1942: Joint Strike coming to PSN today (and a Bionic Commando: Rearmed update!)

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What is up my PS brethren? This is John D from Capcom and I’ve got some exciting news again.

1942: Joint Strike is now available on the PLAYSTATION Store for only $9.99! Rejoin the battle with an all new mission featuring arcade style action and stunning HD visuals. This time, you can recruit a wing man online to take on waves of enemy aircraft and engage in huge boss battles. Here’s a trailer to get you hyped:

We’re going to hold a 1942 contest next week at www.capcom-unity.com, so start training! Some of the prizes include exclusive apparel featuring this vintage-style, nose art:

1942 Cammy

Also, here’s Bionic Commando: Rearmed update #2 from the Producer Supreme himself, Ben Judd:

So welcome to our second great installment of the Bionic Commando Rearmed blog. First off, let me clarify a couple of things: The “cool secret” that we will be mentioning is not trophies although we have seen that a majority of you are very excited about trophies and we are seriously looking into how they can be implemented.

Actually, the Medal system in the game was intentionally created so that we could easily back-tag save data so that people who buy the game when it is released and “unlock” medals, will have the trophies associated with those medals unlocked from the start. Yeah, yeah, this is probably just sneaky Producer double-speak but we wanted to set the game up so that those of you who purchase the game on launch day will make sure their hard gaming hours do not go to waste. I can say that trophies will not be available at launch but we are seeing how quickly we can get them out after launch.

Over at the official Bionic Commando community site (www.bioniccommando.com) we are occasionally running a series of blog posts that talk about “Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know About BCR” and I would like to mention another point in the game: Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know About BCR #2: Although the stages are about 95% faithful to the original, some special sections have been added on to the original stages. If you are a veteran to the series and can remember how the original levels are laid out, then you could probably guess where some of the secret items are hidden based solely on differences in level design. Actually, although the game is technically being billed as an homage to the original game, there are 4 brand-spanking new stages that never appeared in the original game. I won’t spoil it for you, but let’s just say that there are going to be quite a few surprises anyone familiar with the original game.


The Leader The megalomaniacal fascist held by the Imperials to be an ideological demagogue, The Leader died during the 20th century, many decades before the formation of the FSA. However, an ideology does not die so easily. in 21st century Generalissimo Killt, the leader of the Imperials, sought to bring back not just The Leader’s ideology, but to bring The Leader himself back from the dead. Having stolen the long-lost plans for Project Albatross that were created nearly a century before But despite being resurrected by the Imperials for the sole purpose of activating the Albatross, will The Leader, one of history’s most evil men, be content to be a pawn in Killt’s plans? The resurrection process has already begun…


Vector Cannon The Vector Cannon is an ingenious weapon used to pick off enemies in those hard-to-reach areas. The Vector Cannon fires a laser beam that bounces off most surfaces, increasing in intensity with every bounce. The unpredictable weapon is able to tackle enemies who have taken the higher ground, making it especially suitable for soldiers who have trouble jumping.
medal 2

Medal #2: The Emperor’s New Clothes The modern commando can’t get by on green jumpsuits and sneakers alone. Today’s snappily-dressed commando has three essentials that not only impress the ladies, they also stop bullets! The Shin Guards, the Bulletproof Vest and the Helmet are the fashion to be seen in in the battlefield, and if you find all three, The Emperor’s New Clothes medal is yours.
We’ll be updating you more in the future. Keep checking back at this space. Ben

John D again. I’m going to be at ComicCon this week so, if I don’t get to your answers right away, I’m probably in no condition to. LOL. You know me by now, I’ll get around to it soon enough. Talk to you again next week PS faithful. Yadadamean?

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  • @erico316
    After playing DMC4 for about 10 hours, I gave up on that game. Everything about that game spell lazy developers. Why do hell do I have to play as Dante in Nero Stages. couldn’t they have created some new stages for Dante?
    I am sorry, but Capcom is treating the Playstation owners as sh@t, and will continue to do so. If a monster hunter game for the ps3 isn’t announce, then I am not buying any more of Capcom games. Capcom don’t care about Playstation owners, so why should be care about them.

  • looking forward to BC:R soooo much!


  • @thehater we have to remember when dmc4 came out 360 had 2 country behind its.now thing had change and i expect now it more possible and its can done that on ps3 a game can sell well above what its is expected to do.
    one game that did such a thing mgs4.
    we know have to forget some company went muit platform in the past because they coudln’t make up the money any other way.sqaure enix is diff they took what they promise us for years as a ps3 only game and made it muit.when the ps3 was and still is outselling 360 world wide that was a stab in the back.
    capcom seem to be trying to play good with the ps fans.am i right john?
    also im sure capcom can make an exclusive game now and have ts sell well.john if capcom want to restore their name with the ps fans then u really going to have to prove to us that we will be treated fairly.

