1942: Joint Strike coming to PSN today (and a Bionic Commando: Rearmed update!)

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What is up my PS brethren? This is John D from Capcom and I’ve got some exciting news again.

1942: Joint Strike is now available on the PLAYSTATION Store for only $9.99! Rejoin the battle with an all new mission featuring arcade style action and stunning HD visuals. This time, you can recruit a wing man online to take on waves of enemy aircraft and engage in huge boss battles. Here’s a trailer to get you hyped:

We’re going to hold a 1942 contest next week at www.capcom-unity.com, so start training! Some of the prizes include exclusive apparel featuring this vintage-style, nose art:

1942 Cammy

Also, here’s Bionic Commando: Rearmed update #2 from the Producer Supreme himself, Ben Judd:

So welcome to our second great installment of the Bionic Commando Rearmed blog. First off, let me clarify a couple of things: The “cool secret” that we will be mentioning is not trophies although we have seen that a majority of you are very excited about trophies and we are seriously looking into how they can be implemented.

Actually, the Medal system in the game was intentionally created so that we could easily back-tag save data so that people who buy the game when it is released and “unlock” medals, will have the trophies associated with those medals unlocked from the start. Yeah, yeah, this is probably just sneaky Producer double-speak but we wanted to set the game up so that those of you who purchase the game on launch day will make sure their hard gaming hours do not go to waste. I can say that trophies will not be available at launch but we are seeing how quickly we can get them out after launch.

Over at the official Bionic Commando community site (www.bioniccommando.com) we are occasionally running a series of blog posts that talk about “Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know About BCR” and I would like to mention another point in the game: Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know About BCR #2: Although the stages are about 95% faithful to the original, some special sections have been added on to the original stages. If you are a veteran to the series and can remember how the original levels are laid out, then you could probably guess where some of the secret items are hidden based solely on differences in level design. Actually, although the game is technically being billed as an homage to the original game, there are 4 brand-spanking new stages that never appeared in the original game. I won’t spoil it for you, but let’s just say that there are going to be quite a few surprises anyone familiar with the original game.


The Leader The megalomaniacal fascist held by the Imperials to be an ideological demagogue, The Leader died during the 20th century, many decades before the formation of the FSA. However, an ideology does not die so easily. in 21st century Generalissimo Killt, the leader of the Imperials, sought to bring back not just The Leader’s ideology, but to bring The Leader himself back from the dead. Having stolen the long-lost plans for Project Albatross that were created nearly a century before But despite being resurrected by the Imperials for the sole purpose of activating the Albatross, will The Leader, one of history’s most evil men, be content to be a pawn in Killt’s plans? The resurrection process has already begun…


Vector Cannon The Vector Cannon is an ingenious weapon used to pick off enemies in those hard-to-reach areas. The Vector Cannon fires a laser beam that bounces off most surfaces, increasing in intensity with every bounce. The unpredictable weapon is able to tackle enemies who have taken the higher ground, making it especially suitable for soldiers who have trouble jumping.
medal 2

Medal #2: The Emperor’s New Clothes The modern commando can’t get by on green jumpsuits and sneakers alone. Today’s snappily-dressed commando has three essentials that not only impress the ladies, they also stop bullets! The Shin Guards, the Bulletproof Vest and the Helmet are the fashion to be seen in in the battlefield, and if you find all three, The Emperor’s New Clothes medal is yours.
We’ll be updating you more in the future. Keep checking back at this space. Ben

John D again. I’m going to be at ComicCon this week so, if I don’t get to your answers right away, I’m probably in no condition to. LOL. You know me by now, I’ll get around to it soon enough. Talk to you again next week PS faithful. Yadadamean?

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  • Very nice, petty you couldn’t support the trophies via patch, but this is probably due to timescale and other projects you got

    • Don\’t trip, a demo is coming shortly. By the way, nice t-shirt art, huh? It was created by our super-talented friends at meatbun.us. Peep it.

  • when is ssf2remix coming? i miss that game sooo much:(

  • I thought 1942 was getting a demo? ;_;

  • “I can say that trophies will not be available at launch but we are seeing how quickly we can get them out after launch”

    wow, i mis read, thats cool!

  • woohooo trophy support. the quicker ye get trophy support the more copies this game will sell its pretty much a fact now. super stardust showed this to us all

    • We ALL want trophy support. Believe me. It will take a while before you start seeing this feature because companies needed to have this information early on in the development cycle. We definitely are looking into adding this at a later time, (sooner for some games) just know that having a game support this after the fact takes a lot of resources that wasn\’t accounted for during the initial concept phase.

  • @#4 delriach

    How could they make a demo According to IGN the game is 30 min long with no replay value. The demo would be 1 min long.
    Its just another crappy capcom psn game,the third one now.

  • Very very very Excited for the revival of Bionic Commando, This is almost like when they revealed Metal Gear was getting a 3D revival on PSOne, I can’t wait for this, as It was the very first NES game I completely destroyed front to back.

    So what’s next guys?

    A boy and his blob?… cause’ whoever owns the rights to that ancient title is sitting on a gold mine as well.

