Live Demo: Valkyria Chronicles, PS3 exclusive SRPG

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E3 may now be over, but the games shown off at the event will be a part of our lives throughout this holiday season and beyond. One title that will occupy the lives of PLAYSTATION 3 owners for hours upon hours this fall is Valkyria Chronicles. This PS3-exclusive strategy-JRPG from Sega (to clarify, NOT a PSP game), is utilizing the power of the console to push its dynamic and visually arresting Canvas Engine.

The graphics in Valkyria Chronicles appear similar to an animated watercolor painting, with a bit of the colored-pencil-sketch action seen A-ha’s 1980’s “Take On Me” video. As you’ll see in the video below – it really works.

Speaking of the video, it features Sega Associate Producer Christopher Kaminski detailing the unique battle system found in Valkyria Chronicles – it completely takes the Strategy RPG genre “off the grid.”

We’ll have more on Valkyria Chronicles here on the PlayStation.Blog as we near its November release date.

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  • @Jeff
    Thanks for posting. Valkyria Chronicles is a very interesting game and we are waiting for it’s release (especially in Europe)/

    But what about another great jRPG – White Knight Story? Why it didn’t get E3? Are you loosing it, as you lost FF?

    Thank you. Sry for bad english.

  • @44

    I know i am definately one of those people looking for that song. Come through for us Jeff ;)

  • Hey look at it this way Sony is obviously listening to us. Posting this RPG on the blog shows us that.

    Be patient the PS3 will hit full stride and there won’t be any turning back.

    Don’t doubt the power of the PlayStation brand they have been revolutionizing the industry from the begining. Pushing Devs further pushing competitors further it’s good for everyone!

    Can’t wait to get home and play Elefunk!

  • Can you guys get the name of the song from the Playstaion Family video you posted the other day? It’s also the same song used at the Sony E3 Conference at the beginning. There are a lot of people looking for it! Thanks.

    Jeff also, whats the song near the end of the conference when all the 3rd party games where showed. Please.

    Thank you

  • What a beautiful game, an the character designs are very good.
    I hope this game plays as good as it looks. Sega has disappointed me a lot, especially their recent titles, but this looks really good.
    If I can spend 100 hours on it, I’ll love it.

    We really need more JRPGs, I hope you will keep us informed and up to date. Pretty Please. ^^

  • #14 @Keith K

    You are absolutely right. Annoying how they insist on tagging games with so-called subgenres of the RPG genre. If anything, this is a strategy shooter. A storyline doesn’t make a game an RPG. Leveling doesn’t make a game an RPG. The method of battle makes a game what it is. If there is an aiming mechanism and a firing mechanism, it’s a shooter. If you press a button, and an immediate action takes place, it’s an action game. If a menu pops up, and you choose which action to take, it’s an RPG. There are, of course, grey areas, but not so grey as to create sub-genres for them. Just another marketing tool.

    That said, this game does look interesting. Not what most of us RPG fans are waiting for, but interesting none the less.

  • Looks good, i’ve been keeping my eyes on this one for a while. I try to contain my excitement until it gets close to release time and i am getting a bit anxious now.

    has this been thought up with a long running series in mind?

    other series with this engine/look/feel?

    or more of lets see how this goes and take it from there?

    thanks again for the info, cant wait.

  • I, too, would like to hear more from the developers of White Knight Story. We’ve seen so precious little of it. The most recent footage I have on my PS3 is… well, actually, just the very first footage that was ever released.

  • I’ve been watching this game since I saw the first trailer on the Japanese PSN store. It loos fantastic and I hope, for the hard core fans at least, that they release a limited edition version of the game in the states that includes the action figures hat the Japanese got or maybe even an art book or what have you.

  • Seriously, the game look awesome. I might if the game will be receive a add-on for Online match and that kind of stuff. But i doubt it. Either way I’m so looking forward for this.

  • @Jeff
    I like the way it looks, I’m also glad to see an RPG of any sort to hit the PS3. I’m not sure if you know this, but RPG’s are sorely lacking for the PS3 console, and people really want/need more of them. Are you guys moving away from RPG’s on this console, or just a lil slow getting them on here?

  • The graphics in Valkyria Chronicles appear similar to an animated watercolor painting, with a bit of the colored-pencil-sketch action seen A-ha’s 1980’s “Take On Me” video. As you’ll see in the video below – it really works.

    Dang-it, Jeff! Now I’ll have that song stuck in my head all day. Thanks a mil.

    Really looking forward to this game, though.

  • This game looks awesome. And from what I hear it’s being made by the Skies of Arcadia team! Day one purchase, no doubt.

