PSP (PlayStation Portable) v4.05 Update

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I wanted to give a quick heads up to everyone that a new PSP firmware update, v4.05, will be released soon. We know that more and more of you are listening to music on your PSP, and this update will add new visualizers for music playback, among other features. Enjoy!

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  • Nice new visualisations!!!

    Please bring some more to PS3 like this variety…

  • Cool, but why don’t you guys ever list the full features a firmware update has?

    My PSP recently died. I let my cousin use it for a bit and she dropped it and cracked the screen and part of the motherboard. I’m waiting to see if a new PSP is coming out anytime soon before I buy one again. I miss it though, I just sit there bored at night when I can’t sleep, wishing I had never let my cousin borrow it…

  • Nice, but where’s the in-game XMB??? Just kidding haha! Admittedly, I have custom firmware installed, so this won’t be on my PSP for quite some time. I just love taking in-game screenshots!

  • Nice, might just update this time. How about screen shot capabilities?!? That’s my #1 request for the love of all things PSP please implement it!

  • @gardea…

    I know what you mean..
    From past experience of lending something I own and having it accidentally damaged…
    Its the worst things….hence I try to avoid at all costs now..
    So the cousin didn’t offer to replace it?

  • Can someone disclose what else the firmware contains? And how come there’s much more variation in the PSP music visualization yet the PS3 music visualizers have always been the same 3?

  • among other features…one can only dream??

  • btw how soon is soon??

  • cool, an update is always cool

  • “Nice, might just update this time. How about screen shot capabilities?!? That’s my #1 request for the love of all things PSP please implement it!”

    And it already exists in the firmware. Has since 3.80 or so. They’ve just never implemented it officially.

  • @10

    If it’s not been implemented it’s of no use to me lol, hence why i’m asking for it.

  • Thanks! What other features are we talking about? Are they significant or just minor bug fixes? Maybe… on-psp-store-access? (hopeful) Or perhaps… PSN integration? Those two features would make me much happier than any in-game xmb or screen capture features.

  • Crystalx3d, how about we get all the features so everyones happy!

  • Wow, with all the goodies that 4.0 held, and now this? I can hardly contain my excitement!

    ^ That was sarcasm. Way to waste more flash space on useless features. G’job Sony

  • Nice! Thanks Eric! :) Does this update have anything to do with E3 coming this week? ;)

  • Sweet thanks for the Knotice :D

    Be installing when I get home from work!

    Thanks agian!


  • Fair enough, just as long as I get my features first ;-) haha. But seriously, ever since they started distributing demos exclusively on the store instead of the old website, it’s been a crying shame that the only method available to people to get content is to either have windows or a ps3. Since the system is internet enabled, we should be able to browse the store and buy stuff with just the psp. That’s also why it needs psn id integration so that we can purchase things with our wallet, as well as text message our psn buddies on the go. As it stands now, the PlayStation Network is really just the PlayStation3 Network. These feature are a necessity.

  • Cool

  • Nice Thanks
    I hope you included the Earth vis. If so my battery is going to be dead all the time.

  • PSN Access for PSP ^^

  • It would be greatly appreciated if you guys would just tell us what the update completely does. If it’s a surprise, tell us it’s one and I’ll gladly wait. Just tell me how long. :)

  • @3
    Also, I’m not sure if in-game XMB is a realistic expectation for the psp. I don’t think the psp has enough ram or a multicore processor to handle multitasking of that sort.

  • “Also, I’m not sure if in-game XMB is a realistic expectation for the psp. I don’t think the psp has enough ram or a multicore processor to handle multitasking of that sort.”

    Nope, *definitely* not realistic. As it is, the XMB leaves only about 2-3 MB of RAM free on a fat PSP; *maybe* the slim could do it, but they’d force you to pick between using the UMD cache and using in-game XMB (since the UMD cache is in the slim’s extra RAM).

  • “among other features” seems to mean “security patches”, because I never see anything else noteworthy when these firmwares launch

  • Hi Jeff ;] , I hope u add a small thing in PS3 Online profile >> About Me >> My languages >> Arabic

  • Nice update. Any thoughts on bringing more visualizers to the ps3 as well?

  • PSN integration will be great to have. To be able to check messages on the go and to access the store will be great. Without having to remote turn on my PS3 cause its slow when using remote play when your in a diffrent area. Hopefully it will be connected to my PS3 account

  • Eric I love the work you guys are doing with the PSP and the PS3 but I’m concerned that you’re working on features that we really don’t care much about. Is there anyway to talk to the gamers to change the priorities?

