Xam’d: Lost Memories Debuts at #1 on PLAYSTATION Network

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Wow. I should say that again. Wow! I would like to give a huge thank you from the team here at SCEA, Japan Studio and BONES Studio for making Xam’d: Lost Memories episode 1 the top video download over the PlayStation Network for the week of E3. We couldn’t have asked for a better reception to the service or the series, and you made it happen.

For those that followed E3 this year, and I’m pretty sure that’s most of you here, Xam’d: Lost Memories premiered exclusively last week at the launch of the new video service on the PlayStation Network. For those of you not familiar with BONES studio, they are the creators of the great anime series Full Metal Alchemist and Eureka SeveN as well as many others. For anime fans, you know who you are, the name should already be recognizable. For those who haven’t seen their work yet, do yourself a favor and take a look at the new trailer we’ve got on the PLAYSTATION Store!

We are extremely excited to be working with BONES Studio and Sony’s Japan Studio on bringing this showpiece exclusively to the PlayStation Network. This truly is an original piece, by masters of their art, and it’s only available to you PlayStation 3 and PSP fans!

So gear up for the full two season, 26 episode run. Episodes will be releasing weekly, so enjoy the ride. I will be back here soon with a Q&A from BONES studio, so keep your eyes peeled.

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  • i think ill chick it out

  • wow thinks Sony and keep the good work..

  • Is this free?

  • sorry off the topic check this out:

    Written by gtxboyracer from Neo Crisis.com

    date:Monday, 21 July 2008

    From my own testing these are the games i have tested, and would like others to comment with their own games to we can build a list of games and how integrated they are the the in-game xmb stuff.

    XMB = In-Game XMB Runs?
    MUSIC = Custom Soundtracks?

    * Assassins Creed – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO (XMB sluggish, moreso in 2.41)
    * Battlefield: Bad Company – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Bourne Conspiracy – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Burnout Paradise – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO (10th July for cagney should change this)
    * Call of Duty 3 – XMB: NO / MUSIC: NO
    * Call of Duty 4 – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Dark Mist – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Dark Sector – XMB: YES / MUSIC NO
    * Devil May Cry 4 – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Eye Create – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Flow + Expansion – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO (XMB sluggish)
    * Folding@Home – XMB: Yes / MUSIC: Yes
    * Folklore – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Ghost Recon AW2 – XMB: YES / MUSIC NO
    * Go Puzzle – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Go Sudoku – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Grand Theft Auto IV – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Gran Turismo 5 – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Guitar Hero 3 – XMB: YES / MUSIC NO
    * Heavenly Sword – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Lemmings – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * LocoRoco Cocorecco – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Medal of Honor: Airborne – XMB: Yes / MUSIC: NO
    * Metal Gear Solid 4/Online – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Motorstorm – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Need For Speed Carbon – XMB: NO / MUSIC: NO
    * Ninja Gaiden Sigma – XMB: YES / MUSIC NO
    * Oblivion – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * PES 2008 – XMB: Yes / MUSIC: NO
    * PixelJunk Monsters – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * RaceDriver Grid – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Ratchet – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Resistance: Fall of Man – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Ridge Racer 7 -XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Rock Band – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Rub’a’Dub – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Singstar V1 – XMB: YES / MUSIC NO
    * SuperStardust HD – XMB: YES / MUSIC: YES (with addon only)
    * Skate – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Sonic Superstars Tennis – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Super Puzzle fighter HD Remix – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * The Darkness – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * The Orange Box – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO (TF2/HL2/HL2-EP1&2 and Portal)
    * Tiger Woods 08 – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * TimeShift – XMB: Yes / MUSIC: NO
    * Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas USA – XMB: Yes / MUSIC: NO
    * Top Spin – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Uncharted – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * Virtua Fighter 5 – XMB: Yes / MUSIC: NO
    * Warhawk – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
    * WWE Smackdown vs Raw – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO

  • hey jeff or anyone from the playstation blog team any chance it is possible to update the ps3’s web browser’s flash to 9? is this possible? i know many people on the fourms have asked for it and im just trying to bring it to your knowlegde.

    thanks ps blog team keep up the great work!

  • And here I got Rambo. Good movie, but short.
    I’ll dive into this, this coming weekend. Thanks, seems great.