    Glad to hear BC:R will be supporting Trophies down the road(day one purchase for me), but I will be avoiding 1942 as cool as it is, I’m very into trophies atm, and It won’t be getting my $10 without trophy support.

  • I would totally buy this….if i had money.

  • Backbone Entertainment couldn’t develope a good game even when they try. Every game the’ve put out has gotten bad reviews. I’m guessing street fighter HD will be the same.

    I’m looking forward to play the demo of bionic commando: rearmed though and it looks like capcom is doing a lot of work on it.

  • glad to hear there is a demo in the works!

    and as for bionic commando rearmed- count me in!

    glad you kept his crazy red hair- i really have some great 8-bit and 16-bit memories..

    looking forward to trying both out!

  • Once this title has Trophy support I’ll buy it. Same goes for BC: R.

    Thanks for the update though.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing both. Sadly no way to buy them. :-[

  • OLDIES NEVER DIE :D nice improvements :D

  • I remember playing 1942 in arcades.

    Don’t really care for bionic commando or rearmed. Now if you had news on a PS3 version of Dead Rising… that’d be interesting.

  • For some reason I thought BC: R would come out this week, I’m glad it didn’t because i have no money :P

  • sup John D!

    as always, the messages from Capcom on the blog are appreciated.

    since we are all waiting our favorite Rockman to comeback…

    I would like to express my desire for Megaman Legends on the PSN as part of the PS1 classics for PS3/PSP.

  • man I have lot’s of games to purchase this week on PSN and 1942 is one of them !

  • wow people ask for demos, and devs resort to telling them “Don’t trip!” how very down to earth of them. I don’t miss the good old days one single bit.

    Any info about trophies for any other games?

  • Sounds alright.

  • I can’t wait for this. I’m wondering, though, have plans for the demo changed? Meaning, will the demo be coming out before the game is released, or will they still be on the same day schedule?

  • @ Ghostm

    Trophies would add a lot of value to these two products.
    Capcom, please include trophy support in a future patch!

  • I want it, but i need PSN Cards

  • Everything sounds great. I do, however, have a question. How long would it probably take to implement Trophy support in small-scale PSN games?

  • When is Bionic commando rearmed coming out? We’have been waiting for a while now, it got delayed and we didnt hear anything after
    Can we get a release date now?

  • I would like to see more games like this that are playable on my PSP as well.. (PS3/PSP)

  • Will 1942 Joint Strike have trophy support in the future?

  • I so can’t wait for Bionic Commando: Rearmed that game looks so great. Also I am not sure if this has been said before but will this game support remote play. Also any chance of a spin off of Bionic Commando for the PSP.

  • Does this game support custom soundtracks?

  • Good stuff. Though I’m still kind of iffy on the whole bringing back older games…’thing.’ I certainly don’t want PSN to end up a harbor (or should I say “port” ? XD ) for 8/16/32/64-Bit revivals like some other services I’m not going to mention…

    Still, these looks good. Thanks for the update! :D

  • I’m looking forward to BC:R

  • .blog needs a checkbox for devs who post about games, so that when they finish posting it pops up, and asks…
    These three questions as checkable boxes.

    Check The only one that applies.
    [] Your title supports trophies.
    [] It will eventually.
    [] It won’t, wtf are you thinking?

    so that it autoposts with that info for all the gamers, then we can stop posting it in every blog topic.

  • I have nothing against you guys, and I really want to get this game. But because I am a Monster Hunter Fanboy, I am not buying a single game from Capcom until a Monster Hunter is announce for the Playstation 3. Capcom F@#K a lot of us over when the announce Monster Hunter 3 for the Wii. So until Capcom announce a Monster Hunter Game for the Playstation 3, I am not buying a single one of their games. So Capcom can go screw themselves.

  • I cant happy! i am downloading 1942 right now!

  • These games look like fun! I’ll definitely have to check out 1942 when I get paid tomorrow.

  • Put Monster Hunter back where it should have been all along, on the PS3! I still can’t believe you guys rip that away from us. Bad move Capcom!

  • Wow…both look awesome though i’m gonna get Bionic Commando first

  • I have a few more questions I hope its ok to ask.

    Any chance of a few new games like the ones I have listed or remakes.

    Marvel VS Capcom
    Power Stone
    Final Fight
    Breath of Fire
    Dino Crisis
    Forgotten Worlds
    Section Z
    Captain Commando
    Clock Tower

    Plus I’ll throw in one more Dead Phoenix any chance of that game ever getting made.

  • Sweet, now can we have some MvC2 on the PSN please?

  • Please answer this why is the japan ps store is waaaay better than the ps3 US store please help me out here capcom and sony are one of my favorites but seems as if we get shafted pretty much they’ve got classics over there and i’m too hurt that we some throw a way titles on US stores please just reply and tell me is it because of publishing issues or what not let me know something. please

  • Also where the hell is super street fighter 2 HD i meant to add that in my post as well??

  • Why is this guy (John Damonon) talking like a wannabe hip-hop artist?

    “Talk to you again next week PS faithful. Yadadamean?”

    “Don’t trip, a demo is coming..”

    “Peep it.”

