Live Demo: Valkyria Chronicles, PS3 exclusive SRPG

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E3 may now be over, but the games shown off at the event will be a part of our lives throughout this holiday season and beyond. One title that will occupy the lives of PLAYSTATION 3 owners for hours upon hours this fall is Valkyria Chronicles. This PS3-exclusive strategy-JRPG from Sega (to clarify, NOT a PSP game), is utilizing the power of the console to push its dynamic and visually arresting Canvas Engine.

The graphics in Valkyria Chronicles appear similar to an animated watercolor painting, with a bit of the colored-pencil-sketch action seen A-ha’s 1980’s “Take On Me” video. As you’ll see in the video below – it really works.

Speaking of the video, it features Sega Associate Producer Christopher Kaminski detailing the unique battle system found in Valkyria Chronicles – it completely takes the Strategy RPG genre “off the grid.”

We’ll have more on Valkyria Chronicles here on the PlayStation.Blog as we near its November release date.

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  • That’s great, we need more RPGs….the PS3 is really really lacking in this genre, this will help a bit, but we need more.

  • Great video Jeff. The PS3 really needs JRPG games, everything else is covered.

    I hope you guys have some awsome surprises on that front at TGS later this year. :)

  • @Jeff.

    Thanks for the replying. I can live with that. While you’re asking them can you try to get some info on their next ps3 game? yes, they have one. Just ask them when they’ll reveal it. don’t accept if they say “soon” Specific dates only ;P

  • This looks pretty cool, and bring on Fat Princess!

  • Jeff Rubenstein replied on July 18, 2008 at 12:51 pm

    If you all wanna know more about Disgaea 3, I’ll talk to the fine folks at NIS. Give me a few weeks ;-)


    Thanks for the effort, Jeff ;-)

  • UltimateIdiot911

    I agree, Wall-E is actually very good. As for Valkyrie, I preorder this over 4 months ago.

  • PLEASE ask Level 5 on how the development of White Knight Story is going!!!

    I want White Knight Story !! PLEASE PLEASE i beg you to find new information about this game!!

    I WANT Japanese RPGS!! I’m sick of all the shooting/FPS games!! I WANT JRPGs from SONY!!!

  • Good going but we seriously need more JRPGs and what I mean with that, is not JRPGs like FFXII which absolutely didn’t felt like one. Another great thing would be to bring the classic JRPGs like Xenogears to the US or EU PSN. I bet many people would love to play those great classics with their PSP or on the PS3 and it also wouldn’t hurt to localize some that never got to the west.

  • Looks good, but i´m waiting for reviews to buy it.

    Socom, LittlebigPlanet, Resistance 2, MotorStorm 2, Naruto ultimate ninjas, valkyrria chronicles… my god of war, i cant wait

  • @ erico316 “please respond back to this question Jeff? I’m starting to think of some kind of hit list of people u don’t to respond to Jeff.” Don’t feel alone on this one, I’ve been trying to get an answer from Jeff, Noel, or Josh, for like 6 months now and they never answer my questions, it could be my name, my picture or my questions are stupid, i wonder

  • please give us new information on White Knight Story by Level 5 Jeff!!!!!

    i want this game so bad!! but no news about it since 2007 !!

  • This game is looking better each time I see it.

  • Really looking forward to this title as I’ve been craving for an RPG fix. Love the art style and the battle system.

  • Jeff, Thank you so much for highlighting game. I think the PS3 is sorely lacking in the RPG department and I am thankful that attention has been placed on this title. Hopefully you can highlight the other exclusive RPGs coming and convince the higher ups that this is want we want more of. Thank you.

  • Is this title suppose to be a AAA?

    Heh, so that’s the respond?

    I’m more a straight RPG kind of guy tactical rpg? heh

  • I know it’s a little off topic, but will we see any infos on White Knight Chronicles? At Leipzig? Maybe TGS?

  • Will we see any infos on White Knight Chronicles (or Story)? Maybe at Leipzig? TGS?
    I asked because for long time we didn’t see anything.

  • Will the game have Japanese voice acting?

  • Hopefully its good

  • Holly Jenova!! Finally some RPGs!!! THANX!!!!

