Bionic Commando: Rearmed, PSN Features: Revealed

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What’s crackin’ PlayStation players? This is John D from Capcom and I’ve got some info to share. Bionic Commando Rearmed is just around the corner and Ben Judd, our resident producer/rock star, wants to reach out to all you Sony fans by giving you weekly updates on this highly anticipated title. Expect exclusive news, videos and artwork from now thru launch. Ben has some really exciting details regarding the PSN version of Bionic Commando Rearmed, so hopefully you all will recognize that Capcom is giving love to all the Sony gamers out there.


Here’s Ben’s first transmission:

Welcome to the first installment of our weekly Bionic Commando: Rearmed column. The folks here at the PlayStation.Blog have been kind enough to give us some space to strut our Bionic stuff. Don’t worry, I promise there will not be an excess of swinger jokes.

To kick off this edition, we’d like to mention some of the “PSN specific” content that you can expect for Rearmed. There will be Dualshock 3 support, because we all know that games that vibrate are better and besides… there really is no reason not to implement a feature that has become the industry standard. Also, Rearmed is one of the only PSN games to feature Remote Play support. This one wasn’t as easy to add and, matter of fact, there is one point where we had to “creatively” reprogram the controls to give players the illusion of using 2 sticks (you’ll know when you see it). The classic 2D side-scrolling graphics really fit with the PSP and just make the PSN version all the more cooler.

Of course there is one more VERY cool surprise for those of you who purchase the PSN version… but that is another story for another time.

So if Rearmed looks like it might be up your alley, come visit the “Top Secret” crew over at, where you can read the weekly serial comic, listen to one of the most ill-advised Japanese-publisher podcasts – Top Secret: The Bionic Commando Podcast, and, of course, listen to music from popular video game rockers, the BCR soundtrack, and the original 8-bit Bionic Commando music, all on the Bionic Commando Music Player.

In the meantime, check this space again in about a week for update number 2!




Haley is the FSA’s finest helicopter pilot, who transports Nathan “Rad” Spencer through dangerous Imperial territory. From a safe altitude, Spencer is then parachuted into enemy encampments.

Due to her unique piloting style and willingness to put both her chopper and her body on the line, Haley has been labeled as “reckless” and is considered a liability by some in the FSA Armed Forces. However, her many medals and commendations for exceptional behavior in combat situations speak for themselves. She holds the record for the quickest drop-offs and pick-ups in enemy territory in the history of the FSA and, despite her feminine looks, she is fond of claiming to have “more stones than any other pilot in the force”. 

Something of a weapons nut, Haley is also a useful source of advice on the latest hardware and other items Spencer encounters in the field.


The FSA awards Medals to only the bravest soldiers for outstanding service above and beyond the call of duty. There are 12 medals to collect in total, with something to suit every type of soldier, from brawlers to thinkers.


Anyone can pick up a spare Vector Cannon and blast their way through an Imperial army. After all, you have a Bionic Arm – who’s likely to stop you?! But for the swinger who has skills as well as a soul, the Pacifist Pride medal will be awarded. The conditions for obtaining it are deceptively simple – simply clear any Area without firing your gun. Can you survive on swinging skill and some quick grenade tossing alone?

Weapons: Hagle Breaker

The 13-gauge “Hagle Breaker” Assault Shotgun is a short-range firearm with staggering power, but it is completely ineffective in long-range combat. Most useful against standard Imperial human enemies, the shotgun pellets are ineffective against the machines and shields used by the Imperial army. The Hagle Breaker’s most useful feature is the ability to use its immense recoil to kick-start a swing when your momentum is lost.

John D. again. Cool update, huh? Anyway, Ben wanted to give you all this opportunity to ask him any questions you have about the game. Post your questions in the comments section below and he’ll answer most of them with his next update. Also, this is a big month for you PSN gamers as 1942: Joint Strike, the next installation of the classic 194X shooter series, finally arrives on the PLAYSTATION Network on July 31, 2008 July 24, 2008. Spread the word! See you soon!

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  • I will definately buy this game, joint strike, and street fighter 2 HD. Thanks for showing some 2D love to the PSN. Hopefully capcom will deliver some other good old school content like a Mega Man X game.

  • oh and does it support in game music ????


  • I’m looking forward to this game.


    The trophy feature could tip the scale for some people. Believe that…

    Hope it can still be added… Would be a nice surprise…

  • Another ‘vote’ for trophy support, I’d also like to know if it (& 1942) will be out the same time in Europe?

    Looking forward to both games, though would rather have a delay if it means trophy integration :)

  • Most games that I have played on Remote Play have a noticeable amount of lag time between button press and motion on the screen. Will this be an issue in a game like this with timely swinging involved?

    • It depends on the speed of your connection. I have played it on systems where it was very hard to play on but I have also had some smooth play experiences as well. I can say that it looks great on the PSP screen! If only it didn\’t use the same technology as the 3D version we would have no doubt made a PSP port but I guess that is the price you pay for sticking with cutting-edge graphics and effects.

  • So when can we see this game coming? August? September?

