Burnout Paradise PS3 Update

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Yet another exciting week here at Criterion Games. We’ve finally unleashed our first major content update for Burnout Paradise: Codename Cagney on the PLAYSTATION 3.

This was the much-hyped FREE downloadable pack for Burnout Paradise, bringing fans a live blog page and game event calendar, 70 new Freeburn Challenges, 3 online game modes (Marked Man, Stunt Run and Road Rage), plus a stack of changes and improvements to the game, including support for 1080i displays and improved image-quality on standard def TVs.

So, how did it go?

Well our game telemetry showed more players in Paradise City than at any time in the last 4 months – a huge spike in traffic! If you joined us, thanks for playing; if you haven’t come back to Burnout yet, there’s never been a better time. Cagney was a big hit, but we’re not through yet!

We ran our first calendar events – Drift Kings and Prize Cars – our first forays into the world of broadcast gameplay. We’re building the ability to change Burnout Paradise gameplay on-the-fly. Check the in-game calendar for upcoming events. Our goal is to make Burnout Paradise different every time you play.

It’s pretty exciting stuff but also pretty experimental! Our first tests were successful, but we tracked how people were playing (through game telemetry), and we’ve overhauled the schedule for the next few weeks, based on what we saw. Three events-per-week just felt like way too much for most players, so we’re going to rein things in a little and keep all our new cars unlocked, so nobody misses out on the action.

We started this off by introducing the stunning Nakamura Rai-jin Turbo to all players last week. You’ll need all your skills to control Paradise City’s newest and fastest car.

And the Hunter Olympus was made available on Thursday. As you can see from the shots, this car is a beast. It’ll breeze through traffic and makes a great choice in Marked Man. No boost. No acceleration, no problem!

Hunter Olympus
We’ll look forward to joining you soon in Paradise City and bringing the Playstation Blog some hot news on our next update – we’re just putting the finishing touches on Burnout’s first motorcycles!

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  • Sweet!

  • Do you guys have an estimated date on when the trophies update will come?

    • Not yet, but we have confirmed they\’re coming.

      We\’re just finishing our next update – the Burnout Paradise Bikes pack, which should be available around the end of August.

      Expect all the detail on how we\’re integrating Trophies around then.

      I can tell you this much – we locked our in-game awards to your save game, when we built Paradise. That means when we ship the Trophy functionality, it\’ll be pay-day, if you\’ve already made progress in the game!

  • trophies would be nice

  • Awesome support and congratulations on your success. I loved the demo and I will be buying the game soon.

    I’m dying to hear on Trophy Support progress!!

  • I’m one of those that’s come back to the game after the update, and I’m really enjoying it. Keep up the great work!

  • i love burnout…
    and yea i would love to see some trophies support realllly soon.
    i cant wait for the motorcycles either.
    i have a question tho..these new cars how do i get them? are them roaming the streets of paradise so i can take them down?? or are they downloadable?

    • We released the Rai-jin and the Olympus as online-only vehicles.

      If you hit the d-pad to trigger Easydrive then either Host or Join a game, you can go back to any junkyard and select these cars.

      They\’re at the far right of the car collection.

      We\’ll bring you news on the forthcoming Tiger GT and Tempesta Dream paint-job soon.

  • Patriotsbball5460

    What update are custom soundtracks coming in, davis or eastwood?

  • keep up the good work.
    and i know you will probaly get allot of question about it: so when do we expect to get trophies? pleas be soon

  • I never bough this game but I saw the support from criterion and now I love the game. Just waiting for the trophies too, one of the reasons that I buy it.

  • Can’t wait to play this game with Planes!

  • I just bought Burnout Paradise 2 weeks ago and am LOVING it so far. The Cagney update is what pushed me to buy it and with more updates on the way you’ve just made a very happy and LOYAL customer.

  • @2 Jeremy “we locked our in-game awards to your save game”

    So are they locked to save data or network data?

  • To be honest I don’t own this game yet, but after seeing all the hard work going into supporting this game post-launch, I’m sold. Thanks Jeremy and all of you at Criterion!

  • Any chance the next BurnOut game might have a 4 player off-line split-screen Mode???
    Thats the only thing missing in BurnOut:Paradise :-(
    Nice one about the Trophies tho! ;)

  • I think I want to purchase this now.