  • The show is great, though a little expensive.

    Could you guys offer the other anime shows with Japanese voice acting and subtitles?

  • UK release, please!

  • I’m not surprised, the anime looks good and fresh

  • how much is this?

  • Xam’d looks like a great Anime series in the making.

    The video store is a great addition to the PSN but it seems to have a few problems such as slow load times, and sometimes it doesn’t load everything. I am still hoping that more preview screens are added to each video. I also think that Sony should incorporate its music division. That would encourage more downloads of music especially more usage of the PSP. I think that would a great addition as well because we would have access to more music even for in game play. Thank you.

  • I was one of the downloaders. Nice to hear it’s doing well. Great way to start a show. Hopefully it stays worth the money!

  • Is there an ETA on the Video Store for Canada?

  • Many asked but we didn’t get an answer i think.. Will Canada get the video store soon too?

  • Nice, I did not know Bones studio created full metal alchemist. Lets add that anime too to the collection of anime.

  • “and it’s only available to you PlayStation 3 and PSP fans!”

    Im going to guess that its free…

  • I will be checking out Xam’d next. I am enjoying the video store so far. My few complaints though… Couldn’t you all extend the viewing time for rentals to one week after the 1st play through? There isn’t much joy in watching the same movie twice in one day.

    Also, isn’t there a way to watch a rental on the PSP and still be able to come back home and watch it on the PS3?!

    I have no complaints for purchased movies/shows. But I think that the rental service could use some refining.

  • Masterofallz, no it is not free. Apparently it is an anime that has been created specifically for Sony’s systems…. which is awesome! Especially considering the quality of past work from these producers.

  • This got me so frustrated! I liked the first episode… at least, what I saw of it. I accidentally activated the file when I downloaded it at night and didnt get to see it until the next night. Expired on me with 5 minutes left in the show. Why is it the only show that is rental only, and then, more expensive than the TV show purchases! I understand its exclusive, and I’d pay more. But let me own it. I dont want to go back and end up spending 6 dollars to rent that one 30-45 minute episode.

    That said, I enjoyed what I saw. I just cant justify spending $78 on a rented show. Thats alot of months of Netflix. Please Sony. Let me own my episode to watch with friends, you know, 3 days after I DL them. Sigh…

    Sorry for the rant. Just frustrated…

  • How about bringing video downloads to Europe THIS YEAR?!

    I understand there are rights issues, you already have the technology, so all it would take is the rights to 25 films to get started. At least then the service is up and running.

    Q) Also is there any word on the PSN Profiles/PS Underground UNLINKING problem?

    Q) When is the second game to support Trophies coming?


  • I thought you can not transfer rental to PSP?

  • Oh for fok sake can’t I read one blog without the whining about in-game music for once?! Jeez, get a life already!

    European Video Download service asap.

  • @10 It is 2.99 SD – 3.99 HD

    so, $78 – $104 to rent all of it over time

    Maybe they could let us buy a season pass. That would be a good idea. A model similar to Qore, or something, anything

  • I’m not really into anime, but since it’s on topic, a LOT of people that feel the same way, would be ECSTATIC to get “Evangelion” on the PSN. HD versions would be awesome. Oh and “Akira” too.

  • I’m think if we get all 26 episodes can’t they send us a blu-ray because at the current price we are paying it is like getting two blu rays anyway.

    Mike Graham please give us some feedback to our questions could net more money for this anime and future purchases.

    1. Give us a subscription fee for the entire series for a reduced rate save a few dollars but have to wait like everyone else.

    2. Maybe a predownload list while our PS3s are folding it will check if the episode is available and download for us and we can watch.

    3. The most important of them all is give us two full weeks starting when we first view to watch it again.

    4. like psfaithful said being able to watch this or any other rental on psp would be great

  • As good as the show is so far, it’s simply too expensive for only a rental.

  • $103.74. That’s how much it would cost to rent the entire series in HD. I think I speak for most anime fans when I say either lower the rental costs or give us the option to buy. It’s really great that the PSN has a major exclusive like this, but after renting the first episode and doing the math I won’t be seeing anymore until DVDs/BDs are out. It’s just far too much money for rentals only when the community is used to fansubs, Netflix, and The Anime Network.