  • saintfighteraqua

    I hope to see much more support for the PS3 and PSN from Capcom!!!
    Please bring us more exclusives and updates.
    If this game has trophies, I’m sure it will sell even better than it already will.

    Any news about a PSN download for classics like Marvel vs. Capcom 1 and 2?

  • Ben good work at keeping it clean. We know you have a dirty mouth. I am amazed that you all fit so much in BCR. I am so excited for this release.

    With games like this coming to PSN why do we need to go to the games store for a $60 title? I think I will have more PSN titles than actual PS3 Discs when this generation is over.

    • Hahaha. You must be listening to the podcast, no? I think I\’ve seen a question or two from you. Thanks! Gearoid usually keeps me in line.

      Agreed, some people really don\’t realize how cheap 10 clams is. I paid 100 dollars for Phantasy Star 4 back in the day! This is a lot of game for a very small amount of money. Play the demo, and I\’m sure you\’ll be convinced of that!

  • As for trophy support, you guys should check out their podcast. In short, they said if they do it, it’ll happen around release of the 3D BC game. That’s IF they do it, considering that it is more work that costs money.

  • I would love to buy this game looks awesome but, if the game doesn’t support trophies count me out i am putting my money where the trophies are.

  • StalkingSilence

    So you say 1942: Joint Strike is on July 31 here at the bottom of your blog post. But then in the info Capcom gave to gaming blogs (WorthPlaying, Kotaku) today – the release date for 1942: Joint Strike was July 24 for PSN. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

    • Yup SS, that was my bad, it\’s actually July 24!! But at least you can play it sooner than you thought. And thanks for being such a great supporter of BCR, it\’s very much appreciated here at Capcom! Soread the word about 1942!! JULY 24!! JULY 24!!!

  • Alright. Come on e3. Tell me I can download this to psp on the memory stick. Tell me there support for custom soundtracks. Tell me I can play this in the arcade in Home. Tell the hero can finally jump for better swinging. I know he can in the next gen version, show me he can in the downloadable version too. Anyhoo, Capcom and Grin rule, everyone else can suck it. Speaking of the custom soundtrack feature, since a game has to support it, with other consoles being able to do it at will, does that mean Sony really cares about the creative vision of the developer and the other console likes to crap on whatever a game designer produces by not giving them the option to turn that feature off. Does Sony just wanna sell music. I hate going off topic but I know others feel the same and our comments are brushed aside with no regard to how we really want to customize OUR system that cost us 400 + dollars. Sorry. Sony rules, prove it.

  • So does the game finally come out this month? I’ve been waiting for ages :).

    • Yes, you have been waiting for 5 months to be exact. But I have been busting my butt for ages to get this out so hopefully soon we can both be happy!

  • Hey John. Thanks for the great new on Bionic commando Rearmed I can’t wait…However, what happened to the Street Fighter stuff you guys were planning for us PlayStation owners. Some of us have been waiting patiently. Please respond. :D

    • I can\’t announce it yet, but we have something in store for PS SF fans. Stay tuned Brosive!

  • Please give us trophy support!

    I’ll be buying this day one regardless, but trophies would make it much better.

  • Sorry, I don’t feel comfortable giving Capcom any more of my money.

    • That\’s your choice to make. However, I personally don\’t choose which games I play based on company loyalty, I choose whether they are getting good reviews, look like fun, and fit my price range.

      Try the demo out when it hits and if you like it maybe you\’ll reconsider. If not, I do appreciate you giving it a fair shake which is all I can really ask for!


  • I never played the original BC, but this looks amazing. If there is trophy support I will pick this up day 1 (although I’d get it even if it didn’t have trophies ;))

  • Just wanted to say thanks for supporting the PS3. I’m buying this and 1942 (already have WOTB:C3, but didn’t dig Rocketmen, sorry).

    By the way, THANKS SO MUCH for 1942, as you are releasing the very first and only vertical-scrolling shooter on the PS3 to my knowledge (I’ve checked – I love this genre). We really need a few more of these… So thanks!

  • this game is on my radar of PSN games to own. Remote-play is a nice perk :)

  • Looking good. Thought this was suppose to be out long ago? And I do hope Trophy support comes with it? ;-]

  • ########################

    Any word on Trophies??


  • Umm… release date? Trophy support?

    Good news on the Remote Play though… that’ll be kinda cool I guess… I’m guessing the “two stick” setup is the same accomodations that the Katamari game had to make to make up for Sony’s ill-advised decision to only have one analog stick for the PSP… use the face buttons for the right stick.

  • I hear this game does not have online co op?

    Online co op is a huuuuuge plus for me, and i will buy the game if it has it..

    But, since it doesnt, i might buy it if it has trophy support.

    Please. consider adding trophy support either at launch or later in a patch.

    Honest to god, if you add trophy support more people WILL Buy this game.

    I know I will.