    Hey btw, any chances on getting us some info about Disgaea 3 ??

  • Looks lovely! I’ll keep my eyes for it :)

    Regarding White Knight Story, that game is still in development and doesn’t have a Japanese date. It would be foolish to spill the beans on it in the US without a release date either. Expect more info about it at the TGS. I’m hoping we’ll be getting more announcements about RPGs there.

    Eternal Sonata is coming in Fall for the US too. Soon RPG sitaution will get better. I’m hoping we’ll be getting VC, ES and Disgea 3 here in Europe as well.


    I’m sorry for my late reply. I’ll add you to my friends list as soon as I’m online there. Talk to you soon :D

  • I mean I’ll keep my eyes on it.

    Jeez, we really need an edit option here.

  • I’m waiting for this game for a long time .. sony please we need more JRPG.

  • Hey jeff, I was on the offical Playstation website and there was a press release there and it listed the 1st party games in attendance at E3. Heavy Rain was on the list but nothing was shown at the event. Was it behind closed doors? Its a huge game for playstation fans!

  • hello jeff, i am new member to the playstation blog. First let me say that you guys did a great job, with this year e3. And i am very excited about the upcoming games being released. However you guys are seriously lacking on the rpg department. Maybe if could ask the head of sony, if they can please maybe think about releasing a remake of ff7. I would love to see a remake of my favorite rpg of all times. And i am sure many people feel the same way. One of the big reason i am a huge playstation fan, is because of ff7 back in the ps1 days.

  • I want to let you know guys and gals working at SCEA and SOE that the people that were making the Marvel MMO still very much love the Marvel MMO and would have liked if Microsoft did not cancel the game. So why not go and pay them for this game to come to the PS3 and PC too.

    You may wonder if it may take some people from the DC MMO but at the same time it might bring more gameer to the PS3.

    Plus if the PS3 uses the Station SOE uses for there PC games people could play both the DC MMO and Marvel MMO.

  • I’m not really an RPG player, but damn, this is one of those games that pulls me in like a hooker to cheap crack.

  • SICK! The gameplay is just so crazy. I gotta play this game.

  • Looking really good! Please focus heavily on multiplayer and deep customization (job classes, equipment, skills, etc), that will really make this game shine with warfare against friends and their elaborate armies!

    The visuals are absolutely stunningtoo , and the world this game is based on is really damn cool. Please also plan for a traditional RPG in this world and with these amazing visuals!

  • Ok this game looked really good, but why were they zoomed out when it was showing the map, but the game looks really good

  • Jeff, do you happen to know what support HD outputs this game supports (whether it’ll support 1080p/i output)? Some of us in the PS3 community are waiting on this fact/specification before committing to buying this game (as our HDTVs cannot display 720p games).

    Unfortunately, Sony does a rather awful job of actually communicating this HD-output specification on their lineup of games, so we’re left to do guesswork until we can test the games firsthand when it comes out, with regards to whether we can actually play the game or not.

    Thanks a lot.

  • I’ll be picking this up the minute it’s available. I have been in love with this game since the second I saw the first video for it on the Japanese store at the beginning of the year. I’m a big fan of Sega, it’s nice to see them making a come back with games like the Yakuza series (another personal favorite) and Valkyria Chronicles.

  • @36

    Oh my!! Did you really use Babelfish?? wow! I know you had good intentions but you probably ended up insulting their mothers!! That translator is horrible!! I’ve seen how it translate from spanish to english and vice-versa and it’ll literally change what you said to something insulting when it doesn’t translate it to complete gibberish.

    I hope you didn’t offend them too much for them to drop ps3 exclusivity with the title LOL! Just kidding, but word of advice, don’t ever use babelfish (or any internet translator) ever again.

  • @37

    Oh my!! Did you really use Babelfish?? wow! I know you had good intentions but you probably ended up insulting their mothers!! That translator is horrible!! I’ve seen how it translate from spanish to english and vice-versa and it’ll literally change what you said to something insulting when it doesn’t translate it to complete gibberish.

    I hope you didn’t offend them too much for them to drop ps3 exclusivity with the title LOL! Just kidding, but word of advice, don’t ever use babelfish (or any internet translator) ever again.

