PSP (PlayStation Portable) v4.05 Update

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I wanted to give a quick heads up to everyone that a new PSP firmware update, v4.05, will be released soon. We know that more and more of you are listening to music on your PSP, and this update will add new visualizers for music playback, among other features. Enjoy!

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  • Make the PS3 visualizer manipulable by the sixaxis controls ie. change shape and colors by moving and shaking the sixaxis gamepad

  • I would so love to listen to music on my psp… oh wait you dont support osx… i guess i’m stuck using my ipod.
    The PSP would appeal to so many more people if you created a media manager for the Mac, its not that hard to do.
    The PSP has some great features that a number of people can’t use. Instead we are forced to buy third party products that don’t work as well as they should and also cut YOU out of profits. You’re only hurting yourself in the end.

  • this does NOTHING for me…i use the PSP for games

    the iPhone for the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps. i love the “among other things” so often referred to by SONY personnel…nothing like ambiguity at its finest!!

  • @52 hey lostboy get bent
    teh psp supports more formats then your piss poor ipod, oh and speaking of your ipod does it get regular FW updates?
    why not troll someplace else?
    like teh zune forum?

  • “Among other features”

    …well, thanks

  • Great! Now lets get some more visuals on the PS3 :)

  • Sweet! i actually do use the song part of the PSP a lot and i wish there was the capability to listen to it while i am playing games. Also it would be nice to bring people together and create a more social experience for the PSP that should be next…

  • thanks this might prompt me to use my PSP more lately its being over shadowed by the PS3

    Thanks for the update Eric

  • I hope is the Earth visualizer from the PS3. That’s my favorite out of all of them. That would be sweet

  • i want a psp

  • When I copy mp3’s to my PS3 and sort by album, the tracks within each album are in the correct order, since they have track number information in their tags. However, when I copy them from the PS3 to a PSP, the songs get put in alphabetical order within each album. Can this be fixed?

  • Finally! I hope there are some significant changes aside from visualizers (although I do like the ones that are already on there). And yes, please do something about the Web browser, I don’t want to buy an iPhone or iPod.

  • @ L
    my ps3 does that too, that would be nice if they could somehow fix that

    anyway, the updates keep on coming

  • “I would so love to listen to music on my psp… oh wait you dont support osx… i guess i’m stuck using my ipod.
    The PSP would appeal to so many more people if you created a media manager for the Mac, its not that hard to do.”

    Nobody uses Sony media managers for the PC anyways, since they suck. I just use MediaMonkey with my PSP, which is better than anything on OSX.

  • Thanks for the heads up!

  • @52
    What the heck are you talking about? You don’t need media manager to copy mp3s to a memory stick, moron.

    I honestly don’t think the browser is ever going to get any better. It’s never going to support the current version of flash because adobe won’t release a current flash sdk. There’s always going to be out of memory errors for pages with more than a couple of images. Even if they fixed everything wrong with the browser, it would be no substitute for a computer.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to check this out.
    Hmm …”among other features” ? Although i’m sure if it was the playstation store or something of that magnitude, they’d have mentioned it. But I can always dream, keep all the new updates comin :D

  • Link your PSN account NOW!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey eric, i was playin my 360 the other day with friends and i thought, wouldn’t it b cool if your friends could create profiles on your ps3 like they can on a 360 and when you and your friends play they could log in and unlock trophys to when devs start using them, just a thought

    i know you can create multiple profiles but im sayin wouldnt it b cool if you could log in on all of like you can on the 360

    will sony make that possible by a fw update or sumthin

  • anybody tried updating? I think it might be up.

  • Yep.. thanks because I always like to listen music in the psp and for the people because they doesn’t matter nothing beside games needs to be more open minded because many people like me use it for the multimedia capabilities… that’s why I love the psp.

    For the people wanting a media manager ok it’s cool but what’s better than drag and drop? what’s more easy than that?

    BTW yes… the music in the ps3 lack of everything. In videos I want to see in the ps3 the scene search or frame search like the psp have. I don’t know if you are waiting for the music/video store to give an update for that but.. you know.

  • I just registered so that I can post a comment in response to this. It’s not a totally happy one, so I’d like you to know that I LOVE my PSP and the process of upgrading firmware makes me feel like I’m still 9 on Christmas morning.

    Seriously now – why are the programmers focusing so much on these visualizations? Personally, I do not use my PSP for music, and even when I do, I don’t sit around staring at my screen going “Whooooooa – there it goes!” (I lied, I did that once, but only because I COULD.) I think a better approach would be to put them available on the PlayStation Store for people to download.

    Like some of these people here said, there should be more focus on bringing a greater variety of format support. I really really really want to use my PSP more often to watch movies and read comics, but having to spend the time to convert to .mp4 just kills it. I really don’t want to “plan ahead” my movie watching.

    Speaking of reading comics – why can’t I sort my files the way I want to yet? What’s up with the “Last Modified” method of sorting that I can’t change? This alone makes it near impossible for me to read comics on my PSP.

    I won’t bother you about an in-game XMB though, because I think it’s pretty useless (except for the time I saved the world maps of FF1 and FF2 in case I got lost).

    I think these changes will be more useful than adding any number of visualizations. I love my PSP as much as the next commenter, but I want to see some REAL improvements.