    • You really can\’t take this whole multi-platform stratgy that 90% of companies adopt personal. It really isn\’t. Having said that, there will be titles that are going to be exclusive to each platform from time to time.

  • That pinup girl bears a strong resemblance to Cammy!

  • I remember this game! I never knew it was called 1942 though.

    Also, I was little when I played Bionic Commando. I never got past the first part of the level…

  • once it has trophies support i ll buy it, same for bionic commando or all other psn games
    great game by the way, but without trophies support it gets old fast

  • nice, i wish i could have made it to comicon :( missed on tons of hands-on and swags. just bought 1942, cant wait for the trophy patch and bionic commando rearmed. is the ps3 version of BCommando comming this year or 09? need trophy on commando 3, take ur time tho.

  • hey any idea as when 1942: Joint Strike will be up on the European and Australian stores ?

  • I most def agree with #32, a check box for key features that are mostly wanted is needed ASAP!

  • I just created a user here just to say one thing: I really want that poster!

    But, living i Norway, I can’t be part of the compo.. Maybe I find one on eBay if I’m lucky!

  • Ok! so here I just finished a late night gaming session, filled with Burnout:Paradise, Metal Gear Solid 4, and some HAZE(because despite popular belief it’s actually quite a solid game).

    And from my ps3, literally 12 or so feet from my living room PC, I decide I’ll check the .blog to see if devs posted any revelations, or answers to the hundreds of questions being asked, and what I find is a truly disgusting display of ignorance for our game developers, SE, Capcom, etc…

    I too am among those upset about the “Knife in the back”, Squaresoft released Trailers over a year ago, that stated FFXIII was only on PlayStation 3, I can probably drag a couple of those up if anyone would like me to, but I’m sure you’ve all seen them, or are intelligent enough to find them yourselves, Capcom had us believing strongly in an IP that hadn’t wavered from the PlayStation, Devil May Cry… If Capcom was truly multi-platform with everythng they put out, PlayStation gamers would not be upset right now, but the truth is, Capcom is giving exclusives to everyone except for PlayStation 3. We the hardcore fans of PlayStation, are the ones who sold millions of Capcom’s Resident Evils on PSOne, and so on and so forth, up until they milked enough cash out of us, and decided we weren’t good enough for Resident Evil 4, but Nintendo Gamecubers were.

    Now… as mad as I am at all of this backstabbing going on, I try to look on the brightside, because I know, PlayStation 3 with it’s basic exclusives it has atm, and planned for the future is going to pull out on top, I also know many of the ‘multi-platform’ devs right now, are rooting for ps3 in the long run, So let’s say the majority of xbox fanboys are unaware of just how brilliant some of the games we’ve enjoyed as exclusives to PlayStation systems in the past, and now they’re getting a taste… and they’re lovin’ it… right?

    So where they gonna’ go, when those companies come back to their most loyal fans, us. If anything Squaresoft, and Capcom (both companies, like many others absolutely need to generate enough $$$ on any given title they put out.) They are literally risking Their most loyal fanbase’s opinions of them, to either A- keep making those great games, B- not put their IP into greater debt C- broaden their general Fanbase, until it doesn’t matter if they publish only on PlayStation, they’ll still make an absolute slaughter, as opposed to a regular old killing.

    You guys worry too much, the xbox360 and Wii, would never be able to handle whatever SE or Capcom put out in the next couple years, what system is going to be powerful enough come that time? ps3 will…

    and there will be a new gen xbox, more expensive than the last, People will see the sense in a company making a system that has a 10year support guarantee over a company that puts out 3 systems for 500launch price in the same time period… and a new Nintendo something or other.

    Now please, do you think Capcom and SE really wanted to stab any of us fans in the back? really? they are dudes just like you and I… except 99% more literate than most of the complainers on this board.


  • I am loving Cammy. Nice Job !!! Thanks.

  • Kedaro, STFU.

  • Sounds and looks great and the price is right too.


  • @erico316
    Square Enix didn’t stab Playstation owners in the back. Final Fantasy VS XIII is still exclusive, and a major PS3 announcement is suppose to come from their even on August 2-3. So I don’t think SE stab anyone in the back.
    But Capcom on the other hand clearly is doing it, and really don’t give a F@ck about Playstation owners. Remember, they delay Devil May Cry 4 three months because the Xbox 360 version was complete. And everyone was thinking they will use that time to make the ps3 version a little better. But what do we have? a 20 minute install time.
    Remember when Capcom stated that Playstation owners will eat their words base on an announcement they have for Playstation owners? Remember the announcement? It was one Lost Planet coming to the ps3, but the xbox 360 is getting a newer and better version of the game.

