Inside the Developers Studio: Ted Price

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After all the build-up, we’ve finally reached the end of E3. Not coincidentally, we also present our final E3 developer interview: Insomniac Games President and CEO Ted Price. In this segment, Mr. Price talks about the best way get a foot in the door of the videogames business, his most difficult days as a developer, and answers the questions *you* asked (question-asker in parentheses):

  • Do you think huge trade events like E3 are going to last? (Jeigh)
  • If you get the chance, what game(s) do you most want to go hands-on with at E3 2008? (Genki-Rocket)
  • Who in the industry would you most like to collaborate on a game with? (indigovenom)
  • If you could re-make any previous-generation game for the PS3, which title would it be, and what would it be like? (KazeEternal)
  • When did you know for sure that you belonged in the video game business? (Sindress)
  • What kind of advice would you give those currently in college and would like to pursue a career in video game development? (Voozi)
  • What is the hardest part about game development today? (osirisomeomi)
  • If you could say one thing to the fans of your game/series out there, what would it be? (Xanog)

Thanks to Ted, and everyone at Insomniac Games and SCEA Santa Monica who helped me put these interviews together. And thanks to all of you that watched (tens of thousands), commented, and asked the questions we’ve used.

While this wraps up our E3 interview, it does *not* wrap up our E3 coverage. Stay tuned to the blog for more, including MAG details.

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  • Good to hear from you Mr. Price. I have to say if you were to make disruptor for ps3 I would personally buy 1000 copies… That was the first PS game I ever played and I absolutely loved it! I actually played it as recently as 2 weeks ago.

    I was wondering if you guys have already planned out your next game after Resistance 2? I can’t wait to get my hands on that, you guys are game developer gods, keep up the great work!

  • you have to thank this guy for making the 300 ft leviathan a reality

  • question about MAG
    you may or may not answer this in your next blog post Jeff but i was woundering will we be able to host games or will it be all dedicated servers? If indeed we can host games then i recommend that you do what warhawk does and that is it checks you bandwidth and then tells you how many player you can have in your room. This will definitly help have lag free rooms

  • Patriotsbball5460

    Love your studio and once I get out of college I will defiantly try to do QA for you guys, you seem to have the perfect blend of people to make great games. Keep it up!

  • It’s a shame, like most of Insomniac’s other PlayStation IP, it’s now in the hands of Universal Interactive.

    It’s a shame it worked out that Naughty Dog and Insomniac both lost the rights to their platforming PS1 games.

    At least with Jak and Ratchet, they have new IPs to work with, even though I miss Naughty Dog Crash and Insomniac Spyro – the only good ones in both series were developed by ND and Insomniac.

  • Everyone was saying the same things up until this video. It has showed me that SCEA has a rinse and repeat process they instill in there producers. The best things in life are things that are yours. If you find wanting to work with someone else or another game. Than your not doing the right things in your own games. This could be the reason, him and his team consistently make the AAA games. I would make every producer at SCEA take the day off and go bug collecting.

  • @jeff

    yo im sorry for acting the way I did with that FF XIII announcement, its just it was a huge stab at the fans of the playstation to see a huge playstation franchise to be on the xbox 360.

    anyhow, it was childish the way I acted so again I say Im sorry, I hope you accept my apology =/

  • @ joel yours angry and mines and many other was misplace .it square enix that we should attack not people who work at sony.

  • @joel i agreed mine angry was misplace toward sont.but i don’t believes its sony fault.i do wish to talk to square enix on the ps blog.

  • teds cool. wish i could work at insomniac.

  • I would defitnely try to become a tester, but when you gonna expand eastwards across the pond?

    UK has crap weather.. so it’s understandable.

    Seriously though, Resistance 2 is looking very good. Had R:FoM, and I was onylso on the R:FoM site reading up on the canon, generally geeking out. It’s a VERY cool alternate reality.

    Do you think there’s ever a chnace of a Disruptor remake? I won’t lie to you, I never tried it, but I’d be more than willing to try it. Or are you under NDA? (haha)

  • Excellent interview Ted! I can’t wait for Resistance 2, it’s gonna be awesome! Woot Insomniac!

  • This game looks really good, it’ll be one of my yearly two FPS. Hope we get a big exclusive RPG next though.

    If this looks like spam, sorry, but Sony needs to realize they made a huge mistake by letting FF go.

