Soulcalibur IV Bringing Darth Vader Exclusively to PS3

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Hello everyone! My name is Katsutoshi Sasaki and I am the Director for Soulcalibur IV. Before I begin, I would like to express my appreciation to SCEA for giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts here on the blog and to speak directly to the readers. Now since Darth Vader is an exclusive character to the PS3, it is only fitting to discuss my thoughts on the Sith Lord. So here we go…

The reason we chose Darth Vader as a playable character is very simple: he is probably one of the most symbolic characters in the Star Wars universe and is also one of the most popular worldwide. Admittedly though, recreating Darth Vader for Soulcalibur IV was harder than I initially thought because there is not a lot of reference material as he was only in a few lightsaber fights in the movies.

It’s always very difficult to balance our own perception of how a character should fit in the Soulcalibur universe and their actual gameplay. If a guest character feels radically different than how we perceive them, a player will take it as a different character, and it’ll lead to disappointment.

In working with LucasArts, they said they are eagerly anticipating their characters to be recreated in the Soulcalibur universe. They allowed us to create Vader relatively-freely. The trial and error process to build Vader is definitely a fond memory for all the Soulcalibur IV animators and game designers.

Another challenge that we encountered was how to implement the “Force” from the Star Wars universe. If we were to use the Force in gameplay, we had to make it as an absolute power just like the movie. However, if we didn’t set any limitations on it, the game’s balance would have been completely off. Ultimately, we created a Force gauge to put a limit on using the power. However, we felt players would be frustrated if they couldn’t use the Force on an empty gauge, so we are allowing them to use the Force but it will be counted as a penalty against their character. I think it was good compromise and can be used as a tactic.

I strongly believe that we have brought Darth Vader up to a level where players will feel “This is how Darth Vader is!” while playing Soulcalibur IV. The game expresses him as a lightsaber master with intimidating power and absolute control of the Force. Our players will enjoy playing Lord Vader from the movie and we’re proud to bring them this experience.

Finally, the release date is just around the corner on July 29th. The dream battle for many fans who want to play as Vader, who want to beat him with Soulcalibur characters or who want to challenge Vader with an original customized character is about to start! Stay tuned!!

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  • I think Soul Calibur has lost its edge. It used to be the fighting game to mess your pants for in anticipation. Now they are including Star Wars characters (WTF?) and hyping it up as if its really a good reason to buy.

  • Wow Vader looks like a Bad*** in this video. I first saw him on Gamespot and I thought he sucked because he looked stiff but after seeing this video he looks incredible!

  • I don’t think SC4 team plans on answering our questions, but if they do…I’d like to know about trophies and 1080i support. I’m hearing that SC4 doesn’t have trophies from street date breakers.

  • its really great to see devs finally having some respect for the ps3 and actually supporting it.
    just 1 question though, trophies, trophies trophies?

  • sweet game, one week to go!!!

  • I am dying here,Lucas Art and SonyGet it to us.

  • Hurry up a;ready.

  • I read that Rodbox could dl Vader and PS3 dl Yoda? So not very exclusive.

  • I’m glad we get Darth Vader, I will buy this.

  • will kratos,yoda,anakin sky walker, be there?

  • May the Force be with the PS3.

    Like the videos.

  • Already pre-order. My favorite fight series since Soul Edge in PSone ( Namco: release this classic in PSN for download! )


    I can’t wait!

  • @62
    Soul Edge and maybe a port of Soul Calibur for the dreamcast to the PSN too. Load of bull that XBL has it and we don’t.

  • Any chance Yoda will be able to be bought buy DLC.

  • it’s too bad Katsutoshi wasn’t able to answer our questions- maybe later on he’ll be able to check em out.

    the great thing about fighting games are that most girlfriends who don’t usually like gaming tend to enjoy a chance to beat up their boyfriends (virtually…usually)

    sometimes a button mashing girl can wreak havok on someones stats!

    still looking forward to checking out Vader!

  • Hey Katsutoshi Sasaki, this is what I want Soul Calibur to evolve into… a Super Smash Bros for the big boys! Get a license to add the following characters into the roster as DLC and I guarantee you, this game will sell millions:

    Kratos from God Of War, it was rumored so make it happen. Plus he’ll kick ass with his long/close range moves!

    Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 4, we have ninjas… what about a cyborg one, eh? Make him do all them fancy flips and jumps!

    Auron from Final Fantasy X, for slow but strong massively damaging attacks! Plus he’s just so cool.

    Dante from Devil May Cry 4, the game sucked but hey at least it was stylish. Why not?

    And any other weapon wilding iconic character from the Play Station’s massive library… of course the 360 can have Master Chief and that kid from Blue Dragon!

  • Have the LE preordered so I’m very much looking forward to the game’s release :) Been a fan since Soul Blade on the PS1 (one of my first PS1 titles as well).

