Burnout Paradise PS3 Update

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Yet another exciting week here at Criterion Games. We’ve finally unleashed our first major content update for Burnout Paradise: Codename Cagney on the PLAYSTATION 3.

This was the much-hyped FREE downloadable pack for Burnout Paradise, bringing fans a live blog page and game event calendar, 70 new Freeburn Challenges, 3 online game modes (Marked Man, Stunt Run and Road Rage), plus a stack of changes and improvements to the game, including support for 1080i displays and improved image-quality on standard def TVs.

So, how did it go?

Well our game telemetry showed more players in Paradise City than at any time in the last 4 months – a huge spike in traffic! If you joined us, thanks for playing; if you haven’t come back to Burnout yet, there’s never been a better time. Cagney was a big hit, but we’re not through yet!

We ran our first calendar events – Drift Kings and Prize Cars – our first forays into the world of broadcast gameplay. We’re building the ability to change Burnout Paradise gameplay on-the-fly. Check the in-game calendar for upcoming events. Our goal is to make Burnout Paradise different every time you play.

It’s pretty exciting stuff but also pretty experimental! Our first tests were successful, but we tracked how people were playing (through game telemetry), and we’ve overhauled the schedule for the next few weeks, based on what we saw. Three events-per-week just felt like way too much for most players, so we’re going to rein things in a little and keep all our new cars unlocked, so nobody misses out on the action.

We started this off by introducing the stunning Nakamura Rai-jin Turbo to all players last week. You’ll need all your skills to control Paradise City’s newest and fastest car.

And the Hunter Olympus was made available on Thursday. As you can see from the shots, this car is a beast. It’ll breeze through traffic and makes a great choice in Marked Man. No boost. No acceleration, no problem!

Hunter Olympus
We’ll look forward to joining you soon in Paradise City and bringing the Playstation Blog some hot news on our next update – we’re just putting the finishing touches on Burnout’s first motorcycles!

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  • Great work Criterion.

    Since the Cagney update i played burnout everyday.

    The news page and calendar are a super addition and we as players feeling actually closer to the whole paradise world (off- and online).

    I’m looking forwards to the next update with bikes :D And also hoping to hear some info about the trophies soon in your Crash TV podcast!

    keep up the stunning work over there!

  • Can’t wait for the rest of the updates and I LOVE this new broadcast gameplay!

    I wish you guys played on PS3 too so we could see you around in our games! =(

  • Its so nice to see a 3rd party developer actually care about developing for the Playstation 3. Alex ward is a great guy and its great to see all of this stuff for free as well.

    Cant wait to see what you guys are making next! Black 2 maybe or a new IP? With your new open world engine you could make a killer RPG!

    O ye Btw. Youre game is beautiful and ps3 was lead platform. Are you going to be licensing the engine out to other developers because you have proved that it can run smoothly on both 360 and ps3. EA internal could use as well.

  • I wish all devs put as much care into supporting their titles and community after launch as Criterion does, You guys are the best! Kudos also for being at the forefront of PS3 third party development, it’s much appreciated.

  • I played the demo now but im impressed with how you are updating the game (and its free :)). So i have decided to buy the game! I cant wait till it arrives.

  • This is my first Burnout game that I own. I simply love it. Its nice to see you guys at Criterion continuously support Burnout Paradise, and these free updates. Keep up the good work Simon.

  • Just bought this game last night and its pretty fun. Although I still rank Revenge as my fave. ;-] Was motorbikes not included in the last update? If so, how do you get them?

  • hey,
    since your under EA, do you know anyone from dice? if so could you please ask them for trophies as well for battlefield bc?
    also with all the free support for this game im thinking of buying, it looks great

  • You guys are amazing. I think the kind of post-launch support you’re giving this game is unprecedented, and I love it. It definitely sold me over other driving games such as GRID. On top of that, the level that you speak to the community on through these blog posts and the Crash TV podcast is fantastic. I’ve always been a fan of the Burnout series, but you’ve taken it to the next level and set a standard that I hope other developers notice and emulate.

    Once this Year of Paradise is over, I will definitely be purchasing any further paid-content updates you add to this game to support you guys further.

    Thanks again for all you’ve done!

  • Hey Im working to unlock the offline challenges.

    Will these be the challenges trophies will be recieved for or will it be a mix of offline and online?

  • When can we expect trophies update for Burnout Paradise?

  • …Whoa!?
    I decided to stay AWAY from EA after Ao2…
    But now…
    Jesus, Im gonna go buy it right now… :S

  • One more thing; Criterion Games should be an example for other developers to follow, instead of abandoning their games for future projects, you guys have shown tremendous support for Burnout Paradise. So, thank you.

    (Custom soundtrack is pretty sweet!)

  • Game currently playing Burnout Pardise!

    This game is awesome! Now I can drive a huge SUV and not spend a dime (or $4/gal.) on gas!