    Jeff, mind letting your higher ups know that one of the things that made PlayStation consoles so great were the dozens of RPGs (of all flavors) that you could buy for the platform? We need more games like this!

    We understand that MS was whooping your asses in the shooter genre a few years ago, but I fear you may have over compensated, and now you’re alienating the more Japanese-centric gamers by announcing shooter after shooter after shooter. I will be buying both Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 (MAG at this point looks meh), but in the end Team ICO’s next title is my most anticipated 1st party release, with White Knight Chronicles up there as well (though I suppose that would be considered third party).

    Of my friends, many are disappointed that they bought ps3s because they assumed it would have plenty of RGPs, and other Japanese-y games, but now they’re not showing up. Many of my friends who have yet to purchase a console are now leaning towards the 360 with the FFXIII announcement.

    At least get SO4 multiplat, or buy some RPG studios like you bought Guerrilla and Zipper. Your first party kicks ass (<3 Team ICO, Naughty Dog, and Sony Santa Monica) in just about every area but the RPG genre!

  • All right guys this is a step in the right direction. Come on Sony we need more Jrpgs, you guys are getting you’re clocks cleaned by Microsoft. They have Star Ocean 4 Exclusive *for now* and Infinite Undiscovery. Not only that Last Remnant is coming out first on the 360 and now you have lost FF13 exclusivity! What the hell, as well Tales of Vesperia is only 360. We will only be getting Disgea 3 and this come the hell on! What the hell happened? We need more Jrpgs DAMMIT GET THEM!

  • Ohh it’s great to sea.nice felling…

  • When would we see a demo for PixelJunk eden before launch? If possible. Doesn’t really matter because im going to buy it when it comes out. But i would like something to last me til then.

  • Finnally an RPG it looks cool can wait to try it and see how it is

  • @64

    Disgaea 3
    White Knight Chronicles
    Valkyria Chronicles
    FF XIII Versus
    Eternal Sonata
    The Last Remnant
    Tears to Tiara (I hope)

    Chill out. Sony’s hooking us up on the jRPG front. It’s just like they said at E3, though. If Microsoft wants to back up a dumptruck full of money and pour it over developers, there’s really not much Sony can do.

    Just take solace in the fact it’ll come back to bite them in the end. MS has gotten all that money by liquidating their first-party studios (the only one they have left is Rare, which blows chunks), whereas Sony’s been pouring millions into their (what, like 20 something) first-party studios.

    Sony = Exclusive Content from 1st party developers because that’s their job.
    MS = Paying out ever-increasing sums of money to 3rd parties for exclusivity because they don’t have any 1st party studios left.

  • Oh man, so many people are gonna be so happy with RPGs.

  • @68

    I know we are getting those titles I am just saying they should do more to get Jrpgs.Come on man Star Ocean 4 and Tales of Vesperia look freaking awesome series that were on the PS2 with their prequels. They need to do a better job of bring a varied experience.

    Disgaea 3 – August
    White Knight Chronicles – Unknown
    Valkyria Chronicles – November
    FF XIII – Unknown
    FF XIII Versus – Unknown
    Eternal Sonata – Unknown for the States
    The Last Remnant – At least 3 months after 360 release
    Tears to Tiara (I hope) Ain’t coming to the states man.

    Come on and tell me you are pleased with that.

  • To Jeff / Anyone:

    What about Afrika??? The videos we saw were AWESOME and it makes me wanna know more about it.

    I haven’t seen anything about the E3 yet since I have a lot of work but could someone give me an update?


  • @Perrandy that happens in some more strategies. For instance in Jeanne d’Arc you have a level in where “everyone” of your party needs to stay alive, one dead and its game over.

    I CAN’T wait to get this game!!! But first guys: Disgaea 3!! Releases in 1 month. Hope you’re going to show something about that game as well.

    Any official date yet for “this” game Jeff? I saw 16 September on one export website but I guess that’s incorrect information, since I saw November as the month of release in the E3 trailer.

    This game looks so amazing and has a very original graphical concept, plus I’m a sucker for cell shaded looks in games (Prince of Persia is also on top of my wanted list). I sure hope this one will sell well, as well Disgaea 3 and Eternal Sonata in the upcoming months, so we can expect more JRPG’s on the PS3.

    The grid base system being removed is indeed something different and refreshing. I always applaud new idea’s in (S)RPG’s :-)

  • Did I already say “I CAN’T WAIT”!! :-D

    Now you do :-D

  • So are we going to hear also about Disgaea 3 as well? as it comes out before Valkyria Chronicles? and what about White Knight Chronicles? and what about all the not revealed JRPGs at? Bring back the Playstation brand where Japanese Developers came to the system and put all their games on. Not fill it with online/offline shooters. Because Haze was a game you shouldn’t have tried to bring over to us lawlz.

