Inside the Developers Studio: Deb Mars

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Here we are, a week away from the LA Convention Center’s doors swinging open for E3. What will you be seeing? Well, you at least know *some* of what’s going to be shown. Now, it’s time to meet the people behind the games you’ll see next week, and will be playing soon after.

A few weeks ago I quizzed you to find out what *you* would ask our producers if you met them. Well, I took those questions and did just that. First up, Deb Mars, who’s working on the highly anticipated (and awesome, seriously) PixelJunk Eden.

Here’s what we asked (and which Blog readers asked it, in parentheses):

  • What game(s) you have at E3 this year?
  • Do you think huge trade events like E3 are going to last? (Jeigh)
  • Who in the industry would you most like to collaborate on a game with? (indigovenom)
  • When did you know for sure that you belonged in the video game business? (Sindress)
  • What kind of advice would you give those currently in college and would like to pursue a career in video game development? (Voozi)
  • If you could say one thing to the fans of your game/series out there, what would it be? (Xanog)

Deborah Mars is a Senior Producer in SCEA’s Santa Monica Studios. She joined SCEA in 2002, and is focused primarily on working with External development teams to bring fresh, unique and innovative games to the PlayStation Network. Mars has more than 17 years experience in Product Development, with an extensive background in interactive media, new business start-ups, and management consulting. She has held positions at Sony Computer Entertainment America, Scient Corporation, The Tribune Company, and Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Now that you know who she is and what she’s showing at E3 – what game-related questions do you want me ask her next week? Tell me below.

Tomorrow: Kyle Shubel (LittleBigPlanet and Killzone 2)

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  • i am beginning game development this spetember in Toronto.yay…

  • per mort’s post (#40) and rlowe’s response: that’s a mad hot chica, right there. she’s smart, she was already kickin her brother’s ass *at age 4*, and who could possibly resist that smile?

    was she talking about a game?

  • Thanks for your helping hand in making the PJ series/games cant wait to see your future developments i love your games keep them coming

  • I know its offtopic, way way off the topic…. u look very simple and cute :)

  • Oh awesome my question was up there. Thanks for answering it, was helpful since I’m currently a student in CS (get my Associates @ end of Spring 09 semester)

    Only downside is there’s really no developers in the area (at least from what I know) but deffently once I do get my Associates and go for my Bachelors.

    Maybe Insomniac down in North Carolina will take me in ;D (I’ll be coming in from Jersey! haha) Eventhough I’d prefer to be on the West Coast :P since that’s where all the big events are hosted at.


  • Ew buchered the middle part of my comment

    *Only downside is there’s really no developers in the area (at least from what I know) but deffently once I do get my Associates and go for my Bachelors I’ll try to ask around and see if there’s anything in the area

    There! haha

  • Deborah,

    How do you feel about the Sony of today versus the Sony of the PS2 days? Do you feel that Sony has a tiny bit of soul searching to do after the not-so-amazing-launch?

    I’m sure the knee jerk response is “Sony is doing great!” But for fans, I’m not happy to see so many games performing better on the 360, and it doesn’t seem like the stress is put upon the developers to create good Sony products. We are forced to buy lesser quality games for the same price.

    I am a huge Playstation fan. Mainly because of the years of entertainment the brand has brought me and my family.

    It is unfortunate to see what appears to just be lack of focus on Sony’s gaming division. Plenty of people bought the ps3 for 600 dollars expecting so much based on the reputation of the previous consoles. But the performance and attention to gaming has only really ramped up recently in 2008.

  • also,

    its great to see a producer who can actually look back into their past and remember playing Decathlon. Street credit + 900 points.

  • This may sound rude, but I’m being honest and sincere when I ask:

    Why are we getting interviews with SCEA Producers? Shouldn’t we get interviews with the developers, the ones actually making the game? We don’t even know the names of the people working on Eden.

    It would be nice to know from them:

    -Who is responsible for the art direction, and why?

    -When and how did the idea of Eden come about?

    -Have you played flOw and what did you think of it?


    • I will definitely pass these along to Dylan Cuthbert and his team at Q-Games. They are the developers of the PixelJunk series, so I\’ll let Dylan and his guys answer these questions directly. We\’ll be hearing from them in the next few weeks on the Blog as we get closer to the launch of PJ Eden so stay tuned.

  • Everyday that I checkout the PS Blog I find another reason why I’m happy I started checking this out. I heard of the PixelJunk series, but didnt care for it until a friend suggested it.

    PJ Monsters rocks and I can’t wait for PJ Eden.
    Ms. Mars rocks as well. Its great to interviews from the Leadership at SCEA because gamers do care.

    Thanks again and keep it coming.

    • You clearly have good friends with good taste. Hold onto them. And thanks for your kind words. We\’re big fans of the blog too so keep coming back!

  • PixelJunk Eden looks so cool! too bad for the wait, I hate waiting for games that look great. But usually the wait is worth it if the game is a HUGE success!
    I’m glad that this game is going to support Trophies, i wish PixelJunk Monsters would support Trophies too, that would be awesome!

  • One of the greatest strengths of the PixelJunk games so far is multiplayer, wether it be competitive or co-op. What kind of multiplayer modes can we expect in PixelJunk Eden? Thank you.