    I loved the the first episode, but it’s just too expensive.

  • Agree with WebScud

    Pricing for episodes is over the top. I can get it on DVD/BD for much cheaper on the whole.

    [b]Can we at least get the option of buying a DVD’s worth of Episodes all at once? For a price that is equal to or less than the cost of buying the DVD?[/b]

    Thanks for any input :D

  • It’s awesome to have anime on the PSN Movie Store. The prices on the Store is kind of expensive. There’s no set price for everything. Certain movies cost more then other. That does really motivate me to renting or buying to be honest.

    @27 WebScud | July 22nd, 2008 at 6:42 am
    I have to agree with you. For that price I’d rather have the actual DVD collection.

  • I would love to watch this show as I am a fan of Bones work, but your pricing on this is completely atrocious. Even movies cost less than this, much less a 24 minute tv episode. $3/4 an episode should be the price to own, not to rent.

    I know a few people that rented the first episode just to support it but will not be doing the later episodes due to the price. So I expect you guys will see a large dropoff for the rest of the season.

    Please fix your prices.

  • Blog entries like these frustrate me to no end, being from Canada, and you continue to act like we do not exist. At least acknowledge the fact that we cannot access the Video store, and give us a heads up on when it might be coming. Don’t just pretend like it’s not an issue. :(

  • I’m from France, I’m very very happy that Sony provides great Anime series in HD, ESPECIALLY in its original version with subtitles.
    BUT, I’m very very worried also about the Euro Video PSstore.

    As you may know the majority of movies on VOD services here are dubbed in French, wich is AWFUL. Some of them are encoded twice, one in French and one in original version with subs.
    But it’s far from being mendatory.
    Can’t there be a solution? we’ve been treated well with DVD, and there’s just no way I’m going backwards with VOD. Divx or other codecs can have both languages, and subtitles attached to it. Or culde there be then a system with Subs or languages to download appart, or even “pay” for a tiny extra fee? No one has this now excpet on some DRM WMV VOD services (SD only) or few HD streaming contents not available forever…

    If SONY’s video service could impose the choice on language and subs on EVERY foreign movie, this service would be a winner.

    Also, I hope you’lle find a way to be able to have a portable copy of an HD rent for the same price. Because right now it seems a bit sad not to be able to bring an HD rent on the PSP too.

    But well, the service just started, so you have time to improve it as it looks very sexy.

  • Where is the Canadian store?!

  • I rented this episode and before I could watch it I got the blinking yellow light then blinking red light deal. So that is money down the toilet I guess. I really wish Sony would come out with a flat rate month rental service like netflix. This pay as you go deal is so nickel and dime in nature.

  • It would be better if this service was global and not just in the US. ;-]

  • While I enjoyed the Anime Xam’d I felt that the cost for rental was a bit high. Almost the cost to own an Episode of Family Guy which was ridiculous. We should not be paying rental fees that could easily purchase the same media in a few weeks. Sony really should have made it purchasable. As a result I may not be able to continue this series as the cost is to high.

    Also TV shows need to have an extra option added to the list for “Buy whole season” at a price that is LESS than the cost of the DVD set otherwise there is no point in purchasing it off the PSN.

    SD movies also need to drop 4 dollars off their price tag or more for purchase. A few of the SD films available in the Store were much more expensive than what they cost at my local best buy or circuit city. In addition HD Movie Purchases would be nice as well. You can shave 2 dollars off that drop suggestion if you kill DRM (Which brings me to the next subject).

    Keep your DRM on your rentals don’t put them on your purchases. If you’re going to be competitive with DRM’ed files you will have to cut the price much lower than their counterparts. Keep in mind that DRM has no benefits for us the consumer. DRM is a hindrance and an inconvenience and completely negates any benefits that having a Digitally distributed film may have over physical media. None of use want to hall our Game Consoles over to our friends house to watch a movie, that’s just absurd.

    Last But not least a subscription service for Rentals. As much as I like the rental feature on the PSN (and this would fix my issue with Xam’d as well) I’d like to see a subscription fee for unlimited rentals or a similar plan to what netflix is offering X360 owners. I know no one likes a copycat, but you really can’t compete with that. Get more studios in on the rentals, half the movies they are going to be offering really aren’t going to be of any benefit to me. One time viewing if you catch my drift. If you guys get this out of the gates by November you’ll have beatin MS at their own game on this.

