Xam’d: Lost Memories Debuts at #1 on PLAYSTATION Network

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Wow. I should say that again. Wow! I would like to give a huge thank you from the team here at SCEA, Japan Studio and BONES Studio for making Xam’d: Lost Memories episode 1 the top video download over the PlayStation Network for the week of E3. We couldn’t have asked for a better reception to the service or the series, and you made it happen.

For those that followed E3 this year, and I’m pretty sure that’s most of you here, Xam’d: Lost Memories premiered exclusively last week at the launch of the new video service on the PlayStation Network. For those of you not familiar with BONES studio, they are the creators of the great anime series Full Metal Alchemist and Eureka SeveN as well as many others. For anime fans, you know who you are, the name should already be recognizable. For those who haven’t seen their work yet, do yourself a favor and take a look at the new trailer we’ve got on the PLAYSTATION Store!

We are extremely excited to be working with BONES Studio and Sony’s Japan Studio on bringing this showpiece exclusively to the PlayStation Network. This truly is an original piece, by masters of their art, and it’s only available to you PlayStation 3 and PSP fans!

So gear up for the full two season, 26 episode run. Episodes will be releasing weekly, so enjoy the ride. I will be back here soon with a Q&A from BONES studio, so keep your eyes peeled.

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  • I miss Renton Thurston and the rest of Eureka 7

  • I miss Renton and the rest of Eureka 7

  • I agree with alot of the other post with the price and the whole rental process. Honestly, I loved Xam’d, but like some others I seriously doubt I will be renting the next episodes. I would prefer it if you guys would make where I can purchase for that price and time limit. Also it would be a perfect time to implement a sequential playback on the PS3 like you have implemented on the PSP(I have mentioned this once before). But really the pricing, the time limits and some series & movies not having the option of purchase or not available in HD is absurd.

  • I loved the anime. A little short for the cost. But the thing that bothered me the most was the 24 hr rental lockout after the initial viewing. I think this should be revised in the future as well as the price points for SD and HD.

    Otherwise, as an anime lover, this is a great step in the right direction.

  • i heard from my buddy that the rentals are a full 2 weeks. But then he told me once you activate the movie its only activated for 24HOURS. How lame, wat if i wanted to watch the movie with my family because i thought it was great but couldnt because it has already been activated for more then 24HR.
    idk i think ill rent movies at my local location for a full sevens daya. The video store has allot of potential and im sure you guys at sony will resolve this issue sometime in the future.

    Now SC4 come out this month yay!

  • oh and i would like to see more anime shows added.
    i love anime shows.

  • So its a PSN game?

  • Are you guys going to have optional subtitles available in the future for your videos? I can’t hear very well and i don’t want to miss out. Please don’t forget the hearing impaired.

    BTW- A Subscription for T.V shows sounds like a good idea. Sort of like a blockbuster pass.

  • Yea only for the states, no love for Canadian. Rated 1 star :p

  • Yea only for the US, no love for Canadians. Rated 1 star :p

  • @57 THE_ICON
    no its a tv show that can be downloaded on the video store
    @58 OCELOT

    yes some type of subcription would be great.
    unlimited download for a monthly pay/yearly payment.
    idk i just want to be able to get a good deal with these video’s. some sort of subscription. i would be willing oto pay 50 bucks a year for unlimited downloads. i would be willing to pay for a reasonable price

  • I don’t think they should have subscriptions for tv shows. I think the ENTIRE service should have a subscription option. Just like netflix. I mean how is it I can rent the same stuff from netflix for about 40 plus a month and yet I get nickel and dimed on Sony’s offering? Makes no sense if you ask me. I mean people average about 4 or 5 rentals a week on netflix if you have the 3 out at a time option. So make it fair and say okay, 5 downloads a week for 40 plus a month. That is fair and competitive.

  • Please Sony make the Video Store available for Latin America, shows us some love as you promised on E3 !!!!

  • when are the PSN Cards coming, so I can also download this.

  • Filed under could care less since Sony’ll take over a year to bring the video store to Canada, so we won’t get to see the anime unless we get it off bit torrent or someone puts it on YouTube. Thanks a lot for the tease, Sony.

  • Sony, why can’t we purchase the episodes?

    I don’t want to just rent one episode for $3!!!
    That’s ridiculous, as is the pricing on all of the videos.

    For TV shows, you guys should allow us to buy an entire season at a lower price than all of the episodes put together.

    Like #43 said, I am not going to spend $88 or something around there for an entire season, that is CRAZY!

