The PSB & Weekly Recap

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These last few days have felt like the week before the Super Bowl. Rumors, excitement, breaking news, and you know what? It’s only going to ramp up from here. Here’s what we covered during “E3 Hype Week.” See you from LA!

Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

  • Weapon Wheel – Curious how to switch weapons in SOCOM: Confrontation? Click through.
  • Media Day 09: Coverage – We wrap up our Media Day coverage with links to some other coverage. Make sense?
  • Gun of the Week: M87ELR – A shot of the rifle, a shot of me, and a video of a guy shooting it. It’s win/win/win!
  • Assault Trailer – Check out the official SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Confrontation trailer!
  • Dev Q&A 09 – David Seymour gives us some new info on SOCOM: Confrontation.
  • A Tale of Two Maps – I give some impressions of Quarantine and Kasbah. You guys should see my clown impression.

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