    Quite frankly I find it pretty patronising.
    Does he think all PS fans are like that or something?
    (reminds me of the ‘all I want for Xmas is a PSP’ disaster that some genius at Sony thought of)

    • This is me being me. I\’m from the Bay and if you don\’t like how I talk, I suggest you don\’t read my blog.

  • john i was disappointed with capcom e3 press event.1 whole event just on a lost planet movie.where was my psp love u said was coming? what with the listing of dmc on the psp on the capcom site?will we ever get an exclusive game from capcom ever on the ps3?i also would like to stress for us ps3 owner we seem to like to buy more what is exclusive to the ps3 then when a game is muit.another thing street fighter 4 look great.o and is dead rising coming to the ps3 since u guys are making a wii version of the game?also there is one game i would had loved to play on the ps3 using the guncon 3 and i know you guys can make this happen cannt u Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles on ps3.while we on the subject of resident evil i not 100% is resident evil 5 launching the same day and date as the one on 360 which i believe is march.Also what about giving us ps3 owners a lil braging right with resident evil 5 like some exclusive dlc that will only be on ps3?this will make my day and so many other!!!
    it took some time for mega man 9 to grow on me and its had i love that game.i am asking john take a risk with the ps3 make one exclusive game and show us how far capcom can push the ps3 to its limits! and bloger get behind me a support my ideas.without ps fans backing each other ideas we will never get what we want?

    • Some games need to be multi-platform and some make sense for them to be platform exclusive. Franchises we thought were going to be PS only (FF) are now multi-platform. When we talk about the digital download space, there is NO 3rd party company outside of Capcom that supports the PSN like we do. How many good games are out for the XBLA that aren\’t on the PSN. Unfornately, the list is long. We are making a committment to the PSN and I hope you all recognize it appreciate that we (Sonay and Capcom)are partners in growing this platform.

    • LOL..I typed \”Sonay\”, that wasn\’t trying to be ghetto, just bad typing skills…haha.

  • Hey John.. Good to see you back.

    I’ve already purchased 1942, and while the game is a tad short, it is great fun and is worth $10. (Online Co-op never hurts, either)

    Can’t wait for Bionic Commando: Rearmed. Absolutely. CANNOT. Wait. Day-one purchase for me. Also, Famitsu has reported that BC:R will be releasing on the Japanese PSN next Thursday (7/31). Seeing as how we’ve been told ’till our ears bleed that the game will see a simultaneous, worldwide release, one could assume it will be hitting the US store next week, right? Riiiight? OK I know you probably can’t tell us yet, but it never hurts to try. ;)

    Finally I would love to share my joy with you over the fact that Mega Man 9 has been announced for PSN. (You may or may not remember me badgering you over this on your last BC:R post on the blog) When I saw the trailer you guys released for the game I got teary-eyed. Keep ’em coming, CAPCOM!

    P.S. – Now all we need is Mega Man X9 in the SNES style a la X-X3, and I’ll be in heaven!

    • Hey Santana! Man, I\’m glad I can finally talk about MM9 for PSN. I remember you asking about it and I was so tempted to write something, but then again, my PR friends would\’ve given me a beat down if I slipped. You will LOVE MM9. I\’m addicted to it already.

  • sorry no trophies no buy

  • @erico316
    Capcom don’t care about the Playstation Fans. Remember when Capcom Stated that their are going multi-platform with their games when the announce Devil May Cry 4 for the xbox 360. What happen next? The announce Lost Planet: Extreme Condition — Colonies Edition Exclusively for the Xbox 360, and PC. Now the are release a new Dead Rising game Exclusively for the Nintendo Wii.

    What do Playstation fans get from Capcom that is exclusive? A big Knife in the Back. That is what Playstation fans got.

  • When is sony going to release the PSN cards? so much games to buy, so little ways to do it.

  • Im glad the PLAYSTATION NETWORK is getting more retro arcade games to widen the selection is looks good i really dig the multiplayer something the 1945 people never dream’t of

  • @thehater we have to wait to see if capcom will truly do what s-e had.give john a shot maybe he can change our mind about capcom atleast that what i am hoping for.as for dmc4 its didnt hurt the ps brand as much as its did the sells of that game.

  • See, I would LOVE to purchase 1942. I loved the classic title and I’d love to play a new version with slick graphics and online play (very nice touch!).

    But only five levels? Okay, I can deal with a short game, it is only $10. But trophies would add tremendous value to this title! It seems like a major complaint about the game is that it’s too short, and trophies would certainly silence that issue!

    I’m not some trophy whore that won’t purchase a game if it’s not going to get them, but this is a case where it’s a dealbreaker. When there’s stuff like Super Stardust HD or PixelJunk Monsters on the Store for the same price that offer much lengthier campaigns and replay (even before trophies), it just seems like a no-brainer.

    So, long story short, 1942 badly needs trophies to extend the life of the game. That, or a free add-on with some more levels/modes/whatever. Please! You’ve got a die hard fan here that WANTS to give you his money!

    And since people seem to be making requests, an online Power Stone (not even necessarily a new game, but a port of PS2 with online) would be absolutely brilliant. I’d gladly fork over $20 for that; without trophies. Make it happen, cap’n!

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