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These last few days have felt like the week before the Super Bowl. Rumors, excitement, breaking news, and you know what? It’s only going to ramp up from here. Here’s what we covered during “E3 Hype Week.” See you from LA!

Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

  • Weapon Wheel – Curious how to switch weapons in SOCOM: Confrontation? Click through.
  • Media Day 09: Coverage – We wrap up our Media Day coverage with links to some other coverage. Make sense?
  • Gun of the Week: M87ELR – A shot of the rifle, a shot of me, and a video of a guy shooting it. It’s win/win/win!
  • Assault Trailer – Check out the official SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Confrontation trailer!
  • Dev Q&A 09 – David Seymour gives us some new info on SOCOM: Confrontation.
  • A Tale of Two Maps – I give some impressions of Quarantine and Kasbah. You guys should see my clown impression.

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  • I want to be able to go back into E3, I have only gone once and then I was planning on going last year but figured out it was invite only

  • QUESTION 6 why are my fellow PS3 gamers not asking these QUESTIONS enough?

  • @ wholearmor – i wish all those questions you asked would be answered. grill em with the tough ones man. maybe they’ll post an answer on here. I’d love to see some shadow of the colossus 2 but alas it hasn’t even been announced or confirmed… we shall see though. i cannot wait till next week. should be awesome to say the least. well here’s to a great week filled of announcements.


  • Lair is not the only PS3 game that supports remote play. There are many. PixelJunk Monsters is one of those that support it. All PSone Classics (DL & Disc Based) support it as well.

    Bionic Commando Rearmed is also going to have remote play.

  • @kramer

    Question:Why is the public not allowed at e3 anymore?

    because game developers like zipper that don’t provide support to their customers and publish games that are buggier chameleon crap would get dragged out into the streets and tared and feathered.

  • @thatsmartguywiththefro

    And to fix the problem of misdirection due to deleted posts

    the fix is simple. Stop referencing the post numbers and always reference the person that wrote the post. Problem solved.

    ability to rate users and their posts

    This is a good idea… in theory but ideas like users rating posts, democracy, and communism only work in theory and not in the real world.


    Emphasis is something that is quite difficult to pull of [sic] with mere text.

    Idon’t think I it’s that difficult, although the ability to edit your own post or at least preview your post and supporting underline and strike through text would be the cat’s pajamas.

  • I am conviced… that SOCOM Confrontation… will be the best shooter ever. My God. Other developers of non-arcadish shooting games should be lectured by Slant Six right now.

  • @ wholearmor
    mhmhm, PJMonsters allow PSP remote play
    also PJ Eden i think , and bionic commando

  • ICO3 at E3 Jeff? Just tell us… We can keep it under wraps, forget about those NDA’s!

    On a seriosu note, great coverage over this week, thanks for it. Can’t wait for the inetrviews tomorrow and the live blogging of E3. Should be awesome.

    Seriously though, if Ueda is present PLEASE get an interview with him. Please. I will clean the website for a month and bring in all the shopping.

  • I can’t understand how incredibly hard it can be to answer one simple question: Stardust expansion?? where is it?? People on the blog have been asking about this since you put the video up last week. You say the DLC is there, and it’s not. Some people have it, many others don’t. Isn’t this the wonder of digital media? Aren’t we all supposed to get the same stuff at the same time?? C’mon Sony, someone official should answer this question. It’s not like we won’t be used to the typical answers, like “there’s bugs” or “it’s release has been delayed”, so even if it is one of those two WHY can’t you just SAY IT??

  • It’s all about E3 baby ! You Sony folks better do us right ! ;)

    I’m watching you ! LOL

    Enjoy the show all.

  • Next weeks weekly wrap up should be huge due to E3, I can’t wait!

  • This question is for any MGS4 players. I beat the game on the suggested difficulty for North America and now i am playing on naked normal and for some reason the race gun is not there. How do i get the race gun?

  • @60 – I’m with you, not a single comment about the team expansion pack for SSHD. Why?

  • For real. Just a simple answer would be great. I love the PS3 and SSHD is my favorite PSN game. I hope this is one of the questions those guys said they’d answer soon… there’s too much fun to be had!!

    On an unrelated note, what are people’s thoughts on the new Call of Duty trailer? We need yet another WWII FPS? It doesn’t even look as good as COD4. Why it’s not in Infinity Ward’s hands again is beyond belief.

  • i have a question about socom beta. i got the qore episode 1 to be able to play the beta. but it is telling me to try later that the download is not abaliable. is it ever gonna be abaliable. or was it a trick from sony to get people to buy the qore episode 1. if it is it was the only and last one that i will ever buy from the ps3 store.

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    @PsychoEddie #56 (and anybody else)
    The problem with just referencing user names, is that it is too general and you may be replying to a specific post from someone’s numerous comments. (especially when your trying to quite down trolls, who post crazy stuff non stop :))
    Of course you could just do what I did and cite both, or cite the actual text, BUT if Sony is pulling the comments, they need to make sure we don’t have to work to prevent confusion.
    Also, like you said about the ratings idea, in THEORY it might work, but to get EVERYONE to adhere to this procedure would be harder IMO than just having Sony making an adjustment to the Blog.

    But I do understand if this isn’t one of the features that they’re working on (thank you Jeff for responding), it was just a suggestion, and by no means fool proof.

    As to rating users and their posts, I think that at least for the users this wouldn’t be too much of a problem. If an overwhelming # of people think that a user should be banned, this will draw the attention of the people who run the blog and then they can make a final decision on past activity to see if the user does deserve to be banned. So, the ratings just draw attention to a particular person, as Sony probably doesn’t want to have to micro examine every user on their own.

    For the particular comments, this would be more like flagging a post as noteworthy. This would only really be important if you could sort from most noteworthy to least, but if this was implemented any insignificant comments would be filtered out. Even if some people flagged with out meaning, those that carried meaning would outweigh those that didn’t, in the same manner as we can now rate blog posts. Some people have different views on what is better/important, but if ratings were applied to people and posts this would help filter through meaningless garbage, when there is 10-30 pages of comments.

    As I said before these are just some of my ideas, so by all means you can disagree if you want.

    PSN ID: themaruder11

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    *PSN ID: themarauder11


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