    I am not buying anything on the store until the prices become reasonable or there are good packages/deals for an appropriate cost.

  • It looks great, but I´m from South America so I cant download anything :(. Hopefully with the new plans to launch in southamerica they will include this movie store, but most probably not.

  • Is there possibility that we will have the chance to “own” these episodes?

    For me, something like this will get re-watched and if I have to re-rent it each time that’s not going to happen. A buy option for a series designed specially for the PS3 and the Video service should be given a buy option. So I can download all the episodes and watch them all in a row.

    Personally I think the rental system needs to be adjusted. Paying the price of a rental at a video store but I only have it for 24 hrs? If I had access to the rental for 14 days and I could watch it as many times as I wanted the price would be more than worth it. For a PS3 with multiple users that aren’t always at home during the same time, this rental model hurts.

    Great idea, but I’ll wait for some changes after Sony’s analyzed the feed back. Then I’ll start dropping some money into it. For now, I’ll keep my Netflix list updated.



  • When can i BUY the first episode?

  • I would love to watch this show since I LOVED full metal… but i cant since i live in Canada, it’d be nice if someone would at least acknowledge the lack of a video store in Canada, i know it’s probably because of the copyright issues but regardless of why its not there I just want someone to say “we’re aware of it and we are/aren’t working on it”

  • why does it say page not found when leaving a message?

  • To the canadians, it has been announced on all the websites and even E3 that this was a US only feature for now, due to VATs and other various taxes and laws on various movies and editing.

    I really wish we would get “The professional on the video store but not the professional but the UK release of it which was called Leon” But if we do get The professional it will be that and when it is released in the UK they will get Leon.

    From all the news it has been said Europe will get PlayTV and freelive(DVR) first while the other countries are second, but as far as I keep reading video store goes to Europe next year and to canada not sure. One thing, I think SCEA could suggestion to EE is making their own blog if they do not have one already so each group can complain to their respective branches.

  • I really want the store in all territories including Canada…I know it ain’t Sony’s fault but ffs…

  • I was only gonna give 1 shot a test run, but now I’m hooked on the show. I love it! I wish though I could subscribe to the whole show and save a few bucks :)

  • I was only gonna give 1 show a test run, but now I’m hooked on the show. I love it! I wish though I could subscribe to the whole show and save a few bucks :)

  • EUROPE, please.

  • I downloaded the first episode cause it was the only thing compelling enough to try out on the new video store. The show was great, but the price is far to high for a rental. I can’t see myself justifying

  • This is the exact same reason I don’t go to theaters, too expensive for too short an experience for something, if I wait 3 months, I can get for pennies w/o the aggravation of sticky shoes and annoying audience members. $4 for a 25 min rental (more like 22 w/ intro outro taken into account) is just wayyyy to much. Either this will come out on dvd or it’ll be offered as purchase later, either way I’m willing to wait and not blow a load of money for a 1 day rental… I want to support it, but that’s only for structures that are sound and not overly greedy, this doesn’t meet either criteria unfortunately.

  • And as for the other countries begging for the service, you don’t know what your asking for, the service is new and the prices high, just remember Europeans how Sony charges you, Elefunk for $13 bucks compared to the $5 US, I’d be patient while they work it out.

    It’s like people begging for Home, they don’t know what they’re asking for, let the structure be worked out, seriously, remember what you ask for, and don’t b*tch and complain when your dreams aren’t realized by something you wailed over.

  • It could be that I haven’t check the firmware’s flash for the past 2 or 3 months since the PS3 wasn’t able to render flash sites but…

    …didn’t you guys noticed that the PS3 is now able to watch Youtube videos???

    When did this happen???

  • What happened to the ability to re-download your purchases? I purchased Afro Samurai episodes 1-4 and I do not see an option to re-download them if they are lost or deleted (for disc space reasons).

    Also, I suppose the ‘game sharing’ option does not apply on purchased videos?

    Why do we have such a short period for rentals? For such an expensive amount, we only receive 24 hours to watch the rented video? I know about the 14 day grace period, but that does not excuse the extremely short rental period. For the same price on most of the available videos, one could rent from Blockbuster and have the option to watch it as many times as they wish within weeklong rental period.

    I must say I have been very supportive of Sony’s offerings until recently. I am very disappointed with the options and do not intend to buy ANY MORE videos from the store.

    Something needs to be done about the rental/purchase policies.

  • I’m curious. I’m in Puerto Rico for the remainder of my summer. I took my PS3 but noticed that the video store is not available. Will it at some point?

