 7200RPM sata will work

  • @Thetruefiziks OOOOHHH YEAH??? how???? i think you are mistaken!!i have try it all!!

  • @minas

    access the xmb during playback while you’re browsing, go to the music menu and the player’s located there with all playback options available

  • Yeah all types of stats are interesting to read. How about listing the order of “Summer Sale” games downloaded this past week.

  • @thetruefiziks you are mistaken…!if access the xmb,as u say,i find in the top of music column, a mini panel…ok?look closelly…do u see these functions?no…

  • @minas

    ok maybe no fast forward or rewind. but stopping and playing is practically the same thing as pausing it.

  • @thetruefiziks u might confuse it with the older way to play music…the 2.40&2.41 caused the problem i mention!

  • @minas

    yeah in the mini player I see R1 and L1 control tracking, they should implement seek with R2/L2

  • @thetruefiziks no it isnt the same…!when u pause it the track stays exactly where it is…when u stop it all your progress with the music just disappeared! this worked just fine before the latest update…

  • Ummmm, whatever happened to Playstation Life? Jack had said at the end of the month.

  • we must do something about it!!for them to mention it,and to fix it,
    i mean…

  • you gotta catch ’em on a new, relevant thread

  • Who with Singstar could I talk to? I want some hard rock/metal songs. From like Guns & Roses, Alice n Chains to like Mudvayne or something.

  • I love the video rental thing. My dad was excited about the new video store, but said it was lacking some classics (I don’t know what that means, probably some old movies from his time lol).

    I would like to see some Grounded for Life episodes and more movie rentals (some movies you can only buy, not rent…)


  • @10 & 50

    Most played PS3 online games…Smart statistics, not only big new games the have a lot of players who just got the game but they never return because it’s a bad game.

    I want to know if a game has good online replay value !!! What can I buy and get months of online battles with a bunch of people.

    i.e. COD4, I would stop playing it when the new and hopefully better COD5 arrives. Maybe….

    This would be the best buying guide !!!

  • @10 & 50

    Most played PS3 online games…Smart statistics, not only big new games the have a lot of players who just got the game but they never return because it’s a bad game.

    I want to know if a game has a good online replay value !!! What can I buy and get months of online battles with a bunch of people.

    i.e. COD4, I would stop playing it when the new and hopefully better COD5 arrives. Maybe….

    This would be the best buying guide !!!


  • Good to know the top download/favorite. But please give out an estimated time for releasing in Canada, or other countries so everyone can enjoy the video service. Thanks.

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