    • Unfortunately it does NOT feature online co-op. I just want to make sure everyone knows that before buying. I would hate for someone to feel \”cheated\” by it not having a feature they assumed would be in it. Basically we initially planned to make a bare-bones single player game that had about 70% of the original levels and enemies in it. However, while we were creating it one of the programmers at GRIN threw in a second character. Co-op swinging was so much fun we knew we had a dilemma. We could either remove Co-op to avoid disappointing people by the fact that online Co-op was not in the game, or we could leave the easter egg in there and hope that people would see it as a nice bonus. Unfortunately, the 2D part of the engine was never built with online features in mind since that was never in the original spec. However, I can say that while it may not make up for the fact that people want to play online, it is nice to grab some friends and play in the same room and play mutliplayer like we did last gen!


  • AWESOME! can’t wait for the remake of the old school BC!

    was hoping there would confirmation on trophies but I guess it’s still too early to be expecting them left and right

  • All I gotta say is, Trophy support = Purchase!

  • Remote Play enabled, you say? Very nice indeed.

    I don’t think I actually have any questions for you, but the game looks good. Thanks! :D

  • We want trophy support even if it means to wait a couple of weeks more, don’t ship it with out trophy support with the promise of an upcoming patch with trophy support, because I don’t want to play it again just because of the trophies.

  • Any word on whether or not Hitler will be in the games, like in the old days?

    • Hitler was actually never in the original US game. It was the Japanese version that was \”historically accurate\”.

      But yes, Master D will be making an appearance in the game.


  • Awesome…can’t wait foe this one….how much will it cost?

  • Ooooo…….nice. Can’t wait to play it.

    A question; any chance of a patch for online co-op?

  • Trophy support should not be something we have to beg for anymore? But it’s lack will surely make me NOT want to buy a PSN title.

    Soooo, please don’t try to hold off your announcement that there is trophy support as your ‘surprise’. I’d rather have trophies which are EXPECTED and a REAL surprise being withheld.

    So….. ahem, is there trophy support?

  • Is this game going to support In Game Music?

  • No trophies, no purchase for me. Sorry Capcom. I will however buy SSFIITHDRemix whenever it finally comes out:)

  • I’d have to agree with Clinton, props to Capcom for being at the forefront of PSN games.

    With that said… Trophy and In-Game Custom Soundtracks IS A MUST if you want my money.

  • IGN posted today that 1942 was coming out the 24th.

  • I, for one, will most likely download/buy this game, trophy support or not.

  • however, I agree trophies will increase the consumer demographic

  • I thing everyone here wants to know if he game would feature Trophies?

    With the lack of games with this feature, the trophies would boost the game sales.

  • I think it goes without saying that PS3 owners want Trophy support…and you should include a Trophy for using Remote Play. Scratch that, you should only receive a Trophy for beating the game in Remote Play! :)

  • My #1 question would have to be about trophy support, I hope it will be supported! I’m on the deciding factor of “to get or not to get” and trophies just might sway me towards “to get”, ok I lie am getting it either way! It looks like fun.

  • Looks interesting…

  • Trophies will definately get me to buy this first day.

  • Trophy Support?
    Custom Soundtrack Support?
    if yes to both, i will buy

  • Keysersoze10033

    Nice, about time Capcom shows the Sony community some love this generation. We have been getting shafted since the PS3 came out. Anyway, I have been waiting for this game since it was announced, I can’t wait. I appreciate you guys adding remote play, and dualshock support, I hope you add trophies support as well.

  • Do want! Gimme gimme gimme! Capcom owned my soul as a child and I cant wait to recapture some of that goodness. Immediate. Buy.

    (I know it’s inappropriate for the PS Blog.. but Mega Man 9.. also big thumbs up.)

  • Sorry to ask the same question that has already been asked, but will there be trophy support? I am also a regular at the Bionic Commando site, and remember an interview with Ben Judd, in which he stated that there could be a possibility of DLC for Rearmed. My question is, if such DLC comes to light, will Online Co-op be a possible patch or DLC to include in the game? Thanks for your time, can’t wait to play BCR.

  • Davivman (#55) above made a very good point. In my experience with playing PS1 games with Remote Play, there has been considerable input lag, which makes most action-oriented games unplayable. I don’t know if native PS3 games would be better with regard to handling input lag, as I don’t have any PS3 games that support Remote Play.

    I’d like to know if the Bionic Commando: Rearmed developers have taken this into consideration. Will the Remote Play experience include quick and responsive controls, or will input lag rear its ugly head again?

    Regardless of how Remote Play plans out, I will be getting this game. I’m just hoping that the Remote Play implementation is a good one.

  • Sorry to burst your bubble, but PixelJunk Monsters is Remotely Playable on PSP! I didn’t know about this but randomly tried it and it worked… so yeah a bit late for that one, but nice post nevertheless!

    • Yep, we knew PJM had Remote Play, which is why I intentionally wrote \”one of the only PSN titles\” instead of \”the only PSN title\”. But, PJM is a second party for Sony so I would expect them to be on the cutting edge.


  • yeah this game looks dope, me thinks me gots to get, this and streeet fighter , of course

  • I still have the original and I’m looking forward to playing this game to see the difference, lol any words on trophy support?

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