The PSB & Weekly Recap

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These last few days have felt like the week before the Super Bowl. Rumors, excitement, breaking news, and you know what? It’s only going to ramp up from here. Here’s what we covered during “E3 Hype Week.” See you from LA!

Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

  • Weapon Wheel – Curious how to switch weapons in SOCOM: Confrontation? Click through.
  • Media Day 09: Coverage – We wrap up our Media Day coverage with links to some other coverage. Make sense?
  • Gun of the Week: M87ELR – A shot of the rifle, a shot of me, and a video of a guy shooting it. It’s win/win/win!
  • Assault Trailer – Check out the official SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Confrontation trailer!
  • Dev Q&A 09 – David Seymour gives us some new info on SOCOM: Confrontation.
  • A Tale of Two Maps – I give some impressions of Quarantine and Kasbah. You guys should see my clown impression.

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  • Can’t wait for E3! This one should be good!!!

  • Cool, hope Sony delivers, I hope its good.

  • yeah E3 should be good….expecting so much from sony

  • ya
    E3 next week, cant wait to here about what you guys have for us this year
    do not dissapoint us fans
    Hey is the naruto demo out this thursday?

  • woot gj jeff with the info!

  • “E3” The BIG DADDY! Lets go SONY! Give the people what they want. Lets go! Me personally I just want HOME SWEET HOME.LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Question:Why is the public not allowed at e3 anymore?

  • yeah bring it on!!! :D

  • Yeah this has been a truely great week cant wait to see whats on the blog during E3 week and what on the PS Store next week great Interviews jeff thank you and keep it up sorr i cant make it to the meet im on the other side of the country

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    Would it be possible to add some new sorting/searching features to the blog?

    For Example, searching for all comments (in total, sorted by post or for specific blog post) from a certain user including yourself. And also displaying all comments in RED, as well as the comments that they address. This would save a lot of time scrolling through 10-20 pages of comments.

    Also any comments directed to your user name or post # should be displayed. And to fix the problem of misdirection due to deleted posts, any posts that are deleted should retain their post # and space, and only what the poster wrote should be blurred/deleted.

    Aside from that the other main feature I’d like to see added to this blog is the ability to rate users and their posts, and be able to sort posts by how helpful they are (total # of thumbs up and down).

    I really like this blog, but every once in a while, I get momentarily frustrated when there’s something I though would make the blog much more navigational, but is not available.

    Thanks, Jeff. Please give me a heads up if you read this. Any feedback on wether this is possible is welcome.


    • it\’s been read. We\’re going to be adding more features over the next few months. Not exactly everything you\’ve asked for, but I think *some* are on the table.

  • We need a edit button Jeff. I know that i should be proof reading my posts but I’am just lazy :P

  • I hope a God of War III announcement in E3 and 2008\2009 will be over for “the outhers”

  • Release 2.40!

    Sorry, old habit. Looking forward to some big announcements @ E3!

  • yeah, and a edit button in the blog, especially for me could be nice…

  • ‘Featuring the redesigned Platinum trophy.’
    Lovely comment
    Thumbs up for Jeff

  • noel since jeff doesnt like to answer my question maybe you can.when is the ps truck going to be in front of Yankee stadium like its said on the information board on the ps3 states.i want to try out lil big planet.

  • God Of War 3 at E3 would blow everything else out of the water.

    Can anyone from Sony answer this?

    What’s up with the Superstar dust HD Team expansion? Is it going back online? Could someone please comment on this? Lots of people are wondering.

  • Good stuff. Of course, I didn’t miss a single thing. :P Socom seems to be coming along nicely.

    @ 10 (thatguy)
    I quite agree. Being able to rate the users and ultimately help give the webmaster(s) of make easy decisions as to whether to ban them is definitely something I’d like. Some of the “top posters” here never a good thing to say in the slightest.

    Though the insistances that “red commments” be clearly noted is something I’m against. This would simply give ammo to the trolls about how “no one talks to us.” I can tell you fairly early on in a blog if there will be a lot of responses and I’ll share my secret with all of you: if the first 20 comments or so are complaints, profanity, or really, just generally disrespectful, there will be little to no responses. No one wants to talk to people when they’re throwing temper tantrums, and guests of this blog are under no contractual obligation to do so. That’s a good indicator to take into account.

    Well, that and red comments will rarely go past five pages. If you had work to do, would you spend four hours responding to comments? I know I wouldn’t…

    What I’d personally like to see is more formatting options. Emphasis is something that is quite difficult to pull of with mere text. Any word on that, Jeff? :D

    Well, I’ve got to go, but I’m sure you’ll all miss me.



    ID: Dr-MoHD

  • Cant wait for E3!!

    Damn Sony, more trophies plz1!