    Thank you Criterion and PLEASE keep the updates coming!


  • I love Burnout Paradise as well! I would like something fixed though. Whenever you start a challenge sometimes you get 1 player that doesn’t want to do that challenge and in general is just being an a-hole. Is there a way you you guys can fix it that the challenge will be complete if someone leaves the game and everyone else has completed the challenge?

  • Great thanks !

    Have been thinking of purchasing this game for a bit and now it’s a definate buy for me, most likely this weekend.

  • How about a new mode where you can set waypoints (in order) anywhere on the map, and save them (giving the set a name). Then you and your friends have to navigate them X number of times. You can create your own race tracks this way! Burnout Paradise really needs this kind of thing!

  • @ jeff any word on the lifestyle with playstation feauture?sony has been awfully quiet on this service, i know its suppose to come “later” this month. however, its really perplexing to me that you guys arent hyping up this ps3 feauture… just a thought

  • for what ever is worth, You guys at Criterion Games are doing a GREAT JOB. I wish more developers modeled themselves after you (and the same goes for the Sony team supporting WARHAWK).

    Thanks for update

    Looking forward to it.

  • jeff, any word on lifestyle with playstation? i know its coming later in the moth. but, its perplexing to me that sony isnt hyping this service to its fans …just a thought

  • for what ever is worth, You guys at Criterion Games are doing a GREAT JOB supporting this great game (and the same goes for the Sony team supporting WARHAWK). I wish more developers modeled themselves after you

    Thanks for update

    Looking forward to it.

  • @ Criterion Games

    You bastards!, your game made my house messy.
    I haven’t lifted a finger since I bought it.

    Which in other words translates to…

    Criterion, you guys rock!, Burnout Paradise is easily one of, if not ‘the’ definitive next gen auto-related title.

    I’d like to say you’re right up there with Gran Turismo, but it’s safe at this point to say Gran Turismo is different now, none of what I loved about the original GT is present in GT5prologue, no car customization, sure it’s still ultra realistic racing, and that in itself is pretty amazing, but ultimately lacks the whole original GT feeling, It’s the game you show to your friends to go ooh, and ah… shortly before popping in Burnout Paradise for a rip-snorting good time.

    I much prefer the surrealistic uber speed, crazy fun ride that is Burnout, even without full-out car customization.

    This isn’t a stab at GT, I love Polyphony, I just want GT to be GT again.It was to pay homeage to the greatness that is Burnout Paradise. Keep up the great work guys.

    And thank you so incredibly much for all the DLC, and supporting your game, so strongly.
    Other companies should take note.

  • @wolverine81 & @henning

    They already have both of those. But the custom races aren’t ranked anymore.

  • But we already had a post here talking about the Cagney update, right? I saw the title and was hoping to hear a confirmation on the ETA of trophies. =/

    But anyway, the Cagney update is great. I know I haven’t been playing it as much as I should have been, but it’s a great game. Trucks, bikes, and planes? What will they think of next? =P

  • this cagney update has officially taken my life away, i now spend all my time on b.p and now its the summer holidays (here in britain neway, am on the american blog coz we brits dont have 1 :( ) im gonna gain tons of w8 and have no social life whatsoever!

    im not sure bout this motorbike update tho coz wont the cars jst cruch the bikes? jst imagine an inferno van against a helpless little bike. unless theres gonna be a seperate freeburning server and ranked events just for bikes?

    and will the trophies just have the same targets as achievments?

  • @tezasaurus I don’t think you can do laps of the waypoints, though, can you? It’s just a straight from point A to point B kind of thing.

  • i’m so buying this game as soon as the motorbikes add-on arrives.

    thanks guys for the continuos effort you’re putting in your game!

  • maan i wish every game had updates like this

  • This is a fabulous game, and the updates are extremely impressive. The on-line experience is top-notch. Keep it up!

    For all of those waiting until trophies are supported– why wait? Proceed through the game now and your success will be retroactively rewarded!

  • I don’t even have this game. I have never even seen it played, but I have to tell you that the support it receives from its developing company is quite impressive. I think I will buy this game next to see what it is like.

    Criterion Games, I gotta tell ya, Infinity Ward (makers of the most played console game for months now, COD4) could sure take a few lessons from you guys on how to treat their customers. I just wish that they had half the efforts that you guys have toward supporting, enhancing and improving their game.

    *Standing Ovation, and hopes to be playing soon*


  • You know, I tended to shy away from this series, but with all the free content and support you’re giving this game, I’ve gotta say I’m impressed and I plan to pick up this game very soon.

  • I was about to blow the dust off of burnout and start playing it again…then I read no trophies yet…..and well

    no trophies = dont give a sh*t

    you guys are too slow all these almost trohpy updates….pain drops in price…but no amusement park…eden demo released and trophies confirmed …but no eden….burnout update released but no trophies…thanks for all the trophy hype with no actual trohpies….

