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OK, here’s the PS Blog’s plan for E3, tell me what you think (suggestions are welcome): Live Blog the PlayStation Press Conference, show floor updates, previews, Q&As, more developer interviews (including folks from Insomniac Games).

We’ll start off tomorrow with: This week’s PLAYSTATION Store plan (this will answer most of the questions you’ve been asking recently) and a big update on a game we *haven’t* been talking about for a little while.

Below you’ll find the stories we found interesting over the past week. As always, feel free to share your favorite links in the comments below. Comments may take longer than usual to appear – we’re on our way to LA.

Speaking of which, I hope to meet you Tuesday!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 6/30)

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  • Hi Jeff I cant wait for E3 and updates from Sony!

    I have a suggestion.

    See if you can interview David Jaffe about Twisted Metal PS3.

    What do you think?

  • You know… we haven’t heard anything about Gran Turismo 5 in a while…….

  • Hey Jeff I don’t know if anyone from Level 5 will be at E3 but if they are can you ask for a progress report on white Knight Story. I haven’t heard anything about the game in a long time. Thanks and have fun at E3.

  • Jeff, I have faith in you!

    RPG news would be nice *cough*Final Fantasy XIII*cough*…

  • U guys! Im looking 4 friends in PSN! My PSN username: lebron_accel I usually play Callof duty 4! I also got 1 trophie:D

  • Hey Jeff, see if you can get some info on a North American release date for the GPS add-on for the PSP. Thanks and have fun.

  • wow “game we haven’t talked about in awhile”
    I really hope its an update on MGS4 to support trophies and in-game music

  • @41 Marvelouz14
    RElax, MAn

  • well Jeff I never get an answer from you but I’ll give it another try, first I hope you guys have a blast at E3 second I’ll will love to know if its possible why Microsoft gets an entire day wile Sony and Nintendo share the day is it because of money wise or any other reason third is it possible to get an exact release day for home, hope not to be asking for to much information from you thanks PS: I’ll be checking the blog all day long this week so weep an eye for my comments lol

  • Can’t wait to hear all the dirt from E3…

    Here is a good summary of next week’s game releases from PS-Deals:

  • @Thetruefiziks

    this is why our platforms really dont advance in the ways they are suppose to, because of people like you going around and just settling for less. wake up and smell the coffee.

    im not trying to spam anyone here im just simply pin pointing the issues that need adressing and at the same time giving my favorite companies some ideas and strategies.

    if anything you should be complementing me for even having the courage to going all out and bringing you all this.

    Again this is why the ideas are welcome.

    i cant help it if im…well? too involve with this whole industry. you should be greatful that it is people like me that force the people at sony to bring things like trophies and in game xmb and such.

    if anything sony should be looking at these things more than they should be looking and replying to pointless requests, really who cares what they show at e3? i care about what they can add to the system because thats something i and many of you here would benefit from and have it not go away, over night understood. “i mean my word”

    sorry to sound rude, sorry if i offended you, but its the harsh truth.



    MY PSN IS JellyJugs send me an invite to the beta I’ve been waiting since its been announced. I love sony and only own sony products from computers to TVs and of course systems.


  • The linking of the PSN with the PSU and Official Playstation site is amazing. But more features like showing the trophies earned or the level we are in in the Portable id would be a great idea. But nonetheless this is a great feature which should have come from the beginning.

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    I’d say that it’s not Home, since that’s not a proper game, but it could be God of War III, FFXIII, or Heavy Rain.

    During E3, could you confirm whether or not more PSEYE games will be coming?

  • Hey Jeff whats up? i have a question. How long is Sony’s E3 conference? is it 3 hours?

  • The fact that Loco Roco 2 and Patapon 2 have been announced, were sure highlights of last week. Another one is that according to the UK Playstation website, Eternal Sonata has rumble compatibility within Europe. That can only means one thing… If that happens you’d just have to imagine a girl dancing in the room of happiness :-D Only 3 words left to make me even more happy like a dancing queen, star… ocean… four… “please Sqeenix!”

    @Atoms, that’s true it also happened to me last week. I nearly freaked out, as I thought my PS3 was dying on me, but except of the entire message box being emptied, everything was just fine on my PS3. The system ran even smoother and faster. Its most likely just some in-build security precaution.

  • Everyone at SCEA, good luck at the E3, surprise us and most of all… make us happy Sony :-)

  • ‘Live Blog the PlayStation Press Conference’
    i want that ,im gonna be on my job.. but thats no problem im ‘the official gamer’ here at my work
    good luck man.
    If you see mr kojima ,poke him, he is too cool to be real !

  • Here’s hoping that the game that they “haven’t” talked about in a while is Warhawk and it deals with v1.4.

  • please,
    whats about xmb ingame invites and ingame chat?

    thank you

  • Portable PSN id…..

    Wasn’t sure where to post this, found it at PS3 Fanboy site.

    “Here’s a nifty feature some of you have been looking forward to — an official way to display your PSN ID on various websites. Obviously, you will need to have a PSN account. You will also need to sign up for a PlayStation Underground account as well if you do not already have one. Linking to the two of them together will allow you access to the PLAYSTATION Network portable ID. The PSN portable ID “is a visual summary of your PLAYSTATION(R)Network account, including your Avatar, “About Me” message and Online ID.” There is even an HTML code provided for you to display this information wherever you please.

    You can also now access your Friend List via the PSU — in addition to the information on their portable ID, you will see their online status. If online, you can view their comment/status and what game they are currently playing. If they are offline, you can see when they were last online. At this time, you cannot manage your Friend List via the PSU. So what are you waiting for? “

  • Jeff,

    Just thought I’d let you know…..the vid in the article about streaming YouTube to the XMB contains a XXX clip at 00:11……LOL!


  • i want to let you know how pissed off i am about sony losing out on FFXIII. this was supposed to be the biggest ps3 exclusive, but surprise, surprise. sony drops the ball again. do you have ANY good news to share with us?

  • Well Jeff, since you like to only answer questions you can give an answer to, heres one of my own.

    Since Sony has clearly dropped the ball again loosing exclusivity with FFXIII, what exactly jaw dropping announcements will you have for PS3 customers (such as myself) tomorrow?

  • Im sorry guy this is off Topic but watching to days E3 ( MS ) Sony has no way to pull out of this event …..Sony stupid ways cost them FF13 ……i was very upset over this yes i know its just a game but this was an PS3-exclusive game but they lost it …it would pay over a billon dollars to keep it on the PS3 ….

    im really upset over this and coutless PS3 fans ….im thinking of selling my PS3 and games off and just play my PS2 …i hate system wars . this is getting F__king stupid now .

    It feels like Sony let down alot of people and this is going to End sony for good now .

  • i bet Insomniac games will be going to MS soon i mean resistance games …..this is how sony works guys ..they dont even care for there fans …we Fans is what made them big today ….if they keep this up Sony will go out like saga dreamcast did .

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    so was the “big update on a game we *haven’t* been talking about for a little while” Warhawk v1.4?

  • Ok, yes fans are upset all around the world today… But you should ask Enix if they even gave Sony a chance to secure this game first before selling out…

    You do all realize that Microsoft plays with Monopoly money though, right?

    If they didn’t blow their money on things like this, they would get nailed for making monopoly profits in the O/S sector.

  • can anyone help we i want to remote play over the net but no matter what i do it just disna work help a frustrated ps user

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