  • Agree with most everyone…

    I downloaded the first episode of some of the animes just to see if I liked them, and went online for the rest. Being used to services like Netflix its hard to justify spending $50+ to watch the first season of say… desert punk.

    Not to mention $100+ for RENTING a season of Xam’d…

    I like the service, but the prices are just too high.

  • I really want to watch this but here is the kicker–when I looked at it it was RENTAL ONLY—I ain’t going to pay for a rental—PLEASE MAKE AN OPTION FOR ME TO DOWNLOAD IT PERMANENTLY—if I am going to download it, I want to keep it forever and show it to friends down the road when they are at my house and the like—oh, and a subscription by season option would be nice too.

    Good work getting the story live! But please add these two features as it is useless to people like me until then (I am assuming there is other people who want to do more than rent too—and I know some stuff you can get permanently but X’amd I want badly hehe!)

  • $4 per episode? To RENT? Ballsy. I’ll pass, jackals. That’s like $100 to rent the entire season? Cripes.

  • Note to Sony: Piracy happens when you price things so high that the price outweighs the minor legal risk of simply procuring the items for free. Charging $4 for a 25 minute show shows that you still haven’t learned this lesson. Had you charged something reasonable, like say $0.50, I’d be renting it from you instead of tracking down a free copy.

  • I also concur with the rental prices.. they seem pretty outrageous considering that you can buy entire box sets of Blu-ray movies for those prices. I’d be for a much lower price for renting online videos on the PSN store, or offer a subscription rate too.

    On another note: has Sony engineers given any thought to using the PS3 to convert SD movies bought off the video store to PSP resolution to reduce the file size? Currently, putting a SD 1.8gb movie onto a 2gb memory stick is kind of off putting and doesn’t encourage me to want to buy any more movies anymore because of the huge file sizes.

  • The price is high I agree but if we got the entire series and they promised to send me two blu rays or a single blu ray with what I “rented” then I would not be so mad and I will not feel like I have been “robbed” for four dollars per episode


  • @91 half_life000111 because most anime fans (myself included) prefer it in japanese with english subs. English dubs historically have been a bad joke.

  • Wow i can’t wait to rent this, it looks like it’s an awesome show, plus in HD to, this is definitely high up on my list of rentals…………………………..Oh wait i can’t cause it isn’t available in Canada!!!!

  • I wanna check this out, could you guys get some Mac compatibility for the playstation store.

  • Once I can buy this episode, instead of just renting it, I’ll be on board.

    Also a season pass would be a great idea, as others have mentioned.

  • SERIOUSLY what is everybodys problem……………yes I understand the whole why rent when you can owned but lets say for the record I would like to have an option of buying my shows but you gotta look at it from the studios point of view they need to charge per epsiodes so that money will be used towards future work like maybe bringing us more epsiodes or really even new shows who knows. Plus they might keep it a rentel only so they can test to see if the community likes the show before people buys Xam’d and maybe when they feel people likes it enough they might make a option where you can now owned. I watched anime in both English Dubs and Subs ranging from shows like GUNSWORD, YuYu Hakusho, Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach to probably only a few knows about like GetBackers in fact I also have watched Full Metal Alchemist and Eureka SeveN which I thought was done nicely and thats why I WILL BE RENTING EVERY EPSIODES THEY RELEASE FOR Xam’d until they make it purchaseable because I’m enjoying what I’m paying for as a rental and as a entertainment and to the BONES studio “AWSOME WORK PLEASE KEEP IT ROLLING AND ALIVE ON Xam’d LOST MEMORIES” and sorry for being rude just trying to get my point across


  • I was so excited to watch this when the video part of the store was released. But I live in Canada and have access to none of that, I would really like to see it available here someday, before I go and get this anime series elsewhere for free >< which i would much rather support the video store and buy or rent it.

  • I was so excited to watch this when the video part of the store was released. But I live in Canada and have access to none of that, I would really like to see it available here someday, before I go and get this anime series elsewhere for free >< which i would much rather support the video store and buy or rent it..

  • With respect to those who commented about resorting to piracy…

    I believe availability is indeed an important factor in preventing the loss of sales due to piracy. If the only means available of obtaining this media is by piracy, then that is what (desperate) people will opt for.

    It’s a roundabout way of saying “WHERE’S MY CANADIAN VIDEO STORE?”

  • I would really like to purchase this anime from the network, but unfortunately Canada does not have a video store on the PSN yet.

    When will Canada be getting a store? Will Canada even get a store?

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