    SE is still bring Final Fantasy VS XIII to the ps3 exclusively. Oh and a major announcement for the Playstation 3 fans is suppose to come August 2-3.

  • This looks awesome…..alot better than elefunk….i might check it out
    but sony, just so you know, it would REALLY clear things up if from now on you listed commonly wanted features (custom soundtrack, trophy support), and if they have them or not, or if they might get them later.

  • I have a new buying policy, at least for PSN games, no trophies = no buy

    This is my way of supporting the development team that created the trophies system and the game developers are not giving a $hit about them.

    Go trophies, Go !

  • Not tripping but maybe I am, Wheres my Monster Hunter!??!!!! =)

  • CAPCOM, implement trophies and I will implement my hard earned funds. Easy as that.

    I will be buying Bionic Commando:Rearmed day one for sure because of the supposed Trophy Support via patch.

    I hope you pass along word to your boys at GRIN to implement Trophy Support into Bionic Commando.

    ResEv5 and Megaman 9… I don’t even have to mention…I’m just expecting them to have Trophy Support.

    Anyway keep those arcade games coming.

  • SOLD.

    1942, rearmed, SSF2 remix… not to mention SF4’s recent trailers to which my GF even proclaimed that it looked like fun. Seriously, keep up the good work and you’ll be relaxing at a beach resort in no time while I’m not sleeping so I can play all these great games. :) You’re delivering exactly what I want.

  • Forget 1942. What happened to Capcom’s implementation of Talisman?

  • Trophies add so much more value to a game.

  • the chick of “1942: Joint Strike” is CAMMY :D

  • Can’t believe I forgot about Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix!!!

    Add trophies to that please.

  • @33 TheHater
    Not even Street Fighter IV ?

  • Definitely been enjoying and appreciating you guys’ support for PSN games; have already downloaded and played Commando 3 and Joint Strike. I was wondering, though, if there was any chance of more PS1 games from Capcom showing up on the store. I’m sure the profit is marginal, but I’d have to think the cost of putting them up is pretty low, too :) I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

  • michigander692002@msn.com

    I’m not buying this game until trophies are added, if they don’t get added I’ll prolly just pass it up as there are soooooooo many games coming out soon.

  • @#75 Fersis
    Nope, not even Street Fighter 4 :(
    Street fighter is one of my favorite series of all time, but Capcom can go to hell until a Monster hunter is announce for the ps3

  • Thanks for the link John Diamonon. I really am going to have to think on which one to pick. All most all of them are games I listed.

  • @John Diamonon
    “You really can’t take this whole multi-platform stratgy that 90% of companies adopt personal. It really isn’t. Having said that, there will be titles that are going to be exclusive to each platform from time to time.”

    You guys are treating the Playstation 3 owners like crap. You guys release Okomi on the Wii, how much did that flop?

    Here is a list of exclusive on the Wii from you guys. Some has been release, while others are still in production.
    Resident Evil Zero
    # Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop
    # Spyborgs
    # Monster Hunter 3
    # Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
    # Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure
    # Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
    # Sengoku Basara 2
    # Sengoku Basara X
    # Ōkami
    # We Love Golf!

    Exclusive for the Xbox 360
    # Dead Rising
    # Lost Planet: Colonies

    Exclusive For the PS3
    yeah, none.

    I prove my point. You guys got 10 exclusive on the wii, 2 on the xbox 360 and zero on the ps3

  • I was already buying this game because of the remote play support but adding trophies is a SLAM DUNK! Good job, way to go Capcom!

  • This refers to BC: Rearmed… btw ^^

  • After reading your comments you posted to different people you seem like a pretty cool guy. I think that is great to see a dev taking the time out to say hi and what not.

    • We enjoy getting all your feedback. It\’s why games like BCR, SFHD, MM9 and others get created. Fan service FTW!

  • Hey guys why dont you make an HD port of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles for the PS3?? I think it would be great with the Guncon :D

  • I bought 1942JS last night.
    After 3 mins of oohs and ahhhs on the graphics, I find the game to be bleh.

    The game is short, but for $10 it was expected. That is not my gripe.

    This “re-make” or whatever it’s called is rather… “annoying”.
    Whoever came up with the animation sequence between menus, you are FIRED!
    It’s slow and pointless. Perhaps it was done so players can’t cheat using a slow motion controller? Surely, there are better ways to accomplish that.