    BTW, what’s Sony Japan doing? They have been extremely lazy this gen.

  • Yea, Id love to beta beta test resistance 2.

    Atleast the multiplayer, already signed up for something resistance related for a website, I forgot the name, its something about war.

    Anyhow I hope resistance 2 is coming along amazingly well, it would be amazing to get Ted price comment on this blog, that dude is famous!!

  • Ted’s a good guy.

  • @ the_icon – and I guess your not 2 busy to be refreshing your page every 10 seconds to see if he answers you. get a life dude and try not to be so sarcastic while your at it.

    I for one appreciate the guy just for taking his time for the Q&A for us. guess your one of the people that rated this post under 5. good job.

    thanks Ted and thanks insomniac for Resistance 2!


  • @ the_icon – and I guess your not 2 busy to be refreshing this page every 10 seconds to see if he answers your questions. get a life and while your at it try not to be so sarcastic. i for one appreciate the guy for taking his time and just doing the Q&A for us. I guess you rated this less than 5?

    thanks ted and thanks insomniac for resistance 2. can’t wait to get my hands on it this fall.


  • wow sorry for the double post on that one! that was weird.

  • Ted is the man. Resistance 2 is going to be amazing.

  • Jeff if you have a second could you find out the name of the song sony opened with at the press conferance? Thanks

  • @ lakaihigh- what the hell made u think i am sarcastic? I am saying that the busy E3 schedule is preventing him from posting in this blog. Try to interpret people correctly next time.

  • Insomniac definitely leads the pack when it comes to making PS3 exclusives. Keep up the good work, guys.

  • @ the_icon – sorry about that mate! just thought it came off sounding incredibly rude. hearing something aloud vs reading something can sometimes be hard to differentiate the true meaning in what is meant. regardless of E3 i think Ted is way to busy at work on Resistance 2 to being replying here just yet. we might get some answers from him or someone under him in the coming months when they break news on here about the beta and give us some more info.


  • @lakaihigh- No Worries.

  • Insomniac ftw.

  • very good interview, personally for me since im currently enrolled in my colleges gae design program :3

  • Crap.. I just realized that this is the site I visit most for the last 3 weeks!

  • I realize I’m not saying anything new, or really surprising, but Insomniac rocks! Ted Price is like the rock star of PlayStation, and I guess that makes us all groupies! XD

    Looking forward to Resistance 2, and the monolithic Leviathan! :D

  • Ugh, lost that little bit I wrote. I guess I’ll just settle for a terrible paraphrase:

    You rock, Insomniac!
    You rock, Ted Price!
    [Good writing here]


  • Huh… I guess not. It appears that is going through some renovations, but every time I submit I get an “Error 404” page. Might want to look into that.

  • joel | July 18th, 2008 at 8:28 pm


    yo im sorry for acting the way I did with that FF XIII announcement, its just it was a huge stab at the fans of the playstation to see a huge playstation franchise to be on the xbox 360.

    anyhow, it was childish the way I acted so again I say Im sorry, I hope you accept my apology =/


    So did I and everyone else, I guess its nothing but a normal human response and somehow I think Sony will understand that. Especially when their fans came to their senses right after that, like I did. In the end we have to blame Square Enix like many wise people said around here and not Sony fully for this. I even heard that Microsoft paid Square Enix for the exclusivity of SOIV. SE are nothing but a bunch of money whores and kind of lost respect for them ever since they kept on producing remakes and milking out their franchises. I seriously hope they will restore the damage next month in Tokyo.

    We’re lucky that amazing companies like Naughty Dog and Insomniac are there to support our backs.

    Anywayz, Insomniac rules, but that’s of course old news :-D I love Ratchet & Clank as one of my most favorite franchises out there and can’t wait for Quest of Booty and future games of this amazing duo!!!

  • insonmiac is da best!!

  • can’t wait to try out Resistance2 in the fall!!!

  • I’m sorry, but this game looks just bad. I really doubt it will succeed, Halo seems much better (even though I never played it).

    Disappointed – BIG TIME.

  • I love these interviews!!!! I like how they let us get to know important people, who make the games we love! :)


    in case nobody has done so, go to and look for their LIVEWIRE show. they have 10 minute session with Ted Price on Resistance 2! you definitely find out a lot of things about the game!!

    and for the guys saying Resistance needsa sprint button, it has one, don’t worry

  • Awesoms job.

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