    BTW I notice you’re from SCEA Santa Monica, you wouldn’t by chance know who is taking Corey Barlogs place as on god of war 3?

  • Does anyone on this goddamn blog have a clue when the video store is coming to Canada?

  • hey pepl of europe & canada don’t complain i’m from puerto rico and we are in the server of the us and i don’t got the video store. so don’t complain……………………………

  • hey people of europe & canada don’t complain i’m from puerto rico and we are in the server of the us and i don’t got the video store. so don’t complain……………………………

  • @4 This really isn’t the place for a “List”, this a comment section for a blog. Not a Christmas wishlist to send to Santa Monica Claus.

    As far as music goes that is dependent on the developer. Also my Friend has CoD3 and says IGX does indeed work with that game. There isn’t any reason it shouldn’t work with it.

    Also save your Firmware requests for Eric Lempel (which i’m assuming your comment was about) as he is the big man in charge of that. Unless Jeff says otherwise, I don’t think anyone in Santa Monica that isn’t involved with the firmware is going to care one way or another.

  • This looked good, but $3+ for a 25 minute show is, frankly, insulting (as are all the video store prices). I’ll just wait and torrent it for free.

  • @36
    I don’t know why you don’t have access to it as you’re regioned with the US.

    However there maybe certain copyright laws that Sony has to go through with studios in each region. Studios have a tendency to be real hard asses about this sort of thing so it maybe a bit of a wait.

    Also with the recent pricing restructure for the Canadian store (which Canadians did request btw) may also be directly impacting adoption into Canada as well.

    As far as the guy in peurto rico goes. You’re a common wealth so you should be able to access the store. Chances are the store just isn’t loading for you. some of us in the US had to reload and exit the store many times before the Video option would appear. Infact the Video section doesn’t appear on my store 100% of the time either. So give that a shot. A friend of mine has a cousin in peurto rico who has had no issues renting.

  • I enjoyed the first episode, but I don’t think I’ll be renting anymore. The episode price is outrageous for a rental, especially in HD. If the season is 22 episodes that winds up costing 88 dollars, and you can only watch them within 24 hours of opening… You can’t even go back for a refresher for that price.

  • It would be nice if they were offered with a Japanese audio track.

  • @ 37-38 Sunstrike

    Yea but you are from puerto rico loll, we are a little more here like 30 more millions

  • I might check this show out. In the meantime, if we could get shows like InuYasha and Naruto which are selling at outrageous prices in boxsets, that would be cool.

    Also, I’ve noticed a tendency for many shows- Family Guy, My Name is Earl and so on- to be missing at least one or two episodes from every single season. What’s going on there?

    On one final note, I really would like to get some seasons (full seasons) as sets- if it’s possible to add the option of “Buy Season” at a slightly reduced price that would be appreciated.

    Contrary to what my post may sound like, I am most appreciative of yet another fine service for the PS3, and how amazing quickly it sprang up as if from nowhere.

    Thanks to all those behind the scenes making the experience better all the time. :D

  • Sorry Sony, but I’ll abstain from this until the pricing is fixed. There needs to be a pay-to-own option at that price-point.

    Well, not that the Store is available in Canada yet anyway… But when it is, I hope things will have changed.

  • Please release it in Canada.

  • OK, there is a problem. i know the movie rental stuff is only for the US, but you have a problem. i’m in japan and i have a US account, becuz i am american, but i know that i can’t access the movie content. But my question is why is Xam’d available to purchase, when it can’t be viewed? just trying to make you aware of a small hiccup. you may want to check on this or you might get some more complaints down the road. also is there a way to get a refund feature or something. becuz this is the second time that i have bought something and it doesn’t work and i am just out of money. is there anyone i can contact about a refund?

  • We really, REALLY need a subscription service for TV shows. Preferably two types, subscribe to own and a lower priced subscribe rent only.

    Do this and throw in more shows and networks and Ill be closer to dumping my cable box and upgrading my cable broadband to a higher bandwidth plan.

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