Inside the Developers Studio: Ted Price

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After all the build-up, we’ve finally reached the end of E3. Not coincidentally, we also present our final E3 developer interview: Insomniac Games President and CEO Ted Price. In this segment, Mr. Price talks about the best way get a foot in the door of the videogames business, his most difficult days as a developer, and answers the questions *you* asked (question-asker in parentheses):

  • Do you think huge trade events like E3 are going to last? (Jeigh)
  • If you get the chance, what game(s) do you most want to go hands-on with at E3 2008? (Genki-Rocket)
  • Who in the industry would you most like to collaborate on a game with? (indigovenom)
  • If you could re-make any previous-generation game for the PS3, which title would it be, and what would it be like? (KazeEternal)
  • When did you know for sure that you belonged in the video game business? (Sindress)
  • What kind of advice would you give those currently in college and would like to pursue a career in video game development? (Voozi)
  • What is the hardest part about game development today? (osirisomeomi)
  • If you could say one thing to the fans of your game/series out there, what would it be? (Xanog)

Thanks to Ted, and everyone at Insomniac Games and SCEA Santa Monica who helped me put these interviews together. And thanks to all of you that watched (tens of thousands), commented, and asked the questions we’ve used.

While this wraps up our E3 interview, it does *not* wrap up our E3 coverage. Stay tuned to the blog for more, including MAG details.

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