    • If you all wanna know more about Disgaea 3, I\’ll talk to the fine folks at NIS. Give me a few weeks ;-)

  • Excellent job guys. People cried out for anything RPG to be focused in on and you responded with this video! I had no idea this one was even on the way! Continue to highlight gems like this!

  • @76: Onna! We miss you at VGChartz!

  • 72* Whoops. :P

  • @ 70

    I can dang near guarantee you that at some point Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean 4, and Tales of Vesperia will migrate over to PS3. Oddly enough, the biggest marketplace for jRPG’s is Japan, where the XBOX is practically a non-entity.

    If the developers want to make any decent kind of profit margin, they’ll develop it for the Japanese market, which means the PS3. Since the process of US localization will already be done (for the 360), it’s a natural and relatively easy process to develop it for US PS3 as well, which further increases sales and profit.

    Don’t forget, to us, videogames are life. To publishers and developers, its a business. They want to make as much money as possible and I guarantee you they won’t happily deny themselves the huge potential marketplace provided by PS3 owners. It just takes time.

  • @Jeff. I was wondering if you had a chance to catch up with SCEE President David Reeves this week and/or if there is any update on a proper SCEE blog? We are totally in the dark about such great titles as this.

  • Yeah and I want Tales of Vesperia and Star Ocean IV on the PS3 as well and please let at least Kingdom Hearts 3 be an PS3 exclusive :'( I already hate those bastards at SE enough as it is at the moment, so they better make us all “extremely” happy at the DKSigma3713 next month. I don’t bother that 360 fans get to play the game as well, but the way how they announced it was just mean, and they know pretty well how important this game is for the PS3.

  • @ 78

    I hope they do come out for the PS3 but man the comments from the devs is seems like they wouldn’t really bother from both Tri-Ace and the guys behind Vesperia which really bums me out.

    Hopefully Sony can at least get latter or sooner for that matter. Read this Sony and Do it! Get more Freaking Rpgs!

  • @Makingmusic, you mean like toothache :-P :-D

  • Agree looks stunning. I’ll pick it up, just to play any sort of RPG game.

  • Can’t wait for this game it looks great :D

  • @68

    I don’t know how other people feel about it, but I could care less what “party” devs the game, just want more RPGs. 1st party, 3rd party, co-op….who cares! If it means pouring dumptrucks full of money on devs, that’s what needs to be done. Bring us the RPGs and we’ll have a party of our own!

  • Nice! I’ve been wanting an RPG and this game really looks good. Definitely buying this one. Are we looking at a late november or early november release date? The only game I can think of releasing in the holiday’s is resistance 2 so I need more games to fill up my list.

  • RPGs…meh.

  • Please we need more quality JRPGs. At this point, I’d settle for PS2 remakes.

  • Looking forward to this one, the art style is enough to make it a day-one-purchase (that’s not to say the gameplay isn’t good, it’s rather fascinating).

    Is there going to be a demo on PSN before launch?

  • looks pretty kool jeff, great work, keep it up :)

  • I love the art style :)

    Jeff, could you give us some information about the other coming JRPGS (in US/Europe) ? especially White Knight Story.

  • “We’ll have more on Valkyria Chronicles here on the PlayStation.Blog as we near its November release date.”

    Erm… didn’t see this part at first under the trailer. So I asked a question I could have answered myself by looking more closely at the entire blog. Sorry Jeff :-D

    November it is then… “can’t wait”! :-D

  • @onna: Tootache? lol, we loved you. Well, the cool ones did. :P

  • Just a quickie…gaming aside:

    Who else thinks the guy in the video has some sweet ass facial hair? Cause I know I do!

  • This game is by far the one I’m the most excited about on the PS3. Finally an RPG on the PS3, and one that has such fantastic art and from everything I’ve seen, really great gameplay as well.

    Keep the quality high, guys, and I’m sure the PS3 fanbase will reward you. From what I’ve seen, it looks like you deserve it.

  • hi jeff i have been a huge fan of playstation as well as rpgs.
    This rpg looks promising but if finalfantasyVII or VIII comes out on playstation network then it would be a huge surprise for all of the rpgs fans outthere.
    PLZ do something i m desperately waiting for this playstation classic to be released on playstation network.

  • Looks great!! Nice graphics.

    Hope to hear more on it soon.

  • lol looks like gears of war anime style. this is coming out november!!!? disgaea 3 in august and eternal sonata this fall! damn! u guys are making me broke this year. lil big planet october then resistance 2 november too!!!! siren, eden, bionic commando, 1942. this is gaming!!!!!!!!

  • jeff talk to level5 too!!!!!!

  • It looks great. Can’t wait!

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