  • I just bought the game this week and it’s AWSOME!
    That’s online entertainment just the way I like it!
    Keep the updates comin’, I like gifts!! ;)

    Just a little question: Does that mean the Save Game is copyrighted on our PS3 or anyone will be able to copy his save game to a friend and give instant Trophies?

  • The stunt runs are the only thing that preventing me from completing this game. Are their any tips you can give me to be successful as Stunt Runs?

    • Keep going!

      It doesn\’t take long before you figure out a few \”safe scoring\” routes through town and get used to reaching them fast from the start points.

      …and driving backwards really helps!

  • one question, can you implement trophies before your game arrivals at its final update (ie, manipulate trophy database as the game changes), or must you wait until the game is entirely complete?

  • Great post & follow-up comments.
    When I get some more free time, I gotta get back into the game (haven’t even played Cagney yet!!!)

  • aww man the end of august for trophies!!! thats a month away ye announced trophies ages ago i was all happy to see this post i though the trophy update was here or here in the next few days…..damn!

    aww well ye guys are doing a great job with the game keep it up, but is there just any way that trophy patch can be released a bit sooner than the end of august was there some problems with it?

    naughty dog said 22nd of august for their trophy patch and they announced it after ye guys did. was there some issues making them retroactive?

  • Sadly I’m not a fan of racing games, but I’m very impressed by Criterion’s support of their titles. I hope Burnout Paradise is a financial success.

    • Burnout Paradise is not actually a racing game.

      Although it does contain racing and there\’s a pretty lively ranked race scene, it\’s just a small part of a massive game.

      In fact, the telemetry we\’re seeing right now shows that racing represents less than 10% of the activity in the game.

      Most people are \”Freeburning\” – just hanging out with friends online, messing around in cars, exploring together and collaborating to complete the 420 challenges.

      Either that or checking out the new online game modes – Marked Man, Road Rage and Stunt Run.

  • While your last update did enable custom soundtracks for those using .mp3 files it left those of us with large libraries of .wma files out in the cold. It is possible burnout can be patched to support this file type or should I start re-ripping all my CDs to FLAC and transcoding to .mp3? If it is Sony policy that in game soundtracks will always be .mp3 only that is something I would really like to know ahead of time. I had assumed since my .wma files work fine with Burnout because they do work with High Velocity Bowling and Superstardust.

  • Can’t wait for the update i love this game
    everybody check out gamesonsmash.com

  • A lot more developer should be like you guys. Always supporting their games with new content after it is release.

  • Well done, Criterion. Well done. Not only are you still supporting your game, but you’re keeping people up to date. Actually replying to comments on here is a great touch as well.

    I bought BP the day it came out, and it has just gotten better. Keep up the great work!

  • Is there anything new for offline play?

    And is Criterion ever going to make anything else other than Burnout? Black 2 has been on hold for ages, so what else are you guys getting up to? There can’t be more than 60 people working on the DLC, so what’s happened to the rest of the team?

  • Hello Jeremy,

    Thanks for the update! I don’t have Burnout right now cash is a little tight but I am excited for when I do get it with all of these awesome updates I will be having fun! I have a question. I be Burnout will be getting custom soundtracks will we be able to play them through he recent in-game XMB or will it be through the games “jukebox”?

    Thanks Jeff!

  • +Why is it not possible to change the Control layout for???
    i.e X = Accelerate and Square = Brake/Reverse??? Hate L2 + R2 controls :-/

  • @27

    the game has already the in game soundtrack, not through XMB

  • I bought this game within the last month, right after you guys announced trophy support.

    The overall commitment to this game and the free updates is AMAZING. This is on part with subscription MMOs aka World of Warcraft.

    I’ve always been a big fan of the Burnout series and this version of the game and all the love the team has put into it has made it an amazing game. I love the new calendar, really makes you feel more involved in the game.

    Really looking forward to the trophy patch and all the new content, free or not.

    Thank you!

  • question, why are you guys so awesome?

  • These updates are great for everyone. I think they will see a ton of “long-tail” sales because of this continued support. I wrote about how I think this should be the model that all game developers and publishers adopt: http://digibutter.nerr.biz/viewtopic.php?t=103867

  • Awesome,I wish this game gets more sales, getting the latest sales data, its sold about 700,000 on the PS3 which is not too bad but this game deserves more than 1 million sales.