  • The game looks interesting.

  • This game looks really cool! definetly got my interest. It will be tough to compete for my time with littlebigplanet also released around that time but I like it!

    any word about this title supporting trophies or not? I lust for trophies!

  • Very cool game! looks awesome!

    It will be tough to compete with littlebigplanet for my time as they are both released around the same time but I am very interested in this!

    any word about this title supporting trophies or not? I lust for trophies! feed me im hungry!

  • Jeff! You’re my hero! We need more games like Valkyria :D

  • That’s it Sony more RPG, there are lots of RPG fans that are disappointed with the bunch of shooters today. Support third party rpg games and make some good first party ones too.

    Let Tetsuya Nomura make his own company with you! :)

  • i will definitely be buying this game once i have the chance to. sadly though, i will be in japan for all of november and most of december and my ps3 will be back it the states. at least i have something to look forward to.

  • Valkyria is definitely a day one purchase, something new and different while also being exactly what is missing form the PS3. Between this and the New Sonic, Sega seems to have finally gotten their act back together.

    And YES we definatly want you to put some focus on NIS and Disgaea 3. Here is a developer that is not only producing one of your first Japanese flavored games that people have been demanding but they also are focused on the PS3 with not only this but another game right after it apparently which means more potential exclusives and more potential system purchases. Show them some love!

  • im definitely buying this game when it comes out. this video just made it one of my most wanted games now. i hate SRPGs cause the whoel grid thing annoyed me. this looks fun

  • Madara

    you do realize IU is an exclusive to 360?

    if you check the site is says copyright SE and Microsoft, which mean they both co own the IP, so it’ll never see a port to the PS3

  • Unrelated but, could you mention to the people in charge of “Piyotama” that we are missing one skin on the US version (compared to the JP one). It would be nice if you offered it at some point. I believe its a summer themed skin.

  • I played the japanese version of this game. It´s a good game (Surprisily), but alone dont will solve the dry of jrpgs in PS3. Disgaea and Eternal Sonata this year in US can help, but we need much more than that, and not promises for 2009,2010 or late 2011 ( FFXIII \ versus ).

    Ditto, where´s Level 5 White Knight Chronicles?

  • @Lugez

    Isn’t ring of red was an xbox 360 exclusive?

    Looks too cheesy for me. Really who is actually going to play this with all the other great games coming out this season. Maybe I should just quit everything get welfare and sit at home this holiday season. Ps3 could be a full time endeavor.

  • Okay Sony, this game is a teeny tiny example of what you need to do.

    Now Sony, I hope you get the frigging point, we need big RPGs and Japanese action games, EXCLUSIVELY.

    No more year late ports and no more 360 RPG exclusives. Spend money to secure exclusives? Let’s be honest, as cool as some first party games look, do we REALLY need tons and tons of FPS? Is that everything you can offer?

    Ok, once more, in case you don’t get it: MORE EXCLUSIVE JAPANESE RPGs. Heck, more exclusives of everything. You used to be a third party powerhouse, and you want to replace that with Killzone and Resistance? Please don’t be ridiculous.

  • @logan, and basically everyone

    You guys do know sony have more rpg’s than square and namco combined right?

    They have alot of ip’s that they can make jump from ps2 to ps3.

  • @joel

    Yeah, they have a lot of IPs, but none very popular and even if they were, they certainly aren’t doing anything with them. Disappointing, and at this point, it is too late to create a team from scratch to make a quality RPG. Therefore, what they do need to do now is buy support.

    I don’t care how, I don’t want to see any more ridiculous one year waits for Namco or Square Enix titles.

    Also, I find it interesting that, even if almost all they muster are FPS, SCEA and SCEE are at least making quality games this gen. SCEJ have done nothing so far.

  • I forgot to say one thing. I hope Sony are listening and stop being lazy.

    The PS3 is part of the PLAYSTATION family. The heir of the PS2, and PlayStation consoles have always been the home of third party games of all kinds, RPGs, Action games, racing, everything.

    So Sony, I don’t care if you buy them, make them time exclusive, whatever, I want to see the huge exclusive support a PlayStation console is supposed to have.

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