  • @81 Desidarious

    Just download the demo off of the PSN, even the demo screams just how dedicated the Burnout Team is to making a great experience.

  • i have always enjoyed the burnout series. it also seems to be the fan favorite of women, at least the ones i know of that would never play a video game. with this update and future support coming, i am left speechless. it’s almost as if you dared us players to not enjoy ourselves. almost every person in my friendlist was met playing your game. i can not begin to thank you guys enough. i do hope EA is treating you guys proper, after all, you’re the ones keeping the faith in that company alive at this point.

  • The support this game has gotten since release is amazing.. really makes me consider going back and buying Burnout despite not really being very into the new open city courses vs the old set courses.

  • Bast, that was the big selling point for myself. i didn’t care for the closed offness of the older versions. mind you, i loved every game from ps2 to psp and now ps3. plus, as a bonus, when i’m having a bad day, i can slam my car into anything and just enjoy the crash, without being in an event. :)

  • Keep up the great work. I can’t wait for the bikes and trophies!

  • i can’t wait for jets. :) one question though, why jets? why not boats? that would be an incredible update to add after the final island (if there is to be more than one) could race boats (or water rage :D) between the islands. maybe even across one or two using streams and rivers.

    i got it, the awesome Hunter Aqualas, the jet/boat/car. :D :D

  • @ Bastard11

    I was wary at first too, having been a huge fan of the entire Burnout IP selection… I can safely say Burnout Paradise is a huge gigantic step in the right direction, you’ll find everything you’re looking for, and more in this game, think of the city as an Absolutely GIGANTIC starter Hud for an unparalleled Burnout experience.

  • Criterion, you guys remain kings among regular developers. The amount of support this already massive game is getting is nothing short of mindblowing. Before the only thing I felt was missing from Paradise was night time and now that that’s coming, I have no idea what else you guys could add aside from more cars and landmass. Keep it up, it’s very appreciated.

  • You guys are amazing developers and amazing people. There are very few developers that throw gamers bones. It seems like some developers nowadays have add-on content priced and dated before the actually game is released. I really hope this doesn’t become a trend.

    Thanks for looking out for us.

  • Im loving the support having a great time too.

    The only thing Im missing is the crash mode and if you can crowbar that into one of the future updates well Im not sure what I would do.

    I would be very greatfull as crash as well as road rage are my favourite modes.

    looking foward to the contimuing support and trophys :D

  • I LOVE the rai jin. I kept getting my *** handed to me online by those police F1 cars, but I’ve been putting up a fight now. :) I’m waiting for the motorcycles now which I’m definitely buying. I saw a video of them as well as the night/day transition and I got a little teary eyed. :(

  • Like post #16 asked:
    “Just a little question: Does that mean the Save Game is copyrighted on our PS3 or anyone will be able to copy his save game to a friend and give instant Trophies?

    This is important. Could you please answer this? I really hope that it’s not possible to just copy a save game from another PS3 and get the trophies, they should be locked to an online account.

  • I hope you guys can read this, but are you guys planning to fix the Custom Soundtrack so we can use Shuffle in our Playlist instead of Music Folders only??

    It should be really helpful since having a playlist is faster and easier for us to make or custom soundtrack as we want them.

  • Thx for the update, Jeremy. I kinda wish the trophies would come sooner, though.


    A couple of the programmers and designers at Criterion Games were messing around one day and built a plane that flew around the city. The building designs were not exactly set with additional polygons for *rooftops*, so I doubt there will be planes going into the game.


    The team was talking about the motorcycle update, and they plan on not mixing the cars and bikes, and rather having the bikes as a semi-separate area for online play.


    You can create more than just a start and finish line, as some people have been able to create ovals throughout different intersections. Check out some of them at


    I know, I know, so many people loved Crash Mode from the previous games, but now it can be considered as Showtime Mode. You can even launch off a ramp and hit [L1] and [R1] simultaneously after beating four challenges in the game *easy stuff*.

    and finally, @Midnight blues,

    Relax. I’m ready to get into Warhawk, Burnout, and Uncharted and earn some Trophies (I have 51 out of 60 Treasures in Uncharted so far.) The full game of PixelJunk Eden should be out on the Store on the 31st this month, so don’t worry about it- they’re coming…

  • I had rented this game when it came out and was unsure if this game was a buy or not until the CAGNEY update, now I love this game!!! Custom soundtracks was a big PLUS for me, could you guys talk to other game developers and tell them how easy custom soundtracks can be?

  • Hey, good job Criterion, I’m loving the Cagney update, but I have some questions… Is the Davis update and the Eastwood update going to be free??? Are the motorbikes and planes going to be free???

  • Not only are you guys awesome, you’re brilliant!

    You’re taking a game that was already great from it’s initial release and continuously making it better. Those of us who bought it before any updates are loving it; those that didn’t are now getting the game and will soon be loving it, too!

    Each free update = more Burnout players.

    Go Criterion!

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