    Criterion Games, you guys are awesome for supporting the game so much, I’m glad I bought it :)

  • i still need to pick this game up…

    glad to see its going to get trophy support in a future update.


  • Dieu Merci C’est Vendredi. :D
    (For those of you still anchored to your single Germanic language: TGIF.)

    I’m seriously impressed with the commitment you’ve put into this game. Though I’ve said that in so many words in the past. At what point does fawning like some love-struck idiot get old?

  • @Mori WMA = windows media audio files you can format them for a much higher quality audio file for custom soundtrack depending on the program you use.

    Noob question, I’m not too much of a race car driver person. I got carbon and play GT(just because it has my dream car the GT-R in it) at a friends house and tried pro street and took it back. My only question, is this game more like a destruction derby or carbon or GT or road rash?

    I saw there was a person who talked about a demo. I have too look it up must of skipped over it.

  • I must admit I bought Burnout Paradise JUST because of the upcoming Trophy support. However I gotta say it is a great, fun, relaxing game. I love freeburning, and its great that you made such a big update long after release.

    However I dont want to do anything that might get me trophies retroactively… I want to WAIT so that I can see the Trophy sign, and hear the Trophy tune as i get them!

  • this is my first Burnout game
    the demo is what made me buy it
    i loved the updates
    ps trophy support will make me try 2 finish
    the whole game

    keep up the good work

  • Ok, ok, ok!

    I get; I really do. You guys are DETERMINED to end my 5+ year EA boycott. Christ’s sake; I give up. I will buy Burnout…….your continued support for this game and dedication to your fans speaks volumes. You guys are putting so much value into this game that it’d be downright foolish not to buy it.

  • motorbikes on burnout that sounds awsome …………wait u do realise that motorbikes dont drive them selves so you have to put people on them do u think u could maybe brief me and the people on the blog about how this is going 2 work……….i mean will u be able 2 customise ur rider or what ? ;)

  • is amazing how you guys keep delivering the goods, thank you so much, i had to buy the game when cagney came out and now i love this game for real, but out of subject any information on black 2?

  • @EvoAnubis this is my first EA game in
    2 years

  • i wish all other devs/publishers would do what this amazing people are doing for us with this game, this is how you support a game, i cant never say it enough, GREAT JOB and no matter what i will buy your next game, even if its a barbie game just to support you, you guys are the BEST

  • Will the trophies be in the davis update or a update just for trophies before davis? and great support on the game I bought this game because of the trophies soon to come and how your team supports paradise with free updates.

  • I just want to say thank you to everyone at Criterion Games. You’re doing a great job with the GCC (yeah, I look at Crash TV every week). The Cagney update was awesome and I can’t wait for the next to updates and Trophysupport.

    I guess you might not want to answer this and I understand that, but just in case I get lucky, will the trophies be based on both online and offline play or only offline?

  • Great job guys!

    I checked out the update and am LOVING the thought put into the custom soundtracks. Using the easy drive menu makes things much easier and more accessible than having to navigate through the pause menu.

    I noticed that you updated the visuals on the northeast coast of the map! Pretty cool how you can see some sort of construction going on – I suppose this is where the access to the new island will be when completed.

    When I got online, I noticed many of the street records (showtime, etc) set by my online friends were gone. Did the update cause this or does this have to do with how long it has been since they connected to the servers?

    Thanx for keeping us updated!

  • Awesome, I enjoyed playing the game with Cagney even more. But are you guys planing to put option to turn off the takedown camera?!
    Because it’s really annoying me. Many thanks to you.

  • @chasegames:

    I don’t even recall the last EA Game I bought retail. As much as I love TimeSplitters, I didn’t buy the 3rd one simply because EA published it (my g/f later bought it from a pawn shop for me, so I at least got to play it). That’s deep for me, because Free Radical could make a game called “Two Dogs Taking a Crap” and I’d buy it because Free Radical made it……….so long as it’s not published by EA.

  • this is awsome keep posting on progress i love it when your guys bring us information it makes the waiting much more bareable cant wait for trophies

  • You guys are definitely developers of the year, with so much support for your game, free of charge to use end users, months after the game has been released.

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