    At the end of the day, I’ll still help pay your salaries but please don’t forget about us (or me, hopefully speaking on behalf of at least some of “us”).

  • I love my psp! But I still miss real support from some important developers. Where`s Devil May Cry PSP Capcom? Gran Turismo Portable Sony? Konami, we need a real and exclusive old school Castlevania for the system not a (bad)remake 3D as DraculaX.

  • I don’t listen to music on my PSP as much anymore since I have a dedicated pmp with superior sound quality, but I am impressed with its features. Such as internet radio which I do still use, and the visualizations.
    I would however like to see some of them ported over to the PS3. Internet Radio, and more Visualizations (the kind that actually interact with the music)and throw in some support for lossless codecs like WMA-L or Flac.

  • thats just stupid and what a waste of time. there are so many more great things you could be adding instead of wasting time and memory space on visualizations for music on the psp. better flash support would be a start. hell, a better browser all together. address book would be keen, maybe some sort of IM program, or support for ones already out. more supported formats for music and video. infact, why not remove things like photo and other wasted flash space to make room for even more pda like functions. and where’s the dang keyboard for crying out loud. the saddest part is, being one of the 1st million psp purchasers and proud phat owner, the higher the firmware the more likely MY psp will be left behind. supported from day one only to have to spend more money to “upgrade” my psp to the slim one. where does that end now? and thanks for the support of the original system specs.

  • UPDATE 4.05 IS LIVE!

  • Might I ask what the heck are you doing posting on a Sunday? You people work hard enough go play some games LOL!

    Yeah. I pretty much stopped using my iPod—what I do now is I download music off of iTunes, burn them to CD then rip them to my PS3–then wipe the CD and start the process over again—that way I can copy the music to my PSP and my bro’s PSP no sweat—-a LOT less hassle.

  • ITS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow a whole bag of whiners on here tonight… wah wah wah. be thankful that we get anything. oh well i guess everyone can’t be happy. i for one welcome anything and everything sony cooks up for me. anyone know if the update is ready?


  • i agree new visualizers are cool i hope you guys are going to add some feature that would make it possible to just synce music from windows media player into the psp. Also make it possible to search threw genre, artist, songs, etc like the ipod. Gets hectic when im driving and want to play just a type of genre on my psp thats why i just use the ipod.

  • Great addition, getting closer to xbox live more and more every day. Very Nice.

  • The update has been here for over an hour. I love the new wave effect! I just think we’d all appreciate it if you’d tell us what the “other features” are.

  • Among other features? All i see is the new visual player. :l

  • Haven’t seen these other features…do we have to wait until Tuesday? ;)

  • Seriously where is the DivX support for the PSP? how long is that supposed to take??

  • @75

    An address book would be nice, but in time, the features may be released, but for now just enjoy what’s given. As for the instant messaging, there’s always AimonPSP. And video format support hopefully will come soon.

    Nice update Sony ;)

  • New visualizers? In plural? I saw only one new. And that was the only visible change with this update…

  • maybe it added support for the gps thing that’s supposed to release in Europe this week (according to pspfanboy anyways..)

  • Sweet, that’s good news.

    @ SCEA:
    Is there any way we could one day sign in the PSN using our PSP, and therefore use features such as SEND and RECEIVE MESSAGES? thanks

  • serendipiddy support for the GPS has been part of the firmware for a while now.

    Well in a way there are 2 visualizations. Select the new one and put up your own wallpaper and you’ll see water rippling effects. And the other is to change your background to the original moving wave and you’ll see the another wave effect that’s different than the original.

  • Thanks for the firmware update guys, but I was wondering when Sony would focus a bit more on Remote Play. Plenty of people have problem connecting via the internet for Remote Play. It almost always never connects. This feature can benefit both the PSP & PS3 so I suggest Sony looks into it. Obviously I own both by the way. I usually try to connect from work and it sometimes I am successful but most of the time the connection times out.

    Thank you for all your response with good products and I look forward to what you have in store for us at E3!

  • Just a suggestion, please add a, go to feature, like the one in the video menu. This would help when listening to rather long Podcasts. A little more convenient then holding down the fast forward button.

  • i agree with 91.. a go to feature would be incredibly useful.. or a study mode like iriver have..

  • L has a pretty good list.
    I would love to see a Last.FM and/or Pandora client for the PSP. Or of course a PSP phone. :)

    Keep up the good work nontheless!

  • Thanks Erik, this should be cool. =) Not to sound ungrateful, but these things would be cool for the PSP:

    * Divx support (including supporting AVI as a container format) [video]
    * FLAC support [audio]
    * Playlist support that is identical to the PlayStation 3 [audio, pictures]
    * Sorting/grouping options which are identical to the PlayStation 3 [audio, video, pictures]

    This little device is so awesome, it’d just be cool if it could do it all. ;)

  • no in-game music?

    will you guys actually make that?

  • “We know that more and more of you are listening to music on your PSP”

    maybe if we had some decent games we wouldn’t have to use it as an overblown mp3 player.

  • Test. Just want to see if this blog is linked with the PS ID.

  • ………………………..
    You guys release more firmware updates for the psp that you release actual games.
    And btw: Where’s the GPS?

  • Its out now.

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