  • Deb you’re awesome, looking forward to Pixel Junk Eden, Monsters was awesome and thank you Dylan. >:|

  • I heard about pixeljunk eden a while ago, but I just now saw a video of it a week ago and I’m really excited about the game. I wish it would come out sooner :( Either way you guys are still getting my money.

  • Pole position baby, yeah!

    Did you play GI Joe on the Commodore?

  • Oh and that other guy was right you are in fact, hot.

  • Yeah Deb… I’d hit it for sure ;)

  • cant wait for E3
    i would like to know how much KZ2 and LBP improved by. Today i showed my buddy ( a Wii owner) and he was impressed, even though they were like WTF they still seemed to like it. Oh one question if you or anyone on this site can respond to it, is there a story to LBP? and also is they game only online play? cause i hope its offline play as well idk have internet to PS3. You will know why if you read my little comment at the bottom of my reply,

    Aircards, any possibility of support for them? Sprint mobile internet im using wich is connected through USB

  • Great Video Deb!

    I like the fact that you put Dylan up there on your list of favorite people in the industry to work with.I know you may not can answer this yet,but is this the last game in the series from Q or can we expect more exclusive Pixel Junk games.

  • Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much Deb Mars!!!!! That was the beeeeeeeeeest idea to make a game club at school. I will do that the first thing when i get back to high school as a senior. I want to go to MIT or CalTech sooo bad, and this is by far the best idea I’ve ever gotten. Sorry about the repetitive letters, but I want to express to you how much this means to me. If I get in to either (or any school I apply to) it will be thanks to you. So thank you in advance!!!


  • ##############################
    @49 (LordDeff07)

    Agree with you about the Playstation BLOG Sign in ID’s to our PSN ID’s would be worth adding and also to Watch our Video’s on our PS3’s…

    BUT one thing we need a REVAMP of our Browser or a Major Upgrade to be up to date on the Browser..

    Most Agree with me that it’s more of a REVAMP then a Major Upgrade??

    Thanks again for the Wonderful News about Pixel Junk :Eden:


  • Oh and thanks Voozi for asking that question!

  • John Diamonon from Capcom recently stated in a previous blog post that their Bionic Commando PSN game will support Remote Play with the PSP. Do you guys have any plans to include this?

    Personally I think it’s a great addition to any title.

  • ###########################


    ( BACK TO TOP )

    Thanks :D


  • keep it up

  • Thanks Deborah Mars for the update.
    Do have a few questions.

    Considering putting trophies in pixel junk monsters and racers?
    Also, any word on the in-game XMB?


  • love the video are you going to be at E3 this year?

  • thx for the info!!

    one question: Is there going to be more delays for HOME?

    (I hope not)

  • Thanks for the answers!.

    Regarding Tomorrow: Kyle Shubel (LittleBigPlanet and Killzone 2)>

    1/ Any chances of seeing a demo for LBP anytime soon, even if it only has the most basic features?

    2/ LBP stages item-limit is decided by the space in the HDD or there’s a default size limit so that it doesn’t take forever to download?

    I’m not sure if those questions can’t be made, but hey…

  • Wooops I misread the thread and I’m not sure we can make questions for Jeff. Sorry if so.

    And for more questions to Deborah…

    I happen to live in Japan so my games are a bit different to all my american friend’s ones, still, if I get some trophies in PJEden (I’m buying it by the end of the month), would I be able to compare trophies against my friends in the USA?.

    Thanks ;)

  • Gosh I’d wish I worked in the game bizz as well :-D

    This game looks so amazing and original, can’t wait to download it and play it. Great work Deborah! Kudos to the entire team :-)


  • I wouldn’t say she’s “hot.” Deb is probably old enough to be my mother, but she seems like a cool gal (and a fantastic person to game with). I’d pwn her in some CoD 4. ;)

  • Jeff ,do you know if any website is gonna be streaming the SONY conference at E3 ?
    I miss Phil tough :'(
    Im gonna start to ask this silly question everywere

  • @ 83 jimmyn28
    ‘I wouldn’t say she’s “hot.” Deb is probably old enough to be my mother,’
    Thats is a bad thing ?
    I like womens with that kind of age :D
    totally offtopic ,sorry

  • Deb sei bellissima, ti amo!!

  • How’s your daughter Veronica?

  • @63 Kittonwy
    Are you the same orange cat from
    ‘The NeoGaf’?

    @87 StalkingSilence
    *drum roll sfx

  • Are you just giving up support for PixelJunk Racers ? Meaning Trophy support ? Is that something you like too ?

  • Is Pixel Junk Monsters going to get trophy and ingame music support because I’m considering whether I should buy it or not.

  • @Fersis,
    I had to decide between a Veronica Mars joke or a Mars Bars joke. Pretty much a throw away.

  • oh and decathalon was the coolest. Played with my older bro (on our Zenith I think).

  • Please Please Please PLLLEAAASSSEE give us trophies for Pixel Junk Monsters and Pixel Junk Encore!!!! PLEASE!!!

  • @ Deb Mars,
    haha I didn’t think you would respond. Sorry to waste your time!

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