    The other annoying thing to me are the powerups. Maybe I am not understanding the game’s mechanics for giving powerups, but I rarely see a powerup or weapon upgrade except for maybe the first few seconds at the beginning of a level. So most of the time, I was stuck with one type of weapon for the entire level. A little more chances to try out different ways to blow things up would’ve been more fun.

    And yet another annoying thing are the dead zones around the premimeter of the play area where your plane can not reach. Not sure if its because I am playing on 1080p mode or not. But it annoys me that I can’t pick up medals that have popped up near the edge of the screen. If I see it, I should be able to get to it. Even if it means I have to kamikaze thru a boss.

    Lastly, there’s no option to map your own buttons. I have my own preference to use Square for my main pea shooter, and Circle for the ultimate super duper can’t touch me bomb. Heck, there are 4 trigger-like buttons on my controller, but they do nothing. Also, no rumble? I didn’t feel anything if it was there…

    I recently picked up Capcom Classics Collection: Remixed for the PSP at my local Target’s bargain bin. And sadly I have to say, I enjoyed 1941 on that more than 1942JS. :(

    I don’t regret paying $10.49 for the game. Here’s to hoping there will be future (free) updates to make the game worth twice that amount.

  • COMMON WHEN IS BIONIC COMANDO REARMED COMING OUT? please sony give us a release date :), is it next week?

  • I’ll look into purchasing this title.

  • “Exclusives” are overrated.
    Wanting to have a game, that can run on anything to begin with, to only exist on the console that I own is rather… selfish.

    It’s much more satisfying to say, “This game can only run on my console because the others do not have the power!” Not because, some suit and tie secured a contract for exclusiveness.

    The whole Final Fantasy thing did at first, made me feel “betrayed”, for lack of a better word. But if you think about it… The PS3 is undeniably more advanced than the XB360, and if a game that was originally designed for the PS3 can so easily be ported to an inferior system, that game isn’t all that spectacular imo. Heck, if you lower the rez and dumb down some other graphics stuff, you will have a PS2 game. Don’t get me wrong, I will still buy it for my PS3, cause I am a FF Fan.

    So Capcom… I challenge you to make a game that only the PS3 has the power to run it.


  • I love what you guys at Capcom are doing. Keep up the good work.

  • hey John…that SF IV theme was really good!

    who made it?

  • I can’t wait to download this game. It reminds me of one of my favorite shareware games of all time – Raptor: Call of the Shadows.

  • Is anyone having saving issues? Each time I load the game it asks for me to create a new profile because none are saved…. Plus has anyone gotten the voice chat to work online?

  • Ran into one of the Backbone boys doing my rounds in Emeryville (a few times actually) and I think he was remarkably surprised to hear that both Wolf of the Battlefied AND 1942 were on my list of most anticipated PSN titles. Glad they didn’t disappoint…truly a love letter to fans of the series (both).

    Glad to see Ben Judd and his team are delivering an equally masterful experience with Bionic Commando: Rearmed…though the wait is painful.

    Oh and for the record, Trophies do NOT sway my purchase. I keep buying games to have fun, pissing contents or otherwise!

  • @63 cywulf21

    um… no

    and learn how to spell wolf, it just looks more genuine, and proper spelled correctly.

  • @65 TheHater

    Yea I know all that, I’m excited to find out what the ps3 exclusive will be, especially if it’s not just Kingdom Hearts 3.

  • @88 ps360

    I completely, and wholeheartedly agree with you there, Capcom, heck every major company should make at least one serious exclusive for ps3 that utilizes it’s undeniably complex infrastructure.

  • Hey, John. On that list at Gamespot, I noticed that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was listed. I thought that since Capcom no longer has that license that they couldn’t use the Marvel Characters anymore. Does that include porting an existing game, or does it just mean we won’t see Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for a while?

    Also, so far, Capcom has done the best job in supporting PSN as far as third party companies go. I particularly like the fact that you guys are bringing back some of the classic games like Commando, 1942, Street Fighter, and Mega Man. Are there plans for any future titles like, maybe, Ghouls and Ghosts? And IF you guys do revive that series, PLEASE don’t make the game THAT damn hard, and DON’T make us play through it TWICE!! Ghosts and Goblins led to a lot of broken NES controllers!

  • …oh and Dead Rising for PS3!

  • @john on resident evil 5 it looks great but i plan on buying this one cps3 cause i own all the resident evil game on a ps platform.is my question is john can u confirm that the march release date that xbox 360 is getting is the same day and date that the ps3 one is coming out?

  • Kedaro……who the [DELETED] do you think you are? correcting people on their use of grammer and spelling….get a life u loser….who the [DELETED] are you? Are you a [DELETED] English teacher or what? or do u just have a stick wedged up your [DELETED]?

    I love capcom…lately I hate thier games though…sorry guys.

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