    1. Why hasn’t anyone posted on this blog about the lack of PS1 titles on the PSN? If there any reason that after 2 years we’re still getting shafted with regards to PS1 titles?

  • I use my PSP for music playback on the go. So this is great.

  • Hey Eric,

    Think you can comment on the PS3 mic issues people(including myself) have been having?

    Sorry to ask in a PSP update post.

  • @17…PSP direct to store is already confirmed as coming by SONY in there forward looking statements.

    I’m hoping to see a mini version of the PS3 earth visualization please!

  • Good to know. And yes, the PS3 does need some more of its own. The earth one is great, but some others would be nice too.

  • I’ll keep this short, as it seems suggesting too many features means getting your post entirely ignored.

    Most people wanted new visualizations only AFTER we get the ability to make playlists from our PSP’s and be able to manage them. This is a basic feature for almost all mp3’s on the market, and the PSP community could really use this.

    Only other feature directly related to this I would like to see, is that it remembers your settings. I have come to enjoy listening to my music with it set to random and find it to be enjoyable that LightMP3 does this by default. Then again, maybe this would take up too much room in the flash as it is clear there are big ideas for the firmware and limited space in which to realize them in.

  • Good. I’d rather have updated flash for the browser and a faster working Internet Radio player

  • @28 kenji

    many people posted about ps1 titles and I believe sony said these WEREN’T a priority, understandably

  • There needs to be more PS1 titles on the PS Store we only have 22 and some of it are not really worth downloading. If you look at japan PS Store they already have over 100 PS1 games on it and still growing. So what taking so long in bring out more PS1 titles for the store?

  • @35 Thetruefiziks

    Thanks I didn’t know that, that’s pretty upsetting to know oh well less money for me to spend on the PSN I guess.

  • ‘among other features’ you say?
    Such a tease! :p

  • how about some new things as in when i push the music button on my psp instead of jazz, unique, etc… why not add a few more of those, even a custom one?!!!????!!!???!!?!?!?!?!?!!??

  • Solution for people complaining about PS1 titles: Switch firmwares, rip your PS1 games, convert them, play them. Problem solved. All the PS1 games you want (Legally obtained, of course) for about an hours worth of work

    I dont see why people still hope on Sony for this stuff to happen

  • Yea!
    I’ve been waiting patiently for some new Visualisations.. Thanks guys!

    I agree with #1 too.. the ps3 has less visualisations than the psp!!?!?!

    Would you be able to release some program that would let us make our own themes..? That would be awesome!!

    Not tryna put pressure on you’s to release another firmware for the ps3.. just saying that if you’re looking for something to spruce up a bug-fix patch, some visuals on the ps3 would be pretty cool.


  • Find some PS1 games is difficult

    SCEJ puts up PS1 games routine without issue and gets all the same firmwares as us, so it just makes SCEA look lazy

    Wii and 360 put titles up[ on their Virtual Console and XBLA damn quick. So knowing what other companies can do why can’t I expect more of Sony. There is no reason they can’t get moving on this.

  • also adding google search instead of putting up PS1 titles is just foolish.

  • wow that’s funny we recently had one but hey keep’em coming lol

  • ogg vorbis support would be nice

  • Eric, someone told me that you are actually an elf. They said when you do the fw update videos, you stand on a box. They pointed out your ears as evidence. Just want to let you know I don’t believe them. All hail Eric, king of the little people. (if true) ;)

  • Please God, let this be more than just stupid visualizers!

    Are we getting on the fly playlists, playlists that work across folders and shuffling that works across folders? That would be rad.

  • OMG Thank you so much!!! Please Keep adding more music visuals in the future.

    Oh and like the other people on here said, can you add more to the PS3 as well…give my HD TV a reason to look good.

  • ah jeff i think we need more visuel (sorry if i spelt that wrong) player for the PS3. Its not one of those things were it needs to be added right away it would just be nice to add more in future PS3 update. Or if its possible have them downloadable from PSN store for free.

    Aircards, Sprint mobile Aircards any possible way to make the PS3 adapable to it?

  • Thanks for another update! All I really want for the PSP is,
    Updated web browser!
    PSN for the PSP
    divx support
    Also, is there anyway to sign in here with the PS3? Cuz whenever I try to my PS3 just freezes. :(

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