  • Man, I just don’t understand why someone official can’t give us some info on this Superstar Dust debacle. The expansion is released, then pulled. NO WORD FROM ANYONE! What’s up?

    Can someone please give us an update on the Team Expansion situation. Alot of us would like to know when we can expect to play the pack.

    Thank You.

  • Its been a nice week, as many people i cant wait to see what you guys have for us at E3

  • sony will blow away e3 once again.

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    That’s a good point, but the main reason why I would want to be able to search for all red comments, is when someone like Noel is responding to many comments over numerous pages. As these red comments aren’t in chronological order, and sometimes are placed earlier than other comments in red, you have to scroll through every single page whenever you want to see if another red comment has been posted.

    Anyways, this isn’t my main gripe with the blog. I’d rather have edit and rating functions, first.

  • @24
    i agree sometimes i go thru pages and pages looking for those red comments lol

  • but like they said though it’ll be really messy like the forums when everyone is able to use the edit or directly reply to someone.

  • @ 26 they always do lol

  • Jeff the conference of E3 is available for download next Thursday in the PS Store? Or next week?

  • i knw :D

    anyway cant wait for the home beta this fall. and for those who didnt know the open beta will be for everyone. like gmail when it was in beta or maybe still is. everyone will be able to use it while they keep expanding and tweaking home.

  • and yes it would be messy and i think would destroy the look of the ps blog.if Sony can pull its off and keep it looking great then i wouldn’t mind .i for one think they should just use spell check feature and not the edit one.

  • sorry 4 dbl post but gravatar is freakin hard to use, i already have an account and an avatar set to this email add, but it still aint working.

  • huh, just got my dualshock 3 and was a bit shocked that there was no rumble feedback while navigating the xmb….. bring on the rumble :D
    As for E3 I’m excited but I may just hide from all he news seeing as stuff like video store etc will be highlights. It will be released soon but Europe wont get it for another year at the least. So why get over excited too early… Hopefully Sony will pull out some exclusives.

  • Don’t get sick on us JR. Limit yourself to only 2 Tacos. Doctor’s orders. ;)

  • I cant wait for SOCOM, i already preordered it at GameSpot :)

  • Can’t wait for next week. That should make the weekly wrap up post huge.

  • i cant wait to see what ye have for us at e3 but either way i have 2.4 now and thats all i really want from my ps3 until of course i see what else ye have in store for the ps3.

    im hoping at the start of the sony talk someone will say that a list of games that have been patched and that the patches are all up for download


  • Dammit Jeff, I was going to trademark the term “PixelJunkies” for use in the gaming community. Good call. WE NEED REINFORCEMENT.

  • How come I can’t find the MGO expansion pack DLC anywhere?, it’s not on the official online shop, not on the PSN… it says on the official site it’s “Now Available” lies! I say! lies!!!

  • @ 10
    i agree this blog need some sort of way to view your post
    i woundnt mind to edit or automerge reply
    you know you double post and there right next to each other just have them merge. And able to edit would be nice to just in case we want to fix something. Mybe a reply to other post. you know they go right underneath them or if someone was replying to someone elses post and there reply is ten pages away you could have an option to view replies to and then it show list of post and #of replys or something.

  • lol
    that last part i wrote about the reply pretty much means this whole board

  • There should definitley be a live feed of E3 from the blog, but then again not having to c all the filler is good to.

  • E3 less then 2 days away

  • A busy couple of weeks for Sony.

    Can’t wait for E3 news.

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    gmail is still in beta, at least underneath the Gmail logo it still says beta. :) As Gmail is definitely quite functional, I’m hoping Home will be around the same.

    I wonder what will be the turning point that distinguishes Beta from the full thing?

    Hopefully by E3 there won’t be many more shadows for Sony’s secrets to hide!

  • Kadaro, the MGO expansion pack is out in Japan only.

  • @45 JBruno

    Thanks!, I’m suprised I even had a question answered here lately, alas’ I had figured that out prior to coming back here though… still the effort is greatly appreciated.

  • I’ll be seeing you there at King Taco’s.
    We’ll get our grub on!

  • what day is E3?? And what time does it start??? (I dont mean just the Sony porton, I mean the entire event)
    thanks for anyone that answers me

  • I posted this on the other post.
    I sent an email but didn’t get a reply does that mean I can go to King Taco on tuesday I really want to go.

  • QUESTION 1 when are we going to get trophy support for WARHAWK?
    QUESTION 2 when will SCEA pick back up on remote play for the SONY PSP?
    QUESTION 3 WHY OH WHY is LAIR for the PS3 the only game on remote play?
    QUESTION 4 is there going to be any more game comming for remote play?
    QUESTION 5 will we see SHADOW of COLOSSUS2 AT E3 show?

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