  • I’m doing everything I can to be able to get it at leasy by next friday. Can’t wait for it. I didn’t buy virtua fighter 5 or anything so this’ll be my first fighter in a looong time. I’ll try to get the LE, but I’ll probably only have enough for standard.

  • Join the Dark Side (I am already drunk with power).

  • Vador isn’t a good Character to play with. I only played story mode, and arcade mode to unlock his apprentice. His apprentice kick major ass.

  • Thabks for coming to the playstation blog. I know that you must be a very bussy man and for you to drop in on the blog is extremely appreciated. Anyway,it is good to know that this character will be exclusive to the PS3 and I am looking forward to buying and enjoying this game.

  • I would like to know if this game supports trophies?

  • speechless…
    just want to thank Katsutoshi Sasaki and his crew, and ppl from lucas artes..
    Playing with Anakim will be a dream come true…
    thanks guys that was good news!

    master vader!

  • “You don’t know the power of the dark side.” -Vader

  • Darth Vader is not playin games on this game..LOL..On that 2nd Video,he snap…

  • Wow… Pretty… Very shiny sword…

    Oh, sorry. Was there text I was supposed to read? :P

  • Can’t wait to receive my copy in the mail on Tuesday next week. Always loved the Soul Caliber franchise. Thanks Namco.

  • Thank GOD we have Darth Vader and not Yoda, even though Yoda is sort of on the “dark side” of gaming consoles lol! We all know Vader would settle for nothing less than PS3. I look forward to having Vader as a character!

  • Wow! I didn’t really give a second look at this game till I watched those videos… Awesome!

  • this is nota must have anymore u should had new better character then star wars.ps3 should have had kratos.

  • There are NO trophies in SC4. There are people who broke street dates you know. And by the way LucasArts didn’t make this game, NamcoBandai did.

  • vader looks allot better then the other video i saw where he is all stiff and where it looks like he is having a hard time moving

  • pleaz add trophies support

  • no matter how i look at it, vader looks so out of place in soul calibur

  • Keep Tekken 6 exclusive to the PS3 and we are cool.
    Don’t lower yourself like Square. They’ve tainted their rep forever.

  • question can the sith lord use sith lightning that would seal the deal for me. i dont that he can though but it would be something to consider in a update

  • so darth vader is exclusive to the ps3 and won’t be coming to the 360 as a dlc.. same with yoda on the 360 only?.. that’s a good thing – keep that old guy off the ps3 please.. i mean yoda is a cheap character that can’t be hit with high attacks, and i don’t wanna be playing against that.. i’m sure all those little kids with no skills will be playing yoda and actually win online.. sucks to have the 360 version

  • What everybody hopes or wants is trophies if aint already there will there be a patch as i want to be able to compare with others as i am with stardust currently :)

  • Are you guys at Bandai Namco planning on releasing Ace Combat 6, Katamari Damacy, and Tales of Vesperia on the PS3?

  • I’m sooo glad that Vader is in our version of SCIV. judging by what i just saw above you guys implemented Vader perfectly into the game. would have been tight to have fought Yoda though. But i guess that would have made it felt more like Masters of Tares Kasi. god i love that game soooo much. brings back some old memories. can’t wait to force choke someone though.


    Now that would be the ultimate high for me with this game. Although I am happy about Vader too. But the God of War would also add more of a kick to an already awesome game.

    Now that would add more kick to an already awesome game.

  • Please give us trophies!!!!

  • Kratos would have been a lot better Character than Vader. A lot of people are kinda turn off by Vader in the game, including me. When I am playing as Vader in the game, he doesn’t feel like he belong in the game. He have a light saber, which can cut through any metal, and those blades in SC don’t stand a chance against his light saber. And why is there an empty slot available? I cannot seem to unlock that character.

    But then again, Kratos is a god, and he would just over power all the other characters. But if anyone would choose, they will pick Kratos.

    Oh and can you guys add trophies? I don’t want to get honors when I do something, I want to see a dam Trophy unlock. :(

    There is also no in-game music, which is kinda sad. Oh and no custom sound track. So can you guys add that please.

  • Kratos really wouldnt fit into a games that is based on having a kick ass sword Kratos sword-less >_> vader feels better because at least it is a sword kinda (lightsaber)O_o

    vader is more of a sword dualer type where as Kratos is the type to just demolish anything in his past

  • There talking about soulcalibur and they can’t talk about tekken 6 which they might be losing like all the games they are not making they are losing sony plz tell me u will at least save tekken from microsoft plz don’t leave them take it just like they did with final fantasy because they are some hardcore tekken fans that are waiting on this game too this is like or dead or alive killer game don’t leave them get it

  • and when are we going to get a pacth for games with trophy and in game god man sony u promised to much again and can’t keep a promise

  • I know many people liked this game but I’m not for some reason… but tekken, it’s a different story. I heard it will come at the end of the year, I hope so.

  • @ cmargary – yeah did you also hear that Tekken 6 might not be sony exclusive anymore… how do you like dem apples???


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